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Final feature list of Expansion Pack V1 revealed

As we're now getting close to the release of the Expansion Pack V1, it's time to reveal the features. Obviously, you know most of them from V0.5, but we did add a few extras to the V1.

First of all, we have completed the World Tour with the addition of the all-new race Tour of Beijing, thanks to Olympus. And speaking of stages/races, it's also worth mentioning that there's now even more variants available (e.g. 5 Tour de France routes and 5 Giro d'Italia routes). We have also added some randomly chosen variants for the national championships of the larger countries, so you don't necessarily end up with the same type of winner every year.

We have also added a new team, D'Angelo & Antenucci - Nippo, which is one of the top Continental teams (in fact, it's the best continental team of all right now, according to CQ Ranking).

More frames are now available, and c. 55 teams are now using the correct frame brand in road races.

Even more sponsors can now be contacted - the number of sponsors is now up to 242, all with shirts, transferts and logos.

Needless to say, we have also been using a lot of time fixing all the bugs that have been reported. There's obviously always going to be something, also in the V1, but hopefully, you're going to get a great gaming experience with the PCM.daily Expansion Pack V1.

You can see the updated list of features here. We might not have remembered everything, but you probably get the idea anyway.

#1 | canojuancho on 03. August 2011 02:51
You are GREAT!!! thank a lot for this job!!! Wink
#2 | bubbadj on 03. August 2011 03:14
omg it's incredible Banana
#3 | ABridgeTooFar on 03. August 2011 05:34
Well done! THanks so much for the work. Can't wait to play!!
#4 | Tarsomika on 03. August 2011 08:13
can we download the DB today ?
great job, guys...thanks..!!!
#5 | kouzir on 03. August 2011 08:30
Thank you so much !
#6 | vodelek on 03. August 2011 08:40
thank you thank you thank you
#7 | cogneto on 03. August 2011 08:42
can i get the CDB file so i can start editing please Grin
#8 | Doqq on 03. August 2011 08:58
Great! But are you going to make the OmegaPharma - QuickStep team? Grin
#9 | cyclingFreak on 03. August 2011 09:05
can you make the list of equipment added?
#10 | crazyman2008 on 03. August 2011 09:16
Doqq, that will be for later probably, this is a 2011 database...
#11 | crazyman2008 on 03. August 2011 09:17
great work guys, looking forward to play with it Smile
#12 | cactus-jack on 03. August 2011 11:08
Looks great, allthough I wish Tour of Norway had been added Wink

Then again, Tour of Norway isn't really the correct name, it should be called "Tour of the most populated areas of south-eastern Norway"...
#13 | Michaelo on 03. August 2011 11:31
whats wrong with the time?
#14 | felix_29 on 03. August 2011 12:10
And i finally got PCM11. What a great timingWink
#15 | nick123 on 03. August 2011 12:30
Will this great DB means you have to set the graphics lower then before to play ? Grin
#16 | joerre on 03. August 2011 12:41
if you have a good computer you don't Grin
#17 | nick123 on 03. August 2011 12:49
Okay Grin thanks
#18 | superman500 on 03. August 2011 13:50
Lets have it today, please.Banana
#19 | cogneto on 03. August 2011 13:56
i find with no filters and no motion blur the graphics look way better no depth off view as well and a bit of anti aliasing or what ever its called and that other 1 antisropy or somthing lol
#20 | el_loko on 03. August 2011 14:04
today is the last day of the "early this week" so they haven't choice, they have to release this today Grin

#21 | Martin3400 on 05. August 2011 17:01
stage 1 in The Tour down under has the same Porfile data as Tour De langkiwi (?) Stage 6 Rolling Eyes
#22 | elfacus on 06. August 2011 21:22
after installing the game, which I update patch installed before installing the PCM.daily 's Expansion Pack?
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