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Features of PCM.daily DB revealed

17:30: File is being uploaded. Should be online soonish.

We're still on track for a "before the end of the Tour de France"-release of the PCM.daily DB, and today, we've decided to reveal the feature list and list of teams. It's not the final feature list, but on the other hand we don't expect to add a whole lot of new stuff.

In short, the PCM.daily DB will feature 80 teams, 27 new races and several variants (changing routes) for some the largest races. We're not including the usual US and British teams due to lack of PCM11 races, but we expect to add them in an add-on later on.

Stages-wise, we have decided only to use stages made especially for PCM11. This means that we have fewer new races compared to the DBs for PCM10, but on the other hand, there's no AI issues (in PCM10 stages, the AI teams won't know when to bring their leaders forward, which means that AI team leaders will often be caught behind).

We'll be updating you with more info and perhaps a few screenshots over the next couple of days, so stay tuned.

#61 | MrDemus on 23. July 2011 20:51
Seriously...it is in the first line of the news. FIRST line
#62 | ANFreeman on 23. July 2011 21:27
omg when will this be released Grin Grin Grin

In all seriousness though, I am excited for this Smile
#63 | cycloweb on 23. July 2011 22:04
An idea about the date of the pack?
#64 | Ozzy on 23. July 2011 22:11
For those who can't (don't want to?) read at all:


#65 | cachirro on 23. July 2011 22:12
#66 | cachirro on 23. July 2011 22:13
please stop calling people names, and classify them as this or that, this is a forum, anyone can say whatever they want, just accept that there are different opinions.

if the limits are broken, there are mods to deal with that.

#67 | Rbn1995 on 24. July 2011 14:52
70 kilometers left of the Tour!
#68 | omchi on 24. July 2011 15:12
I bet the DB will be released during last km Smile
#69 | radapo on 24. July 2011 15:29
You don't have much time left! But let's give some respect, and be grateful for the DB! The game's going to be so fucking awesome with this! Can't wait :-D
#70 | Victor95 on 24. July 2011 16:06
only 19 kms to go..
#71 | bobodk on 24. July 2011 16:33
Should we wait one more day for the DB in order to update the skills of Lars Bak Wink
#72 | Anonymer on 24. July 2011 16:34
Really starting to hope it comes out tomorrow, just to punish all these unpatient people a bit Smile
#73 | petz_e on 24. July 2011 16:35
Lol, over 150 members online at the moment. All waiting for the DB to be released.
#74 | cogneto on 24. July 2011 16:40
why punish us Anonymer they say it would be released now so that why we here Wink
#75 | fightinchicken26 on 24. July 2011 16:40
In all fairness, a lot of them were led on to believe it'd be released like exactly one second before Cav crossed the line.
#76 | Anonymer on 24. July 2011 16:43
#75 Who could be so stupid to think so ?
#77 | Jeremy on 24. July 2011 16:45
#76 It's called a sense of humour...
#78 | benphillips000 on 24. July 2011 16:52
it does say 17:30 it should be online, try reading the news Smile
#79 | Anonymer on 24. July 2011 16:55
too bad - would be kind of fun reading about 200 more comments about the release date till tomorrow Smile
#80 | joerre on 24. July 2011 16:56
still got time the tour is'nt over jet Wink the ceremonie is still going on Grin an theire are several criteria after the tour so that part of the tour Wink
#81 | Ozzy on 24. July 2011 17:15
Lol, like a bilion members online, must be close to the record, I guess? Wink
#82 | RaydoN on 24. July 2011 21:31
What do i have to do,when i downloaded these 3 seperate parts?
because it doesnt work
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