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Weekly News #41

fIt's Tuesday, and that has throughout the past couple of weeks meant that it was time for the Weekly News -- and today is no exception, although we don't have much on the programme :)

Cyanide and the future

Well, this is not exactly "news", but since I don't think anyone has actually noticed I thought it would be good to bring up. In July, 2007 Cyanide opened another office, this time situated in Montreal. It was said that "the development team will be working on new game technologies as well as on a yet-to-be-announced project". Here, a few months later, the first informations about a new game by Cyanide has slipped out: "Cyanide is currently working on a massively multiplayer game. More information will be made available later in the development cycle.". It's not much information, but it's still interesting that Cyanide will now be working on a Multiplayer game.

For those who don't know, Cyanide has made other games than Pro Cycling Manager. Cyanide shocked many with their "Horse Racing Manager"-series, and surprised many by going up against EA with their "Pro Rugby Manager". They have also made "Winter Challenge", a sports game, focusing on the winter sports. Last, but not least, they have been working on "Loki" for a while now, and they are also working on a crazy game called "Blood Bowl".
And PSP is not the only platform, Cyanide is experimenting with at the moment. They are also working on a game called "RunAway" for Nintendo DS.

.. So, I guess this means the end of calling Cyanide a small company?

What do we know about PCM08 so far?
PCM07 have only just become playable (with patch and PCM Spain), but the first rumours about the next game is already spreading around. Because of the PSP-version's new way of sprinting and time trialing (which you do by tapping some buttons), some people have said that this feature might be converted to the PC-version, giving the game a more arcade-feel, probably. Clément Pinget also mentioned in a thread at the Cyanide forum that they are looking into the possibility of letting the "player manager" be the national coach instead of leeting the AI choose which riders that will compete in the World Championship.
Other than that, Cyanide has declined to reveal anything at the moment. All they are willing to say is that they have restructured the organization, and that will, according to Cyanide, mean that they will now be "be more careful than ever to the final quality of the game.", to quote Clément Pinget himself.

Time will tell if he's right, but I'm pretty sure I have heard that line before :P

No Multiplayer in the PSP-version
Well, enough of Cyanide -- or, well, not. Cyanide released the English PSP-manual to the public last week, In the first version of the manual, a great "Multiplayer"-mode was described. However, there's no Multiplayer mode is in the game, and the manual has now been replaced by a new version which doesn't mention any Multiplayer mode.
Cyanide did actually implent the MP-mode, but because of a bug which only appeared very rarely, Sony forced them to remove it.

A Real Name DB
Cyanide has released an official Real Name DB, especially made for Patch This is, however, a bit confusing. According to the official fix list of the patch, there's no changes to the DB. Therefore, there shouldn't be any need for a new DB -- so, maybe Cyanide did alter the database a little? ;)

No one knows, but if you want it you can download it right here.

PCM.daily is searching for a programmer
With 4600 users it should be possible to find just one programmer. PCM.daily is now searching for a programmer who's willing to help out the site by making a few new features. The current crew got lots of ideas, but don't have the neccessary skills needed to make the ideas real :) Therefore, if you're interested, send me, CrueTrue, a Private Message or contact me through the "Contact" form, MSN or E-Mail.
We don't have any specific requirements (except programming skills), so just apply if you feel you will be able to help us.

Thanks in advance.

#1 | 0buKKaKe on 09. October 2007 15:49
Because of the PSP-version's new way of sprinting and time trialing (which you do by tapping some buttons), some people have said that this feature might be converted to the PC-version, giving the game a more arcade-feel, probably.

this will be the end of goodoldfashioned PCM serie Sad

btw i played a lot Winterchallenge and Rugby Manager and i can only recomend them, both are very good B)
#2 | odenkos on 09. October 2007 16:28
I will not buy PCM 2008 if it's an arcade game! Just make things better don't invent new ones Cyanide!!!
#3 | CrueTrue on 09. October 2007 16:32
This is of course not official news. Only speculations and rumours.
#4 | odenkos on 09. October 2007 17:13
I hope so! Smile
#5 | Fresh on 09. October 2007 19:06
lol, if they implent the "button bash" system then pcm07 was the last version I bought Smile
#6 | Waghlon on 09. October 2007 21:34
"PCM07 have only just become playable"

Rubbish, i still cant have spectators without running out of RAM realy qucik.
#7 | CrueTrue on 09. October 2007 21:36
Maybe your graphic card is just not good enough? Wink
#8 | Waghlon on 09. October 2007 22:10
May i point out that PCM06 can run on highest of all settings quite fine. While im struggling to get meaningful FPS out of PCM07 with even the medium of options.

Not too much mention that Shader 2.0 actually worked in 06.
#9 | Smoothie on 10. October 2007 07:22
some interesting news.But do i feel Wink or Sad not sure yet
#10 | Aquarius on 10. October 2007 09:06
Since I'm the source of that button bash source among the community, here's the story :
I met three persons working at Cyanide last August : Mikelo (PC version), DindonPoilu (new at Cyanide, PC version) and Mao (PSP version).
There I could try the PSP version one and a half month before it was released, on Mao's PSP. The sprinting on PSP (and TT) is done by bashing some button.
There, one of the Cyaboys explained that Freire once thought of having that system for sprints in the next PCM.

Maybe it was meant as a joke, or meant seriously but they'll notice it's not something good for the PC version and not appreciated by the community.

The least we can say : it's anything but certain and official. Wink
#11 | mrlol on 10. October 2007 14:19
I'd certainly not buy it since I'd have ruined my keyboard after only a few sprints....
#12 | odenkos on 10. October 2007 16:59
@mrlol That's my point :lol:
#13 | Chuck on 12. October 2007 08:21
Sad that sony forced them to revome the multiplayer function on the psp xD
#14 | EintrachtFan on 14. October 2007 01:16
Maybe they'll do a Cycling MMORPG now? Grin
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