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28. February 2016 18:36 from roturn
To avoid corrupted downloads and speed up the downloads a lot, we recommend using a download manager.

Downloads: 21799
Copyright: PCM.Daily DB Team
Homepage: Link
Optional Mirror: Torrent
When you're done downloading using the torrent, please keep seeding, so other members can download the database as well. Keep in mind that some trackers might block you if your seeding percentage is too low.

A huge pack to improve every aspect of your Pro Cycling Manager 2015 game, with 2016 teams, graphics and races.

For more information about the huge feature list, click here.

General questions thread
Bug report thread (use for bugs only, for other questions use the General questions thread)
Stat discussion thread

Your questions will most likely be answered in these threads rather than in the comments section below, where we won't provide assistance on a regular basis!

The file you can download using the Download button is a ZIP-file. Alternatively, you can download the torrent-file here

It would be appreciated if people who used the torrent can help us seeding (uploading) the file when they're done, to help other downloaders.

Please follow the instructions below carefully. We have tried to explain the installation process as extensive as possible.

How to install?

Because we got a lot of replies asking for help with the installation, we decided to write an extended installation guide for the installation.

A clean install of Pro Cycling Manager 2015 is recommended before installing this database, to avoid bugs and to save you some space in your HDD. This database is a standalone database one, so you won't need the Expansion Pack to play with it.

1. Download the database from the Downloads section of PCMdaily.

2. Unpack PCMdaily2016DB.zip

3. Go to the folder where you unpacked the file and open the folder Files.

4. Copy the contents of the folder Program Files and paste them in the installation directory of PCM2015. This is usually C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager – Season 2015 or with Steam C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager 2015. It could be different when you installed the game in a different language (for example in Dutch the folder will be Pro Cycling Manager – Seizoen 2015) or when you manually changed the directory while installing the game.
You need administrator permission to copy files to this directory. When Windows asks if you want to overwrite existing files, click Yes.

5. Go back to the folder where you unpacked the file and open the folder Files.

6. Copy the contents of the folder Documents and paste them in your Documents folder. When Windows asks if you want to overwrite existing files, click Yes.

7. Now it's time to start the game. On the main page of the game, go to Options (the "gear" at the bottom of the screen), then click Database (the last tab at the top of the popup screen) and select PCMdaily_2016DB_V1 as your database.

8. You have completed the installation process of the database. Have fun!
If you followed this guide, but you’re still having problems with the installation, check the FAQ on the PCM.daily forum. If your problem isn’t listed in there, ask your question in the General questions thread on pcmdaily.com.

Awesome! 100% 84% [48 Votes]
Very Good 2% 1% [1 Votes]
Good 2% 1% [1 Votes]
Average 2% 1% [1 Votes]
Poor 12% 10% [6 Votes]
Selwink on 28-02-2016

If you find any errors, please first read the FAQ. Should your answer not be there, please ask your question on the forum. Chances of a (fast) response are much higher there.

jferrarif1 on 28-02-2016

Downloading... Thanks!Smile

Ascend on 29-02-2016

This may be a stupid question but i have no clue. I am downloading the file but its taking like 10 hours lol, can i turn off my computer and it saves/pauses or will it cancel entirely?

zachbastian on 29-02-2016

I think it will cancel it. Unless you are using Torrent

matt17br on 29-02-2016

If you are using torrent that is normal, it will take some time until more people seed. It's also related to your connection speed and to the huge size of the file (well that's 16 gb!)

nobeer on 29-02-2016

Copy your download link to IDM for a fast download!

kevtucks on 29-02-2016

thanks guys. seeding

nobeer on 29-02-2016

Part 6. of the description is incomplete.

Copy the contents of the folder Documents and paste them in your Documents\Pro Cycling Manager 2015 folder

rune1107 on 29-02-2016

I have pink minishirts and the game crashes when i try to start a career.

jaja29 on 29-02-2016

Hello. Thanks for the torrent. I'm downloading it.

Two remarks : your link for the feature list is broken, same for your homepage link. Could you solve it please ?

Thanks again.



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