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It's Friday, Friday

... gotta get down on Friday.

Yes, you probably know the lyrics of this amazing song 'Friday' by Rebecca Black. Thanks to PCM.daily, you've (= all members who have logged in) been able to enjoy this song every 2nd hour you've visited PCM.daily.

PCM.daily feels a great amount of responsibility when it comes to letting our members know that it's soon time for the weekend, so is there really any better way than playing 'Friday' for you? I don't think so.

For unknown reasons some of you mistook our intentions, thinking this was some sort of evil virus -- let one thing be sure: Rebecca Black is not a virus. Alright, 1,429,963 people (expect that number to have risen when this article has been published...) dislike the song, but with more than 73 million views, she must be an amazing artist.

Happy 1st of April everyone :D

... and yes, we, the crew at PCM.daily, had lots of fun with this. We hope you "enjoyed" our little prank. And don't forget that we did not prank you last year - I'm sure PCMNorge remembers ;)

#1 | valverde321 on 01. April 2011 22:16
#2 | Ithaca on 01. April 2011 22:34
You are good people. :-)
#3 | AaB-ern on 01. April 2011 22:44
#4 | Thrige on 01. April 2011 22:48
Rebecca Black is definitely a virus Sad
#5 | kumazan on 01. April 2011 22:54
So it was that. I was seriously starting to think I had got the worst virus ever. I'll never be the same person after this trauma, though. (Yes, I didn't know Rebecca Black, thanks PCM.Daily for allowing me to discover such an artist).
#6 | FreitasPCM on 01. April 2011 23:09
Seriously, I'm thinking of starting a singer career because I bet my house I sing better than her. Anyday. Pfft
#7 | Waghlon on 01. April 2011 23:13
I think we should make it happen EVERY friday.

Oh yeah, im dead serious.
#8 | Raben on 01. April 2011 23:13
Fantastic prank! Pfft
#9 | CrueTrue on 01. April 2011 23:16
Waghlon: I'm sure AaB-ern can code it, so it appears just for you.
#10 | AaB-ern on 01. April 2011 23:16
Sure. Everything for you, Waghlon.
#11 | wackojackohighcliffe on 01. April 2011 23:24
I made the news Smile
#12 | Waghlon on 01. April 2011 23:24
Naw CT and Aab. Torture is fun for us all!
#13 | CrueTrue on 01. April 2011 23:26
There you go, my friend. Every 10 minutes, you will be able to enjoy this wonderful masterpiece.
#14 | lluuiiggii on 01. April 2011 23:28
10? Make it 2! Pfft
#15 | Waghlon on 01. April 2011 23:32
I will hit the F5 button until your site dies old man Pfft
#16 | Crommy on 02. April 2011 01:18
I'm sure you've violated some part of the Geneva Convention in terms of psychological torture Wink
#17 | Mresuperstar on 02. April 2011 03:18
Next year you guys go back to pranking another cycling community again, right? Because this was just pure torture ... And a deadly virus combined!
#18 | Andro on 02. April 2011 10:07
One of the better april fool pranks.
#19 | emmea90 on 02. April 2011 10:12
No funny Rolling Eyes
#20 | BouBBox on 02. April 2011 11:05
How evil can you get Angry Mouhahaha
#21 | Waghlon on 02. April 2011 11:48
I'm not broken yet, Mike!
#22 | Ste117 on 02. April 2011 18:43
Ive got to say i rather enjoyed watching it, perfect start to weekend watching her dancing around on that video Grin
#23 | jph27 on 02. April 2011 20:43
I say we replace Mike with Waghlon every April 1. Wink
#24 | Alakagom on 02. April 2011 21:15


Much better :lol:
#25 | Waghlon on 02. April 2011 21:37
@jph: Actually we sorta did one year. Then i broke something and got banned.
#26 | CrueTrue on 03. April 2011 13:03
Are you enjoying the song, Waggie?
#27 | Waghlon on 03. April 2011 22:00
Not broken Mikey-darling. Not broken.
#28 | armagetronmv on 07. April 2011 14:05
Oh shit, I was wondering what I did wrong to always have this page opens Rolling Eyes . Well done CrueTrue Wink
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