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Transfer Sheets 2021
The team transfer sheets are now available, there is a blank template file for each division:
PT: https://pcmdaily....amName.xls
PCT: https://pcmdaily....amName.xls
CT: https://pcmdaily....amName.xls

These transfer sheets are very important - you need to use them to keep track of your transfer dealings. Not only will you need to upload your completed files to your shared dropbox folder once the transfers end and send a PM to the Mangame-Admin account, but it should also be used to keep track of your transfers, to make sure that you are staying within both your budget and salary cap.

If at any time during the transfers the admin team is concerned by your actions - we`ll ask for your transfer sheet - and there will be consequences if you don't then show it updated, or if it is inaccurate.

A badly kept transfers file has in the past led to teams ending transfers having spent more than their salary cap - and of course, the penalty for that is losing one of your top riders who you brought into your team during transfers.

Top Rows

These will show you what your balance is like throughout transfers. You will need to place your initial budget into cell J2, and any fine from renewals into J3.

Some teams have renewals fine double the amount, you have been over the wage cap post renewals. You should know yourself if this is the case and add this to the transfer sheet at the very beginning


Every rider who rides for your team in races in 2021 should go here. You can start by inserting all riders you currently own. Any free agents you buy only need to be placed in this section.

Important tip for new CT teams: Start by putting 50,000 into the wage column for the first 15 riders in the teams list. This will give you an indication of how much room you have to play with for the rest of the transfers.

If you are loaning in a rider he needs to be included in this list. But in the wage column put the word 'LOAN'.
Loaned out riders should not appear in this list.


This section will help you keep track of the loan cap for all teams. All loans related to your team - both in and out - need to go in here.

For your salary cap it is vital that you fill in the 'Wage you are paying' column correctly for both loaned in and out riders. It is similarly vital that 'Wage you are not paying' is filled in correctly for the loan cap calculations.


This is where you make a note of any deals you participate in during this transfers. This could be buying a rider, selling a rider, a rider swap or a loan deal. This is also where you should fill in fees for sacking a rider.

All transfer fees are placed in this section, as well as details such as clauses associated with a loan.

The file gives space for 15 riders in the loans section, and 20 in the trades section. This should be enough for all teams, but is not a maximum limit - you can include more - but if you do include more then you will need to be careful to update the appropriate 'Top Row' cells to ensure all transactions are being counted in the calculations.


The training system has not changed and remains same as last year and can be seen in the training thread: https://pcmdaily....d_id=59340

The restrictions on training is also explained there.


For PCT teams, you can use the file to select your wildcard options. All PT races will have 2 PCT teams in them as wildcards.

Buying a wildcard category will allow you to apply for all races in that category. If you do not receive a wildcard to a race in that category when wildcards are decided, you will be refunded.


Any questions, ask here!
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A reminder to PM to notify this account when your transfer sheet is completed, and in Dropbox.
Do we until after the 2 free riders for CT teams?
Glanbia Foods Cycling Project
MacC wrote:
Do we until after the 2 free riders for CT teams?

No, they're free, so no impact on the Transfer sheets.
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