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PCM.daily's 2009 DB V2: Released!

Update: We've now added a Self-Installer. This is especially suited for people with no technical knowledge. Just double click the file after it's been downloaded and follow the instructions. When PCM is launched, make sure to choose OfficialRelease.cdb in Options -> Database.

You don't need both the .zip and the .exe. You only need one of them - choose yourself.


It's been a month and some weeks since our first version of our 2009 DB. Back then, only very few teams had presented their new shirt, not to mention their rosters. We knew that before-hand, and we hope that you guys enjoyed playing with it to limit the 'waiting time' for the proper 2009 databases.

Either way, it's now time for the V2, bringing even more of the good stuff to you. However, there's still some teams which haven't realised that we're in 2009. Therefore, there's 25 teams in the DB which still use their 2008 jersey. However, as we're adding these to the V3 of the DB whenever they are released, we'll make sure to post them at the forum too with the correct filenames, so you can easily implent them to your game without having to restart. That's a promise from us :)

So, what does the V2 include? We've previously presented the final team list and a list of new races. To that list, you can add the Spanish race Volta da Ascension. Other than that, there's no changes. So, let's go to the specifics!

PCM.daily's 2009 DB V2 Feature List

88 teams with updated rosters (mainly) according to UCI's lists.
63 teams have 2009 shirts, mini-shirts and accessories
All teams have new, updated objectives
All teams have updated informations (manager, website, etc.)

2009 stat update
2009 photos for riders of c. 27 teams
2009 national champions
Updated ages for all riders
C. 1600 free agents
Dopers deleted (only riders active in 2009 are in the DB)
Dead rider(s) deleted (rest in peace)

New background (rasm)
New race category icons (Lampert)
New calendar 'bars' icons (Lampert)
Race Flag Package (Arnelesaffer)
Rider Skins for c. 200+ riders
Standard UCI World Cup / Pro Tour sponsor kit

C. 77 frames
C. 67 wheels
C. 68 helmets
Equipment linked to the teams, so they use their real-life equipment (where possible)

70 new races
Cancelled races have been deleted
Renamed races have been .. well, renamed ;)
2009 profiles for:
World Championship RR and TT
Tour Down Under Classic
Tour Down Under
Tour de Langkawi
Vuelta al Tachira
Dutch Food Valley Classic
GP di Lugano
Grand Prix Cycliste La Marseillaise
Australian Championship ITT
Norwegian Championship RR
Giro 'd Italia

2009 Startlists for
Tour Down Under
Tour of Qatar
Amgen Tour of California
Grand Prix Cycliste La Marseillaise
GP de Besseges
Tour de Mediterraneen

Other relevant stuff
CQRanking system has replaced Superprestige
UCI World Ranking has replaced UCI Pro Tour ranking (just a new points shema)
New fatigue system (riders gaining fatigue more slowly)
Lots of new secondary sponsors
Larger budgets for secondary sponsors, making them more important
Lots of new staff
Updates to future sponsor goals
New 2010 Tour de France variant

... and probably more, but 1) You're getting tired of this, and 2) I don't quite remember much more than what's listed above ;)




Mirror 1 (MegaUpload) - Zip File
Mirror 2 (MegaUpload) - Self Installer
Mirror 3 (Filefront) - Zip File

#1 | MarcoPRT on 05. February 2009 22:39
Well, it seems that I'll return to PCM08 again...
#2 | MarcoPRT on 05. February 2009 22:55
Hey...where is Loulé? :S
#3 | Tony Montana on 05. February 2009 22:58
#4 | alexkr00 on 05. February 2009 22:59
a lot of great stories will appear now. Banana
#5 | ringo182 on 06. February 2009 08:59
it won't work Sad i downloaded the latest version of flashget, but what do i do with it now?

originally when i clicked on download the default programme to open it with was WinAce Archiver v2.69 however when i clicked on ok i had some WinAce problem page come up in German so i have no idea what it says.

i changed the settings to open it with FlashGet but the same thing happened. What do i have to do?
#6 | CrueTrue on 06. February 2009 09:02
Open it with WinRAR.

Or, since it's a .zip fle, it should be possible to open it with Windows' in-built zip extration tool.
#7 | ringo182 on 06. February 2009 09:09
don't think i have it, or i can't see it anywhere. will i have to download it?
#8 | CrueTrue on 06. February 2009 09:12
#9 | Dominvs on 06. February 2009 09:14
Cruetrue told last night that there was an issue with 1st download, but I downloaded it before that :S. And he told he was going to release 2 new downloads to solve that issue. I need the one for those who still downloaded the "corrupt" version. Where can I find it?

Many thanks
#10 | CrueTrue on 06. February 2009 09:17
I've sent you a PM.

If anyone else downloaded the 'bugged' version yesterday evening, please PM me.

And just to make it clear: The version currently online works.
#11 | ringo182 on 06. February 2009 09:18
many thanks crue, you are a genius.

right, i'm off for a session on the turbo, when i get back i'll prob have more questions on how to install the bloody thing:lol:
#12 | Thrige on 06. February 2009 11:13
Is it still the plan, to make an .exe file?
#13 | CrueTrue on 06. February 2009 11:38
Yes, I'm trying to make it now, but the installation maker is ... well, pretty useless Pfft

No, seriously, I'm hoping it will be up today.
#14 | alexkr00 on 06. February 2009 11:38
megaupload is a lot faster for me. thanks that you uploaded it there tooWink
#15 | CrueTrue on 06. February 2009 13:37
For information, the .exe is being uploaded now.
#16 | sneyes on 06. February 2009 14:50
Is this the Final Version, or are you going to release another one¿?
#17 | chewiedk on 06. February 2009 16:10
Cannot choose all the equipment Why is that ??
#18 | fenian_1234 on 06. February 2009 16:13
because you are a wookie!
#19 | chewiedk on 06. February 2009 16:22
And you are a WANKER
#20 | Waghlon on 06. February 2009 21:54
Zing! Also, Fenian, get serious... Chewiw... Get less swearing...
#21 | fenian_1234 on 07. February 2009 01:30
As it is the 500th time someone has posted the same f;3king comment, I am starting to get just a little plssed off. Angry
#22 | alexkr00 on 07. February 2009 01:32
I don't get it. Don't they read the other posts?Pfft
#23 | trueatfirstlight on 07. February 2009 06:58
This db is like a virtual wetdream at the moment. Looks so, so good. Thanks for the hard work! Smile
#24 | CrueTrue on 08. February 2009 20:55
Fenian had warned me before-hand that if anyone asked the famous 'equipment question', he'd maybe tick off :lol:
#25 | fenian_1234 on 11. February 2009 01:13
I'm afraid Chewie's comment was the 4th time I read the question in the space of 5 minutes. Angry

And Chewbacca is a wookie, so....
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