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PCM.Daily DB Team searching for a Statmaker
Pro Cycling Manager 2019

Dear cycling fans on PCM.daily,

the PCM.daily Database Team continues to run in 2020, as you may hopefully have noticed with the release of our PCM.daily 2020DB. Right now we are looking to improve our team by adding a Continental Tour statmaker to the team. There is no need to have any db creating knowledge, as we are doing the statmaking via google docs. We just need you to be:

- reliable
- capable of working in a team
- very interested in the world of road cycling and following it closely
- with a sense of how stats in the Pro Cycling Manager and specifically the PCM.daily DB composition work

Don't by shy if you're not sure whether you want to apply for the team, just send a PM to me and we'll figure out how to remove all clarities. We're looking forward to working with you!

The PCM.daily Database Team

PCM.Daily Awards: Winners Announced

It's now time to reveal the results of this year's PCM.daily Awards! If you've been around in previous years, you'll remember how close most of the categories turned out to be. We had a couple of ties and a lot of close racess this year, but each of the categories found their well deserved winners.

Just as usual, new winners join some of the more usual suspects and defending champions. Congratulations go out to all of you, whether you've just been nominated or also won an award - you're the soul of this site. Huge thanks to all who voted and especially those who also took the time to send nominations, in order to make the voting possible. And big ups to those who helped running these and the admins that enabled them…

To find out more about the winners, click 'Read More' and everything will be revealed. The full results have been posted into each thread in the Awards subforum.

PCM.daily 2020 DB
Pro Cycling Manager 2019

We would like to proudly introduce to you the 2020 Database of PCM.daily: The PCM.daily 2020DB. It aims to be the most complete mixture of quantity of teams and quality of work accumulated in a 2020 Database.

The goal of this database is to experience the most realistic in-game experience possible. Hence we not only offer real shirts and equipment, but also a large amount of quality races, stages and variants in addition to the cyanide cycling calendar. Of course, there has been a lot of emphasis on stats, so that the db hopes to be able to claim one of the most accurate stat matrixes on offer.

The 2020 Database is a standalone database, which means that you don't need to have any previous database installed. In fact, we recommend doing a clean install of PCM 2019 and a clean stage folder before installing the 2020 DB, in order to save a few GBs in your hard drive and potentially avoid bugs created by other databases.

As you may imagine we've been working really hard on this database, so we hope you'll enjoy it! A full features list can be found in the  PCM.daily 2020 DB: Features and installation thread, as well as an extensive installation guide.

If you have any kind of problems, make sure you check the FAQ and the reported bugs in the PCM.daily 2020 DB: Support/FAQ, and if you don't find a solution, well, any questions can be asked in the same place! If you wanna talk about stats, feel free to do that in the PCM.daily Stat Discussion.

You can download the PCM.daily 2020 Database in the download center. Enjoy the game!

PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting Season 2020
Fantasy Betting

It was a long 2019 without any PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting Season but problems have been solved and all members have the same amount of PCM $ again, which is the base of a challenging betting season. 

Don`t forget to get your weekly 100 PCM $, which allows you to come back once having lost it all. Do that by simply getting into any betting window or by pressing the Get weekly PCM $ on the upper right. 

We start with a small Town Down Under Stage 5 bet. 

We will try to regularly make bets for the races to have a nice competition all year. 

Enjoy and good betting! 

PCM.Daily Awards 2019: Time to Vote!

After the week of nominations it's finally time to proceed toward the voting process for the PCM daily Awards 2019. The ballots are open for a week from now on, so hurry up and get your votes casted!

You will find any updates on the Awards in the exclusive Awards Panel, which you find directly above this news item and below the Latest Active News Threads on the front page.

Please continue to discuss the nominations and your choice not only in each award thread, but also in the Information/General Discussion thread as well as the Cycling Awards Discussion thread.

Happy voting!



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Amazing fall by Nelson Olliveira
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