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PCM.daily's DB-team becomes reality! | New pics for the PCM07 PCM.daily's DB
It's confirmed - PCM.daily are forming a database team! Daniel Sánchez (yes, that's me) has officially left the PCM-Spain development team as lead database maker (even though he'll be still helping out as much as possible and running the website as an administrator). That means the PCM.daily's 08 DB won't be a 1-time project - the DB-making will go on in PCM08! Expect the same way of working to be kept here. Also, Roger Coll (known as Roger in PCMS and rogercoll/cstoner27 in other international boards) will keep alive the PCMS db team as lead DB'eur - I wish he has the best possible luck as the one behind my steps, since he's a very nice bloke and a true workaholic (so am I :P ).

At this moment, the DB-team is just Dankan, and then everyone who's eager to cooperate... but we're counting on you. We're looking for the best workers around here in order to make a stable development team - even people from other boards (over andere fora/desde otras páginas/dans autres communautés/da altri siti). Everyone who's capable to prove he's an experienced worker at his own task is welcome. We hope to build a strong team to make a great db in PCM08 (as long as the new game does not prevent us from doing so). Just tell me, using the appropiate ways, such as PM or e-mail - we just want to see who's willing to help next year, specially when it comes to graphic artists.


Anyway: we've added some new pics to the photoalbum, showing sorted stats for the most important abilities (Nountain, Hills, Timetrialling, Cobblestones and Sprinting). Note that we've brought the highest values down, to get more realistic results. This is not what you would be sure waiting for - however, we still cannot show you in-race pics till we ensure the graphical appearance is as good as we're looking for it to be. Look at the images by clicking here.

#1 | p3druh on 14. March 2008 23:05
What? No Vinokourov?Angry No Rasmussen?Angry This db sucks...:lol:
#2 | Dankan on 14. March 2008 23:06
And no track riders (for the time being, let's see if I still change my mind or get convinced by the crew Pfft ).
#3 | p3druh on 14. March 2008 23:25
You mean I won't be able to ride Bos through those 12km where he manages to stay in the peloton??? This db's getting suckier and suckier by the minute...
#4 | Waghlon on 14. March 2008 23:32
Yeah, as part-crew i demand you reinstate Bos into the DB!
#5 | mrlol on 15. March 2008 08:12
I dont think those low stats will work... maybe for the first season but after that riders with 8 potential like Boesson Hagen will own every race. Scouted riders will be the best. In 2 or 3 seasons, you'll have Hagen with 83 sprint and the rest still at 80...
So for single player mode this would work, not for carreer.
#6 | Dankan on 15. March 2008 08:19
Remember: stat limits. It's obvious scouted riders will be way better than the original ones at the end, but the results won't be realistic there since we don't know what will happen in 2010 f.ex. The original riders are not able to go over 81.
#7 | mrlol on 15. March 2008 08:36
we dont know, but we can guess. I'm sure Contador, Boonen, Gesink, Dekker etc. will still be winning races in 2010, but if you limit them at 81, there will be scouted riders only winning all PT races in 2010....
it's just not rigth that scouted riders that dont excist will win everything in a few seasons.
#8 | Dankan on 15. March 2008 08:38
We'll try and see. I'm sure we can take something in positive from here.
#9 | Dankan on 15. March 2008 08:59
It took me 20 minutes to find out I definately was wrong. The game simply can't handle stat limits. Guess we'll have to work out other ways to make it more realistic. Sorry mrlol, you're right.
#10 | mrlol on 15. March 2008 10:06
instead of taking good riders down, maybe get bad riders up? Then the problem with the 8potential riders and the scouted riders is solved and you have more realistic results. I think that will work. Then we're both happy Smile
#11 | Dankan on 15. March 2008 10:35
I'll see how I can hunt it down.
#12 | issoisso on 15. March 2008 11:19
mrlol, that won't work. the riders would be too good, the races wouldn't be hard enough for them and it'd be bunch finishes all around.

Either the limitation is made to work, or the only other solution I can see if toning down the potential of all scouted riders. which would take quite some time.
#13 | Dankan on 15. March 2008 11:23
I have an idea for that, but don't know if I'll have time to include it into this package. We'll see.
#14 | rjc_43 on 15. March 2008 21:20
Isn't it possible to change the variables of scouted riders from each region, im sure i saw it somewhere in the DB, where each region has a number of riders it generates each season, and the chance of which potential each one will be, and what the max potential for each region is etc, surely you could just lower all the potentials for each region to 7.... or am i just making something up in my own little world as usual? :lol:
#15 | Dankan on 15. March 2008 21:58
That won't be possible, as it would force all scouting zones to show as 0-stars ones. Definately not a good idea.
#16 | issoisso on 15. March 2008 23:14
I love it how Dankan refers to himself in the third person in the article, kind of like brazillian football players :lol:

"issoisso is happy. issoisso finds this funny."
#17 | issoisso on 15. March 2008 23:24
And once again, for some reason I accidentally hit the "post comment" button before I'd finished writing. Anyway, what I really meant to ask is this:

In previous PCM-Spain packs the young riders developed at a very accelerated pace. I remember Dankan saying this was intentional because not many people play careers of multiple years.

Is it going to be that way again or has that "philosophy" changed?
#18 | Dankan on 16. March 2008 06:33
It'll be kept the same way this time. Not too much players extend their careers for more than two seasons, so we're happy with those parameters.

PS: Well, I'm using "we" when I'm trying to include an entire development team behind those tasks, but I realise there's no real team now Pfft
#19 | Guido Mukk on 16. March 2008 18:08
Same here..
1. Even after first season..transfer rally is just madness (grazy moves).
2. Second season already to much away from reality...I loose my apetite.
3. Third season? This is science fiction
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