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Major bug in PCM.daily's 09 DB

As quite a lot of people have noticed by now, it's impossible to progess to the next day on the 7th of June 2009. This is probably a consequence of the solution we applied on the DB to fix the March bug - but unfortunately, fixing one bug has resulted in another just as bad one (in fact, two).

We've pretty much no idea what to do. If we 'undo' the fix for the April bug, well, we have the March bug again, making it impossible to play more than 1 season. The ideal solution would be to solve both of them - but how?

Either way, it's time for a thinking break. For those who'd like to continue playing, you can quite easily get past the date using an editor. Download Hannes Converter and open your save game. Open the GAM_config table. Scroll across to gene_i_date and change it to 1244462400 . Save, click the Disc icon, overwrite your save game and click the GAM_config table again in the window that pops up. Click OK and you're good to go.

We're of course sorry about all the problems - but then again, we had never seen this coming...

#1 | United Forever on 28. April 2009 19:07
Good luck Wink

And thanks for the solution
#2 | kebowers on 28. April 2009 19:51
Thanks for all the hard work, nobody expected it to be perfect I am sure.
Well.... I take that back there have been several remarks that may lead one to believe otherwise.Wink
Good luck on the solution, but first go out for a ride or two to clear the head.
#3 | Waghlon on 28. April 2009 19:59
I saw it coming.
#4 | Tilowolff on 28. April 2009 20:07
Will it just happen in 2009 or every year?
#5 | Nickiman400 on 28. April 2009 21:16
I can't download Hannes converter or any of the other editors. My computer restarts everytime i try to open a editor Sad
#6 | alexkr00 on 28. April 2009 21:52
that's really strange. But it could be a virus or something like that stop your computer from opening those kind of programs.

Or maybe your Firewall though that I doubt that could be.
#7 | Il Grillo on 29. April 2009 09:11
the bug comes again in 07/07 - 08/07 in 2010.
#8 | jacknic on 29. April 2009 10:18
will there be a version of the DB without the newest bug fix? If I am to use the editor to proceed in any case, I prefer it without as the continental teams will be able to apply for wild cards then.
#9 | ringo182 on 29. April 2009 10:22
i've already started a story with the db. would i be able to upload my savegame when i get to June so someone can forward me a day?

also, what causes these bugs? or is it a case of if you knew the answer then you'd be able to fix it?
#10 | jacknic on 29. April 2009 10:43
I and a lot of other guys on here can help you with your savegame when you get to the date.
#11 | ringo182 on 29. April 2009 10:55
cheers, it'll prob be a while before i get there, i'm only at the TDU at the moment.
#12 | Torsen on 29. April 2009 12:00
#13 | CrueTrue on 29. April 2009 12:49
:lol: Stick to FIFA, Torsen Pfft
#14 | Torsen on 29. April 2009 13:00
Which i think you shouldn't B)
#15 | Macquet on 29. April 2009 13:28
Were these problems present before the addition of the last 4 teams....I know you had beta testing before you added them. Could you just take those teams out (as much as that would suck) and go back to a previously tested and working version of the db.
#16 | CrueTrue on 29. April 2009 13:59
The problems were present in the final beta test - and that didn't include the four new teams.
#17 | Ganja85 on 29. April 2009 14:02
hy guys you made a really good job and i know how difficult this is but these bugs are terrible for the motivation to manage a continental team i hope you find the solution quickly...
good luckWink
#18 | Macquet on 29. April 2009 14:13
Hmmm...it was just a thought, back to the drawing board.
#19 | United Forever on 29. April 2009 15:20
As Jacknic said, is it possible for you to go back to were the Continential teams could ask for Wildcards?
Even with the old bug its better then the new bug.

Are even better, you find a solution to both Grin
anyways good luck Wink
#20 | Batto90 on 29. April 2009 15:37
i found another bug
team who race with 2 or 4 riders
#21 | alexkr00 on 29. April 2009 17:11
it could happen for a team to ride with less riders, if that's a small team with a few riders and they compete in several races at the moment.
#22 | Macquet on 29. April 2009 17:33
Version 2.X worked pretty well, so the changes made for V3.X must be the culprit, and not the standard CyA bug.
#23 | Acetaia on 01. May 2009 01:24
i got the bug at 3/8 and fixed it with your written solution, what let me proceed. My question is what does this fix do to my game and if ican play with this fix further?
#24 | mattgonzo on 01. May 2009 13:39
i just fixed the bug by pressing the simulate without interruption buttonSmileafter i did this the game simulated this one day and everything worked perfectWink
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