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Moving on: 2011 DB Team

As tradition goes, PCM.daily will release an updated DB, reflecting the rider and team changes of 2011. And as always, we're looking for people who are interested in helping out with the DB.

Basically, we're looking for anyone who's capable of helping. More specifically, we need some graphic artists capable of doing minor graphics (logos, mini logos, accessories), equipment designers and stage makers. We could also use some input on rider stats (stat maker) and if you're experienced in DB editing, there's also plenty of stuff to do for you.

If you believe you're capable of helping out and wish to do so, feel free to send me a PM, explaining what you can help us with.

Please keep in mind that we only respond to those we invite to the DB Team.


#1 | ruben on 27. October 2010 22:41
last year of my study, noooo time Sad

good luck finding anyone though!
#2 | valverde321 on 28. October 2010 03:44
Please don't let NORSPEED be a stats maker. Its all I ask.
#3 | Anonymer on 28. October 2010 06:21
I hope the variants will be replaced or updated by the stagemakers, some really suck
#4 | jacknic on 28. October 2010 07:23
I have no skills what so ever, but I offer my moral support. I am looking forward to this update. For me the game is only playable after all patches plus the pcmdaily DB for next season.
#5 | Montolivo on 28. October 2010 10:29
@Anonymer: What do you mean by suck? Too hard?
#6 | CrueTrue on 28. October 2010 20:15
#3: If you don't like a certain variant, it's very, very easy to remove it yourself.
#7 | Anonymer on 28. October 2010 21:10
on some stages you don't get any points, some stage types (flat/hilly/mountain) are wrong and tt are normal stages or normal stages are tts. the world championships for 2011 or 2012 are completly insane and so on
#8 | CrueTrue on 28. October 2010 21:34
Obviously, we're looking into bugs.

What I meant is that we're not removing variants due to parcours.
#9 | Waghlon on 29. October 2010 08:28
I have to second valverde321 and add that if NORSPEED are allowed even the slightest influence on ANY stat, even if its some 17 year old norweigan's fighter-stat, im going to play a french DB instead.
#10 | Crommy on 29. October 2010 11:48
@Waghlon - there's always the rather excellent Bouri DB Wink
#11 | ruben on 29. October 2010 16:55
ahhh...the french db;s, were casar and voeckler own all nations

time for me to make that special mads kaggestad owns all db?
#12 | NORSPEED on 29. October 2010 22:00
Well yet someother hates my, because they think i will overrate Hushovd or something if i get the job.

You know what, tell me whats wrong with my stats conclusion or just shut up!
Or find a mistake that i have done with stats?
#13 | Waghlon on 29. October 2010 22:35
"You know what, tell me whats wrong with my stats conclusion or just shut up!"

"because they think i will overrate Hushovd or something if i get the job."
#14 | valverde321 on 30. October 2010 04:05
It was just "mostly" a joke, NORSPEED because I never thought you'd actually be applying for the job. I do however think that people will be influenced into saying that the stats are bad (even if they aren't) because you helped with them, if it even gets to that. There definately are some critisisms from me, but there's a time and place.
#15 | Anonymer on 30. October 2010 11:27
i'm just saying, it's not really fun to play the db with these variants. Some stage builders should overwork their stages.
#16 | Montolivo on 30. October 2010 15:03
#15 So you would rather play with the same stages every year?
#17 | Johan92 on 30. October 2010 16:45
It's not what he says. He wants better stages. That's natural.
#18 | Montolivo on 30. October 2010 19:46
Of course, but people can't fix the stages everytime somebody says it's to much mountains, to much flat stages, not realistic etc. And people do the best they can when they create stages and morethen that you can't demand actually. It's a hobby, doing something for you and me and not a job.
#19 | SuperKid on 31. October 2010 17:00
It's not the stages he thinks that are wrong, but the classification of TT and RR. Sometimes a TT becomes RR and RR becomes TT.
#20 | Montolivo on 31. October 2010 18:02
Ok. Sorry for missreading and not fully understanding what he/you meant. On that case i do agree.
#21 | niel1526pcm on 04. November 2010 17:09
You know who I am CT, and I'm gonna help with the db, if you have used for me Smile
#22 | valverde321 on 07. November 2010 03:21
Where's jph27? He'd love this job. Rolling Eyes
#23 | jph27 on 07. November 2010 19:25
Hi Grin
#24 | Rbn1995 on 08. November 2010 17:40
when can we expect a release date?
#25 | Lachi on 09. November 2010 11:09
@Rbn1995: Do you really want to know when the release date will be published? Your question should rather be "When can we expect the release?" At least the latter is easier to answer: "It will be released when it is ready."
#26 | PremierRus91 on 21. November 2010 05:14
#27 | nbgoldin on 30. November 2010 20:57
You guys are awesome, can't wait Smile
#28 | valverde321 on 02. December 2010 03:29
Is there a suggestion thread or can there be one?
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