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You know it's April Fools' Day when...
NewsAs promised at the end of the interview with Clément Pinget, we have got back in contact with him and we can now exclusively reveal what the cover for the new edition will be and also some of the brand new features.

As you can see the cover highlights one of the new aspects of the game: doping. Managers now have the ability to choose between sending their riders to some brand new training camps, or instead to dope the riders in order to boost their stats. You will have to carefully make sure that tou get the timing 100% right to avoid being caught by doping controls. This aspect of the game was developed under the guidance of Johan Museeuw and Jesús Manzano. There are severe penalties for missed drugs tests and these include immediate demotion from the ProTour.

Pre-Game Tactics
Another new feature was mentioned in our previous interview pre-race tactics, and one feature of this is that you can set a rider to automatically counter-attack a certain rider. This could become extremely helpful in the mountain stages. See the previous interview for more on this.

Individual Career
When you start your career you can now choose between either playing as a team or playing as a rider. If you choose to manage a rider, you not only get to control your rider on the bike, but off it aswell, in a Sims-style addition! When you go to races as an individual rider you do not have control over the rest of your team but can instead request moves to be made - depending on your position in the team. If you do not ride well enough your team may well fire you and you will have to negotiate a contract with other teams.

In-Game Editing
In Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2007 you will be able to easily add, edit or remove teams and riders through a brand new in-game feature. As well as this the game will come with 2 databases, a database containing the current rosters of each team (With all real-names included) and a nations database allowing you to race the Tour de France as your home nation.

Continental Sides Improvement
Unlike previous versions, when you control a continental side you wll be unable to race around the world, instead you must focus on a certain continent.
To accomodate for this we have added many more races, and of course more teams to choose from - this means that you will no longer have to download new databases from anywhere such as PPDB. When you are a continental side you wil lrecieve Sponsor goals and ProTour goals, ProTour goals are goals set by race organisers which you need to meet to recieve an invitation to a ProTour event.

Once you win major races in a Team Career mode you will recieve many unlockables. For example if you win the Tour de France you will unlock a classic Alpe D'Huez stage, if you win on the Champs-Elysses you will unlock the final stage from the 1989 tour, where Greg Lemond famously grabbed the Tour Victory in the final time trial. If you are a hardcore playerand win the tour 7 times you wll unlock Lance Armstrong who immediately signs for your team, he is literall unbeatable.

I'm afraid that is all that Cyanide would reveal to us, but dont worry it is released in the opening week of June, so you only have 2 months to wait!

Unfortunately, all of the above mentioned features are contrived by our crew.
Credit goes to SportingNonsense (article) and Panaflex (pictures).
But who knows? We might see at least some of these features one day. April Fools' Day!

#1 | Frink_RSA on 01. April 2007 01:11
how much is real and how much is concerned with the date
#2 | 0buKKaKe on 01. April 2007 01:40
what about the rls date 15-06-2007 ???
#3 | Coldas on 01. April 2007 09:14
Ha ha, nice one! Love the doping feature. Grin
#4 | dejacobs on 01. April 2007 09:52
1 april joke?
#5 | LFC-Soler on 01. April 2007 10:03
1 april joke?

I think the same
#6 | Mindo on 01. April 2007 10:03
Nice try CrueTrue Smile
#7 | LFC-Soler on 01. April 2007 10:04
But i hope it is right
#8 | MJ91 on 01. April 2007 10:05
Nice one Wink
#9 | Thomas on 01. April 2007 10:21
le tour de farce haha.. Grin
#10 | DOMOMAN on 01. April 2007 12:57
Musseuw and a syringe Grin nice touch
#11 | Chuck on 01. April 2007 15:50
1. april joke is must be... cyanide would never add doping in their game... lol... or well it cyanide... so maybe they would? Shock
#12 | Nicholas on 01. April 2007 16:15
Deam, it seemed wery interesting! Hope not everything is a joke, just
the doping part
#13 | Addy291 on 01. April 2007 16:39
has to be a 1st april joke but i do like the idea of everything there except for the doping. especially like the idea of controlling just 1 rider, i hope that feature is in the real gameSmile
#14 | AaB-ern on 01. April 2007 16:44
I luke the lockable things idea Wink But, it's a joke Smile
#15 | Chuck on 01. April 2007 16:46
i dont hope automatic counter attacks comes... lol! it would suck so bad in online gaming.. but yes it is a joke Smile
#16 | Addy291 on 01. April 2007 17:39
it has to be a joke, for one thing i doubt Johan Museeuw would put his face on a game that incorporates dopingSmile
#17 | doddy13 on 01. April 2007 19:04
nice one crue. Clever little joke and whoever did that box art please congratulate it's quite convincining. (minus the TDF logo)
#18 | Chuck on 01. April 2007 20:10
and lol the doping thing.. in the top lol!... lolol
#19 | SportingNonsense on 01. April 2007 23:15
Its nice to say I fooled you with all but the doping ones (mostly)!
#20 | Rolf_the_Golf on 02. April 2007 09:12
think the counter-attack thing could be nice, but only if in singleplayer games
#21 | dejacobs on 02. April 2007 10:22
in the interview with Freire last week he said that they didn't even think about doping so i had to be a joke
#22 | doddy13 on 02. April 2007 11:40
some of your ideas were good though. I do actually like the idea of doping. Very realisitc and the unlockables. (cyanide if your reading take some notes Smile )
#23 | CrueTrue on 02. April 2007 20:48
Weird thing is that counter-attacking with pre-race tactics were possible in CyM1 -- but has not been possible since.
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