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2022 PCM.Daily Velogames Championship
Hi everyone, welcome to the 2022 PCM.Daily Velogames Championship.

George has announced on Twitter that the season will begin this weekend with Strade Bianche for the Classics game and then Paris-Nice to follow the next day.

As we had some issues with the number of players last year, especially on some of the smaller games, we're going to change the rules slightly for this year and hope that it helps. So, here are the rules:

I will run 2 separate championships throughout the season, which will have 2 separate winners. If the number of participants is consistently high enough, there will be an overall leader. The championships are:
1) Men WT Races and Classics Games
2) Women Tour games

I am not going to include the non WT races in the Men calendar, such as Volta a Portugal or the Tour of Britain due to the low number of players we had last year as well as the huge amount of games that happen in a very short period at that time of the year (there was something like 8 or 9 games from Tour de Pologne onwards in the space of about 3 months, on top of the Classics games).

The PCM Daily Champions will be the players with the highest scores throughout the season, based on every Velogames game that are part of the Championships. So, I will record the results of the Men and Women races separately so that at the end of the year there will also be a Men Championship Winner and a Women Championship Winner. I will update the results throughout the year, as close as possible to the end of the race and will keep the Overall standings updated on this post as in previous years.

So good luck for the season. Let me know if you have any questions or have any ideas.

A brief outline of how the PCM Velogames Championship works is outlined below. If you have any questions then please post them on this thread. Hopefully we can get another title chase going this year that will be talked about for years to come.

The format is simple. Simply enter the PCMDaily leagues set up for each of the games throughout the year (https://www.velog...). At the end of each game the top 25 teams will be awarded points from 25 to 1. Double points will be awarded for the larger games of the year (Grand Tours & Classics games. Once again, I believe that this year there is an extended one day classics game, Superclasico 2021, starting with Strade Blanche going all the way to Paris-Tours. So depending on whether there is the normal Spring and Autumn classics game, this will be the major classics game. I will see what George announces). At the end of the year the member with the greatest number of points in each Championships will be crowned the PCMDaily Velogames Champion 2022.

Only a few rules to note:

-Please ensure you use the same user name for each game. If you use different usernames then points will be allocated to that name only. Please ensure you use the same user name throughout the competition if you wish for all of your points to be allocated to the correct person. If you make a slight spelling mistake then I am happy to review this, however usernames which are completely different will not be amended and your points will be split between the different usernames. You are free to change the name of your team as much as you want.

-Please note I do not take responsibility for setting up PCM.Daily leagues for the various races. We are usually quite good at setting up leagues and I will try to ensure that the leagues are advertised in this thread so you know which leagues to enter. Hopefully once people become aware of this competition/thread they will automatically start putting the details of the league into this thread.

If I become aware of more then 1 league for a race I will advise which one will be used to score points in this thread.

-You don't need to enter every game throughout the year. Obviously you will simply not earn any points for races you do not enter.

-Multiple Teams - I noticed that some players entered multiple teams in competitions last year. You may enter as many teams as you wish providing you use a different username for each team. Points will be allocated to each of your teams based upon their user name as per the normal rules. If however you use the same username for multiple teams you will not score any points for any of your teams.

- Bonus points will be allocated to players finishing in the top 100 of the overall Velogames league as follows (Double bonus points for the big 4 games):
Overall Winner = 25
Top 5 = 20
Top 10 = 15
Top 50 = 10
Top 100 = 5

League Table - Men's Championship (The top 25 are listed below)
Banesi 301

League Table - Women's Championship (The top 25 are listed below)
Dark Wolf51

Previous Overall Winners - Men's Game
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - Ian Russell
2018 - Ember
2019 - Ember
2020 - Clamel
2021 - FreitasPCM

Previous Overall Winners - Women's Game
2021 - FreitasPCM

Previous Individual Game Winners

Tour Down Under
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - fjhoekie
2018 - Nathan
2019 - Lord Di Lego
2020 - Roturn
2021 - N/A
2022 - N/A

2016 - Strydz
2017 - Alex Wyman
2018 - Timo
2019 - Timo
2020 - Banesi
2021 - DarkWolf
2022 - Ringo182

2016 - Ben
2017 - Clamel
2018 - Purepasd
2019 - Wyman
2020 - Gargatouf
2021 - alexkr00
2022 - FreitasPCM

Volta a Catalunya
2018 - Gargatouf
2019 - Ian Russell
2020 - N/A
2021 - Clamel
2022 - FreitasPCM

Itzulia BAsque Country (Previously Vuelta al Pais Vasco)
2018 - Banesi
2019 - Gargatouf
2020 - N/A
2021 - Banesi
2022 - roturn

Spring Classics
2016 - Smowz
2017 - Timo
2018 - Ian Russell
2019 - ember
2020 - N/A
2021 - Laco11
2022 - FreitasPCM

Tour de Romandie
2016 - Roturn
2017 - Kid Bengala
2018 - Kalach
2019 - Kalach
2020 - N/A
2021 - Banesi
2022 - Banesi

Women Itzulia
2022 - FreitasPCM

Tour of California
2016 - Squire
2017 - Juan Carlos
2018 - Omloop
2019 - emre99

Giro d'Italia
2016 - Sergi Carbonell
2017 - emre99
2018 - Kembo Tony
2019 - Ian Russell
2020 - Laco11
2021 - Alari
2022 - alexkr00

RideLondon Classique
2022 - FreitasPCM

Criterium Du Dauphine
2016 - Strydz
2017 - Strydz
2018 - Peter Murphy
2019 - Clamel
2020 - Clamel
2021 - Wyman
2022 - Knasen

OVO Energy Womens Tour
2017 - Clamel
2018 - Lord di Lego
2019 - ember
2020 - N/A
2021 - FreitasPCM
2022 - FreitasPCM

Tour De Suisse
2016 - Lobselej
2017 - Gargatouf
2018 - Timo
2019 - Banesi
2020 - N/A
2021 - Roturn
2022 - L247

Giro Donne (Previously Giro Rosa)
2017 - Gargatouf
2018 - Ringo182
2019 - ember
2020 - Clamel
2021 - FreitasPCM
2022 - df_Trek

Tour de France - King of the Mountains
2017 - Ian Russell

Tour de France
2016 - Ian Russell
2017 - Gavin Marsden
2018 - N/A
2019 - N/A
2020 - Knasen
2021 - df_Trek
2022 - Banesi

Tour de France Femmes
2022 - FreitasPCM

Tour of Poland
2019 - Kalach
2020 - Kalach
2021 - ember
2022 - df_Trek

Benelux Tour (Previously the Eneco Tour and BinckBank Tour)
2016 - Clamel
2017 - Alexkr00
2018 - FreitasPCM
2019 - ember
2020 - FreitasPCM
2021 - Wyman
2022 - N/A

Volta a Portugal
2016 - Spilak23
2017 - Sano
2018 - Banesi
2019 - Gustavovskiy
2020 - rastuff
2021 - LaChouffe
2022 -

Tour of Scandinavia (Previously Women's Tour of Norway)
2019 - Clamel
2020 - N/A
2021 - FreitasPCM
2022 - FreitasPCM

Simac Ladies Tour (Previously Boels Ladies Tour)
2019 - Clamel
2020 - N/A
2021 - df_Trek
2022 - FreitasPCM

Vuelta Espana
2016 - Luis
2017 - Lord Di Lego
2018 - Squire
2019 - JotaCe
2020 - Laco11
2021 - df_Trek
2022 - LaChouffe

Ceratizit Challenge
2021 - df_Trek
2022 - FreitasPCM

Tour of Britain
2016 - Gargatouf
2017 - Dominox
2018 - LaChouffe
2019 - Lord di Lego
2020 - N/A
2021 - Wyman
2022 - df_Trek

Autumn Classics
2018 - Purepasd
2019 - ember

Women's Classics
2020 - Clamel
2021 - Gargatouf
2022 - FreitasPCM

2020 - ember
2021 - FreitasPCM
2022 - FreitasPCM

Ladies Tour de Romandie
2022 - FreitasPCM

Number of Victories
18 Wins - FreitasPCM
10 Wins - Clamel
8 Wins - Banesi
7 Wins - ember, Gargatouf
6 Wins - Ian Russell, df_Trek
4 Wins - Timo, Lord Di Lego, Kalach, Wyman, roturn
3 Wins - Strydz, Laco11, alexkr00, LaChouffe
2 Wins - Squire, emre99, Ringo182, Knasen
1 Win - 23 Players
Edited by gargatouf on 12-10-2022 12:23
Thanks Gargatouf. I'll definitely try to get through the whole season this time. I always tend to miss a few classics deadlines and then it all falls to pieces.

My aim this season is for a top 10 overall finish and to try to win 1 race.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
A PCM.Daily League is created: 129698726

Thanks for taking care for the league table.
Joined for another year of wild guesswork Smile

Thanks for organising this again Gargatouf.
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Thanks, gargatouf and roturn! Not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with the rythm this year but I’ll try to join as many as possible. Smile
WoopWoop. It's back.

Turning Squares CC is back for another season of absolute mediocrity :lol:

Good Luck everyone.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
Trying this out for the first time Smile Just going to go by gut instinct for the first few races to get a feel for the points system.
roturn wrote:
A PCM.Daily League is created: 129698726

Thanks for taking care for the league table.

Thanks for creating the league Roturn. Just in case you are new to this, once you join the league, you are automatically entered in the same one for all the games you participate in.

The Superclasico game is live with Strade Bianche beginning on Saturday. The Paris-Nice game is also live and begins on Sunday.

I'll do my best to keep an eye on the games going live and adding a comment on here.

Good luck everyone!!
Thanks for setting this up again, teams up for the first two games.
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Posted on 28-11-2022 08:29
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Think I just managed to join the fun. Thank you for setting this up for another season, gargatouf!

Not happy with the team I picked, though. Much too little time to think it through, making me go with big questionmarks like Wellens for today Grin That's what you get when I decided I need to go with Pogacar and Alaphilippe no matter what, I guess. Though, the depth game should be the stronger option for a race like Strade, I think. At least that's what I've done in the past Pfft
The Tirreno Adriatico game is open. The race starts tomorrow (Monday 7th March), so enter your teams quick.
Why are Roglic and Van Aert letting Laporte win. Don't they understand how velogames works?
Edited by ringo182 on 06-03-2022 21:09
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
gargatouf wrote:
The Tirreno Adriatico game is open. The race starts tomorrow (Monday 7th March), so enter your teams quick.

Just to make some noice for this, not too many reg. Managers so far.
I'm in. I guess the Question at the Tirreno is who to go with out of Pogacar, Evenepoel and Vingegaard. I tried to get all 3 in to start with but decided the rest of the team was too weak so went with Pogacer and Evenepoel and a few 10 value riders.

Whatever I do is usually the wrong choice so we'll see what happens Smile
Edited by ringo182 on 07-03-2022 13:15
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
The emergence of so many crazy talents and their convergence on the same races have made the selection process difficult, it seems. Quite complicated to create a decent team at Tirreno. This said, maybe we will end up having guys like Lopez, Mas, Buchmann, Bilbao on the podium instead of Evenepoel and Vingegaard, costing much less, but I guess that’s pure gut instinct pre-race!
Just to make some noice for this, not too many reg. Managers so far.

I ended up missing both games. I don't know if I'm burnt out or what, but I didn't even realize the real life races were happening and haven't watched any races yet this year. Maybe that passion will kick back on at some point.
PCMDaily Velogames Participant (LaChouffe) - 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021
Well Ben O'Connor is out of Paris-Nice, and McNulty is having a shocker, so my mid range GC picks have both failed Rolling Eyes

Just got to hope Roglic and Van Aert can see me through to the end.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
ringo182 wrote:
Well Ben O'Connor is out of Paris-Nice, and McNulty is having a shocker, so my mid range GC picks have both failed Rolling Eyes

Just got to hope Roglic and Van Aert can see me through to the end.

Same on both counts. Well, except I don't even have Van Aert. Frown
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
Absolute nightmare of a race at Paris-Nice, Adam Yates nowhere at his Catalunya 2021 level this time. If Roglic is in a race without Pogacar, always go with him, even if he struggles, he will always guarantee a ridiculous amount of points.

On the other hand, happy to have already claimed an early season win at Tirreno-Adriatico, didn’t really think much about the team so I’m glad it worked out at the end. Congrats to ringo who has achieved one of his goals for the season and should be in the lead after two solid performances. Smile
Woop Woop BananaBanana

Thanks Frietas, and congrats at TA. Looking at the two teams in the middle of the week I thought my TA team was the one that stood the most chance of winning with my PN team falling back when the final GC points were awarded. The Roglic/WVA gamble paid off and McNulty scored enough points with stage placings to make up for him losing out in the GC race

So I've achieved one of my season aims already, guess now I'll have to aim for two wins. This wasu first win in a men's race. Guess my increase viewing of cycling has paid off, although I still end up picking 2 or 3 random 4 point riders, with no real idea of why, in every race.
"Ringo is exactly right", Shonak - 8 September 2016
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