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GP Izola - Race Discussion
Luis Leon Sanchez
GP Izola - Preview

It's the final classic of the month of March and we gather here in the South-West of Slovenia for the GP Izola which starts and finishes in the coastal town after which the race is named.

The race is in the C2 category after being in the C2HC category last year so it's still CT heavy with 2 PCT Teams making the trip as well.

2021 wasn't the fastest ridden but it was a selection of 9 riders who contested the win with Marko Kump proving to be too strong as McEvoy and Tsatevich joined him on the podium. Only 2 of last year's Top 10 return this year.


Race Favourites

A perennial favourite in the CT now is pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/mck.png Ian Boswell. The American is here again but he only managed 9th of the first 9 riders last year so he'll need to try his luck and go alone if he wants the win.

Two riders who look very well suited to this profile are pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/bns.png Joshua Edmondson and pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/esc.png Travis Meyer. Both are very strong in the hills but also capable of packing a punch over a short sprint.

We'll finish by highlighting what looks to be a rather interesting situation for 2 teams with the line-ups that they have.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/taf.png Tafjord Kraft is the first of these teams. They have a now very old Edvald Boasson Hagen but he's still the strongest pure puncheur here and he has somewhat of a kick. The other very interesting rider on this team is Martin Weiss who was 6th last year. He's not a great puncheur but he is a capable sprinter. They also have Kristian Drynes and Daniel Paulus who will no doubt want to be involved too.

It's a similar situation for pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/bia.png Bianchi - Panerai who have Sergey Luchshenko who may very well win this race if it isn't too selective but he'll be fighting for team leadership with Andrea Zordan and Romain Le Roux. Some interesting team dynamics for sure.

pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/taf.pngEdvald BoassonHagen8175697371
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/bia.pngRomainLe Roux7774657271
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/oph.pngOlivierLe Gac7773646974
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2022/Micros/pns.pngFelix EmilioBesada7774567758

We should be in for quite the race! Let's see a full list of riders who will take their places on the start line tomorrow.
KevinColleoniBianchi - Panerai
RomainLe RouxBianchi - Panerai
SergeyLuchshenkoBianchi - Panerai
LorenzoRotaBianchi - Panerai
AndreaVendrameBianchi - Panerai
AndreaZordanBianchi - Panerai
MaaniAltanzulBNZ-Superhero Racing
NarankhuuBaterdeneBNZ-Superhero Racing
Maral-ErdeneBatmunkhBNZ-Superhero Racing
JoshuaEdmondsonBNZ-Superhero Racing
NickMillerBNZ-Superhero Racing
JordanSchleckBNZ-Superhero Racing
NicholasSchultzBNZ-Superhero Racing
CalvinWatsonBNZ-Superhero Racing
RudyBarbierBonduelle - Eesti Energia
ThomasBoudatBonduelle - Eesti Energia
DeinsKanepejsBonduelle - Eesti Energia
TanelKangertBonduelle - Eesti Energia
MikhailKochetkovBonduelle - Eesti Energia
MarkusPajurBonduelle - Eesti Energia
ClementRussoBonduelle - Eesti Energia
JasonTessonBonduelle - Eesti Energia
NilsBrunBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
FabienDoubeyBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
OscarGueraoBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
OierLazkanoBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
DarioPuccioniBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
AlexisRenardBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
MarcSarreauBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
LucaWackermannBordeaux Métropole - Euskotren
Xabier MikelAzparrenCaja Rural Cycling Team
AlfredoBalloniCaja Rural Cycling Team
FernandoBarceloCaja Rural Cycling Team
RamonDomeneCaja Rural Cycling Team
JhojanGarciaCaja Rural Cycling Team
AndreaGuardiniCaja Rural Cycling Team
RamonSinkeldamCaja Rural Cycling Team
Jose PabloAguilar MendezColombini-Adler AP
AbolfazlGilanipoorColombini-Adler AP
LuigiGiuliettiColombini-Adler AP
StanMartinoColombini-Adler AP
FedericoOleiColombini-Adler AP
FelixSprengerColombini-Adler AP
OskariVainionpääColombini-Adler AP
LoicVliegenColombini-Adler AP
LinusDahlbergEddie Stobart
FlorisDe TierEddie Stobart
DamionDrapacEddie Stobart
GregoryHugentoblerEddie Stobart
GertJoeaarEddie Stobart
TravisMeyerEddie Stobart
GihanPushpakumaraEddie Stobart
NikitaUmerbekovEddie Stobart
Jack BernardMurphyGlanbia
MarcelAreggerJura GIANTS
LeonardoBassoJura GIANTS
GabrielChavanneJura GIANTS
NoamCohenJura GIANTS
ChristophJanssenJura GIANTS
PanagiotisKaratsivisJura GIANTS
AlexandrosMatsangosJura GIANTS
MauroSchmidJura GIANTS
JulianAlaphilippeLe Creuset
FrancoisBidardLe Creuset
ClementChevrierLe Creuset
JorisDelboveLe Creuset
MichaelGoglLe Creuset
ChrisHamiltonLe Creuset
SebastianHenaoLe Creuset
MaximeLa LavandierLe Creuset
IanBoswellMcCormick Pro Cycling
KevinFeiereisenMcCormick Pro Cycling
NoahGraniganMcCormick Pro Cycling
GageHechtMcCormick Pro Cycling
WelleJallaysMcCormick Pro Cycling
Fikri AzkaMohammadMcCormick Pro Cycling
JakobRatheMcCormick Pro Cycling
MichaelRodriguez GalindoMcCormick Pro Cycling
DeniBanicekOktal Pharma - TotalTV
GaborFejesOktal Pharma - TotalTV
MateoFrankovicOktal Pharma - TotalTV
BorislavIvanovOktal Pharma - TotalTV
DavidJabukaOktal Pharma - TotalTV
FilipKvasinaOktal Pharma - TotalTV
OlivierLe GacOktal Pharma - TotalTV
StefanPetrovskiOktal Pharma - TotalTV
Felix EmilioBesadaPas Normal Studios - Mikkeller
EliaFavilliPas Normal Studios - Mikkeller
JuliusJohansenPas Normal Studios - Mikkeller
MatteoMoschettiPas Normal Studios - Mikkeller
JohanPrice-PejtersenPas Normal Studios - Mikkeller
IdanShapiraPas Normal Studios - Mikkeller
AbnerGonzalezPodium Ambition
JacobKellyPodium Ambition
JayMajorPodium Ambition
DarrenMatthewsPodium Ambition
JacobMorales OrtegaPodium Ambition
KempOroscoPodium Ambition
DylanRedyPodium Ambition
ConnorWhitePodium Ambition
FrankAwukuProject: Africa
RicardoBroxhamProject: Africa
AlbertKirevaProject: Africa
ClementKusiProject: Africa
DidierMunyanezaProject: Africa
Jean ClaudeNzafashwanayoProject: Africa
SirakTesfomProject: Africa
LouisVisserProject: Africa
FelixEngelhardtStaffbase - BHP
AaronGrosserStaffbase - BHP
RoyJansStaffbase - BHP
JonasKochStaffbase - BHP
EliotLietaerStaffbase - BHP
MaximillianSchachmannStaffbase - BHP
TimVan DijkeStaffbase - BHP
GianniVermeerschStaffbase - BHP
Vegard RobinsonBuggeTafjord Kraft
KristianDyrnesTafjord Kraft
OleHaavardsholmTafjord Kraft
Edvald BoassonHagenTafjord Kraft
PhilipLindauTafjord Kraft
DanielPaulusTafjord Kraft
MartinWeissTafjord Kraft
MichaelCumingTrans Looney Tunes
JanGhyselinckTrans Looney Tunes
Sergio LuisHenao MontoyaTrans Looney Tunes
TomoyukiIinoTrans Looney Tunes
NikitaNovikovTrans Looney Tunes
LukaPibernikTrans Looney Tunes
RüdigerSeligTrans Looney Tunes
MatteoSobreroTrans Looney Tunes
FatiuAbolajiTryg - Gobik
RogerAdriaTryg - Gobik
JurajBellanTryg - Gobik
DanielHoelgaardTryg - Gobik
RasmusIversenTryg - Gobik
Tobias HallandJohannessenTryg - Gobik
SimiloNyoniTryg - Gobik
IngvarOmarssonTryg - Gobik
Breakaway? (I'll be honest, i'm very much running out of ways to say this is our goal for a race)
Lets fly to the win, Vliegen!

San Marino is my city. - Stan Martino
Obviously we aren't even near to getting a mention in the preview, but given how Aregger has performed so far in way more difficult stages, I hope he can have a great race tomorrow. Otherwise, I guess it's all in for breakaways this time ^^
Same comments for all hilly classics- McKenna to aim for a top 10!

and maybe Dunne to attack
Ulrich Ulriksen
Not a great route for Boswell this one but don't really have a better alternative. So lets hope for a hard race and some long range attacks.
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Time to get our first hilly classic win! Smile
I love this race! Tafjord looks very well set, but it could be anyones game. Should be a reduced bunch sprint.
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It's nice to be back at home Smile

Last year we had a lot of luck and great result with 2nd place and I think 2 or 3 cyclist in top 10.

This will be impossible to repeat compare to other stronger teams but I hipe our leader Luka Pibernik can at lest get a few points.

Thanks for preview. Smile
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
Another really solid result from Aregger, that guy really rarely disappoints! It was pretty opportunistic to send him here as our leader, so I'll happily take 7th here. Too bad he's already 32, I'd love to train him to 74-75 hill, and he'd be a killer in CT - looking at the likes of Russo or Alaphilippe. Congrats to the former by the way.

Schmid, Basso and even Cohen adding one point each is a nice surplus, and also seeing our Greek-Cypriot duo and Schmid all active during the stage was nice to see Smile

Thanks to LLS for the report - once again, looks like you're single-handedly pushing CT forward right now Wink
Ulrich Ulriksen
Note to self: Sign punchy sprinter next season.

Definitely agree with Fab, big thanks to LLS for pushing the CT forward.
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Roy Jans! Cool very cool Race with a fantastic podium and great fun
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Good result from Vliegen once again. Too bad he couldn’t keep up with the late attack. Sanmarinese Champ Olei coming in at a surprising 13th place aswel. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the reporting LLS <3

San Marino is my city. - Stan Martino
Ouch, 90th place!

Like Ulrich, I think a hilly sprinter is a missing card in my deck

Thanks LLS
Another nice result for Alaphilippe, but congratulations to our friends from Bonduelle-Eesti for taking the win back to France.

Thank you JMO for getting into the break!
Not a massive favourite winning this is a testament to why punchy sprinters are. Enjoyed reading the report, congrats to the two new teams with a nice top 2 here!
As I tought Pibernik will be our bets rider and this happened but with no special result. Congrats to the winner.

Thanks for the report. Smile
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2020/Micros/tst.png i.imgur.com/XZ5vU9L.png
This one was for us more succesful than expected, but i won't complain. Jans on Podium, Grosser at P6 and also Schachmann in Top 20. I am satisfied.

Congrats to the winners and thanks for the report!

Need a Jersey? PM me!
Congrats to everybody dissapointed with my team but we will still growing
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