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Weekly News #45
News1 day late, here's the Weekly News in its 45th edition.

First 2008 database
The two Danes, Silence and Lampert, have made what seems like is the very first 2008 database for Pro Cycling Manager 2007. In the "release announcement", it was said that all transfers up to 4th of November had been included, but several members have already reported that some transfers have not been included - also including some of the more serious ones.
Discovery and Unibet.com have been removed, but instead you get Rabobank CT, Toyota and Maxbo Bianchi are in. Barloworld and Slipstream have taken Discovery's and Unibet's spots in the Pro Tour.
If you want to give it a try, download it here. I would, however, advice to wait for a better project ;)

A new historical project
Out of nowhere, a new historical project has been released. It's made by a French guy who calls himself "Orbea". It's based on the 80s, going from 79 to 81, and includes teams from 13 different countries, totalling 61 teams. Next to that, you also get all the jerseys and accessories you need. You also get a new realistic calendar.
So, basically, a very interesting project if you're into the historical years. Go get it here.

A patch for the Evans DB
As always, Evans has released a patch for his database. It doesn't include any fixes to critical bugs, probably because no critical bugs have been found, Instead, it fixes some problems with about 200 photos which were missing, Miya's new Mavic car has been added, and more minor things.
If you downloaded the previous 658 mb file, download this patch.

Old news, but still interesting -- the acceleration skill doesn't work
Actually, this is pretty old news, but since we forgot to report it here last week (and the week before that), I thought it would be right to report it this week: A member of the Cyanide forum has made some tests of different stats to see if they work. Only one of his tests have been confirmed and acknowledged by Cyanide -- the acceleration stat test. It proves that the acceleration stat has no effect in PCM07. Cyanide simply disabled the stat in order to fix the bug known as "bug d'elan", a bug which prevented attacks just before a hill / mountain from being succesful.
However, it does seem like the acceleration stat has one effect: attacks. A rider with a high acceleration stat will attack more than one with a low acceleration stat. This, of course, only applies to computer riders ;)

The tests also indicate that the FTR-skill doesn't work. A higher FTR-skills should reult in more "green moments", but it doesn't seem like that's working correctly either. A rider with 80 FTR had just as many green moments as a rider with 50 in FTR -- sad, but true. This has, however, not been confirmed by Cyanide.

Stage Creation Contest is going on
Cyanide's Stage Creation Contest has been extended until the 1st of December 2007. The last day for sending your stage was to start of with the 5th of November, but since only 5 people had sent in their stages the organizers decided to give more time.
Basically, the competition is about creating a mountain stage which looks really good. If you win you can become a part of the Official Stage Creation team of PCM08. And you will probably also get a Cyanide game,

You can read more about the contest here.

PCM07 is the best
Our latest poll received 393 votes. The poll was about which of the Pro Cycling Manager-games are the best. Almost 50 % of the voters voted for the latest edition, PCM07, followed by PCM06 which received 33 % of the votes. What surprises me are the crazy 11 people who voted Cycling Manager 1 -- how can CyM1 be the best, I wonder? There was no real transfer system, you could win Tour de France with Erik Zabel, and there was no "turns" - all routes were straight. But oh well, everyone are entitled to their opinion ;)

.. and the new poll
1 year ago (or, well, almost) our site opened with a poll asking "How many percent of the professional cyclists do you think are doped?". Back then, 33 % voted "between 6 and 20 %". I thoughti t would be a good idea to have this poll every year, so now it's back to see if you think the mentality has changed in the professional peleton. As it is now, it doesn't seem like much has changed now. It's still the option "between 6 and 20 %" which is the most popular with 26 %, but I will let it run for a while. I'm looking forward to your answers :)
#1 | Addy291 on 12. November 2007 17:48
CyM1 doesn't sound too great:lol::lol:
#2 | Levi4life on 12. November 2007 19:25
I don't know Erik Zabel knows how to get over those hills. If he could get over them then he would dominate the Mountain StagesPfft
#3 | Aquarius on 13. November 2007 10:20
"Bug de l'élan" = "momentum bug". Otherwise you could launch an attack down a descent (let's say at 70 km/h) and with a good acceleration stat you could climb the hill at 50 km/h instead of 20 or 25 hadn't you attacked. CyM2 was the most blatant example of that bug.
#4 | CrueTrue on 14. November 2007 11:36
Thanks for the explanation Smile

Addy and Levi: CyM1 was shockingly bad, but it was pretty much playable out of the box. And actually, the interface (the GUI) was really good. The gameplay was fine too, but it was just way too easy. Online gaming was fun, though, and I'd still today say that judged on the online part, CyM1 is the best of all CyM/PCM games.
About the transfer-system. There wasn't any real transfer system, as mentioned in the news, but you could trade one cyclist to another. But, lets say that I had Zabel who had had 80 average and Cippo had 81 - the computer always accepted riders who had -1 in average. So, I would get Cippo, then trade him to someone with 82 average, then trade that guy to one with 83 average, etc. Grin In no time, you had a team with all the super stars.
#5 | issoisso on 14. November 2007 20:16
there are two other effects of the acceleration stat that are still in not mentioned here
#6 | SportingNonsense on 14. November 2007 21:27
Im fairly sure the Acceleration stat is used when simulating races.
#7 | Monkfish on 15. November 2007 16:08
I thought the fighter skill was involved with stamina in breakaways i.e high fighter skill good for a rider who was going to be out on his own or in a small group
#8 | Addy291 on 15. November 2007 17:09
Fighter stats have allways been the dictator of "green moments", e.g. the higher the number the more chance of a "green moment"

The Resistance stat is the stat used for how long a rider can atack for, e.g. the higher the number, the longer he can attack for.

Only Stamina has to do with a rider's stamina, i thinkWink
#9 | Waghlon on 18. November 2007 19:18
On CyM1:
Are you kidding me? It was clean of Cya-Logic! Thus clearly superior to the later incarnations. Maybe 'cept for CyM2 which i still hold dear and play once in a while.

Also, on that 2008 DB, you finish with a Smile . Are you insinuating PCMdaily are busy making one?
#10 | Addy291 on 18. November 2007 19:32
actually it's a Wink

and maybe that's CrueTrue's way of saying the db is crap in an nice wayPfft
#11 | CrueTrue on 18. November 2007 19:47
Addy's right Wink
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