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PCM08 interview by PCMBenelux.com


As mentioned ages ago, PCMBenelux.com have been working on an interview with Clément Pinget about PCM08. Although it's been very silent lately it has now finally been published. It's currently only in Dutch, but we're working on a translation as fast as possible :)

You can read it in Dutch on PCMBenelux' website. For now, you can use Google's website translation system. It doesn't translate it "optimally", but it does give you an impression of what to expect. Read it in "look-a-like" English here. (Look below)

Update, 18:28 (GMT): Mrlol has been doing a really good job, and thanks to him, we can now present the full English translation of the interview by PCMBenelux. Go read it in English right here.

Update, 14:49 (GMT): After a quick read-through, here's what seems to be the most important "points":
- PCM had some good sale figures in pretty much all countries except for Germany which were influenced by all the doping scandales
- There will not be any major improvement to the media part of the game
- Riders will now also have nationality as a factor when deciding to move to a new team
- It will be possible to set your own team at the World Championships. However, some riders may refuse to participate.
- All licenses for Pro Tour-teams (also Astana)
- No major improvement to the calendar
- No graphical differences between riders (such as height, weight, etc.)
- There have been some rumours about being able to unlock legends in the next PCM, but Pinget has denied this rumour.
- No official database editor, unless an "external" programmer is interested in doing the job for Cyanide.
- There will be a lot more IsolatedBuildings for the stage editor. Also, they have been working a lot on improving the stability of the editor.
- More rider animations
- There'll be sixteen track riders in the database with three stats: stamina, acceleration and resistance
- No major changes to the multiplayer mode.

#1 | bnaantje on 24. March 2008 14:57
It sounds pretty good. The new talented riders system and stuff. And finally all the licenses!
#2 | bnaantje on 24. March 2008 14:58
And don't forget the selection for the WorldChampionship!
#3 | issoisso on 24. March 2008 15:41
Riders will now also have nationality as a factor when deciding to move to a new team

If this works decently, I might finally start a second season. Up until now every time I finish the first season it's "Di Luca at Bouyges? where's the quit game button?"
#4 | MarcoPRT on 24. March 2008 16:06
Same here.Frown
#5 | Alfonso on 24. March 2008 16:26
You forgot to mention another important point:

"This year the minimal configuration will be heavier than for PCM2007. The official minimum configuration is not yet known at the moment."
#6 | CrueTrue on 24. March 2008 16:28
Good I have you then Wink
#7 | Waghlon on 24. March 2008 16:36
"This year the minimal configuration will be heavier than for PCM2007"

Keyword for "oops, we broke the graphics engine some more"
#8 | brun sweater on 24. March 2008 18:05
so more or less it's the same game?
#9 | mrlol on 24. March 2008 18:07
translation is finished, we just need an admin to approve it Smile
#10 | jolly_antunes on 24. March 2008 18:09
the gameplay will be slightly (or not that slightly) different. There are new bars that will make the game more realistic. And you also have the track.
The rest it's the same. Graphics and management, that was the best feature in 07Wink
#11 | CrueTrue on 24. March 2008 18:30
Really good job, mrlol Smile

#12 | CrueTrue on 24. March 2008 18:32
Brun: Did you read the first interview by PCM.daily?
#13 | brun sweater on 24. March 2008 19:15
:lol: Forgive my ignorance. Just skimmed the above headlines and figured nothing had changed. I will go and read the PCMDaily interview now Grin ...and btw, thx for the efforts, both here and at PCM Benelux!
#14 | Addy291 on 24. March 2008 21:12
The own team at World Champs and more realistic rider transfers are nice touchesSmile
#15 | Aquarius on 25. March 2008 07:55
They improved the stability of the editor ? Great... One people out of how many ? 10 players ? use it.
I hope the truth is they forgot to mention they also improved the stability of the game, not that they didn't do it and focused on the editor stability instead.

Actually, the stability of the game and the amount of bugs (I'm talking about what makes the game crash or unplayable, not about tweaking the game play) will decide whether it will be a success or not.

I'm not that surprised by the good sales figures actually. PCM 2006 was a good game, PCM 2007 got sold because of its predecessor's favourable reviews. I'm afraid that no matter how good PCM 2008 will be, it will have to cope with PCM 2007's disastrous quality.
#16 | xavi on 25. March 2008 09:15
when it will be released?
#17 | SportingNonsense on 25. March 2008 09:36
New PCM versions are generally released in July
#18 | bnaantje on 25. March 2008 17:42
Are you dutch Mrlol?
#19 | robert_psv on 25. March 2008 19:22
Yes he isGrin And it might be a funny idea, if we make up an online tournament with the members for track cyclingWink
#20 | robert_psv on 25. March 2008 19:23
Yes he isGrin And it might be a funny idea, if we make up an online tournament with the members for track cyclingWink
#21 | mrlol on 25. March 2008 20:17
No, I'm from Iraq but I can translate English - Dutch Wink
#22 | Bavarian on 26. March 2008 09:56
"No, we don't care at all about PCM online gaming."
Will also be funny to scout your own created riders... But hey, we get a funny arcade track game. Shock
Let's see how buggy the demo is if we get one this year. Rolling Eyes
#23 | Aquarius on 26. March 2008 10:41
Nothing at all has been done for the online part, that's a shame.
People have been nagging for it for years though, and we're supposed to trust them when they say they listen to the community vows ?
Making a quite fair GC system and preventing cheating methods and tricks wouldn't be such a heavy labor when you consider one year of labor on a PCM game.

Oh well, it's quite useless to be bitter about it anyway, it's not like this wasn't predictable, is it ?
#24 | SportingNonsense on 26. March 2008 11:18
Id much rather they focused more on the actual game than the online part
#25 | issoisso on 26. March 2008 13:32
I feel the same way as SN. I'm just hoping that by some miracle, the new changes to the gameplay work well without screwing other things up.
#26 | mattiasgt on 26. March 2008 16:05
Too bad they won't change the sprints. It's too easy when you just can follow the best sprinters.
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