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And the winners are...

After a few weeks of nomination and voting, it's finally time to present the winners of the PCM.daily Awards 2010 (and 2009, but never mind ;)).

We had 27 awards this year, divided into three categories: Cycling Awards, Management Game Awards and Site Awards. In total, we received 2,234 votes. And with those facts, it's time to reveal the winners.

Full results can be found in the Awards Forum.

Thanks to Emmea for the award bars.

Cycling Awards

Grand Tour of the Year: Giro d'Italia

With 78 % of the votes, the Giro was a clear and not a very surprising winner. The race had it all and will probably be remembered for a long, long time.

Grand Tour Stage of the Year: Giro d'Italia: Stage 7 (the Montalcino stage)

Once again, this was the expected winner. Mud combined with hills and a World Champion that you could barely see due to all the dirt - how great is that?

Stage Race of the Year: Dauphine Libere

2010 wasn't exactly the best year for the smaller stage races, but we did get some action in the Dauphine Libere where Janez Brajkovic, this year's RadioShack leader in the Tour de France, surprisingly managed to outclimb Alberto Contador.

Classic of the Year: Ronde van Vlaanderen

In a close race versus the World Championship (30 % vs. 28 %), Ronde van Vlaanderen took the award for Classic of the Year. We got what we came for - the battle between Cancellara and Boonen - and that was enough to secure the win.

Team of the Year: Liquigas

Two Grand Tour wins combined with a crazy neo-pro gave Liquigas 60 % of the votes.

Surprise Rider of the Year: Peter Sagan

Winning several stages in several different Pro Tour stage races in your first season as a professional? That's definitely something, even in a year with many surprises.

Rider of the Year: Fabian Cancellara

Fabian Cancellara won pretty much everything he wanted to win: The Paris-Roubaix, Ronde van Vlaanderen and several time trials, including two in the Tour de France and the World ITT Championship. What more do you want?

Management Game Awards

Race of the Year: World RR Championship 2010

A World Championship in Venezuela? It was as eventful as one would expect from a World Championship in mountains.

Best Addition: Smowz

Smowz has been very active since he joined the Management Game - reporting, previews, race commenting, you name it. A very deserved award.

Best Addition to the Management Game: Smowz

Team of the Year: Sony Ericsson

Promoted after having dominated the Continental Division and now dominating the Pro Tour. Sony Ericsson has indeed been very impressive, and for that, they're receiving the Team of the Year Award.

Management Game Team of the Year: Sony Ericsson

Manager of the Year: Alexkr00 and Mattiasgt

With 40 % of the votes each, Alex and Mattias will have to share this award - the only award in the PCM.daily Awards ending like this.

Management Game Manager of the Year: Alexkr00 and Mattiasgt

Site Awards

Site Initative of the Year: The Management Game

The Management Game has been going on for several years and has been getting more advanced each year - and with this award, it's once again obvious why we're doing it ;)

Forum Thread of the Year: The Thor Hushovd Thread

Crazy Norwegians finally managed to get their very own thread, and that seems to have pleased everyone with the Thor Hushovd Thread winning this award.

Avatar of the Year: Ruben's

In a close race with Kumazan's beef, Ruben's avatar of his ex-favourite cyclist's middle finger was enough to get him the win.

Cycling Photo of the Year: TDF Stage 5: The Sprint

An impressive photo taken during the final sprint of a Tour de France sprint. Everyone have tried to get a photo like this, but the fewest non-pros succeed.

Funniest Screenshot of the Year: Oh yeah....

Spending too much time with other males during a races can lead to weird situations, proven by this screenshot of Semmellance1.

Stage Maker of the Year: Emmea

Emmea takes the double with this award, as he recently won the Cyanide Award too.

Stage Maker of the Year: Emmea

Jersey Designer of the Year: Will007

One of the most productive jersey designers - and the best one too, according to the members of PCM.daily. He recently became a part of the official PCM Graphics Team, and with this award, he's had a great comeback to jersey making.

Jersey Designer of the Year: Will007

Database of the Year: PCM.daily's 2010 DBs

We're not going to praise ourselves too much, but hey - we usually don't win anything, so it's great that we can always win our own award ;)

Database of the Year: PCM.daily's 2010 DBs

Download of the Year: Lachi's Editor

It was a close race between Lachi's two tools, the Editor and his Career Planner. In the end, Lachi's Editor, which makes save-game editing and editing in general easier, takes the award for Download of the Year.

Download of the Year: Lachi's Editor

One-Rider Story of the Year: The Danish Puncheur

One of the legendary stories of PCM.daily takes one last award before 'retiring' - unfortunately, it seems quite unlikely that it's going to continue, but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

One-Rider Story of the Year: The Danish Puncheur

Team Story of the Year: Discovery Channel

Squire is the writer of this amazing story following the 'new' Discovery Channel throughout several seasons. Narration and screenshots are both of great quality, and for that, it receives this award.

Team Story of the Year: Discovery Channel

Story Writer of the Year: Squire

Squire takes the double with both the Team Story of the Year and the Story Writer of the Year awards - although it was a close race with Batista in 2nd (27 % vs. 24 %) for this award.

Story Writer of the Year: Squire

Admin of the Year: SportingNonsense

Other than myself, SportingNonsense is the longest-serving admin of this site - and he's still going strong, running the Management Game and doing several other initiatives when time allows. He received lots of competition from one of the newer admins, Roturn, though, beating him with just three votes.

Admin of the Year: SportingNonsense

Most Helpful Member of the Year: Roturn

Roturn has definitely set his mark on PCM.daily in 2010, not only by becoming an admin, but also by being helpful, friendly and productive.

Most Helpful of the Year: Roturn

New Member of the Year: Kami

1,500 posts, Management Game participator (and a very active one) and tester of the PCM.daily DBs back when they were being tested 'privately' - in general a great guy who deserves this award.

New Member of the Year: Kami

Member of the Year: SportingNonsense

SportingNonsense takes his 2nd award - or 3rd, if you count the Management Game as his project, which one could definitely justify, considering all the work he puts into the project. In general, he does an extreme amount of work for this site, not just the Management Game, and I'm personally very glad that he still has the motivation to keep going despite the fact that he's been around for so long.

Member of the Year: SportingNonsense

#1 | emmea90 on 12. January 2011 12:23
my bars are excellents, indeed Smile
#2 | alexkr00 on 12. January 2011 12:32
Great thing with the bars there. Too bad we didn't have them last year when I got three awards Pfft

Only one this year but I thought I have no chance getting one. Pretty funny with me and mattias sharing the award of the manager of the year.
#3 | Will007 on 12. January 2011 12:34
Congratulations, all. Pfft And thanks to you, who voted for me as jersey designer of the year. Smile
#4 | Kami on 12. January 2011 12:35
Happy with the award, thx for everyone who voted. In general, very deserving winners. Grats.
#5 | SportingNonsense on 12. January 2011 12:51
Awesome, and well done to all other winners!
#6 | roturn on 12. January 2011 13:15
Awesome. I had way too many nominations, so I am happy to get just one Wink Congrats to all winners and thanks to all voters.
SN is deserved Admin winner, that`s why I voted for him, I wasn`t even half a year admin.
#7 | issoisso on 12. January 2011 13:32
Congrats winners.

And to me for being awesome Cool
#8 | jacknic on 12. January 2011 14:03
Congrats to all the winners for making this my favorite cycling forum in all the world. I am absolutely thrilled that I started the thread of the year:lol: I hope Thor will make some noise in 2011 to keep the thread alive.
#9 | kumazan on 12. January 2011 14:48
Congrats winners! All in all, very deserved wins. Smile
#10 | jack888 on 12. January 2011 15:03
Congrats SN, well deserved.
#11 | jumbobogen on 12. January 2011 16:02
Congratulations, all
#12 | mattiasgt on 12. January 2011 18:03
My first ever awards. Grin And cool with the sharing part. One vote could have changed it all! Pfft
#13 | Smowz on 12. January 2011 18:47
Thanks to those who voted for me in the man game one - SN very much deserving of the member of the year.

How do we get the cool bars in out sigs?
#14 | CrueTrue on 12. January 2011 19:08
You can copy the image url (depends on the browser. In Firefox and Chrome, you can right click it and select "Copy Image Address" or something like that. In IE, I think you have to pick "Properties" to get the address) and add it to your signature by editing your profile.
#15 | Montolivo on 12. January 2011 19:25
Congrats to the winners.
#16 | Johan92 on 12. January 2011 19:57
I'm happy with two second places for my work. Pfft

Congrats to all the winners!
#17 | FreitasPCM on 12. January 2011 21:20
Congratz to all winners!!!! Grin
#18 | Rauling on 12. January 2011 22:20
Yeah - a dane.
#19 | Mresuperstar on 12. January 2011 23:49
Congratz! Grin
#20 | mb2612 on 13. January 2011 00:00
congrats, to all
#21 | baia on 13. January 2011 00:54
Congrats to all.
#22 | valverde321 on 13. January 2011 02:18
Thanks to the 11 people that voted for me as Member of the Year, be sure to vote next year, and also Im a little surprised I only lost by 2 votes to The Danish puncheur.
#23 | lagetcher on 13. January 2011 11:46
Congrats all winners Smile

Chuffed to get the cycling photo of the year award, considering the quality of the other photos. I'll celebrate by putting up some Tour of Britain photos which I never got round to submitting. Some of these are by my brother (hence different camera angles of similar shots)
#24 | deek12345 on 16. January 2011 13:13
well done to all winnersSmile
#25 | OlegTinkov on 18. January 2011 12:25
You forgot to mention my "Best comeback in the history of PCM.daily" Award Shock
#26 | valverde321 on 18. January 2011 22:09
And maybe for fun have an award called the bridesmaid.
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