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ICL21 - Race Discussion
Thread for race discussion.

The first race of the season was won by Astley Carter! The first ever U23 classic for my dev team! What a start!

Thank you, Shonak, for the first video of the season. I love how attentive Sagan is, Bouhanni's move was doomed to fail, but exciting nonetheless. Still a good sprint from Sagan and from Howard, too, considering he was only 25th with 2.2 km to go.

Shit start for us with Alaphilippe not performing and Herder (I assume) crashing at the Copa America.
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Maybe it's time to let Danny go. That looked like he got himself boxed in on purpose.
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Luis Leon Sanchez
A stage win on our 2nd ever day as a team! Great stuff from Verona.

Stage 3 a bit more interesting but two riders in pretty good positions so far Smile
Really disappointed by Zabel on stages 1 and 2... guess the game just uses him as a helper for Mendes and not as a sprinter Sad
Brouwers taking 2nd place in the TT is one of the most random results I've ever seen, although TTs are random in general. Mendes has better stats and loses a minute... sure. Given the randomness, I still have to be more or less happy with Gaviria's 4th place there.

Mendes sitting in the Top10 overall at this point is rather good news, hope he can at least keep that 9th place until the end.
Wasn't quite sure what Langlois was doing attacking in Palm, but I'll definitely take 6th at the end in the WT. Good start to the year.

Indonesia going pretty well for us as well in terms of GC position. Mullen maybe underperformed in the TT, but somehow survived the climbing so far, so we're very well set up. Hopefully we don't blow it with having to balance him and Boily near the top.
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Good start to the season with Guardini in 3rd!

Thanks for the coverage start guys. Psyched Grin
Ulrich Ulriksen
Win number 5 in the race for Marcel. Great finish, we are going to need him to be on his game to survive this year. A little worried about how isolated he was at the end but wasn't all our first tier support team.

Can't beat having your new sponsor see their jersey cross the line first in its inaugural race.

Thanks for the report.
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Excited for the start of racing and seeing the video of the Palm Classic. Thanks Shonak & co.

Palm Classic - Eisaks got blocked by Phinney who appeared to sit up. Congrats to Ulrich, Kittel looking dangerous for this season. Quite funny that I can't recognise my own Renault team shirt yet Smile.

Indonesia - Renault U23 team in the race. S2 Good to see Amiel getting in the break and grabbing some KOM points.
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5 in the top 20 is pretty good even if a lot of disappointing results individually in the TT
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Oh man ... Nerz would have won Indonesia if not for the time loss on a flat stage, which sends him to 13th overall Sad not the start to the season I would have wished for, but at least he showed what he's theoretically capable of. Some decent results from Barry Markus as well, even if unspectacular.
Not the best start of the season in Palm Classic, but what to expect without a decent sprinter...
Luis Leon Sanchez
Indonesia quite the race in the end!

A breakaway win for the youth team with Cervian is awesome.

A second stage win as well on the final stage.

Unfortunately only 8th and for Fraile not Verona but good depth points, stage points & the Teams classification.
Looks like my rant woke up Rick Grin
2nd place, a stage win and the points jersey (our first ever I guess?) is a fantastic outcome from the second half of the race Smile

However, those TTs... How on earth can those two Euskaltel guys be on the podium? They're by far not the best climbers, and definitely no good TTers. I really don't get PCM's "logic" there, really a pure lottery. In the end I'll definitely take Mendes' 5th place in GC, and Ollero nets some points for our dev team as well (18th GC, 4th U25).

Commiserations to cunego, really stupid time loss by Nerz there. Hope that's his bad luck done for the year!
PCM15 time trials are really bad unfortunately and I am quite annoyed by those results, and imho much worse than any in game crashes. We may think about simulating them in future seasons in case we stay with PCM15.
Shonak wrote:
PCM15 time trials are really bad unfortunately and I am quite annoyed by those results, and imho much worse than any in game crashes. We may think about simulating them in future seasons in case we stay with PCM15.
It looks like they got the same juice as Foliforov now
Quite like it tbh
GC a tad dissapointing but decent stage results in Indonesia. Would have liked a win by now in Tropicale but doing ok so far - if only Rowe rode for me here as well as (until yesterday) MG Grin
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I fear simulating TTs wouldn't be any better, I simulate them across many careers and they are also very random, there'll usually even be one co-favourite for the GC who loses several minutes against riders with a similar TT skill.

MG players might know more, but it could be worth switching to a newer PCM version just for TTs. From the very few I have observed in PCM 20 (keeping my riders on automatic) it seems that riders adjust their effort during a TT which I don't think they did back then. It's still a bit random, many will still run out of energy before the finish line or cross it with energy to spare, but it seems less drastic. Would require testing to know for sure.

But for now we just have to live with what we've got. I knew full well that hiring Flakemore might turn out to be a waste of money. Smile

Not the worst start but not the best start for us in the first CT race of the year. tbh not the greatest team there for us though.
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