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PCM Monthly Issue #1 - first ever review of PCM08!

PCM.daily's monthly magazine, PCM Monthly, made primarily by site member Smoothie, has now been released in its first issue! In the magazine, you will find lots of features, but this issue's main article is the world's first review of Pro Cycling Manager 2008 - yes, that's right - a World Exclusive review which goes through the main parts of the game, Is PCM08 any good? Well, check out the magazine and find out.
Other than that, you will find race reports from the Giro 'd Italia, rider diaries of members from this site, the latest news of PCM.daily, columns and lots of other stuff. It's an interesting read, so check this month's PCM Monthly out now.

You can read it directly here at the site by clicking here or by downloading it to your computer. It's your choice :)

#1 | matt493 on 31. May 2008 20:48
#2 | ruben on 31. May 2008 21:52
I'm really impressed guys. Keep up the good work.
#3 | alex153 on 31. May 2008 22:41
Have to agree with Ruben, I'm very impressed!
#4 | Smoothie on 31. May 2008 22:42
Suppose Ruben is the magazine master, im happy to have a good comment from him Smile
#5 | Ashton89 on 31. May 2008 22:54
Superb work :lol:
#6 | T-Photon on 31. May 2008 22:56
If this game deserves a 9/10 it must be the best of the series - but we'll see when I receive a copy and start reviewing it myself Wink
#7 | Halvor on 31. May 2008 23:36
Nice! When I read the magazine, I saw that some of the columns were not that done...

Same shit, good work all of you!Grin
#8 | Deadpool on 01. June 2008 01:26
if your talking about my column (Too long a leash), it is finished, Smoothie just didn't do a good job of presenting it
#9 | Mercury on 01. June 2008 01:37
T-Photon: Surely you don't expect Cyanide to allow a critical review (or preview)!? - it seems to me, Cyanide and Daily are so closely affliated that the review (although fine written) doesn't represent integrity or believability. I do, however, look forward to your review, which I'm sure will be critical and fair as always. Smile
#10 | Deadpool on 01. June 2008 03:34
Mercury on 01. June 2008 02:37
T-Photon: Surely you don't expect Cyanide to allow a critical review (or preview)!? - it seems to me, Cyanide and Daily are so closely affliated that the review (although fine written) doesn't represent integrity or believability. I do, however, look forward to your review, which I'm sure will be critical and fair as always.

You aren't very active in this site, and that comment obviously proves it. CrueTrue has smashed Cyanide numerous times, and most of the members of the site, including the crew, has serious beef with Cyanide. Think before you speak, otherwise you sound like an idiot.
#11 | Crommy on 01. June 2008 08:11
@T-Photon: Seriously, think before you write something like that. Not only could it actually be a good game (ehich is what all the beta testers have been saying), but CrueTrue does have some criticisms of it
#12 | CrueTrue on 01. June 2008 10:14
I think it's fair that Mercury raises this point. We do work with Cyanide, but it's important for me to say that this review is done 'without' Cyanide. Yes, I had to ask if I was allowed to write it (because of the NDA), but that's it.

The review represents my honest opinion about the game.

Crommy: Did he say anything wrong? Yes, he's also a little sceptical, but can you blame him? It's not every day Cyanide makes this good a game Wink
#13 | alex153 on 01. June 2008 10:31
I'm really looking forward to the game this year, not only because of your review( even if it helped ), but something actually feels different this year, so hopefully it will be goodSmile
#14 | T-Photon on 01. June 2008 11:43
@Crommy: I'm not in doubt that this game could be very very good, but the question remains: does it raise the bar for PCM games or it is just another mediocre game?

expetations are high, but when I look back at PCM07's launch I can't just throw my scepticism away Wink
#15 | Waghlon on 01. June 2008 12:08
Listen T-Photon, PCM08 is way better than PCM07. It will raise the bar and in my case make me forget PCM07 (which wasnt just mediocre, it almost made me not show interest in PCM08).
#16 | T-Photon on 01. June 2008 12:17
@Waghlon: You're not the only one coming forward with that conclusion, and since I've loved the series I would prefer to believe it Wink

BUT I've only seen screens, heard rumors, watched a trailer, and listened to guys like u who've been working for cyanide, so I can't base my oppinion on that, sorry Wink
#17 | Smoothie on 01. June 2008 12:31
I think we have slightly swayed of topic, and really this area should be for commenting on the Magazine not PCM 08, there are numerous pieces of news on PCM08 there is a thread. The hard work that my whole team has been showed by this section now i feel Frown
#18 | T-Photon on 01. June 2008 12:35
No reason to become sad, you and your team have done an amazing job Wink

It's never been my intention to offend your work.
#19 | Crommy on 01. June 2008 12:51
I have to apologise there T-Photon. Sorry Wink
#20 | CrueTrue on 01. June 2008 13:00
Smoothie, the review is a part of the magazine, so technically they do comment the mag :lol:
#21 | Mercury on 01. June 2008 13:35
CrueTrue: Thanks for being such a good sport about it – for what it’s worth you just moved up a place or to in my book. I have no real way of knowing whether you're saying your honest opinion or merely writing what Cyanide wants you to. I’m simply pointing out that you’re review isn’t as independent as one might would like it to be. As you well know the integrity of the reviewer must come before all else – otherwise the reader may find himself wondering what the purpose of the review is. And that’s a problem. I surely hope your purpose is of a fair nature.

Deadpool: No, I’m not very active on this site, as I have lots of doings elsewhere. Sure enough there has been some controversy between members of this community and Cyanide, but then again I’ve been on this scene for some years now and I can equally recall some instances where CrueTrue has been put in his place by Cyanide. If you even have to ask whether it’s okay or not to write a review, in my book that’s problematic as credibility concerns. Neither is it long ago since someone posted a link to some screenshots. The link was then later removed on request from Cyanide. Think before you speak, otherwise you sound like an idiot.
#22 | wackojackohighcliffe on 01. June 2008 13:35
Lots of emphasis on what CT does Smoothie - stay on his good sideGrin
#23 | lakris91 on 01. June 2008 15:15
To CrueTrue's review: fantastic review, but did you found out if "one texture pr rider" are in or out?Wink
#24 | DOMOMAN on 01. June 2008 19:15
After what Crue said last year about the PCM 07 Beta i'm taking this review with a huge grain of salt, not to critize Crues review, a fine one it is, i've just learned from bitter experience that with Cyanide, every cheer often comes with some level of disapointment
#25 | bnaantje on 02. June 2008 16:38
Lets get back on topic: The Magazine is really a nice thing: Columns, review, as well the young riders subject that I like.

Good job Smoothie!

(And about the review, if you just wait one week before buying PCM08, people will tell wheter the review was right or not.)
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