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PCM.daily Awards
Update 1 for RSM-news/PCMdaily 2019DB
Pro Cycling Manager 2018

The DB team would like to present the first official update to the RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB. We have looked at some of the bugs, comments and suggestions posted in the discussion threads, and tried to rectify them as best as we could. We have also added some features which were missing so far. You will find the update in the download section or in the list on the right side of your screen under "Latest content". It is not necessary to have subscribed to anything in the steam workshop in order to make this use.

Important: 1. You need to have our RSM-news/PCMdaily 2019DB installed in order to make this work.
2. You need to start a new career if you want all new features and stats included. However, if you are just in for the graphical and stage improvements/bugfixes, you can continue with your older one.
3. There is a new XML folder which needs to be copied in the same place where the folders "3D, CM_Stages & GUI" were copied. The steps are as below...

Open the archive you downloaded. Extract the content of the folder "To Program Files" inside the directory where you installed PCM 18. Generally, that's going to be C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2018, but if that's not the case, the folder is always the one where you can find PCM's executable, PCM.exe. The folders "3D, CM_Stages & GUI" should now be copied into this folder. When you're asked to overwrite/merge, say yes.
RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB
Pro Cycling Manager 2018

We would like to proudly introduce to you the 2019 Database of PCM.daily: The RSM-news/PCM.daily 2019 DB. It aims to be the most complete mixture of quantity of teams and quality of work accumulated in a 2019 Database.

The goal of this database is to experience the most realistic in-game experience possible. Hence we not only offer real shirts and equipment, but also a large amount of quality races, stages and variants in addition to the cyanide cycling calendar. Of course, there has been a lot of emphasis on stats, so that the db hopes to be able to claim one of the most accurate stat matrixes on offer.

The 2019 Database is a standalone database, which means that you don't need to have any previous database installed. In fact, we recommend doing a clean install of PCM 2018 and a clean stage folder before installing the 2019 DB, in order to save a few GBs in your hard drive and potentially avoid bugs created by other databases.

As you may imagine we've been working really hard on this database, so we hope you'll enjoy it! A full features list can be found in the PCM 18: PCM.daily Projects, as well as an extensive installation guide.

If you have any kind of problems, make sure you check the FAQ and the reported bugs in the support thread, and if you don't find a solution, well, any questions can be asked in the same place! If you wanna talk about stats, feel free to do that in the Stat Discussion.

You can download the PCM.daily 2019 Database in the download center. Enjoy the game!

PCM.Daily Awards: Winners Announced

It's now time to reveal the results of this year's PCM.daily awards! If you've been around in previous years, you'll remember how close most of the categories turned out to be. There was just one tie this year (unlike the three ties including one three-way tie of 2016!) but plenty of close calls.

Just like usual, new winners join some of the more usual suspects and defending champions. Congratulations go out to all of you, whether you've just been nominated or also won an award - you're the soul of this site. Huge thanks to all who voted and especially those who also took the time to send nominations, in order to make the voting possible. And big ups to those who helped running these and the admins that enabled them…

To find out more about the winners, click 'Read More' and everything will be revealed. The full results have been posted into each thread in the Awards subforum.

Final Stats Update for PCM lite pack
Pro Cycling Manager 2018

Dear community,

despite the trouble of creating enough manpower, the stats department of the daily database team (aldrofj, Tafiolmo, Croatia14) decided to continue the project to at least hand out a final update to the lite pack. While we can't offer any particularly great new features or teams, we made sure that there is at least one database in the world of PCM18 that has stats that we feel are somewhat accurate to draw 2018 racing in the most possible realistic way. Hence we can somehow proudly present you a final stats update for the PCM.daily lite pack V2.

Database Link

There is a vision to create a database to start with in the 2019 cycling season, but what we need for that is manpower, especially administrative one. If anybody is willing to take part in an approach to create a competitive 2019 database from the leftovers of the daily db, feel free to contact me via PM.


PCM.Daily Awards: Nominations Open

The time of the year everyone awaits is upon us, as the nominations for our beloved PCM.Daily Awards are now open!

As is tradition, it is up to you to nominate and later decide the winners of your favourite forum's awards. Whoever gets the most nominations will go into the vote, which will open in the new year, which means you have more than 2 weeks to send them in. You don't have to make nominations for every category, but the more the better!

Nominations can be made by PMing me, knockout, up to 3 candidates for each Award category. For a full list of rules and awards, check out the Information / General Discussion thread.



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