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World Championship Road Race
Championship Road Race - New York

It’s time for the moment that you all have been waiting for, we saw how tough the route is in the U23 race with a fantastic effort from the Italian team that lead to a victory for Dainese. However, with such a strong field present for the A race it might be tough to make that decisive gap that is needed to claim the rainbow jersey. Without further ado, let us look at the route and the favourites:
The bookies’ favourites are Kennaugh, Howard and Degenkolb. The likes of Coquard and Demare do not even get a mention, do they know something that we do not?

A breakaway is always intesizing at a World Championship, and right off of the line it is Amanuel and Natarov making the first attacks, they really want the screen time!


They’re joined by Hnik after creating almost a gap of almost 60” and further down the road a big group consisting of some very interesting names has also put distance into the peloton. The riders in the chasing group are: Boswell, who might be trying his luck on home soil, Prevar Fominykh, Ferreira, Fernandes, Moscon, Hoelgaard, Mäder. And that seems to be our break of the day.


With 250km to go the front two groups are able to link up and start working together, their gap currently stands at 2’55”.


While the break is putting in the distance to the peloton with 200km to go the gap is at over 5 minutes, something that is worth talking about is the wind which is currently at 25 in game units. Who knows this might become a factor later? This weather update was brought to you by the front of the peloton currently being led by Cherkasov.


With 140 to go the gap has been reduced to around 3’30”, only other interesting news is that Cavagna had a puncture but was never distanced by the peloton, he could be a very important piece for the French team later on. At the front of the pack the pace is currently being set by Heymes, which is somewhat surprising since Losch is not one of the top contenders in the field, but who knows maybe he has the day of his life!


With 77km to go it is time for a new weather report! It is now 30 in game units of wind per second! In the pack it is currently PCT hills rivals Haugaard Jensen and Kwiatkowski doing the pulling. Gap to the break is now 2123”.


With 50km to go the gap has been reduced to 1’17” and the cooperation in the break seems to be fully over with multiple riders trying to animate the race. Hnik Prevar, Amanuel and Moscon are the ones on the offensive.


It looks like the Italian and the Eritrean seems to have found something as they create a gap to the group. Fominykh is trying to close them down!


Boswell is now the rider trying to reel back the duo back to breakaway


And 7km later the pair is brough back, the gap to the pack is currently 1’24”. 43km to the finish line, it is looking like a bunch sprint!


And the peace was not for long as Fominykh initiates another round of attacks, Moscon and Ferreira follow!


The trio gets a lead of 21” to their compatriots who are actively trying to bring them back.


Meanwhile in the peloton the increase in pace sees the pack split in 2, with the most prominent names currently not positioned correctly being B race winner Kemboi, Silvestre among others! The gap is currently 36”, probably not decisisve but could be a bad omen for their chances to mix it in the final!


At the front the previous trio has been brought back, however a new wave of attacks have been initiated by Ferreira, who doesn’t have the energy to put in a gap to riders around him.


However, he catches the wheel of Hnik for just a second as the Czech rider creates a decisive gap to the group of 10”.


Hnik is caught and Ferreira launches another attack that is quickly followed by by Prevar.

The Ukrainian is the strongest of the two riders, but it looks like his efforts might be in vain as he is starting to be able to see the heavily decimated peloton over his shoulder.


As we enter the final 30km of the race by Ferreira launches another attack with Fominykh in his wheel as there is general unrest in the group, gap is down below 40”.
The break is absolved, only by Ferreira and Fominykh are still out in front with a 24” gap, but with 24.7km to go it will most likely not amount to anything. In the pack it is Slovenia setting the pace.


And with 20km to go they are caught and now it is all about getting the favourites in their preferred positions for the sprint! Or maybe we will see some late attacks?


And late attacks it is! Dzamastagic and Rowe are the first to riders to initiate with 16km to go!


However, they are not able to create decisive gaps as Edmondson currently takes the front with 15km to go.


Dzamastagic and Rowe are not done however as they try to launch another attack. This time around they might get more support! That was not the case, there were mentions of more attacks from the likes of Søren Kragh Andersen but their attacks were not strong enough to breach the front that is currently being held by Puma teammates ! Herklotz and Demare! 11.3km to go.


The pace set by the current world champ is so high that it has exploded the peloton into a million pieces! Some of the big names caught in back groups are: A. Kragh Andersen, Silvestre and Bonifazio. In the back of the front group Kump is currently struggling to hold onto the group. Coquard is currently tucked in behind Koretzky and Demare, there’s no doubt who they’re riding for today! Jakobsen is currently looking like the leadout for Groenewegen. 10.2km to go.


Herklotz has given up the front to Demare and the reduction in pace is welcomed news for Dzamastagic who is seeing rainbows when he closes his eyes as he goes in for yet another attack! However his efforts while remarkable are deemed futile yet again as he cannot push past it.


Under the 5km mark it is still Demare in a leading positon, the French team must be really confident in Coquard’s ability to sprint for himself as by this rate he is going to have to close this out by himself!


And the front is probably not the preferred position as every remaining top sprinter in the front of the field is lining up behind the French rocket as the other sprinters are all out of helpers.


With 3km to go it is still Demare pulling for Coquard, behind them it is Groenewegen trying to hold the wheel of the French with Kennaugh, Gaviria, Ewan, Samolenkov, Degenkolb and Kemboi rounding out the front of the field. This is looking like a man vs. man sprint.


As the pack swings onto the finishing straight the balance flips entirely, the lineups that were put in place have been blown up. Demare has not given up the front though.


Behind him it is almost the wild west with Herklotz all of the sudden taking Demare’s wheel! Andersen is in the mix too alongside Wisniowski and Stoltz who might want to make a late move!


All of this theory crafting for nothing! As the peloton is approaching the flame rouge the sprint is opened by Groenewegen.


Behind the Dutchie it is looking like it is going to be a sprint from favourites as Kennaugh has taken his wheel, to their right there is currently a sprint train consisting of Couqard Gaviria and Ewan. Andersen also trying to give it his all, despite being significantly weaker than the rest of the field.


As Groenewegen starts to fade the favourites as neck and neck with 400m to go, this sprint is far from decided yet!


With 100m to the line it is looking like it might be a rainbow jersey for Gavirira! But Ewan is close on his tail, what a redemption arc for the Aussie if he could upset the Colombian!


AND ITS COLOMBIAN GOLD HERE IN NEW YORK Fernando Gaviria crowns his fantastic season with a gold medal and rainbow jersey, Ewan was unable to find energy to snatch the win.


And look at his celebrations as the realization kicks in!


Also worth noting that it is very surprising bronze medal for Søren Kragh Andersen who pulls off a blinder of a sprint usurping some of the best in the world! A very disappointing 10th for Coquard who is most likely going to be going back to the team bus in disbelief over how the French team threw this away despite a very strong position as they took the last corner!


And let that be the final words as we show the results of this year’s world championships from lovely New York, what a week of racing!

1Fernando GaviriaColombia6h10'20
2Caleb EwanAustralias.t.
3Soren Kragh AndersenDenmarks.t.
4John DegenkolbGermanys.t.
5Lukasz WisniowskiPolands.t.
6Artem SamolenkovRussias.t.
7Sean De BieBelgiums.t.
8Kenneth VanbilsenBelgiums.t.
9Pawel BernasPolands.t.
10Bryan CoquardFrances.t.
11Peter KennaughGreat Britains.t.
12Yannick StoltzLuxembourgs.t.
13Dylan GroenewegenNetherlandss.t.
14Fabian LienhardSwitzerlands.t.
15Artem NychRussias.t.
16Silvio HerklotzGermanys.t.
17Edvald Boasson HagenNorways.t.
18Salem KemboiKenyas.t.
19Mads PedersenDenmarks.t.
20Luke RoweGreat Britains.t.
21Miguel Angel LopezColombias.t.
22Marko KumpSlovenias.t.
23Tom Van AsbroeckBelgiums.t.
24Mark DzamastagicSlovenias.t.
25Matej MohoricSlovenias.t.
26Mads WürtzDenmarks.t.
27Arnaud DemareFrances.t.
28Pascal AckermannGermanys.t.
29Simon YatesGreat Britains.t.
30Davide GabburoItalys.t.
31Josef CernyCzech Republics.t.
32Floris GertsNetherlandss.t.
33Andrea GuardiniItalys.t.
34Fabio JakobsenNetherlandss.t.
35Theo ReinhardtGermanys.t.
36Adam YatesGreat Britains.t.
37Simone PonziItalys.t.
38Ben SwiftGreat Britains.t.
39Clement KoretzkyFrances.t.
40Leigh HowardAustralias.t.
41Tejay Van GarderenUSAs.t.
42Jonathan BellisGreat Britains.t.
43Stepan KurianovRussias.t.
44Jose FernandesPortugals.t.
45Xuban ErrazkinSpains.t.
46David PerSlovenias.t.
47Wesley KrederNetherlandss.t.
48Jaime CastrilloSpains.t.
49Lasse Norman HansenDenmarks.t.
50Trond Hakon TrondsenNorways.t.
51Elia VivianiItalys.t.
52Bas Van der KooijNetherlandss.t.
53Willi WillwohlGermanys.t.
54Danny Van PoppelNetherlandss.t.
55Mamyr StashRussias.t.
56Rick ZabelGermanys.t.
57Hugo HofstetterFrances.t.
58Zico WaeytensBelgiums.t.
59Gianni MosconItalys.t.
60Taylor PhinneyUSAs.t.
61Petr VakocCzech Republics.t.
62Daniel VeselyCzech Republics.t.
63Alan BanaszekPolands.t.
64Odd Christian EikingNorways.t.
65Tosh Van der SandeBelgiums.t.
66Alexey TsatevichRussias.t.
67Tim MerlierBelgiums.t.
68Remi CavagnaFrances.t.
69Luke DurbridgeAustralias.t.
70Fabio SilvestrePortugals.t.
71Ion IzagirreSpains.t.
72Viktor ManakovRussias.t.
73Ian BoswellUSAs.t.
74Alexander EdmondsonAustralias.t.
75Primoz RoglicSlovenias.t.
76Przemyslaw KasperkiewiczPolands.t.
77Egan BernalColombias.t.
78Daniil FominykhKazakhstans.t.
79Jan Drago PetelinLuxembourgs.t.
80Dylan KennettNew Zealands.t.
81Jay McCarthyAustralias.t.
82Oleksandr PrevarUkraines.t.
83Ivan Garcia CortinaSpains.t.
84Marcel AreggerSwitzerlands.t.
85Scott ThwaitesGreat Britains.t.
86Dylan PageSwitzerlands.t.
87Domen NovakSlovenias.t.
88Ricardo FerreiraPortugals.t.
89Julian AlaphilippeFrances.t.
90Gaetan PonsLuxembourgs.t.
91Max LoschLuxembourgs.t.
92Edward TheunsBelgiums.t.
93Nathan HaasAustralias.t.
94Rasmus GuldhammerDenmarks.t.
95Tim KennaughGreat Britains.t.
96Grzegorz StepniakPolands.t.
97Alexey LutsenkoKazakhstans.t.
98Bruno BorgesPortugal+ 2'23
99Merhawi KudusEritrea+ 3'02
100Manuel StockerSwitzerlands.t.
101Sergey LuchshenkoKazakhstans.t.
102Tom ThillLuxembourgs.t.
103Arman KamyshevKazakhstans.t.
104Jo Kogstad RingheimNorways.t.
105Mikiel HabtomEritreas.t.
106Rasmus TillerNorways.t.
107Rui OliveiraPortugals.t.
108Gregory DanielUSAs.t.
109Sergio HiguitaColombias.t.
110Michael HepburnAustralias.t.
111Jan PolancSlovenias.t.
112Joeri StallaertBelgiums.t.
113Ben KingUSAs.t.
114Pello BilbaoSpains.t.
115Syver WaerstedNorways.t.
116Nicolay CherkasovRussias.t.
117Sebastian LanderDenmarks.t.
118Christian MagerGermanys.t.
119Daniel Alexander JaramilloColombias.t.
120Gino MäderSwitzerlands.t.
121Meron AmanuelEritreas.t.
122Marlen ZmorkaUkraines.t.
123Rudy BarbierFrances.t.
124Marcos AlturSpains.t.
125Tom DavidNew Zealands.t.
126Niccolo BonifazioItalys.t.
127Tomas PaprstkaCzech Republics.t.
128Cyrile ThierySwitzerlands.t.
129Tom ScullyNew Zealands.t.
130Natnael BerhaneEritreas.t.
131Karel HnikCzech Republics.t.
132Adam ToupalikCzech Republics.t.
133George BennettNew Zealands.t.
134Daniel HoelgaardNorways.t.
135Mektel EyobEritrea+ 4'09
136Mikhail KochetkovKazakhstans.t.
137Ruben GuerreiroPortugals.t.
138Hayden McCormickNew Zealands.t.
139Eric YoungUSAs.t.
140Jan BrockhoffGermanys.t.
141Luke KeoughUSAs.t.
142Josh AtkinsNew Zealands.t.
143Ricki NelsonAustralias.t.
144Romain VanderbiestFrances.t.
145Cees BolNetherlandss.t.
146Asbjorn Kragh AndersenDenmark+ 4'36
147Mark PadunUkraines.t.
148Tom BohliSwitzerlands.t.
149Michal SchlegelCzech Republics.t.
150Michael BorosCzech Republics.t.
151Kristian Haugaard JensenDenmarks.t.
152Jon AberasturiSpains.t.
153Jhonatan RestrepoColombias.t.
154Kevin GenietsLuxembourgs.t.
155Michal KwiatkowskiPolands.t.
156Daniel HabtemichaelEritreas.t.
157Joey RosskopfUSAs.t.
158Stanislaw AniolkowskiPolands.t.
159Yuriy NatarovKazakhstans.t.
160Shane ArchboldNew Zealands.t.
161Tesfom OkbamariamEritreas.t.
162Davide AppollonioItalys.t.
163Michael VingerlingNetherlandss.t.
164Roman MaksimovRussias.t.
165Gabriel ChavanneSwitzerlands.t.
166Oscar GueraoSpains.t.
167Alvaro HodegColombias.t.
168Roman GladyshUkraine+ 6'10
169Andriy OrlovUkraines.t.
170Alexandr OvsyannikovKazakhstans.t.
171Marko PavlicSlovenias.t.
172Amund Grondahl JansenNorways.t.
173Andrii BratashcukUkraine+ 7'27
174Roman LutsyshynUkraines.t.
175Mujtaba HusseinKenyas.t.
176Daniele RattoItalys.t.
177Oleksandr GolovashUkraines.t.
178Sebastian HenaoColombias.t.
179Szymon RekitaPoland+ 8'33
180Rafael ReisPortugal+ 9'19
181Oscar AvelinoPortugals.t.
182Gilles HeymesLuxembourg+ 10'35
183Dinmukhammed UlysbayevKazakhstan+ 12'11
184Yacob DebesayEritreas.t.
185Alex FrameNew Zealand+ 15'08

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