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Weekly News #37
NewsWe're back, once again a bit later than we're supposed to be :)

1 down, 0 to go
Every year when Pro Cycling Manager is released the game is always filled with bugs which annoys the gamers. They complain on the official forum. That's 100 % sure. What's also 100 % sure was that Aquarius was ready to defend Cyanide and the game, and he was also ready to help people who had troubles with the game. That's now over, though. Aquarius has got fed up with the French moderators, Cyanide's lack of communication and all the bugs and has resigned from his moderator status - and left the forum. It's a big loss for the English community since he was the only active moderator on the English forum, and since he was the only guy who could actually make Cyanide speak. And with him gone, it looks pretty dark for the English community. French language skills are definitely needed now.

Anyway, Aquarius will still be around in other PCM-communities than the official one. He's registered here and is also an active member of the PCM Assistance-site (French community).

.. and one has returned
Another important person is Roadie68 who left temporarily when the 2nd patch was released. It caused so much trouble that he decided to leave (for a while). Now, he's back with flair and has already celebrated his comeback with a new pack of accessories. It's called "Roadie's 2007 Ultimate Accesssory Pack" and includes new shoes from 13 different manfacturers, new bidons, new overshoes, new gloves and much, much more. Have a look at the pack here.

New articles
As I promised, we're now focusing more on the Articles section. Wildcat has already delivered with his Vuelta articles, and now it's Addy's turn. He has written two articles. One which introduces you to PCM Kicker New Generation, and one which explains how to add new stuff to the game, using the STA_TGA-table with PCM Kicker NG. Both can be found in our PCM 07/08 Articles section.

The PSP-version
For those who don't know, Pro Cycling Manager 2007 was supposed to be released on two platforms this year: on PC and on PSP. And they were also supposed to be released on the same day. At the time being, the PSP-version hasn't been released yet which must be frustrating for Cyanide, since the game has been ready for months now. They simply can't find any company to distribute the game. Therefore, it's still not available.
The game was supposed to be released on the 20th of June, and since then Play.com has had it listed as "temporarily out of stock". However, that was changed just a few days ago. Now it says "due for release on the 21st of September". So, it seems like things are speeding up now. You can preorder the game on Play.com here.

A look into the future
Elfouc has revived his PCM06-project, the 2009 DB, for PCM07. It has now been released in its first version for PCM07 and includes new teams, totally new sponsors and new Pro Tour teams. Barloworld, Wiesenhof and Tinkoff are now all a part of the Pro Tour. The pack also contains the new jerseys, new accessories and more.
He's currently working on a 2nd version which will be released soon. If you can't wait you can get the V1 right here.

A DB with ambitions
A relatively unknown guy, Eeyeor, has released what's supposed to be a DB which actually changes the gameplay. Helpers should now be more important, the daily form should be (even more) important, and in general, the stages are now supposed to be much more realistic. I don't know if there's any truth in it, but it's worth a try. You can get it here.
#1 | doddy13 on 11. September 2007 17:51
sad to see Aquarius go, but i've never been active over there.
#2 | Aquarius on 20. September 2007 15:53
Well... I'm not dead, or am I ? Wink

I'm a bit like sitting on a fence. I'm not sure whether my departure will eventually kill a dying English-speaking community at Cyanide, or whether I already killed it softly by accepting to do Cyanide's job (translating stuff and informations for and from them).

Anyway, it seems like my complaints about the way it is working have been heard. French moderators and Freire have decided to set up a new policy of moderating and communication. Basically Cyanide won't appear on the forum any more, moderators will do all the communication. Once more the English community seems to have been left aside though.
#3 | Crommy on 23. September 2007 20:49
By posting here, you're either a zombie or alive. I'll go get the shotgun
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