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De Stijl Cycling | PT 2022
De Stijl Cycling 2022

After 10 seasons, the team now known as De Stijl Cycling finally managed to achieve a long held goal and avoid relegation from the PT, ending the cycle of the perpetual yo-yo. But with their manager knowing that this is likely to be their last season as it stands, as the outside world starts to take up more of their time and energy, what will season 11 hold?

First and foremost, it involves a change of sponsor - indeed a change to none whatsoever. Look out for a special 10th anniversary jersey once the manager gets round to asking someone to make one, paying homage to some of the team's great kits over that time. Convenient perhaps, given that the manager claims to be a big fan of the sponsorless projects of times past - or lacked the imagination to go and find a new one, but wants to pretend this isn't the case.

De Stijl Cycling - the bit at the end of the journey where you're enjoying the last 5 minutes before you have to unpack the car, or actually just more of the same on an endless journey? Time will tell, but we can promise it won't be dull.

2021 Wage2022 wageChange
Adam Yates€400,000€455,000€55,000
Louis Meintjes€410,000€400,000€10,000
Anthony Turgis€350,000€340,000€10,000
Salem Kemboi€400,000€365,000€35,000
Yoann Paillot€250,000€220,000€30,000
Alberto Bettiol€150,000€135,000€15,000
Ruben Guerreiro€150,000€135,000€15,000
Rasmus Tiller€415,000€325,000€90,000
Cees Bol€85,000€140,000€55,000
Xhuliano Kamberaj€125,000€175,000€50,000
Magnus Cort Nielsen€160,000€155,000€5,000
Jodok Salzmann€100,000€105,000€5,000
Simone Velasco€50,000€120,000€70,000
Stefan De Bod€87,500€85,000€2,500
Zisis Soulious€50,000€75,000€25,000
Steff Cras€50,000€70,000€20,000
Inigo Elosegui€75,000€60,000€15,000
Enzo Wouters€50,000€50,000€0
Georgios Boutopoulos€85,000€65,000€20,000
Edoardo Affini€50,000€50,000€0

Renewals were not particularly kind to the team this season, though not totally surprising given the number of riders reaching the later stages of their development. However, given the underwhelming performances from some riders last season (looks at Yates and Turgis) their demands came as somewhat of a surprise, as did needing all three rounds to negotiate with them. There are also some example of poor financial management on the team's part - how Velasco ended up at 120k and Tiller at 325k will be mysteries until the end of time.

Transfer availability will follow once management have decided how they want to approach this season. In the past the focus has been on long term sustainability, but if there was ever a time to go into 'win now' mode it would be in a potential final season. Either way, expect big changes, not least due to the need to get under the cap - whether this is the usual approach of signing talents and selling anyone over 29 can't be confirmed at this point, but old habits tend to be hard to give up.
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Nice post renewals squad, i will be in touch Grin
jph27 wrote:
De Stijl Cycling 2022

[...] But with their manager knowing that this is likely to be their last season as it stands [...]


I sure hope you'll somehow be able to fit MG into your spare time, would be really sad to see you go!

In the meantime, looking forward to the availability list - and to what you'll be making out of your post-renewals roster!
Really don't like to see that you consider calling it a day after the season. I hope you'll use the season to reconsider, and make a change of heart. Even if at a lower level of engagement you are a very vital member of the game/community and it would be very sad to see you leave it entirely.

On the renewals I'll obviously come for a chat regarding your two greeks. Weird to see Soulious asking for 75K in wages.

Also we really need to take a look at these sprinter wages. Both Bol and Kamberaj should be more like 100K I think. But I guess the latter proved himself last season.

Good luck in the off season, we'll definately talk Smile
I can only echo Fabianski and SotD. I hope a season without any additional obligations lets you enjoy everything a bit more and makes it a more relaxing experience to check on how your team is doing every now and again. Whether you ultimately choose to leave the game or not, I am very curious how you'll approach this off-season Smile
A real shame to see that you would possibly consider this your last season - I’ve always really valued your contributions to the game and admired the way you’ve built your teams. Hopefully the direction you take the team during transfers can reinvigorate your interest in the game Smile

A lot of big but not too big wages up top, but 13 riders on 6-figure salaries is impressive Smile What you get when you have such well rounded riders I guess. Very curious to see what direction you decide to take for this coming season, and will definitely be in contact during transfers.
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Always loved your team and its setup. I hope we will talk during transfers.

I am thinking kind of the same as you too. As much as I want to keep going forever, I think my time committed to the game is becoming less and less. My renewals really didn't help in that regard as I find riders wages going up despite a huge decline in their performances and vastly superior riders in stats and by the rankings making 100,000 less than my riders or more sometimes.
Really hope this isn't the end but if it is you know I will be cheering for you guys to go out in style. Love your team so much and excited to see what you do Grin
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[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Transfers Recap

A quiet transfer period for the team saw 2 departures and 5 arrivals - though with 3 of those on loan, the squad overhaul promised at the beginning of the transfer window didn't quite happen. Indeed, the team's transfer period was characterised by struggling to sell riders and when it could, struggling to afford their replacements. It certainly wasn't for a lack of trying, but in the end only Yoann Paillot and Simone Velasco departed. Both served the team admirably, and ultimately found themselves squeezed out by the need for the team to free up cap space, and the aim to get younger in the process. In their place came the first two of the five riders introduced below.

Alexander Cataford 4.100 29yo TTer €150.000
Alexander Cataford was the obvious choice as Paillot's replacement when we assessed the market pre-transfers, and we were delighted to sign him for a fee of 1.25 million. It's perhaps slightly more than we would have liked to pay, but as it solved our cap problems and gained us a more versatile - and crucially younger - lead TTer, we felt it was a worthwhile investment.

Hamza Mansouri 2.00 23yo Puncheur €145.000
Hamza Mansouri is the kind of rider we typically sign. Unmaxed? Check. Versatile? Check. Strong support stats? Check. On Xero's shortlist? Check. We plan to develop Mansouri as a puncheur, although some thought has been given as to whether a stage racing development path may bring more value in the long run, as we consider the need to replace our aging stage racers. Both potential paths are set out below.

James Knox 4.03 27yo Stage Racer €0
Mushin Misbah 4.23 25yo Stage Racer €0
Sandy Nur Hasan 4.17 24yo Sprinter €0
We found ourselves with some spare cash this season, and decided to invest a chunk of it into loaning in riders we felt could be useful members of our squad while also continuing to develop. James Knox and Mushin Misbah were key targets as members of our stage racing and time trialling squads, while Sandy Nur Hasan gives us an additional sprinter to use in leadout trains when needed. Thanks go to their managers for paying their wages while they ride with us!

With all that said and done, we also had a bit of cash to spare which we used to train Salem Kemboi (+1 MO, + 1 HIL), Rasmus Tiller (+2 MO) and Jodok Salzmann (+1 MO). While these are minor trainings, they should hopefully make the aforementioned trio just a little bit more difficult to drop, and give them a little bit more energy at the end of each stage - it all adds up. We can now reveal our squad for the upcoming season, and below it how our talents will look at their max.

Adam Yates718076717980765667767171714.10030
Louis Meintjes718078717776785761697174714.10030
Anthony Turgis736779657678706570778367684.10028
Salem Kemboi786264637477815080806168814.10027
Alexandor Cataford747270797575736760696771794.10029
Alberto Bettiol727177687875746671777568674.10029
Rasmus Tiller746570677675707874736970694.10026
Ruben Guerreiro717677627373776372726167624.10028
Cees Bol766470677577816879776867694.10027
Xhuliano Kamberaj756369677373786879786466704.10028
Magnus Cort Nielsen727874727675746054716564724.10029
Jodok Salzmann736371647776717767717069644.10027
Stefan De Bod736970777578715460686769774.10026
Zisis Soulious697274667473685171776274664.5826
Steff Cras677671717676755860676167684.9926
Inigo Elosegui647570707578816060706566694.9224
James Knox707372717476755463676561714.0327
Sandy Nur Hasan726064597473776077767366594.1724
Enzo Wouters736668597374796475775660594.4826
Georgios Boutopoulos746770657072677170767773673.4126
Mushin Misbah677569737472726262687070724.2325
Edoardo Affini726667757577716464707268764.8226
Hamza Mansouri726769707471736268737365702.0023

Zisis Soulious697476667474695171796474664.10027
Steff Cras687872737877775860676167704.10027
Inigo Elosegui657771727780836060716566714.10025
Enzo Wouters756668597474836577795660594.10027
Georgios Boutopoulos786872667374707473797975684.10028
Edoardo Affini736667777679726464707368784.10027
Hamza Mansouri737276717674766269797966714.10026
Would have loved to get Mansouri, but couldn't fit him. I understand the puncher/stage racer direction, but I think the fighter path just looks like so much fun. 70+ in every stat other than cobbles with 79 flat and 78 (79?) acceleration would make him really unique.

I really like your team. Perhaps not the strongest, but some very cool riders. Cataford is a great addition I think.
I had Mansour maxing as a fighter. Absolute beast :-)
A rather quiet offseason for you with some very minor changes. Strange to see two 30 year olds leading the way though. Your squad might as well be a retirement home. Pfft

Cataford is a stud for the modern TT calendar. If I had known I would luck into as much money as a I did, I might have tried to outbid you for him. Pfft

Hoping to see big things from our former loanee in Tiller this year. Salzmann should be the perfect superdomestique for him. PT cobbles is kind of stacked, but Tiller is as versatile as they come.

And of course, happy to see Enzo Wouters is going to finish up his development and be a very useful rider going forward. Maybe I should have kept him.
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Cataford is a fantastic signing; I hesitated during quite some time if I should outbid you, renouncing to the planned training. Finally I just couldn't fit in his wage - and not sure if TMM would have sold him to a CT rival anyway Pfft

Still not quite sure what to think of your team. Yates and Meintjes are not among the very best stage racers - especially not when there's a TT involved - but they're great on the hills and can make the difference there. I guess good planning of those two will be key. I especially love Yates for his huge acceleration, which can also make up for his lack of pure climbing strength and put the pressure on the others.
In a stronger 2022 puncheur field, it will be intersting to see what Turgis can do. He's probably not the best fit for tougher hilly races - I guess Yates could take that role then - but he's always been a beast on shorter, really tough final climbs. And maybe also for hilly races with a flat run-in, given that he has some sprinter genes as well.
It's a bit of a repeating scheme that your riders don't necessarily have the highest main stats, but with their support stats are just extremely dangerous, and that also holds for Kemboi. Huge flat and huge res for a sprinter - and he's clearly shown in the past that he knows how to make use of that. Will surely again be fun to watch him Smile
And I'm also looking forward to see how Cataford can perform in PT against all those world-class specialists. Given that it looks like even pretty small bumps can have an impact, his great versatility could help him get the edge over the pure rouleurs - but especially in TTs that's not a given ^^

According to the main stats of your riders, I guess you're pretty low in the PT hierarchy - but as said before, main stats aren't everything. Looking forward to see how competitive you will be this year - I think that survival might be hard, but relegation definitely isn't a certainty for your team, either!
Echoing what the others said. Cataford is a great signing and Mansouri could indeed be a fun rider with the fighter stat. Think you have a very nice stage racing duo, and I wonder how Turgis ends up doing now that he will have even more than one race to prove himself Smile Kemboi and Manninen are very similar riders I think, and I hope we can see more battles between them like we saw in New York recently. Best of luck this season!
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