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U23 World Championship Road Race
U23 World Championship Road Race - New York

Welcome to the U23 Road Race here in New York, the B race ended in a bunch sprint that saw Kemboi work his magic and get Kenya into the main road race! The U23 field is obviously not as stacked so maybe a late breakaway from the likes of Pidcock could end up upsetting the sprinters? Enough talk let’s look at the favourites:


According to the bookies Italy have two of the strongest cards in Dainese and Konychev, let’s see how they play their cards towards the final!

The peloton has barely left the startline before we have our first five hopefuls of the day trying to create a breakaway. In the first wave of riders we find: Van den Berg, Leemreize, Schunk Ardilla and Rivera.


They get a gap of around a minute while there is still a massive fight to make the break. In the second wave of riders trying to get contact to the aforementioned group we find:

Gonzales, Arias Villanueva, Garcia Wirtgen, Cemazar, Champoussin and . Behind them Lazkano & Stroll are trying to create a gap to the peloton. The duo’s efforts deems futile as they cannot get away from the pack.


As the dust setttles with 220km to go it looks like we have our breakaway for the race set in place it consists of:
Van den Berg, Leemreize, Schunk Ardilla and Rivera, Arias Villanueva(riding for different Americas rosters), Gonzales, Garcia Wirtgen, Cemazar, Champoussin and . They currently have a little over 5 minutes to the peloton.


Not a lot of action has taken place, at 104km to go the gap has been reduced to 3’13” due to a mix of riders puttin work in the pelonton! Pictured here is Stewart pulling his share of the burden as the peloton enters Central Park.

With 40km to go the break’s lead has been reduced to just above the minute, this has caused some unrest in the leading group with Garcia and Cemazar trying to make it on their own. The Slovenian managed to produce a small gap for around 5kms before being reeled back into the group around the 34km mark.


Meanwhile the increase pace has a seperation in the pack that could prove to be scary for some teams In the group that has is currently 30” behind the main pack we find favourite Siric (EU B), alongside prominent names such as Dekker, Stannard and parts of Phillipsen’s train in Hesters and Vermeersch! Pace setters at the moment are Oceania, Norway and Great Britain.


Meanwhile the unrest at the front of the race continues as we see multiple attacks from everyone to try to prolong their breakaway adventure


And it seems like one of these attacks are stronger than the other attempts as Wirtgen and Garcia produce a gap above the 10” mark to the rest of their breakaway companions. The pack is rapidly closing the gap to the break though so the attempt might be futile.


After being reeled back in by the breakaway Garcia is not done and puts in another gap to the group but he is quickly closed down


In the same instance back in the peloton that has now broken into more pieces Ocampo has a puncture, hardly a rider that would have had any impact on the final but not ideal for the Colombian.


Back to the front where Leemreize and Champoussin has used the moment created by Garcia to go for glory. They have a 40” gap to the main pack with 23km to go. Gonzales doing his best to try to cling on to the front two.


Meanwhile the double rolling hill on the route has made it impossible for the pack to fully assemble and it is going to cost a lot of energy for riders such as Dekker who are currently stuck in the back end of the carnage. Main pack currently consists of 63 riders with 22km to go but that could all change should there be a bit of a stand still.


With 16km to go the pack has reduced the gap to the pair up front to around 25” this causes Leemreize to put it all on the plate with an attack that the Frenchman can’t follow.


However it was a short lived attempt as the Dutchie is brough back to the peloton just 2km later and now the scrambling for positions begins for the teams with sprinters. Leading in the pack at the moment we find Norway, Oceania and Switzerland, no sign of Italy at the moment, maybe they’re just saving energy?


As the pack is starting to settle a few riders try to seize the opportunity for a late attack in Central Park, it’s Ruiz kicks it all off. Hirshi is able to follow the attack and together they currently have a 14” gap to the pack, meanwhile Hvideberg is trying to make make contact with the front two, this could be a deadly trio if left unattended, but with the pack being at just 52 riders, who has the manpower to bring them back?


With 8.2km to go Hvideberg is brought back by Rutsch who is putting in a monster shift at the front. A risky strategy as captain Gross would have to navigate the sprint alone as Hollmann is currently in one of the far back groups. The front duo still has 10” to work with


With 6.4km to the front duo is brought back, but WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT Italy is playing out one of their cards early as Konychev goes on the offensive with a massive acceleration.
It is not an attack after all as he is just trying to bring Dainese into the best position possible to open the sprint. Phillipsen tried the Italian’s wheel but as the pack enters the final moments of the race the pull from Konychev is so strong that it has created a 9” gap to the rest of the pack as Phillipsen has been forced to drop Dainese’s wheel.


This trend continues as the peloton enters the final straight leading up to the finish line with Dainese briefly looking like he had exploded he opens his sprint away from his domestique’s wheel.


With 800m to go the Italian is looking very hard to catch, but Hayter, Siric and Ruiz are doing the utmost to try and catch the favourite.


However they will have to duke it out for the lesser metals as Dainese in dominant fashion secures the gold. What a supportive performance from Konychev, fantastic racing by Italy!


Meanwhile it’s Hayter and Siric that duking it out for the other podium spots.


However it’s looking like Rojus might snatch away one of the medals as Hayter’s starting to fade.


And HE DOES, THE LITHUANIAN BEATS THE BRIT as Siric finishes second, that one will sting for a while for Hayter.


Dissapointment of the day goes to Phillipsen who finishes outside of the top 20!

WHAT A RACE, let’s take a look at the overall results.

1Alberto DaineseItaly5h54'49
2Ivan SiricEurope Bs.t.
3Adomaitis RojusEurope As.t.
4Ethan HayterGreat Britains.t.
5Marc HirschiSwitzerlands.t.
6Attila ValterEurope As.t.
7Andreas LeknessundNorways.t.
8Thomas PidcockGreat Britains.t.
9Frederik RodenbergDenmarks.t.
10Rune HerregodtsBelgiums.t.
11Gerben ThijssenBelgiums.t.
12Jhojan GarciaColombias.t.
13Andreas KronDenmarks.t.
14Linus KvistSwedens.t.
15Ide SchellingNetherlandss.t.
16Matthew WallsGreat Britains.t.
17Alexander KonychevItalys.t.
18Robinson Steven RuizAmerica As.t.
19Sergio Arias VillanuevaCosta Ricas.t.
20Mikkel BjergDenmarks.t.
21Jonas RutschGermanys.t.
22Kaden GrovesOceanias.t.
23Joao AlmeidaEurope As.t.
24Alexys BrunelFrances.t.
25Lewis StrollAmerica As.t.
26Christopher LaganeMauritiuss.t.
27Jasper PhilipsenBelgiums.t.
28Jonas Iversby HvidebergNorways.t.
29Brandon McNultyUSAs.t.
30Felix GrossGermanys.t.
31Cameron ScottOceanias.t.
32Jordi MeeusBelgiums.t.
33Dylan RedyMauritiuss.t.
34Georgios StavrakakisEurope Bs.t.
35Robert StannardOceanias.t.
36Tadej PogacarSlovenias.t.
37Andrew NorbertAmerica Bs.t.
38Eirik LunderNorways.t.
39Louis VisserAfrica As.t.
40Tobias Halland JohannessenNorways.t.
41Mantas JanuskeviciusEurope Bs.t.
42Erik Bergstrom FriskSwedens.t.
43Gergely SzarkaEurope Bs.t.
44Gijs LeemreizeNetherlandss.t.
45Julius JohansenDenmarks.t.
46Clement ChampoussinFrances.t.
47Luc WirtgenEurope Bs.t.
48Jarrad DriznersOceania+ 1'37
49Nik CemazarSlovenias.t.
50Andres Camilo ArdilaColombias.t.
51Jefferson Alexander CepedaAmerica As.t.
52Giovanni AleottiItaly+ 2'10
53Kevin RiveraCosta Ricas.t.
54Stefan BisseggerSwitzerlands.t.
55Mauro SchmidSwitzerlands.t.
56Rachmad Noka WibisonoAsia As.t.
57Fred WrightGreat Britains.t.
58Jaka PrimozicSlovenias.t.
59Luka SagadinSlovenias.t.
60Conor SchunkUSAs.t.
61Jacob KellyAmerica As.t.
62Salim KipkemboiAfrica As.t.
63Thymen ArensmanNetherlandss.t.
64Alexandre MayerMauritiuss.t.
65Florian VermeerschBelgiums.t.
66Mark DonovanGreat Britain+ 2'52
67David DekkerNetherlandss.t.
68Jules HestersBelgiums.t.
69Henry Alberto SamAmerica Bs.t.
70Nathan AlexanderAmerica As.t.
71Javier RomoSpains.t.
72Sasha WeemaesBelgiums.t.
73Matteo JorgensonUSAs.t.
74Henry Antonio RojasAmerica As.t.
75Simon CarrGreat Britains.t.
76Veljko StojnicEurope As.t.
77Andrea BagioliItalys.t.
78Alexandros AgrotisEurope As.t.
79Thanakhan ChaiyasombatAsia As.t.
80Alan BoileauFrances.t.
81Kelland O'BrienOceanias.t.
82Vadim PronskiyAsia As.t.
83Byron MuntonAfrica As.t.
84Santiago BuitragoColombias.t.
85Henok MulubrhanAfrica As.t.
86Aljaz JarcSlovenias.t.
87Idar AndersenNorways.t.
88Juri HollmannGermanys.t.
89Martins PlutoEurope As.t.
90Morten HulgaardDenmarks.t.
91Gage HechtUSAs.t.
92Andre Alexander GonzalesAmerica Bs.t.
93Sander AndersenDenmarks.t.
94Lars Van den BergNetherlandss.t.
95Anders Halland JohannessenNorways.t.
96Ben TurnerGreat Britains.t.
97Inigo EloseguiSpain+ 3'52
98Jacob Morales OrtegaAmerica Bs.t.
99Goldwijnn CannisterAmerica Bs.t.
100Ian GarrisonUSAs.t.
101Oier LazkanoSpains.t.
102Olav HjemsaeterNorways.t.
103Cristian PerezAmerica Bs.t.
104Einer Augusto RubioColombias.t.
105Robin FroidevauxSwitzerlands.t.
106Kemp OroscoAmerica Bs.t.
107Nils EekhoffNetherlandss.t.
108Kees DuyvesteynOceanias.t.
109Viktor PotockiEurope As.t.
110Jason TessonFrances.t.
111Yannis VoisardSwitzerlands.t.
112Asbjorn HellemoseDenmarks.t.
113Sebastian BerwickOceanias.t.
114Kevin ColleoniItalys.t.
115John Jimenez RetanaCosta Ricas.t.
116Axel ZingleFrances.t.
117Joseph Ivan SamudioAmerica As.t.
118Nickolas ZukowskyAmerica Bs.t.
119Muhammad YudhaAsia A+ 4'33
120Guillermo Andres BeltranAmerica As.t.
121Tobias BayerEurope Bs.t.
122Alejandro OsorioColombias.t.
123Dillon CorkeryIrelands.t.
124Giorgi TediashviliEurope Bs.t.
125Cole DavisUSAs.t.
126Alan JousseaumeFrance+ 5'48
127Sakchai PhodingamAsia As.t.
128Kristjan HocevarSlovenias.t.
129Matus StocekEurope As.t.
130Yesid Albeiro PiraColombia+ 6'56
131Joel SuterSwitzerlands.t.
132Natnael TesfatsionAfrica As.t.
133Jake StewartGreat Britains.t.
134Hugo ForssellSwedens.t.
135Johan Price-PejtersenDenmarks.t.
136Evgenii TikhoninEurope Bs.t.
137Brent Van MoerBelgiums.t.
138Tore Andre VaboNorways.t.
139James FoucheOceanias.t.
140Ben HealyIreland+ 9'25
141Victor Alejandro OcampoColombias.t.
142Alessandro CoviItaly+ 11'03
143Xabier Mikel AzparrenSpains.t.
144Jack Bernard MurphyIreland+ 12'21

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