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[CT '20] Philips | October

Into our fourth year as a team, we return to the Continental division of the Man Game, after suffering a shocking relegation last season. This resulted in all our well devised plans to be thrown out of the window, and we had to get back to the drawing-board and start with a fresh approach, and perhaps a fresh look.

Our targets for this season are simple, secure a promotion by finishing in the the Top 5 of the division. For this purpose, we have been hard at work trying to identify the best measures to achieve this target. It is imperative that we are much improved from last season, or our whole existence in our current avatar could be in danger.

Primary Sponsor

We are very lucky to have a supportive sponsor in Philips, who've agreed to stay on and support the team when we are at our lowest. They have however been clear in their targets, build a core around established and upcoming Dutch riders, and achieve immediate promotion to the Pro Continental Division. Failing one or both of these targets will probably lead to the severance of their support for the future.
Other Sponsors
We have lost two of our sponsors from last season but the rest remain.

It is incomplete to mention our sponsors and not mention Unilever and their contribution, which has been invaluable over the past three seasons.
Secondary Sponsor Unilever
Banking and Insurance Partner ABN Amro
Automobile Partners Audi (Cars) and VDL (Buses)
Equipment Canyon (Frames), SRAM (Groupsets), Zipp (Wheels) and Continental (Tyres)
Jersey Bioracer

Primary Focus: Netherlands

Our primary focus region remains the Netherlands. As always, we are open to recruiting riders from all over the world, who fit into the team structure.



Credits to the_hoyle for another excellent jersey!


Wilco Kelderman78.49Leader
Nico Keinath76.06Leader
Bert Van Lerberghe75.24Leader
Geert Van der Sanden74.84Co-Leader
Igor Boev74.74Co-Leader
Michel Kreder74.11Leadout
Calvin Watson73.94Domestique/Co-Leader
Romain Bardet73.80Co-Leader
Tomas Paprstka73.70Domestique
Tom Dumoulin73.43Leader
Jasper Bovenhuis72.70Domestique
Joonas Henttala72.67Domestique
Kevin Inkelaar72.22Talent
Michael Storer72.01Domestique
Cristian Scaroni69.28Stagiare
Gorazd Per68.78Stagiare
Jefferson Cepeda Hernandez68.41Talent
Ide Schelling67.97Talent
Marten Kooistra67.90Stagiare

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Division: Pro Continental Tour
Classification: 25th (Relegated)
2019 Team HQ

Division: Pro Continental Tour
Classification: 18th
2018 Team HQ

Division: Continental Tour
Classification: 4th (Promoted)
2017 Team HQ

Name2017 (CT)2018 (PCT)2019(PCT)Total
Lahcen Saber6615111172
Wilco Kelderman636636
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya617617
Rui Costa343343
David Per (Loan)119197316
Marcel Wyss289289
Florentino Marquez279279
Romain Bardet18564249
Alexander Krieger21117228
Michel Kreder226226

Race Days
Ronan Van Zandbeek607564199
Piet Allegaert149454162
David Per (Loan)6373136
Wout Poels6570135
Rob Ruijgh6068128
Jaoa Costa5770127
Remco Te Brake5861119
Romain Bardet5266118
Alexander Krieger5264116
Lennard Hofstede1596111

Points per Race Day
NameTotal PointsTotal RDsPpRD
Wilco Kelderman6363916.31
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya6174214.69
Lahcen Saber11728314.12
Rui Costa343487.15
Florentino Marquez279446.34
Marcel Wyss289505.78
Michel Kreder226455.02
Ramunas Navardauskas204613.34
Jempy Drucker149463.24
David Per (Loan)3161362.32

NameTotal PointsTotal Wage EarnedAverage Wage/Point
Marcel Wyss28955000190
Michel Kreder22685000376
Ramunas Navardauskas20480000392
Jos Van Emden7950000633
Lahcen Saber1172775000661
Andrea Palini9065000722
Rui Costa343250000729
Alexander Krieger228170000746
Jaoa Costa138105000761
Wilco Kelderman636500000786

Stage Races
Alexander Krieger11121
Michel Kreder13141
Romain Bardet1112
Wilco Kelderman11111
Remco Te Brake22
David Per22
Lahcen Saber2
Andrea Palini11
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya11
Pim Ligthart1
Rui Costa1
Yoeri Havik1
Wouter Wippert4
Florentino Marquez3
Marcel Wyss1
Lennard Hofstede1
Ramunas Navardauskas1
Rob Ruijgh1
Jaoa Costa2
Fabian Lienhard1

Sergio Luis Henao Montoya2
Marcel Wyss1
Lahcen Saber11
Jempy Drucker1
Ramunas Navardauskas1
Jarlinson Pantano1

Overall Achievements
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya304
Alexander Krieger225
David Per222
Lahcen Saber204
Remco Te Brake204
Michel Kreder137
Romain Bardet114
Wilco Kelderman114
Marcel Wyss102
Andrea Palini102
Pim Ligthart101
Jaoa Costa020
Rob Ruijgh010
Fabian Lienhard010
Wouter Wippert004
Florentino Marquez003
Ramunas Navardauskas002
Jempy Drucker001
Lennard Hofstede001
Jarlinson Pantano Gomez001
Rui Costa001
Yoeri Havik001

Race Days per Podium
Michel Kreder7456.43
Wilco Kelderman4399.75
Sergio Luis Henao Montoya44210.50
Florentino Marquez34414.67
Wouter Wippert46115.25
Lahcen Saber48320.75
Alexander Krieger511623.20
Marcel Wyss25025.00
Andrea Palini25829.00
Romain Bardet411829.50
Remco Te Brake411929.75
Ramunas Navardauskas26130.50
Jempy Drucker14646.00
Rui Costa14848.00
Yoeri Havik15959.00
Jarlinson Pantano Gomez16464.00
David Per213668.00
Pim Ligthart17272.00
Lennard Hofstede1111111.00

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 28-10-2020 13:46
GP YekaterinburgC2HCWin1st
Rio Vista ChinesaC2Win3rd
Euskal BizikletaC2HCTop 516th
CT Individual StandingsCTTop 5
CT Team StandingsCTTop 5

*Green means Goal Achieved. Red means Goal Failed.

10-Jan GP YekaterinburgC2HC
22-Jan31-Jan Vuelta al TachiraC2
31-Jan Great Ocean Road ClassicC2HC
4-Feb Viana do CasteloC1
6-Feb Gent - WevelgemC2HC
8-Feb10-Feb Hong Kong ChallengeC1
9-Feb GP HerningC2
20-Feb Colombo ClassicC2
28-Feb Trofeo LaiguegliaC2HC
3-Mar Roma MaximaC1
22-Mar27-Mar Tour of EritreaC2HC
30-Mar Kuurne - Bruxelles - KuurneHC
8-Apr Betonexpressz GPC2HC
10-Apr GP IzolaC2
19-Apr Coppa PlacciC2
24-Apr Lincoln GPC2HC
28-Apr Lisbon ClassicC1
1-May 1 Jour de DunkerqueC2
11-May13-May Tour du FasoC2HC
15-May Malopolski WyscigC1
24-May Frankfurt EschbornC2
2-Jun8-Jun Tour of VancouverC2HC
10-Jun14-Jun Post Danmark RundtC2HC
27-Junwww.pcmdaily.com/images//flags/GQ.png Clasique Pico BasileC2
30-Jun Clasico San CristobalC2
1-Julwww.pcmdaily.com/images//flags/FO.png Torshavn GPC1
1-Jul8-Jul Tour de San LuisC2
11-Jul17-Jul Tour de LangkawiC2HC
16-Jul Sakartvelo TrophyC2
19-Jul21-Jul Tour of ChileC2
24-Jul Vilnius GPC2HC
27-Jul30-Jul USA Pro Cycling ChallengeC2
1-Aug6-Aug Benelux ChallengeC1
7-Aug13-Aug Tour de VineyardsC2
9-Aug Rio Vista ChinesaC2
21-Aug Ronde van Het IjsselmeerC1
1-Sep Philadelphia International ChampionshipC2HC
10-Sep13-Sep Euskal BizikletaC2HC
23-Sep Transfagarasan GPC2HC
23-Sep Lillestrom GPC2
29-Sep Milano - TorinoC1
1-Oct GP KigaliC2
3-Oct GP LuganoC1
6-Oct10-Oct Herald Sun TourC2HC
6-Oct9-Oct Course de SolidarnoscC2HC
12-Oct15-Oct Bayern RundfahrtC1
18-Oct Zuri MetzgeteC2HC
18-Oct Giro dell'EmeliaHC

*Races in bold are Goal races.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 29-06-2021 14:57

Race Results - Points Scoring Positions
Race Position Rider
GP Yekaterinburg 1st Wilco Kelderman
GP Yekaterinburg 5th Calvin Watson
Veulta al Tachira 2nd Nico Keinath
Great Ocean Road Classic 25th Tomas Paprstka
Gent - Wevelgem 3rd Tomas Paprstka
Gent - Wevelgem 5th Bert Van Lerberghe
Gent - Wevelgem 17th Jasper Bovenhuis
Hong Kong Challenge 1st Wilco Kelderman
GP Herning 4th Bert Van Lerberghe
GP Herning 17th Tomas Paprstka
GP Herning 21st Jasper Bovenhuis
Colombo Classic 13th Wilco Kelderman
Colombo Classic 18th Calvin Watson
Trofeo Laigueglia 7th Wilco Kelderman
Trofeo Laigueglia 18th Calvin Watson
Trofeo Laigueglia 19th Michael Storer
Roma Maxima 21st Bert Van Lerberghe
Tour of Eritrea 9th Nico Keinath
Kuurne Bruxelles Kuurne 11th Bert Van Lerberghe
GP Izola 1st Wilco Kelderman
GP Izola 8th Calvin Watson
GP Izola 22nd Jasper Bovenhuis
Coppa Placci 3rd Wilco Kelderman
Lincoln GP 6th Jasper Bovenhuis
Lincoln GP 10th Tomas Paprstka
Lincoln GP 15th Bert Van Lerberghe
Lisbon Classic 19th Jasper Bovenhuis
1 Jour de Dunkerque 3rd Bert Van Lerberghe
1 Jour de Dunkerque 11th Tomas Paprstka
1 Jour de Dunkerque 25th Jasper Bovenhuis
Tour du Faso 5th Tomas Paprstka
Tour du Faso 11th Jasper Bovenhuis
Tour du Faso 16th Bert Van Lerberghe
Malopolski Wyscig 19th Bert Van Lerberghe
Malopolski Wyscig 29th Tomas Paprstka
Frankfurt Eschborn 8th Tomas Paprstka
Frankfurt Eschborn 11th Keven Inkelaar
Frankfurt Eschborn 20th Michael Storer
Frankfurt Eschborn 22nd Jefferson Cepeda Hernandez
Tour of Vancouver 3rd Nico Keinath
Tour of Vancouver 24th Romain Bardet
Post Danmark Rundt 4th Tom Dumoulin
Post Danmark Rundt 16th Calvin Watson
www.pcmdaily.com/images//flags/GQ.png Clasique Pico Basile 10th Nico Keinath
www.pcmdaily.com/images//flags/GQ.png Clasique Pico Basile 17th Romain Bardet
Clasico San Cristobal 2nd Wilco Kelderman
Clasico San Cristobal 12th Romain Bardet
Tour de San Luis 2nd Wilco Kelderman
Tour de Langkawi 2nd Nico Keinath
Tour de Langkawi 25th Joonas Henttala
Sakartvelo Trophy 8th Romain Bardet
Tour of Chile 3rd Nico Keinath
USA Pro Cycling Challenge 10th Tom Dumoulin
USA Pro Cycling Challenge 15th Joonas Henttala
Benelux Challenge 15th Bert Van Lerberghe
Tour de Vineyards 3rd Nico Keinath
Tour de Vineyards 23rd Joonas Henttala
Rio Vista Chinesa 3rd Wilco Kelderman
Rio Vista Chinesa 25th Calvin Watson
Ronde van Het Ijsselmeer 21st Jasper Bovenhuis
Euskal Bizikleta 16th Wilco Kelderman
Euskal Bizikleta 18th Michael Storer
Lillestrom GP 5th Tomas Paprstka
Lillestrom GP 10th Bert Van Lerberghe
Lillestrom GP 22nd Jasper Bovenhuis
Transfagarasan GP 5th Nico Keinath
Transfagarasan GP 13th Romain Bardet
Milano - Torino 1st Wilco Kelderman
GP Kigali 7th Tomas Paprstka
GP Kigali 22nd Bert Van Lerberghe
GP Kigali 23rd Jasper Bovenhuis
GP Lugano 15th Wilco Kelderman
Herald Sun Tour 1st Tom Dumoulin
Herald Sun Tour 10th Joonas Henttala
Herald Sun Tour 22nd Calvin Watson
Course de Solidarnosc 6th Geert Van der Sanden
Course de Solidarnosc 19th Tomas Paprstka
Course de Solidarnosc 20th Jasper Bovenhuis
Bayern Rundfahrt 10th Nico Keinath
Bayern Rundfahrt 17th Joonas Henttala
Bayern Rundfahrt 21at Tom Dumoulin
Giro dell'Emelia 3rd Wilco Kelderman

Stage Races - Stage Wins
Rider Race Stage
Nico Keinath Tour of Eritrea Stage 3
Igor Boev Tour of Eritrea Stage 5
Igor Boev Tour du Faso Stage 2
Wilco Kelderman Tour de San Luis Stage 3
Bert Van Lerberghe Benelux Challenge Stage 4
Tom Dumoulin Herald Sun Tour Stage 4

Stage Races - Stage Top 10s
Race Stage Position Rider
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 1 3rd Geert Van der Sanden
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 2 9th Geert Van der Sanden
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 3 3rd Geert Van der Sanden
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 5 6th Geert Van der Sanden
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 7 2nd Nico Keinath
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 8 5th Nico Keinath
Vuelta al Tachira Stage 9 3rd Nico Keinath
Hong Kong Challenge Stage 1 5th Wilco Kelderman
Hong Kong Challenge Stage 3 7th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of Eritrea Stage 2 8th Igor Boev
Tour of Eritrea Stage 6 6th Nico Keinath
Tour du Faso Stage 3 3rd Tomas Paprstka
Tour of Vancouver Stage 1 8th Nico Keinath
Tour of Vancouver Stage 2 2nd Igor Boev
Tour of Vancouver Stage 3 9th Igor Boev
Tour of Vancouver Stage 4 6th Nico Keinath
Tour of Vancouver Stage 5 6th Igor Boev
Tour of Vancouver Stage 6 2nd Nico Keinath
Tour of Vancouver Stage 1 5th TTT
Post Danmark Rundt Stage 1 2nd Igor Boev
Post Danmark Rundt Stage 2 2nd Igor Boev
Post Danmark Rundt Stage 3 3rd Calvin Watson
Post Danmark Rundt Stage 4 8th Bert Van Lerberghe
Post Danmark Rundt Stage 5 6th Tom Dumoulin
Tour de San Luis Stage 1 6th Tom Dumoulin
Tour de San Luis Stage 2 4th Geert Van der Sanden
Tour de San Luis Stage 5 6th Tom Dumoulin
Tour de San Luis Stage 6 5th Wilco Kelderman
Tour de San Luis Stage 7 6th Wilco Kelderman
Tour de Langkawi Stage 3 2nd Nico Keinath
Tour de Langkawi Stage 5 2nd Nico Keinath
Tour of Chile Stage 1 6th Igor Boev
Tour of Chile Stage 3 6th Nico Keinath
USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 4 5th Tom Dumoulin
USA Pro Cycling Challenge Stage 4 10th Joonas Henttala
Benelux Challenge Stage 1 3rd Tom Dumoulin
Benelux Challenge Stage 2 9th Igor Boev
Benelux Challenge Stage 6 5th Gorazd Per
Tour de Vineyards Stage 1 2nd Tom Dumoulin
Tour de Vineyards Stage 3 2nd Nico Keinath
Tour de Vineyards Stage 7 2nd TTT
Euskal Bizikleta Stage 2 2nd Michel Kreder
Herald Sun Tour Stage 1 2nd Igor Boev
Course de Solidarnosc Stage 2 3rd Geert Van der Sanden
Course de Solidarnosc Stage 3 2nd Geert Van der Sanden

Stage Races - Points Classification
Race Position Rider
Vuelta al Tachira 5th Nico Keinath
Hong Kong Challenge 7th Wilco Kelderman
Tour of Eritrea 6th Nico Keinath
Tour of Eritrea 7th Igor Boev
Tour du Faso 4th Jasper Bovenhuis
Tour of Vancouver 7th Igor Boev
Post Danmark Rundt 2nd Igor Boev
Tour de San Luis 2nd Wilco Kelderman
Tour de langkawi 7th Nico Keinath
Course de Solidarnosc 7th Geert Van der Sanden

Stage Races - KOM Classification
Race Postion Rider
Vuelta al Tachira 5th Nico Keinath
Tour of Eritrea 8th Nico Keinath
Tour of Vancouver 7th Nico Keinath
Tour de langkawi 3rd Nico Keinath
Tour de Vineyards 3rd Tom Dumoulin
Bayern Rundfahrt 5th Romain Bardet

Stage Races - U25 Classification
Race Position Rider
Vuelta al Tachira 6th Kevin Inkelaar
Hong Kong Challenge 4th Michael Storer
Tour of Eritrea 6th Kevin Inkelaar
Tour of Vancouver 5th Kevin inkelaar
Tour of Vancouver 9th Michael Storer
Tour de San Luis 1st Michael Storer
Tour of Chile 6th Michael Storer
Tour of Chile 7th Kevin Inkelaar
Benelux Challenge 9th Gorazd Per
Tour de Vineyards 5th Kevin Inkelaar
Euskal Bizikleta 3rd Michael Storer
Euskal Bizikleta 5th Kevin Inkelaar

Stage Races - Team Classification
Race Position
Vuelta al Tachira 8th
Hong Kong Challenge 10th
Tour of Eritrea 10th
Tour du Faso 2nd
Tour of Vancouver 8th
Post Danmark Rundt 4th
Tour of Chile 9th
USA Pro Cycling Challenge 3rd
Benelux Challenge 10th
Tour de Vineyards 6th
Herald Sun Tour 2nd
Bayern Rundfahrt 3rd

Edited by AbhishekLFC on 13-07-2021 15:27
Last reserved post.

The moment to reveal our jersey for the 2020 season has arrived. Last season's jersey has been spruced up and modified according to the changes in sponsorship, but remains the same otherwise. We loved this Bioracer design by the_hoyle last year, and wish to continue riding in it for this season too. The management says a huge thank you to our designer for his great work.



Good luck this season, looking at your (pre-renewals) roster I can't say I'm looking forward to race against you Pfft
@Nemolito: Thanks Smile You can be sure that many of those on the roster currently can't be retained because of the wage cap. Not for lack of trying though Pfft
Despite relegation it seems Philips is shining as bright as ever Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej PogaÄŤar
@redordead: Philips bulbs, like the ones in our new headers, keep shining brightly. As for the team, only time will tell <insert thoughtful expression>

Relegation is never an easy milestone to overcome, but we are now faced with this challenge. We went into renewals hoping to keep our team's financial situation under control, and yet account for enough breathing room to be able to restructure somewhat for the CT season ahead.

The details of our renewals are listed below:

Name2019 Wage2020 WageChange
Wilco Kelderman500000425000-75000
Lahcen Saber3750003750000
Yoeri Havik200000110000-90000
Florentino Marquez3000000-300000
Bert Van Lerberghe12000090000-30000
Wouter Wippert700000-70000
Remco Te Brake1000000-100000
Andrea Palini650000-65000
Rok Korosec500007000020000
Olivier Le Gac950000-95000
Romain Bardet8000050000-30000
Felix Grossschartner50000500000
Jasper Bovenhuis50000500000
Wout Poels500000-50000
Pim Ligthart500000-50000
Kevin Inkelaar7000050000-20000
Pascal Eenkhoorn6000050000-10000
Lennard Hofstede50000500000
Ronan Van Zandbeek500000-50000
Piet Allegaert50000500000
Riccardo Minali50000500000
Jonas Bokeloh500000-50000
Aurelien Paret-Peintre100000-10000
Current Wages1470000

Kelderman, Havik and Van Lerberghe agreed on significant reductions to their 2019 salaries. Having retained Saber as well, for the same salary as last year, we like the fact that we have kept our options open, in terms of team leaders, going into the 2020 season. Off course, on a CT budget, it will not be possible to keep all of them. However, we are looking at keeping two of these four.

Bardet is another rider we were able to negotiate to a significantly lower salary. Eeenkhoorn and Inkelaar were happy to take a pay cut for this season, despite significant improvements in their abilities. All of Grossschartner, Bovenhuis, Hofstede, Allegaert and Minali have also renewed with us.

Korosec is the only rider renewed whose wage has gone up. He is considered an important part of our setup and we didn't think twice about giving him a raise, further justified by his increased ability in the off-season.

Marquez is the most high-profile rider cut from the team. His under-par 2019 season and his growing years meant we were not inclined to keep him on the roster as a possible leader this season. Te Brake, Palini, Le Gac, Poels, Ligthart, Van Zandbeek, Bokeloh and Paret-Peintre were not offered a contract extension. The hardest cut among these was that of Van Zandbeek who was one of the first riders we signed as a new CT in 2017 and has been with the squad ever since.

We offered Wippert a contract, which was worth more than what he earned last year, despite an indifferent season, but we could not come an to an agreement. As a result, he too has been released.

Overall, we are happy with how the renewals process was conducted. We were able to slash more than a million Euros in wages and have left ourselves a few options in terms of possible leaders around whom to rebuild.

Look out for a rider availability post in the coming days.
Edited by AbhishekLFC on 26-09-2020 10:07
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When transfers begin... I think we may be having some discussions Smile
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Ulrich Ulriksen
Good luck with transfers. Palini has a soft spot for me from that excellent stage win in the Balkans. But sure there were all tough calls for you.
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@hoyle: Can't say I haven't been expecting this Wink Off course we'll talk and see what can be cooked up!

@Ulrich: Did consider keeping him but with poor support stats and a shoestring budget, we didn't find it a viable option.
Heard through the grapevine that your biggest talents are interested in moving to a more prestigious team, such as Žalgiris, certainly interesting development
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
quadsas wrote:
Heard through the grapevine that your biggest talents are interested in moving to a more prestigious team, such as Žalgiris, certainly interesting development

This modest team is always open for talks but probably only one of those talents are for sale.

The Team Management has decided to release the rider availabilities for the upcoming transfer window. Given below are the details:

NameAvailabilityLoan Status
Wilco KeldermanNo
Lahcen SaberYES
Yoeri HavikYES
Bert Van LerbergheNo
Rok KorosecNo
Romain BardetNo
Felix GrossschartnerNoPT Loan
Jasper BovenhuisNo
Kevin InkelaarNo
Pascal EenkhoornNoPCT Loan
Lennard HofstedeMaybe
Piet AllegaertMaybe
Riccardo MinaliYESPCT Loan

Saber and Havik are available for sale.

Minali is also available for sale. If we are unable to sell him, we plan to send him on a loan to a PCT team.

Hofstede and Allegaert could become available depending on how our other dealings go in the transfer window.

Grossschartner is available for a PT loan.

Eenkhoorn is available for a PCT loan.

Kelderman, Inkelaar and Eenkhoorn are not available unless some exceptional situation arises. Van Lerberghe is also not available as of now. We do not intend to sell the other riders either as things stand currently.

Having said all this, we are always open for transfer talks and discussions in the transfer window.
I'm very happy to see Wilco will be able to stay and help you rebounce!

Havik is an interesting rider for all divisions, but I'd assume other teams will have him much higher on their priority lists.
Wilco in the CT... he'll be almost as good as Roux Shock

Really exciting moving and shaking to be done for you to try and bounce back, and I'm sure you can do it - that renewals was a pretty great start it looks like. Even with the two riders who will move on, Kelderman backed up by Van Lergebergeheberge and Bardet is a great start to build off of.
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Love that you stick with Wilco. Hope he will lead you to a dominant promotion campaign and stay as face of the team for the foreseeable future.
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

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