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[PCT] Kraftwerk Man Machine 2021 - ToA Win
Kraftwerk Man Machine

Welcome to the Head Quarters of Kraftwerk Man Machine Cycling Team riding in PCM Daily's Management Game 2021 Season.

Kraftwerk managed a best ever 8th place in PCT in 2020. Can we go 2 better in 2021 and gain promotion? Who knows, certainly not manager DaveTwoBob after his woeful prediction of fighting against relegation last year. However the luck of Tour of America dominance is unlikely to repeat itself.

Kraftwerk and Trivago are back for another year of sponsorship and we will be riding in the same iconic shirt.

Main Sponsors


Kraftwerk https://www.kraftw...
The Dusseldorf based Pioneers of Electronic Music and big cycling fans are stepping up from their cycling club Radsportgruppe Schneider, to sponsor a professional team. Here is a great article by Jack Thurston from 2005 that describes Kraftwerk's history and love of cycling following the release of Tour de France Soundtracks in 2003 (eagle eyed members will have spotted my avatar is from the cover of this album Smile).


Trivago https://www.trivag...
The travel tech company also based in Dusseldorf.

Equipment Sponsors




Dusseldorf base with international mix

Kraftwerk Man Machine are based in Dusseldorf riding on a German licence. The team is comprised of an international squad to reflect the international appeal of Kraftwerk's music, although Germany will always be the best represented nation. The management will look to recruit riders from Germany, France, Japan, Russia and Great Britain. This reflects the fan base and mix of languages sung on various Kraftwerk songs as you can hear on the track Numbers from their 1981 album Computer World.
Here is a live version from the Minimum-Maximum tour (its playback restricted if embedded).

Concept and Icon

The Kraftwerk Man Machine team name is taken from Kraftwerk's 1978 album The Man Machine. The concept of the Man Machine is of humans, technology and nature combined in harmony with the Rider, Bicycle and Parcours being a prime example. The youtube link below is the live version of The Man Machine from the Minimum-Maximum tour (its playback restricted if embedded).

Kraftwerk are as much about image as music and the shirt design was inspired by the iconic cover of the same album.



A BIG thankyou to the_hoyle for the shirt design and for his guidance in keeping the design pure and elegant.


Pre Renewals Squad

Our Squad before Renewals looked like this.

Post Renewals Squad

Our Squad after it was decimated by unsentimental manager DaveTwoBob.
Edited by DaveTwoBob on 30-05-2022 17:01
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]


RaceTargetRider% Chance
Tour of America (C1)Top 5Nerz90%
Deutschland Tour (PTHC)KOMDieteren10%
Tour of Poland (HC)WinBoily0%
Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt (HC)Top 10Nerz90%
Team StandingsTop 10.50%

Edited by DaveTwoBob on 20-10-2021 23:41
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
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Posted on 28-11-2022 07:59
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Tour Down UnderHCDavid Boily
Franceville ClassiquePTHCEugert Zhupa
Tour of UkraineHCMarcel Kittel
Pro Hallstatt ClassicPTHCNikias Arndt
Barbados Cycling FestivalHCRick Zabel
Circulo de JuarezC1Rick Zabel
Vuelta a ColombiaPTHCNikias Arndt
Strade BiancheHCDavid Boily
Tour of EritreaC1Nikias Arndt
E3 PrijsHCEugert Zhupa
Tour of CaliforniaC2Teodoro Costagli
Macskako KerekparversenyPTHCEugert Zhupa
Tour de PologneHCDavid Boily
Veenendaal - VeenendaalHCMarco Haller
Lisbon ClassicC1David Boily
Chrono d'ArenbergPTHCMarcel Kittel
Tour of ChileC1Nikias Arndt
Int. Osterreich RundfahrtHCDominik Nerz
Olympia's TourC1Marcel Kittel
Giro del TrentinoC2Teodoro Costagli
Apex Mountain ClassicC1Dominik Nerz
Celtic ChronoC1Marcel Kittel
Tour de VineyardsHCDominik Nerz
Philadelphia International ChampionshipPTHCRick Zabel
Kenya Mountain ClassicC1Dominik Nerz
Tour of LithuaniaHCDavid Boily
Tour d'AndorraC1Dominik Nerz
Tour of SloveniePTHCDavid Boily
Benelux ChallengeHCEugert Zhupa
Deutschland TourPTHCMarcel Kittel
Clasica San SebastianPTHCDavid Boily
Post Danmark RundtC1Kittel/Zabel
SAA Tour d'AfriquePTHCRick Zabel
Tour of BritainHCDavid Boily
Paris ToursPTHCRick Zabel
Arab TourHCKittel/Zabel
Tour of AmericaC1Dominik Nerz
GP LuganoC1Nikias Arndt
Tour de MarocPTHCArndt/Zabel
Giro dell'EmeliaHCDavid Boily

Edited by DaveTwoBob on 20-10-2021 23:24
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

Kraftwerk Man Machine Renewals and Transfer Availability


RiderWage 2020Wage 2021DifferenceAvailability
David De la Cruz€ 225,000€ 180,000-€ 45,000Possible
Mark Cavendish€ 280,000€ 0-€ 280,000Released
Marco Haller€ 130,000€ 160,000€ 30,000No
Pello Bilbao€ 120,000€ 135,000€ 15,000Possible
Dominik Nerz€ 130,000€ 200,000€ 70,000No
Arvin Moazemi€ 110,000€ 100,000-€ 10,000No
Eugert Zhupa€ 175,000€ 120,000-€ 55,000Yes
Willi Willwohl€ 85,000€ 90,000€ 5,000Yes
Domenik Klemme€ 70,000€ 0-€ 70,000Released
Robert Kiserlovski€ 100,000€ 0-€ 100,000Released
Nico Denz€ 70,000€ 75,000€ 5,000No
Lucas Schädlich€ 90,000€ 70,000-€ 20,000Possible
Alexandre Geniez€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
Josue Gonzalez Cortes€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
Jocelin Maillet€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
Westley Gough€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
Florian Scheit€ 50,000€ 60,000€ 10,000No
Gennadiy Tatarinov€ 50,000€ 55,000€ 5,000No
Jetse Bol€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0No
Aiman Cahyadi€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
Sang Hong Park€ 50,000€ 55,000€ 5,000No
Burr Ho€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0Possible
Remco Broers€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
Gianni Vermeersch€ 150,000€ 100,000-€ 50,000Yes
Gabor Kasa€ 50,000€ 50,000€ 0Possible
Max Walsleben€ 55,000€ 50,000-€ 5,000Yes
Fabien Grellier€ 50,000€ 0-€ 50,000Released
TOTALS2717-€ 840,000

Unsentimental Kraftwerk Manager DaveTwoBob has cut 10 riders from the squad that brought Kraftwerk’s best ever result. With an aging squad cap space is desperately needed for some younger blood.


Cobblers For Sale
After playing at developing a cobbles squad Kraftwerk have finally decided to give up on pave.
Max Walsleben COB 74
Gianni Vermeersch COB 75
Eugert Zhupa COB 77

CT Sprinter or PCT Leadout For Sale
With Cav gone his leadout is available.
Willi Willwohl SP 79

Depending on other deals these riders may be available.
David De la Cruz MO 78
Pello Bilbao HIL 79
Lucas Schädlich TT 79
Burr Ho MO 73
Gabor Kasa TT 74

Full Rider Stats
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
David de la Cruz have been on my wish list for years. Maybe this will be the year were I can finally attend him before it's too late. Let's talk soon Smile

Kraftwerk Transfer News

Renewals News
Kraftwerk parted company with long serving sprinter Mark Cavendish who has declined too far to be competitive in PCT. Time Trialist Lucas Schädlich has declined too and would not compete for top 10 places. Our cobbles team cost € 320,000 in wages for 39 points and we have lost patience with cobbles. We had a number of old or unperforming riders who were released, dropping the squad size from 27 to 17 and providing € 900,000 wage cap.

Main Targets
After trying and failing to get big leaders last season and being forced to a depth approach Kraftwerk had their best ever season. We decided to embrace that this year and not to target big leaders. Sub top leaders get more race days making a smaller squad feasible and planning a visit to the Tour of America possible.


Overall a far better transfers than last season but an lack of interest in our adverts made the experience a bit frustrating.


Our Annual Puma SAP deal
I was quite interested in time trialist Jasha Sütterlin but Nikias Arndt was more readily available and I managed to get Marcel Kittel from Free Agency. Arndt was a good choice as he allowed David de La Cruz to leave the team. Finally settled on a price of € 1,000,000. Nikias has an interesting skill set that rewards careful planning, if only Ruby the cat was still here to help me out! Nerz will cover the stage races with time trials and Nikias will take on those without.

Nikias Arndt| | 4.100 | € 280,000 | Age 30 | Climber
Stats 71797656777672637175616456

David for David
SotD expressed an interest in 32 year old David De la Cruz and we finally negotiated with Festina – OAKA for a swap deal with 31 year old Canadian David Boily who will strengthen our great hill depth.

David Boily | | 4.100 | € 175,000 | Age 31 | Puncheur
Stats 67767870727269566874697961

Three for One
Gianni Vermeersch, Nico Denz & Lucas Schädlich left for Aegon – Peroni. A big thanks to roturn for enabling this deal as our adverts to generate cash were getting increasingly desperate. These riders combined to release enough cap space to bring in German sprinter Rick Zabel. Rick replaces Mark Cavendish but lacks the good quality energy stats to be truly competitive. As a German team we really wanted one of the top German sprinters to ride for us. Pretty happy we didn’t sell leadout Willi Willwohl! Rick is fairly local to Düsseldorf, he was born in Unna 85km away.

Rick Zabel | | 4.100 | € 255,000 | Age 28 | Sprinter

Stats 74606955747079658179665255

Free Agents

What a weird Free Agent market this season compared to the last one with good riders going for minimum wage. Overpaid for my German targets but that’s life.

Marcel Kittel | | 4.100 | € 200,000 | Age 33 | Time Trials

I know I shouldn’t have bought a 33 year old but it’s the legend Marcel Kittel and I couldn’t resist.
Stats 74546380736966565972716380

Michel Koch| | 4.100 | € 100,000 | Age 30 | Climbing Domestique

Michel was brought in to replace Jocelin Maillet who declined and was released. He has good Acc which we hope he can use going for KOM chances. Michel is a local lad born in Wuppertal just up the road from Düsseldorf.
Stats 66777368697474516776576170

Josip Rumac| | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 27 | Hill Sprinter

Josip replaces Sang Hong Park as our main hill sprinter and adds to our hill depth. Josip has a useful mountain ability which we hope allows him to save energy for a decisive kick on a flat finish after a hilly parcour. Park is 32 and will retire next season.
Stats 71727564727068557476666966

Teodoro Costagli| | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 33 | C2 Leader

After the success of hiring a declining Kiserlovski as a C2 leader we thought we would try it again with Teodoro Costagli. His Acc isn’t the greatest but we hope he can grind out a Top 10.
Stats 62787069697075515066756669

Sasu Helme| | 4.100 | € 55,000 | Age 25 | U25 Stage Racer

Sasu is the team’s youngest rider and may manage some U25 points if we are lucky.
Stats 69757469717274626076736769

Sachin Dulanjana| | 4.100 | € 60,000 | Age 26 | Backup Stage Racer

Sachin replaces Cortes Josue Gonzalez as our minor placing stage racer able to pick up top 30s while on a very cheap wage.
Stats 67747274757177636261607575

Jan Dieteren| | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 28 | Hills Domestique

Jan will try to replace Nico Denz who left in the deal that brought Rick Zabel to the team. He has slightly better Hill but worse Mountain and Acc so is unlikely to score as well as Denz but will be valuable support to the “big three”. It will be interesting to see if his Fighter stat results in any breakaway success.
Stats 67707758757068516366807358

Klemen Stimulak| | 4.100 | € 50,000 | Age 31 | TT & Leadout

Originally planned as a third TTer, with Lucas Schädlich leaving in exchange for Zabel, Klemen will have to step up. The concept was to use our depth to target the Teams competition which required three decent TTers for the ITT stages. His Flat and Sprint will also be useful as part of a leadout train for Zabel & Haller.
Stats 73596677717269577274656166

Transfer Summary
Never mind the quality feel the depth. Comparing this year to last year.
Sprints 2020 81,80,79,76,75,74,72,71
Sprints 2021 81,80,79,75,74,74,72,71
Mountains 202080,78,78,77,75,75,74,73
Mountains 202180,79,78,77,76,75,75,74
Hills 202079,78,78,76,76,76,75,75
Hills 202179,78,78,77,76,76,76,75
Time Trial 202080,74,74,74,74,74,73,73
Time Trial 202180,77,74,74,73,73,70,69
Cobbles 202077, 75,74,73,72
Cobbles 202177,74,66,65,65
Flat 202076,76,75,75,75,74,73,72
Flat 202175,75,74,74,73,73,72,72

Depth has largely been maintained except in Cobbles
Slightly Improved Mountains and Hills
Similar Sprints
Slightly Declined Flat & TT
Given Up Cobbles

Final Squad


Congratulations if you read all the way to the end of this looooong post!
Edited by DaveTwoBob on 19-09-2021 17:22
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
You worried me for a second there, I saw the Costa Rican flag next to Josip Rumac and wondered if I missed something. Then I read his name and everything returned to normal. Smile
I think your team is going places, I guess not only because of these additions but also because of Trivago. Wink
Awesome presentation. I wouldve liked Rumac and Helme a lot but you made all the right moves for them. Congrats on some strong teambuilding, hope you can have a similarly successful season!
Love that you added 3 German leaders, 2 of which are years away from decline still. Strong identity paired with strong performance. Zabel in particular should have a long, bright future with you.
RIP Exxon Duke, David Veilleux, Double Feature, and Monster Energy
@DarkWolf - Oh dear not good getting the Croatia country code wrong especially after having Robert Kiserlovski in the team before Embarassed Fixed now, thanks for spotting it. Love the going places joke, I might be stealing it Smile

@Croatia - Thanks for appreciating the presentation, started to flag getting to the end, glad it was worth it. Very surprised to get Rumac with no competition, hoping he can be a good minor scorer.

@BBL - I was very pleased with my German leaders and have to repeat my thanks to roturn for being generous in making the Zabel deal happen.
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
The addition of Arndt and Zabel are pretty good on their own, but when you factor in the regional aspect it's absolutely fantastic!! Grin I hope I can get to that point some day Pfft

I think you're in for another good season with all that depth Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
This is obviously my new favorite team to follow with Nerz AND Arndt! Smile

Boily could also do wonders in PCT, and as the others said that's an admirable group of leaders from Germany, basically the best you could find outside of my team and Mapei.

And if you end up releasing Kittel again next season due to age, I'm happy to discuss Sütterlin as a replacement then! Pfft
Cool to see the puncheur duo Moazemi & Bilbao from my promoting season still together in one team. Smile
Hope Bilbao will be treated better again by PCM20
Depth seems to be the main theme once again - and I'm sure it will work out well again Smile
Your squad looks pretty familiar to me - good in mountains and hills, some TTers and good sprinters, almost no cobblers Pfft Although your team's certainly stronger overall than mine! Much more depth - and even with the addition of a few local riders, well done!

Kraftwerk Man Machine TriVaGo A Team Going Places

Nikias Arndt Calendar

cio expressed an interest in his schedule so here it is. I have avoided stage races with flat ITT km which resulted in entering him in some hilly races which have flatish finishes. I am hoping he can perform well in these races to support our objective of making top 3 in Team competitions.

Tour Down UnderDepth Scoring
Pro Hallstatt ClassicLeader
Vuelta a ColombiaLeader
Tour of EritreaLeader
Tour of ChileLeader
Apex Mountain Classic2nd Leader
Tour of LithuaniaDepth Scoring
Tour d'Andorra2nd Leader
GP LuganoLeader
Tour de MarocLeader
Giro dell'EmeliaDepth Scoring

Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]

Kraftwerk Man Machine TriVaGo A Team Going Places

Season Preview

After predicting a fight to avoid relegation, last season was Kraftwerk’s best ever finishing 8th. With that logic I predict we will definitely relegate and thus expect to be riding in the Pro Tour next season Wink.

Whats playing on the Kraftwerk Man Machine Team Bus

Kraftwerk riding their bikes.

Unofficial 1983 video for Tour de France


Leaders Overview

Rick Zabel (SP 81) joins the team as top sprinter to replace a declined Mark Cavendish. We hope Lucas Schädlich, Gianni Vermeersch and Nico Denz enjoy the beer at Aegon – Peroni and thank manager roturn for making the Kraftwerk manager very happy with the trade. Willi Willwohl will act as Rick’s leadout.

Marco Haller (SP80) is our second sprinter, he will have lots of opportunities in stage races with a couple of flat stages as well as a return to the Tour of America to try and add to his 4 stage wins from last year.

Our hill depth has been maintained by the addition of Canadian David Boily (HIL 78) who joined from Festina - OAKA in a swap deal for 32y/o David De la Cruz. He will ride with Pello Bilbao (HIL 79). Kraftwerk are hoping the AI will cope with dual leadership. We do have a good hill depth and are hoping to make up points with depth scoring.

After a miserable cobbles performance last season Kraftwerk has given up on cobbles. We failed to sell Eugert Zhupa (COB 77) and have no expectation for points in the few cobbles races we have entered but do have sympathy with the poor non cobblers we sent to these races. Zhupa will be more use as part of the sprint team.

Aging star Marcel Kittel (TT80) joins from free agency to compete in the TTs and is joined by Klemen Stimulak (TT77) who also has a handy sprint to help with the sprint train. We were hoping to have a third TT rider to compete for the Team category, the third TT place is taken by flexible stage racer Sachin Dulanjana (TT74) who we hope can make top 30 places in stage races.

Dominik Nerz (MO 80) is joined by Nikias Arndt (MO 79) transferred from our good friends at Team Puma – SAP. Dominik will cover stage races with time trials and Nikias the ones without. In addition we will try to give Nikias opportunities to use his sprint after a mountainous route. They are supported by Michel Koch (MO 78) . These three have lots of race days and can combine in nearly every mountain race making race planning fairly simple apart from the clashes with 2 C2 races where aging Teodoro Costagli (MO 78) leads and takes the climbers who can TT for the TTT in the Giro del Trentino.

First Half Startlists

Here is a look at the racing programme of Kraftwerk Man Machine during the first half of the season.


Goal races
Tour de Pologne (Win) is our compulsory win goal, not achievable but our hill depth could deliver decent points.

Int. Osterreich Rundfahrt (Top 10) where we hope to see Dominik Nerz repeat his top 10 result of last season.

Debut Races
Tour of Ukraine features the first race for Marcel Kittel in Kraftwerk colours.

Pro Hallstatt Classic has Nikias Arndt in his first leadership role, looking forward to seeing what he can do.

Barbados Cycling Festival and Circulo de Juarez will feature our newly signed sprinter Rick Zabel, plenty of opportunities for Rick to show how fast he is.

Strade Bianche was won for Kraftwerk by Aleksandar Flügel, can new recruit David Boily come close to repeating this achievement?

Tour of California is the first C2 outing for C2 leader Teodoro Costagli. He hasn’t got great Acc but we hope he can grind out a decent minor place.

Second Half Startlists

Here is a look at the racing programme of Kraftwerk Man Machine during the second half of the season.

Goal races
Deutschland Tour (KOM) we wanted a goal at our home race and KOM was a fun choice, hopefully fighter Jan Dieteren can use his skills to get in the break on the key stage. This is the only race to combine Rick Zabel and Marco Haller, wonder how that will play out.

Tour of America (Top 5) where we send an even stronger team to support Dominik Nerz and Marco Haller in the hope we can repeat our outstanding win from last season. We have replaced Park with hilly sprinter Josip Rumac, lets hope Josip and Marco can combine well for a repeat of the 5 sprint stage wins from last season.

For a successful season Kraftwerk will depend on depth scoring including Team competitions. This relies on the AI handling multiple leaders sensibly. A repeat of the Tour of America dominance from last season would be great, however I expect a stronger start list at ToA this season and therefore a mid-table result seems likely but anywhere between 8th and 18th would not be a surprise.
Edited by DaveTwoBob on 01-11-2021 09:25
Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]


Dominik Nerz was supported by a strong team to deliver his second ToA GC win. Even more surprising given recent sprint results, Marco Haller defended his green jersey.

Kraftwerk managed 4 stage wins and 13 top 5s, held the yellow jersey for 17 stages and the green for 16 stages. 617 points is higher than my most optimistic estimate of 500. This was mainly due to Haller having a lot better performance than his favourite status suggested which I am very thankful for.

Our ToA top 5 goal looks like the only one that will be successful this season.

Josip Rumac, Arvin Moazemi (31st GC) and Michel Koch (25th GC) all had great races and their role closing down the attacks of Warchol and Novak were key to the win. Jetse Bol did a lot of chasing on the front of the peloton.

Less impressive were Stimulak and Costagli who struggled to make an impact.

Thanks to Nemo for some top quality reporting.










Manager of Renault Classic [ICL]
Manager of Kraftwerk Man Machine [Man Game]
Talking about dominating a race Smile
Congrats D2B!
ICL - Latvijas Balzams - Olainfarm
MG - Crabbe-CC Chevigny
Next season bring someone for the U25s also Pfft

Congrats on winning the signature race again!
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