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It's been a while...

While the forum has been quite active, especially when it comes to stories (thanks everyone - keep up the good work!), the main site has slowed down in terms of updating. Not a lot of news, not a lot of new downloads. Hopefully, we're slowly getting back on track, now that the 2011 season is coming up.

With that said, plenty of work has been done on the upcoming 2011 DB. We may be able to release a 'for fun' version this week, but if we don't, here's a couple of screenshots of what's coming up:

This one shows the UCI ProTeams post-transfers. And this one is even more exciting, at least if you're a DB maker and knows how much work it takes. We've added the 2010 palmares for all Pro Tour and X.HC races in the DB.

In other news: Some may remember that we used to have a yearly award show going on in June or July. Unfortunately, we got tied up with patches, DB releases, patches and more DB releases. Therefore, the award show was postponed - it will be held at the end of this month. Watch this news section for more info - it'll come soonish.

Merry Christmas everyone.

#1 | valverde321 on 07. December 2010 02:45
Wooh really liked this one for some reason.....
Great teasers.

Glad to hear the award show is still happening.
#2 | DJP19 on 07. December 2010 02:51
Wait no contador? I mean I don't like him and glad he's not in the game, but I am pretty sure that will upset some people.
#3 | Mresuperstar on 07. December 2010 04:10
Just now looked through past forums to checkout previous awards show because I was never active when they happen, great to see them come back.

Btw the database looks amazing like always, great work!
#4 | CrueTrue on 07. December 2010 07:52
#2: Don't worry, he's still in the DB. At the time of the screenshot, he was in the free agents section.'

Not really sure what we're going to do with him if he doesn't receive his ban before the release. He's currently suspended from riding by UCI, so - we'll see.
#5 | AiZaK on 07. December 2010 09:46
The Final Patch is for or
#6 | CrueTrue on 07. December 2010 11:09
Both. There are no DB differences between the two patches.
#7 | AiZaK on 07. December 2010 12:16
CrueTrue, do you have installed the 4.1 or 4.2??

I ask you because you meet the PCM perfectly
#8 | CrueTrue on 07. December 2010 12:50
4.1. 4.2 is bugged.
#9 | AiZaK on 07. December 2010 13:35
Tour de San Luis in January will be added???
#10 | Tuco the Ugly on 07. December 2010 13:41
Wow, great work updating the palmares. Must have taken ages.

Screenshot of SBS, really illustrates how mediocre the team will be if Contador isn't there.
#11 | CrueTrue on 07. December 2010 13:54
#9: There are no .dem files for Argentina, so it's very difficult to create exact stages.

#10: 3.500 lines of data, to be exact Pfft
#12 | valverde300602 on 07. December 2010 14:11
Great work on the DB!

Is going to be some cyclocross betting soon?
#13 | Blink182 on 07. December 2010 14:37
Great Work.....
Greetings & Merry Christmas everyone, from Portugal Grin
#14 | CrueTrue on 07. December 2010 14:48
#12: I doubt that anyone in the crew have any knowledge on cyclocross, making it a bit hard to set up bets.

If you wish to make some, feel free to PM me.
#15 | Alakagom on 07. December 2010 15:50
Looks great, can't wait, will the DB be released in January or around Christams ?
#16 | joerre on 07. December 2010 20:36
looks great! Ur guys are like geniuses Grin
#17 | NORSPEED on 07. December 2010 21:48
I think it would be bad if it just be Luxemburg Pro Cycling Prosject. Because we make a release and 2 weeks later the real name comes and then we will make another one. we should wait to everything is okay.
#18 | CrueTrue on 07. December 2010 22:24
#17: As I said, if we do release something in December, it's a "for fun"-DB. There's still a 'regular' DB in January.
#19 | wnahas on 07. December 2010 23:53
i just hope you make Andy better than Frank in stage races :S
#20 | CrueTrue on 08. December 2010 10:34
#19: I would argue that Andy has been better than Frank in stage races in pretty much every PCM.daily DB ever released.
#21 | hhh2 on 09. December 2010 16:38
when do you think it will come out ClueTrue? Grin
#22 | nbgoldin on 09. December 2010 19:31
Aweeeesome, what would PCM be without you guys.. Amazing work, can't wait to play as Garmin-Cervelo and destroy all competition in the classics Grin
#23 | mehhhhhh on 09. December 2010 20:47
will there be a cyclocross version of the track games like last year, i am really looking forward to any of them that may arise,
#24 | marble on 11. December 2010 00:12
Looking at the picture of Nick Nuyens makes me wonder, how many years are there? Is the scroll bar tricking me because it sure does seem like it's more than just 2007? Another thing, how many races do you have the results for, all of them or just the "big" ones? I'm just being curious, not trying to be demanding.
#25 | Tuco the Ugly on 11. December 2010 15:46
@ #24: "We've added the 2010 palmares for all Pro Tour and X.HC races in the DB."
#26 | AiZaK on 11. December 2010 16:51
TrueCrue, if you can, change the Paride Grillo┬┤s photo please
#27 | Deadpool on 12. December 2010 00:40
Just looked at the title of this article. You having girlfriend problems Crue?

#28 | nixgud on 22. December 2010 12:23
Any updates?!Screens?!
#29 | Alakagom on 22. December 2010 13:42
+2 please ?
#30 | Alakagom on 23. December 2010 18:24
Could you show us Garmin - Cervel team please. I know the sats are not finalized yet, but I would really love to see their formidable classics team please Smile
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