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[CT 22] McCormick Pro Cycling
Ulrich Ulriksen

McCormick and Ulriksen Sports are pleased to announce the return of Baltimore-based McCormick & Company as the primary sponsor of McCormick Pro Cycling. As described in our plan three years ago, McCormick Pro Cycling is a long-term project to build a significant American cycling team.

Our third season saw the arrival of Ian Boswell to give the team its first presence in hilly races. At the Coppa Placci Boswell scored the team's first ever win in a hilly classic. The team also scored their first GC victory since 2019 when Sepp Kuss took the tour of the Middle East adding a stage and the KOM jersey at the same time. Another highlight came at the Tour de l'Avenir where future GC leader Brandon McNulty took 3rd overall.

McCormick is excited that in 2022 almost the entire squad will return. Sepp and Ian will be joined in leadership duties by sprinter Luke Keough. While Brandon will seek to finish his development in the Pro Tour, young climbers Thomas Revard, Alex Hoehn and Brendan Rhim have all completed their development and will ride together at McCormick for the first time since they were signed as neopros in 2019.

Team stalwart Jakob Rathe, young all-rounder Gage Hecht and domestiques Zeke Mostov and Noah Granigan complete the US presence on the roster.

In addition stagiaire Fred Wright was offered a full contract as was French draftee Roman Seigle, 2021 winner of the team's Mateo Frankovic Domestique of the Year award. Finally, sprinter Max Walscheid also returns to the team. These three will look to continue their development this year, although McCormick will also consider whether a sale is the best option to support their future aspirations.

Only stagiaires Cole Davis and Conor Schunk and draftee German Nicolas Tivani were not offered new contracts. McCormick wishes all three future success.
Edited by Ulrich Ulriksen on 12-08-2022 03:03
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Ulrich Ulriksen
Some Team History


Dan Holloway Rider of the Year

2021 Ian Boswell
2020 Sepp Kuss
2019 Dan Holloway

Young Rider of the Year

2021 Thanakhan Chaiyasombat
2020 Thomas Revard
2019 Daniel Habtemichael

Mateo Frankovic Domestique of the Year

2021 Roman Seigle
2020 Mateo Frankovic
2019 Mateo Frankovic

GC, Classic, Stage, Points and KOM Wins

Cumulative is Stages/Classics/GC/Pts/Mtn

Tour Down UnderC12Dan Holloway1/0/0/0/0
Tour Down UnderC16Dan Holloway2/0/0/0/0
Tour Down UnderC1GCDan Holloway2/0/1/0/0
Tour Down UnderC1PtsDan Holloway2/0/1/1/0
Ras TailteannC12Dan Holloway3/0/1/1/0
Tour of UppsalaC12Dan Holloway4/0/1/1/0
Tour of UppsalaC15Dan Holloway5/0/1/1/0
Tour of UppsalaC1PtsDan Holloway5/0/1/2/0
Tour de VineyardsC2HC5Ka Hoo Fung1/0/0/0/0
Amissa BongoC21Dan Holloway6/0/1/2/0
Amissa BongoC23Dan Holloway7/0/1/2/0
Amissa BongoC25Dan Holloway8/0/1/2/0
Amissa BongoC2GCDan Holloway8/0/2/2/0
Amissa BongoC2PtsDan Holloway8/0/2/3/0
Tour of BulgariaC2MtnDaniel Habtemichael0/0/0/0/1
US PCCC23Dan Holloway9/0/2/3/0
US PCCC2GCDan Holloway9/0/3/3/0
Baltic Chain TourC14Dan Holloway10/0/3/3/0
Ronde van Het IJsselmeerC2CLDan Holloway10/1/3/3/0
Course de SolidarnoscC2HC4Dan Holloway11/1/3/3/0
Vuelta al TachiraC21Luke Keough1/0/0/0/0
Tour of EritreaC2HC2Luke Keough2/0/0/0/0
Tour of EritreaC2HCPtsLuke Keough2/0/0/1/0
Tour de LangkawiC2HC1Luke Keough3/0/0/1/0
US PCCC24Luke Keough4/0/0/1/0
Course de SolidarnoscC2HC4Luke Keough5/0/0/1/0
Vuelta al TachiraC28Brandon McNulty1/0/0/0/0
Coppa PlacciC2CLIan Boswell0/1/0/0/0
Tour of CaliforniaC23Ian Boswell1/1/0/0/0
Tour of CaliforniaC24Luke Keough6/0/0/1/0
Tour du FasoC2HC2Maximilian Walscheid1/0/0/0/0
Tour of VancouverC2HC3German Nicolas Tivani1/0/0/0/0
Tour of South AfricaC15Ian Boswell2/1/0/0/0
Tour of the Middle EastC2HC4Sepp Kuss1/0/0/0/0
Tour of the Middle EastC2HCGCSepp Kuss1/0/1/0/0
Tour of the Middle EastC2HCMtnSepp Kuss1/0/1/0/1
Tour de LangkawiC2HC1Luke Keough7/0/0/1/0
Tour de LangkawiC2HC3Luke Keough8/0/0/1/0
Tour de LangkawiC2HCPtsLuke Keough8/0/0/2/0
TotalDan Holloway11/1/3/3/0
Total All Other15/1/1/2/2
TotalUS Riders23/2/4/5/1
Total All Other3/0/0/0/1
Grand Total26/2/4/5/2

Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Ulrich Ulriksen
And since Knockout made it easy, the post renewals roster.

As noted above Wright and Seigle are definitely available. Wright looks pretty good given this year's neopro class. Seigle will be a very solid CT or PCT rider once maxed. Walscheid will probably stay and look for a PT loan.

Ian Boswell 77.09 4.10031€ 260,000 € 40,000
Brandon McNulty 75.80 4.024€ 190,000 (€ 100,000)
Sepp Kuss 75.01 4.10028€ 120,000 € 20,000
Luke Keough 75.37 4.10031€ 115,000 € 0
Brendan Rhim 74.20 4.10027€ 60,000 € 10,000
Maximilian Walscheid 73.25 4.929€ 55,000 € 5,000
Thomas Revard 73.90 4.10025€ 50,000 € 0
Alex Hoehn 73.63 4.10025€ 50,000 € 0
Roman Seigle 72.98 4.4028€ 50,000 € 0
Jakob Rathe 72.51 4.10031€ 50,000 € 0
Gage Hecht 71.20 3.2024€ 50,000 € 0
Noah Granigan 71.15 4.626€ 50,000 € 0
Zeke Mostov 70.74 4.10026€ 50,000 € 0
Fred Wright 69.52 1.5423€ 50,000 € 0

Ian Boswell70718067777371566576726869
Brandon McNulty71787275737575616467706773
Sepp Kuss68787164747671505569667265
Luke Keough73606258677373597979637580
Brendan Rhim66777262687273636269696464
Maximilian Walscheid71556362707272617777616773
Thomas Revard69767070697474615870676369
Alex Hoehn67757270717475646461786870
Roman Seigle68707564737268606370686967
Jakob Rathe73636661747168737476686261
Gage Hecht70677069717367686770776972
Noah Granigan72576560697372547375656470
Zeke Mostov75606175737565586065686075
Fred Wright68676867687067666969726567

Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Luis Leon Sanchez
Looks a tough decision on whether to loan out or keep McNulty this season! Would be an amazing rider in the CT but might be more valuable next season when he’s fully developed.

You’ve got a great base to work with and I hope to see your team fighting for promotion this season!
Agree with LLS. Keeping McNulty would assure promotion for this team basically without changing anything, while loaning him out could be the decisive factor. But then again, who really want to postpone the development of their star riders?

He's currently a very solid U25 rider, so I bet many PT teams will be looking in his direction, and in case you manage to promote this season and have him back at PCT fully maxed he could be a focal point in thriving at the PCT level. He could even win U25 at a GT if you get a wildcard. Great talent.

Boswell, Kuss, Rhim and Keough too are too good for the CT imo. Very nice build so far.
That's a very solid and well balanced core, looks very promising
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
McNulty should be highly sought after if you send him out Grin Hope you can pull the trigger on a big promotion push to meet back up with him in PCT next year, but you know I do appreciate your slow burn and I have a lot of trust in wherever you take the project Pfft
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This is definitely a challenging decision, but personally, I don't think I could ever sacrifice a year of development for a guy like McNulty. With a loan, the kid will be an absolute stud in PCT at 25 and trainable at 26. And since he's so strong at level 4, you should be able to get a very favorable loan situation from PT if you shop around.

Agree that the core of a promoter is there even without McNulty, should you play your cards right. Maybe pursuing a similar maxed rider as a stop gap option could be in the cards...
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Glad to see you got McNulty's wage under 200,000. We will be in talks for sure. Wink
Think that is a great base to challenge for promotion. Hope you get there this time!

Always a tough decision to loan out a rider that is basically the core around which the team is built. However, it is probably not ideal to hold back his development for a season. Get promoted and you have him back fully maxed for a great PCT run! Either way, look forward to how you shape up the team for the season. Think we will talk during transfers Smile
Ulrich Ulriksen
Thanks for the thoughts. I am definitely in agreement with the bias stated above that I don't want to delay McNulty. Barring something weird McNulty is going to PT on loan.

If I can free up salary with a loan and get a fill in then I should still have a decent shot at promotion.

If not we can unleash a maxed McNulty on CT next year, which was the original plan. Although got a little worried about his salary so figured I would try a little harder to secure it this year.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Hopefully Hoehn has put in a good word about his experience with us in the PT Grin
Hadn't realized Fung won a stage for you. Cool to learn that! Smile
Also nice that Chaiyasombat got the young rider award after his ToA heroics. Hope he can successfully continue his development with me.
Ulrich Ulriksen

McCormick Pro Cycling is pleased to announce the transfer of Lawrence Warbasse from Carlsberg - Danske Bank. Up until now the team has focused primarily on developing younger American riders, but with those riders maturing we felt now was the right time to bring in a veteran presence to lead our climbing squad.

Larry will share stage race leadership with Sepp Kuss. He may also team up with hills leader Ian Boswell when the terrain is right. Thanks to Carlsberg manager Bbl for his work on the deal. As part of the dealrouleur Fred Wright moved to Carlsberg - we wish Fred luck at his new team.

And in future seasons we look forward to Larry mentoring future McCormick leader, Brandon McNulty. But for this year Brandon will be honing his craft at the Pro Tour Level with MOL Cycling Team. We are excited to see Brandon at the biggest races on the calendar.

Since Brandon has only raced with the US-based McCormick before we felt it was important to provide a familiar presence on his new team. As a result MOL agreed to also take sprinter Max Walscheid on loan. Max will look not only to continue his own development, but also help ease Brandon's transition.

As part of the transaction McCormick also traded Roman Seigle for Charles Matte. Seigle will get a chance to reach his full potential at MOL while Matte adds solid depth to the McCormick stage racing team. McCormick will remain primarily US focused but we are happy to have a rider representing another major North American market on the team.

Thanks to MOL manager Jaxika for his creativity and persistence in putting together the McNulty deal.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
Luis Leon Sanchez
I really like this team you’ve put together! A few years in the making with McNulty but a perfect time to strengthen up to promote and make use of McNulty next season.

Warbasse/Kuss is a great duo to have in Stage Races and in the Mountains. I’d hope for great things from the former in particular.

If Boswell & Keough can do what they’re capable of then, barring any planning issues, I’d hope to see this team well up the CT table!

Good Luck Grin
Our friends from up north seem to have a nice looking future ahead of them. I am looking forward to see McNulty grow.
Let's see if you have enough to promote.

The 4 leaders suggest that maybe that's the case this season Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
To me this looks like a promotion chasing team, and then one that will be beautifully placed to go back-to-back. The future of US cycling seems safe in your hands.
Great pickup in Warbasse!
Ulrich Ulriksen
Thanks for the good wishes, definitely hoping to be in the promotion hunt. A little afraid we have too many climbers and they will get in each others way.

Well if it doesn't work out we can try again in 2023 with McNulty, which was the original plan. In the meantime Warbasse is a nice substitute.
Man Game: McCormick Pro Cycling
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