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Weekly News #22

The Giro has started, but in the world of PCM that's not our primary focus ;) Instead, we want to hear much more about the upcoming game, but it has unfortunately been a quite uneventfull week.

Awesome feature in PSP-game
Okay, this might just be me, but when translating the PSP-version, Pro Cycling 2007 as it is called, I noticed a fantastic feature which the PC-community has requested for a very long time. This is what the English translation (made by Cyanide) says:
"The rider will go to the back of the group to pick up ""refreshments"". Each rider starts a race with 2 feeds, but as they drink regularly during a race it is possible for a rider to find himself with an empty bottle. When this happens a rider's info box will blink blue and as long as he is not refreshed there will be a negative impact on energy consumption.

When a rider heads to the back of the group to pick up ""feeds"" he will take enough for all team mates in the group. He will then work his way back up through the group and hand out the ""feeds"" to all those who need them at that moment (those with 1 bottle or less).

Be careful not to send a rider back to look for refreshments at a bad moment (a mountain climb, a succession of hills, ....) because it may be nigh on impossible for him to work his way back up through the group. Feeding is therefore highly strategic and must be planned ahead."

So, another step closer to reality! Basically, the above means that it's now possible to go back to back of the peloton and collect bottles for both the rider and his team mates. Before, in the PC-version, you had around 4 bottles (depending on the length of the race), and you wouldn't have to drop back in the peloton to collect bottles at any point.
As said, the above is from the PSP-translation, so I have no idea if the same feature will be present in the PC-version.

Beta test, phase two
Last week, I said that the beta tests had started which surprised many who thought they all would be invited to the beta tests. Well, I asked Freire about this, and he told me that they would have two beta phases. The first one started last week (the one mentioned in the Weekly News) while the 2nd one won't start before the start of this week (probably tomorrow). The 2nd one will also include more people than the 1st one, and this includes translators, new beta-testers, etc..

So, good luck to all who have applied!

World Championship - now, we have a winner
I mentioned last week that a winner had been found, but as said in the correction, the World Championship wasn't even over at that time. A winner have been found now, and luckily for us, it was the one we "predicted" last week. A-Davis won ahead of Hush_WC while Stunt lost his 3rd place to Ciclopolizzi.

Congratulations - once and for all - to the winners.

Scandinavian website opened
Back in the old Cycling Manager 1-days (yes, before the game was renamed to "Pro Cycling Manager), Scandinavian Online League (aka Cycling Manager.dk) was the most known CyM-ressource - not just for Scandinavians, but definitely also for the rest of the English-speaking community. A lot has happened since then - almost every language has its own website, but that has not stopped a group of people from starting PCMScandinavia.

The site is mainly in Danish at the moment, but some parts are also translated to Norwegian. No parts of the website are in English, though.
You can pay it a visit http://www.pcmscandinavia.com .

Two new downloads
Since most of us are waiting for Pro Cycling Manager 2007 we don't see that many new downloads. The past week, we did find two new, though. The first one is an update for the Stanosbase. The new update was scheduled and includes the promised stats update. It also ensures that the transfers are totally up to date (f.e. Jörg Jaksche at Tinkoff). The update requires the V1-version of the DB, too. Both can be found in our Downloads section.

The 2nd one is a background showing pictures of Team CSC. Since many of our users are Danish, that will probably a popular download ;)

No database converters for PCM 2007 ... yet
Beta testers have reported that neither PCM Kicker Lite nor the converters work with PCM 2007. The maker of PCMKicker, the most advanced editing tool for PCM, Impish has already started building a so-called PCM Kicker New Generation which will work with PCM 2007.

About the databases, it's worth mentioning that the .cdb-format will stay (which was confirmed in our exclusive interview with Clément Pinget). Rumours had said that Cyanide would change format, but that is not the case.

Donations are welcome
Repeat from last week
We have currently received 0 donations. That is of course fine, but it also require us to be creative when finding space for the PCM 2007-files. With that I mean that we will have to remove most of our 2006-files when PCM 2007 is released and the files for that version starts being released.
For us, having both is preferred, but since we are close to be out of space, and since I have limited money resources, donations are very welcome.

You can donate by clicking the "Paypal Donate"-button. You can pay with credit cards or through Paypal.

#1 | Nature on 15. May 2007 12:47
"The site is mainly in Danish at the moment, but some parts are also translated to Norwegian. No parts of the website are in English, though."

Well, as of now, we have opened a sub-forum where english-speaking PCM-players can debate, however, as we are not an english site, we don't expect much from it. But I just wanted to mention it. Smile
#2 | CrueTrue on 15. May 2007 13:02
Small detail Smile
#3 | SportingNonsense on 15. May 2007 17:26
Uou spelt Rumours wrong again! Grin
#4 | CrueTrue on 15. May 2007 20:31
I will never learn that word Grin
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