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PCM.daily's 2009 DB V3: Update

It's been a while since we last had an update about PCM.daily's 2009 DB - mainly because we all needed a break after the rather hectic release of the V2. However, we're back in action now with the ambition to make a good, final V3 release (as planned from the beginning).

As we've mentioned in previous updates, the main idea of the V3 is to keep (+/-) the amount of new teams and races which are already in the DB. Instead, the main work will be done on the polishing part. One of the annoying things about the DB is the rather unrealistic startings fields - at times, you'll see Gobernacion del Zulia participate in a Norwegian race. The reason for this is simply that Norway and Venezuela are in the same nationality group in the DB (other countries). It's a rather huge job to add new nationality groups, which is why it wasn't done for the V2 - however, I'm happy to say that this is one of the things that we've already changed for the V3. Instead of the current 7 nationality groups, the V3 DB will have 13.

Some of you may wonder why we don't just go ahead and add all countries to the nationality groups. We would - but PPDB's tests have previously shown that PCM simply can't handle that amount of data. Therefore, we're keeping it at 13 which, in the early tests, have shown great results in terms of team participation.

Another thing that we've been working on is more scouting zones. And as with the nationality groups, I'm happy to announce that this is also going quite well so far. In-game, we now have 58 (15 more than in V2) different scouting zones, including new countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Finland, Mexico and South Africa.

Other than that, we'll make sure to completely update all teams to 2009, adding more and new 2009 race routes, and adding more 2009 team equipment.

In terms of release date, we're going for some point in April. It may be earlier, it may be later.

#1 | beagle on 08. March 2009 23:16
sounds good to me Pfft
#2 | Macquet on 09. March 2009 02:00
keep up the good work
#3 | Silence on 09. March 2009 07:30
Looking forward to it - my story 'll probably be based on it Smile
#4 | ringo182 on 09. March 2009 13:17
looking forward to it, i'll be finishing uni at the end of april so maybe i could start a new story to keep me entertained through the summer.

will you be including a self instalation option again?
#5 | CrueTrue on 09. March 2009 13:30
Contrary to the V2 release, the first released file will be the self-installation file (an .exe).

We may then provide a .rar-file later for those who like to install it manually.
#6 | Thrige on 09. March 2009 13:39
Sounds awesome...
Great work Pfft
#7 | ringo182 on 09. March 2009 13:59
thanks crue. makes it so much easier for guys like me who know nothing about computers. and i guess it makes it easier for you cause you're not constantly being asked questions. anyway, good luck with the project. i'm sure it will be another masterpiece.
#8 | CrueTrue on 09. March 2009 14:09
Well, to be honest, V2 wasn't a masterpiece - we're hoping, though, that the final V3 will be the cherry on the cake Wink
#9 | fenian_1234 on 09. March 2009 15:23
A .rar is not really needed either when you get right down to it.

You can just install into a 'dummy' directory and take it from there. Wink
#10 | Thrige on 09. March 2009 16:43
The self installer doesn't work for me... But when i was using the .zip file, it works perfectly...
#11 | bobcatsman on 09. March 2009 17:28
Good luck ! Smile
#12 | CrueTrue on 09. March 2009 18:56
You too Wink
#13 | T-Photon on 09. March 2009 21:09
"but PPDB's tests have previously shown that PCM simply can't handle that amount of data"

this is NOT confirmed. Plakker is new to the PCM08 cdb file and haven't figured out how to improve it properly yet.
#14 | bobcatsman on 09. March 2009 21:11
Yes, you should test, we can have a surprise ! Smile

(and we can also test :lol: )
#15 | issoisso on 09. March 2009 22:55
Never take someone else's word as a final decision. Take it into consideration but test it yourself as well and come to your own conclusions.
#16 | CrueTrue on 10. March 2009 09:13

Plakker wrote:
Plakker wrote:
also changed the nationaly groups that Cyanide used for the AI-invitation logic in career-mode. The game originally has 7 nationality groups only, raised that to 22. For example, new groups are South America (where all South American countries are linked to), Africa (African countries), Asia. Mid Europe, Mid East, Scandinavia and more, but also splitted Netherlands and Belgium (did the same to Spain and Portugal) to have the smaller national races there with only Dutch or Belgian teams. Should work and make the career-mode a lot more realistic.

Nice try Plakman, but not working.
Game hangs and keeps calculating all the time. Probably the 22 groups are way too ambitious, might give it a try with less groups (what = less realism).
Would like to see Asian teams subscribing to small Asian races and not the small Belgian or Dutch teams only.
The new feature (AI selects teams in career-mode) brings as Cyanide-usual a serious bunch of problems.
#17 | T-Photon on 10. March 2009 13:50
I know and I'm working with this part of the DB as well at the moment. Will boost the number to around 30 later this month and test it myself - because I don't believe his right this time around Wink
#18 | CrueTrue on 10. March 2009 19:08
Good luck with it. Looking forward to hear what you find out Wink
#19 | Smitho on 13. March 2009 10:15
Hey will there be any more 2009 races e.g. tdf vuelta nad paris nice etc because that would be ace
#20 | CrueTrue on 13. March 2009 15:39
Tell the stage makers to get working Wink
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