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Farfetch Pro Cycling | PT 2019
Farfetch Pro Cycling! 2019

2019 marks the end of an era, with the team formerly known as Ayubowan! changing name after the withdrawal of the Sri Lankan consortium that had provided backing from 2015 onwards. In their place British online fashion retailer Farfetch have come on board to sponsor the team, with backing also coming from POC, Rapha, and long term sponsors LOOK.

The change of sponsor also means an end to the national focus - gone is the requirement for 50% of the roster to be Sri Lankan - and the new sponsors have declined to stipulate where the riders on the team come from. While the focus on developing young talent will remain, the aim is simply to build the best team possible.




Team Sponsors

FarfetchOnline Luxury Fashion Retailer
LOOK CycleCycling Equipment
POCCycle Helmets
RaphaCycling Clothing

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Pre-Renewals Squad

First nameLast nameAgeWage
Jay McCarthy27€450,000
Yonathan Monsalve30€425,000
Amith Udaya Kumara24€50,000
Juliusvan den Berg23€50,000
StefanDe Bod23€50,000

Post-Renewals Squad

First nameLast nameAgeWageDifference
Jay McCarthy27€450,000€0
Yonathan Monsalve30€400,000-€25,000
Amith Udaya Kumara24€50,000€0
Juliusvan den Berg23€50,000€0
StefanDe Bod23€50,000€0

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Team History

Team Dyson
[D2] 11th


Team [14 riders]:
Simon Gaywood Shaun Higgerson
Charles Wegelius Tijs Crombez
Ed Clancy Cyril Lemoine
Tom Southam Daniel Eliad
Matthew Gee Ignacio Sarabia
Rhys Lloyd Marco Brus
Kieran Page Ken Sebastian Vassdal

Evian - MIAT
[PCT] 19th


Team [26 riders]:
José Serpa Danilo Napolitano
Cayetano Sarmiento Federico Rocchetti
Isaac Bolivar Andrea Guardini
Martin Puusepp Mohamed Shawal Anuar Aziz [Loan]
Blaise Sonnerypcmdaily.com/images/flags/MN.png Tuguldur Tuulhangai
Adrien Petitpcmdaily.com/images/flags/MN.png Maani Altanzul
Clement Koretzky [Loan]pcmdaily.com/images/flags/MN.png Baasankhuu Myagmarsuren
Bryan Coquard [Loan] Andreas Landa
Maxime Daniel [Loan] Mustafa Carsi
Romain Bardet Maksym Averin
Alexis Gougeard [Loan] Daniel Ricardo Diaz
Jerome Mainard Carlos Alexandre Manarelli
Charalampas Kastrantas [Loan] Roy Goldstein
Loaned out [1 rider]:
Marco Brus

La Vie Claire
[PCT] 9th


Team [20 riders] :
Daniel Ricardo Diaz Roy Goldstein
Michael Boroš [Loan] Alessandro Proni
René Mandri Maanie Altanzul
Cyril Gautier Tom Jelte Slagter [Loan]
John Gadret Kai Reus
Kenny Elissonde Piotr Mazur
Sébastien Turgot Dane Steve Nugara
Blaise Sonnery Ishan Sandakelum
Jocelin Maillet Laxmen Wijerathna
Heinrich Haussler Mustafa Carsi
Loaned Out:
Adrien Petit Yoann Bagot
Andrea Guardini

[PT] 22nd


Team [22 riders]:
Thibaut Pinot Maxime Bouet
Cyril Gautier Christopher De Souza
Romain Vanderbiest Ludovic Bret
Kenny Elissonde Ronan Racault
Blel Kadri Alexis Dulin
Adrien Petit Asela Sisira
Anthony Roux Ishan Sandakelum
Damien Gaudin Dane Steve Nugara
Alexis Vuillermoz Tushantha Rajapakshage
Johan Le Bon Nidush Nirantha Fernando
Yannick Martinez Laxmen Wijerathna

[PCT] 8th


Team [20 riders]:
Cyril Gautier Asela Sisira
Thibaut Pinot Naveen Ruchira
Adrien Petit Sujith Silva
Tony Gallopin Sameera Chatarunga
Christophe Laporte Madushanka Perera
Ian Bibby Tushantha Rajapakshage
Jonathan Bellis Nihal Silva
Adam Yates Suranga Ranaweera
Chris Opie Sachin Dulanjana [Loan]
Hugh Carthy Amith Udaya Kumara
Loaned out [2 riders]:
Sanju Dimantha Sembukutti Nidush Nirantha Fernando

[PT] 19th


Team [26 riders]:
Yonathan Monsalve Gihan Pushpakumara
Jay McCarthy Naveen Ruchira
Adrien Petit Sujith Silva
Tony Gallopin Sameera Chatarunga
Anthony Turgis Madushanka Perera
Hugh Carthy Tushantha Rajapakshage
Jonathan Bellis Nihal Silva
Adam Yates Suranga Ranaweera
Salem Kemboi Sachin Dulanjana
Kevin Predatsch [Loan] Amith Udaya Kumara
Jerome Baugnies Darshana Prasad
Kashyapa Siriwardena Ashen Tharuka
Krishan Madushanka Sanju Dimantha Sembukutti
Loaned out [2 riders]:
Asela Sisira Nidush Nirantha Fernando

[PCT] 8th


Team [20 riders]:
Yonathan Monsalve Gihan Pushpakumara
Jay McCarthy Suranga Ranaweera
Sebastian Lander Darshana Prasad
Salem Kemboi Sameera Chatarunga
Anthony Turgis Madushanka Perera
Hugh Carthy Tushantha Rajapakshage
Adam Yates Nihal Silva
Josh Atkins Ashen Tharuka
Julius van den Berg Amith Udaya Kumara
Alberto Bettiol Sachin Dulanjana
Loaned out [2 riders]:
Samuel Ssabagwanya Kashyapa Siriwardena
Stefan De Bod

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Volta a PortugalWin
Tour de FranceTop 5
Vuelta a EspanaTop 10
Giro d'ItaliaTop 10
PT Team StandingsTop 10

Edited by jph27 on 01-10-2019 09:08

First nameLast nameAgeWageDifference
Jay McCarthy27€450,000€0
Yonathan Monsalve30€400,000-€25,000
Amith Udaya Kumara24€50,000€0
Juliusvan den Berg23€50,000€0
StefanDe Bod23€50,000€0

Overall our renewals didn't go as well as we would have liked, with attempted paycuts for a number of riders rejected outright - and a number of young riders deciding now was the time for them to demand a payrise. We also bid goodbye to Nihal Silva, Ashen Tharuka and Kashyapa Siriwardena who unfortunately were not part of our future plans.

With all said and done, we have 20 riders and €925,000 of remaining cap space heading into the transfer season. However, none of the riders on the team can be considered 100% secure moving forward (though some may be around 99% secure, it must be said...) so look out for a transfer availability post later!
Transfer Availability

The transfer availability of our riders can be split into 4 bands of likeliness, set out below - 75%+ chance of leaving, 50%-75% chance of leaving, 50%-75% chance of staying, and 75+ chance of staying. Yes, it's needlessly complex. But I just like numbers.

75%+ Chance of Leaving

Sachin Dulanjana
Gihan Pushpakumara
Tushantha Rajapakshage
Amith Udaya Kumara
Madushanka Perera

No real surprises here. These are the riders who are on the roster bubble, and who we are incredibly confident of being able to replace this transfer period.

50%-75% Chance of Leaving

Suranga Ranaweera
Samuel Ssabagwanya
Darshana Prasad

The second tier of riders are those who stand a good choice of being kept, but are at risk of sold if opportunities open up during transfers that make their roles redundant.

50%-75% Chance of Staying

Hugh Carthy
Yonathan Monsalve
Alberto Bettiol
Anthony Turgis
Josh Atkins
Sameera Chatarunga
Sebastian Lander

Now we're into those who are more likely to stay than leave. We don't plan to sell any of them unless needed to fund other moves, but there are definitely circumstances in which they could depart - though Monsalve and Turgis are probably safer than the others.

75%+ Chance of Staying

Adam Yates
Jay McCarthy
Stefan De Bod
Julius van den Berg
Salem Kemboi

Unless some stroke of amazing fortune falls upon us, it's pretty unlikely these riders will leave - we see them as our best asset for the future on each terrain respectively, and unless something seismic happens they'll be with us for a long time.

Looks like the Sri Lankan purge has begun. Frown
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Great to see you were able to see reach PT with a Sri Lankan focused team. A bit sad we won't see it have a go in PT, but the ambition of the team is clear as day.

Good luck Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
First New Signings

The start of the transfer season hasn't always been kind to the team, but this year things started relatively well. Among the first free agent signings to be confirmed this morning were 4 new riders for Farfetch Pro Cycling.

Included in this haul is Mattia Cattaneo, the new GT leader for the team, and three young talents with exciting futures ahead of them - Siim Kiskonen, Steff Cras and Edoardo Affini. The three youngsters all joined on the minimum wage and will now be loaned out to develop, while Cattaneo is on 780k, which is a bargain compared to some prices in free agency in recent years.



Two More Signings!

As transfers have progressed, a number of riders have bid farewell to the team. Tushantha Rajapakshage, Amith Udaya Kumara, Madushanka Perera and Suranga Ranaweera have all already left or are in the process of doing so - we thank them for their service and wish them well, knowing they will be fine ambassadors for Sri Lankan cycling. Addditionally, new signing Edoardo Affini has gone out on loan to Duolingo for the season.

In their place we are able to report two new signings, with more in the pipeline. Kyeng Ho Min is a talented Korean climber who has come in to replace Ranaweera for a fee of 500k from DK Zalgiris, while Jodok Salzmann has been signed as Kumara's replacement for a wage of 80k from free agency.



XP level 3.200, I never stop learning new things about this game even going into my 8th season. Pfft
cio93 wrote:
XP level 3.200, I never stop learning new things about this game even going into my 8th season. Pfft

It's the notation I use for riders I've maxed out in my transfers DB, was just too lazy to edit it Pfft
This isn’t looking too shabby. Decent quality in most aspects, especially added with Cattaneo also! I think you have a very good shot at staying clear of the relegation battle this time!

And another three!

With Sachin Dulanjana, Gihan Pushpakumara and Sameera Chatarunga departing the team, plus new signings Siim Kiskonen and Steff Cras being loaned out to Berg Cycles to continue their development, we needed to make some new signings. And so three more riders have joined the team for the upcoming season.

The biggest name of this trio is Tosh Van der Sande, signed for a fee of 750k from Xero. He comes in to complete our trio of powerhouse sprinters, each with their own unique niche - Van der Sande can get over the hills, Lander over the cobbles, and Kemboi is our man for the prologues. Another transfer in is that of Milan Menten, an exciting cobbler-puncheur hybrid signed for 300k from Netia - alongside Van den Berg and Salzmann he's part of a bright future for our cobbled squad. And finally, Marco Tizza has joined on a wage of 50k from free agency. Like Samuel Ssabagwanya, what he lacks in pure ability as a puncheur he more than makes up for with his capacities for long, intense efforts, and we're excited to see him develop.



Final squad revealed!

In the final days of transfers, a number of riders were signed to complete the squad. The biggest signing was that of Eugert Zhupa for a fee of 350k from SPAR, who will be our cobbled leader for the season ahead. He was also joined by Mathias Krigbaum, a young Danish TTer and engine for the flat brought in on loan from Carlsberg to develop, and Michael Gogl, a solid puncheur with some room to improve, on a 50k wage from free agency.

Additionally, we added three stagiares - the first in the team's 7 year history - Zisis Soulious on a 15k wage, and Alexey Voloshin and Hugo Nunes, both on 10k wages. Voloshin and Nunes will develop nicely into a puncheur and stage racer respectively, while Soulious' future development is unclear. Like Kiskonen we originally had him down as a sprinter, however we believe he could also be an interesting option trained as a puncheur should we decide to keep him for the long term.

With all that said and done, we are now able to reveal our team for the upcoming season. We expect it to be a long, hard battle to avoid relegation but believe that if our leaders perform to their abilities we should have a decent chance of staying up. Additionally, this is when we take the opportunity to present our talents when they're reached their full potential - we have a scary crop, even if some of them (e.g. Gogl) were signed only as last minute fillers, and may not be with us long term (and as already mentioned, plans may change for others)



Goals Revealed!

Volta a PortugalWin
Tour de FranceTop 5
Vuelta a EspanaTop 10
Giro d'ItaliaTop 10
PT Team StandingsTop 10

Our goals this season are based around the main strength of the team - stage races. In Yonathan Monsalve and Adam Yates we already have two riders who have proven they can finish in the top 10 of Grand Tours, and now in Mattia Cattaneo we have a third. Yates has also excelled in the Volta a Portugal in recent years, hence it being our win goal - while we've set the ambitious target of a top 10 in the PT Team Standings purely as the alternative was "avoid relegation", which is truly a minimum aim.

Jersey Revealed!



We are delighted to reveal our jersey for the upcoming season - combining the classic Rapha look with a nod to the history of the team by incorporating the La Vie Claire-esque Mondrian design. Once again it is a masterpiece by the_hoyle, and we hope our performances will be as good as it looks!

Looking Back and Looking Forward

2019 hasn’t gone quite as well as we would have hoped so far, but there have been some bright spots...


Adam Yates won Stage 4 of Tirreno-Adriatico for our first win of the season, on his way to 10th overall


Salem Kemboi took his first pro win on Stage 3 of Paris-Nice...


... before adding a Grand Tour stage win to his palmares a month later in the Giro


Tosh Van der Sande took his first win for the team on Stage 1 of the Tour of Norway


Sebastian Lander hadn’t tasted victory since the 2014 Tour of the Middle East - he changed that on Stage 4 of the Tour de Suisse


Hugh Carthy took his first pro win in style, winning Stage 19 of the Tour de France...


... and in the process he put himself in pole position to claim the polka dot jersey, as well as taking 19th overall

While we have had the successes listed above to celebrate, it is hard to disguise the fact that we haven't had a particularly good season - as the rankings table below shows. Our PpRD suggests we may still have a shot at survival, but being in the relegation zone at this point in the season is always concerning.

23pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/pum.pngTeam Puma - SAP589616136,626994
34pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/afk.pngAir France - KLM563016134,976679
48pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/akm.pngAker - MOT527615434,266544
56pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/aeg.pngAegon - Lavazza518416132,26150
611pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/grm.pngGrieg - Maersk518114835,016687
89pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/bnm.pngBennelong - Mitchelton513315133,996492
95pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/iso.pngIsostar - LimeBike510315133,796454
1010pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fes.pngFestina - OAKA503315432,686242
117pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/mos.pngMoser - Sygic492515531,776068
1312pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/eav.pngEA Vesuvio444215428,845508
1414pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/tti.pngTeam Tinkoff431014829,125562
1515pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ino.pngIndosat Ooredoo - ANZ406614827,475247
1617pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/evo.pngEvonik - ELKO403915126,755109
1716pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/ssc.pngSPAR - Siam Cement392216124,364653
1919pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fab.pngFablok - Bank BGZ358315822,684332
2021pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/fpc.pngFarfetch Pro Cycling354814823,974578
2118pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/rpn.pngRepsol - Netflix349015822,094219
2222pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2019/Micros/t3a.pngPodium Ambition326215820,653944

It's easy to highlight why we've struggled when you look at how our riders have fared in the individual ranking - massive underperformances from Cattaneo and Monsalve combined with a very average season from McCarthy have left us in a pretty difficult position.

32Adam Yates6484115.80822
53Hugh Carthy460607.67544
60Mattia Cattaneo4274010.68480
71Salem Kemboi362655.57373
98Jay McCarthy275309.17495
133Tosh Van der Sande208434.84295
154Alberto Bettiol173602.88225
177Sebastian Lander141363.92239
181Yonathan Monsalve139294.79235
296Anthony Turgis79581.3694
300Eugert Zhupa76372.05113
302Julius van den Berg76591.1397
310Samuel Ssabagwanya74541.37107
347Milan Menten63611.0385
376Marco Tizza55620.8976
386Jodok Salzmann53690.7764
391Kyeng Ho Min52570.9174
417Michael Gogl47650.7259
454Stefan De Bod36370.9754
457Josh Atkins35760.4637
460Mathias Krigbaum35321.0947
466Darshana Prasad34670.5138

With all that said and done, there's still time for our season to be salvaged. We planned our season thinking we might need to rescue ourselves in the closing months, and our line-ups for the remaining races showcase that.

Chrono des HerbiersVolta a Portugal
Mattia CattaneoYonathan Monsalve
Josh AtkinsJay McCarthy
Stefan De BodSebastian Lander
Hugh Carthy
Alberto Bettiol
Samuel Ssabagwanya
Kyeng Ho Min
Hugo Nunes
East Midlands Cicle ClassicParis - Tours
Tosh Van der SandeSebastian Lander
Eugert ZhupaTosh Van der Sande
Darshana PrasadSalem Kemboi
Jodok SalzmannEugert Zhupa
Milan MentenDarshana Prasad
Julius van den BergJulius Van den Berg
Marco TizzaStefan De Bod
Mathias KrigbaumMathias Krigbaum
Tour of Northern EuropeTour of the Battenkill
Jay McCarthyAlberto Bettiol
Sebastian LanderSamual Ssabagwanya
Eugert ZhupaMichael Gogl
Michael GoglJodok Salzmann
Jodok SalzmannMilan Menten
Milan MentenMarco Tizza
Julius van den BergZisis Soulious
Stefan De BodMathias Krigbaum
Rheden GPTour de Maroc
Sebastian LanderYonathan Monsalve
Tosh Van der SandeAdam Yates
Eugert ZhupaTosh Van der Sande
Darshana PrasadAnthony Turgis
Kyeng Ho MinSamuel Ssabagwanya
Julius van den BergKyeng Ho Min
Stefan De BodMilan Menten
Alexey VoloshinMarco Tizza
GP MoscowTour of Tasmania
Sebastian LanderMattia Cattaneo
Eugert ZhupaJay McCarthy
Michael GoglTosh Van der Sande
Darshana PrasadAlberto Bettiol
Jodok SalzmannJosh Atkins
Julius van den BergMichael Gogl
Stefan De BodStefan De Bod
Mathias KrigbaumMathias Krigbaum
Giro di Lombardia
Adam Yates
Jay McCarthy
Anthony Turgis
Alberto Bettiol
Samuel Ssabagwanya
Michael Gogl
Kyeng Ho Min
Marco Tizza

The exact details are in the spoiler, but the highlights to save time are below:

1. Cattaneo is in Herbiers and Tasmania, looking to turn around his season with good results in both races.

2. Monsalve is in Portugal and Maroc, with Carthy and McCarthy in support for the Volta, and sharing the leadership with Yates in Morocco.

3. As well as being co-leader in Maroc, Yates will lead us in Lombardia - a gamble we hope will pay off, after seeing success for climbers on similar hilly profiles.

4. Our sprinters go to Paris-Tours as a three headed monster, with Lander leading in Moscow and going for stage wins in Portugal and ToNE, and Van der Sande contesting the sprints in Maroc and Tasmania.

5. Zhupa will have a chance to prove his worth after a tough season so far, with the East Midlands Cicle Classic, ToNE and Rheden still on his calendar - with Lander as co-leader in the latter.

Rider Development

Perhaps the only good thing to come out of this season for us was the development of our talents - thank you to Abhishek for the formatting and the general idea Pfft

Anthony Turgis | Age: 25 | Pot: 6 | Lvl: 4.100
2019 stats72657765747769656975816668
2020/Max stats73667965767870657077836768
Anthony Turgis had a quiet season, but while he didn't taste major success he did develop to reach his full potential. Having completed his development he is now the perfect foil to Jay McCarthy as a second-tier puncheur, although we do have some concerns about his weaknesses on longer climbs.

Hugh Carthy | Age: 25 | Pot: 5 | Lvl: 4.100
2019 stats70797465757576566069656563
2020/Max stats71817567777678566069656565
Hugh Carthy had an impressive season that saw him crowned King of the Mountains at the Tour de France despite having room for further development. We hope that now he has finished developing, he'll be able to add even better results to his already impressive palmares.

Alberto Bettiol | Age: 26 | Pot: 6 | Lvl: 4.100
2019 stats71707568767473667075736767
2020/Max stats72717768787574667177756867
Perhaps the rider we’re most excited about in the long term, Alberto Bettiol has also reached his maximum potential following this season – though we hope we can work with him for further improvement in the future. Not only is he a great addition to the depth of our hilly squad, but his versatility makes him incredibly useful on other terrains too.

Darshana Prasad | Age: 25 | Pot: 6 | Lvl: 4.100
2019 stats72606766717375657577546968
2020/Max stats74606866737480667779546968
Darshana Prasad is our sole remaining Sri Lankan rider, and this season he too has completed his development. His combination of abilities should make him a useful leadout man moving forward, as well as a good option for sprints in the later stages of long stage races – though it’s unclear if his future lies with the team beyond this season.

Michael Gogl | Age: 26 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.100
2019 stats69677462747170576773716963
2020/Max stats69697662747271576775736963
A last minute addition to use up leftover cap space, Michael Gogl is another rider who has reached their max potential this season. While it is unlikely that he will ride in our colours next season, we hope to help him find a new team, perhaps at the Continental level.

Samuel Ssabagwanya | Age: 25 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.100
2019 stats69717355787476676076737253
2020/Max stats70727555807577676077747253
The final rider we have finishing developing this season is Samuel Ssabagwanya. A favourite of the team management due to his huge engine and ability to suffer, we look forward to seeing what he brings to the table next season as a key part of our squad whenever the road goes uphill.

Jodok Salzmann | Age: 24 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.36
2019 stats70627064737468736469706864
2020 stats72627164757570756671706964
Max stats73627164777671776771706964
A rider who turned pro only this season, Jodok Salzmann has already made great strides. We decided to take a slightly different path with him to originally planned as his weaknesses on longer climbs limit his usefulness as a puncheur, and have sought instead to make him a more well rounded cobbler.

Kyeng Ho Min | Age: 23 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.62
2019 stats67757264737467636263666964
2020 stats68777466757669636264676966
Max stats68797568767771636264676968
Kyeng Ho Min was a new addition to the team this season, and a rider who provoked lengthy debate amongst the team management regarding his future development. For a while serious consideration was given to turning him into a punchy climber, along the lines of Tom Jelte Slagter, but we decided to turn him into more of a stage racer due to his lack of acceleration.

Milan Menten | Age: 23 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.75
2019 stats69647267717470736566625667
2020 stats71647367737572756768625767
Max stats72647367757673776868625767
Similarly to Jodok Salzmann, Milan Menten was a rider we had planned to develop as a puncheur/cobbler hybrid – in fact, when he turned professional in 2018 who originally shortlisted him as a puncheur talent. However, his weaknesses on longer climbs have forced us to rethink his development, and instead we have tried to make him a more well-rounded rider, who will be better able to compete in selective finishes.

Julius van den Berg | Age: 23 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.62
2019 stats74576358737570736868757064
2020 stats76576458757672757070757164
Max stats77576458777773777170757164
The third of our trio of cobbles talents, Julius van den Berg has also taken an important step in his development this season. His strength on the flat will make him an asset in more than just the few cobbled races we ride, though we do have concerns about his long term future with the team due to his struggles when the road rises.

Stefan De Bod | Age: 23 | Pot: 3 | Lvl: 4.47
2019 stats71676973727468546067666973
2020 stats72697075747670546068666975
Max stats73697077757871546068676977
Stefan De Bod is a rider we are excited to see develop further, as we look to build a squad which doesn’t get scared whenever a TT appears. We decided to focus his development this season on making him a stronger climber in addition to his ability against the clock, so that he can prove useful as more than just a rider for TTTs.

Marco Tizza | Age: 27 | Pot: 4 | Lvl: 4.38
2019 stats69657062737467636869697063
2020 stats70667363757568636971717164
Max stats71677563777669636972727164
We added Marco Tizza to the squad heading into this season following a move for another rider collapsing at the last minute, and following the decision to develop Zisis Soulious as a puncheur he has already become surplus to requirements moving forward. However, we hope that his development in the last season combined with his huge engine will help him find another pro contract easily next season.

Steff Cras | Age: 23 | Pot: 5 | Lvl: 2.31
2019 stats65696766717270586066606663
2020 stats65716867727371586066606664
Max stats68787273787777586067616770
One of the biggest struggles as a PT team is developing your own talents from the very beginning of their careers, and we are thankful to Berg Cycles for the help they provided with the development of Steff Cras. While he did not develop as much as he could potentially have, his young age means we are happy to wait an extra season for him to realise his full potential – at which point he will become a key part of our mountain train.

Siim Kiskonen | Age: 22 | Pot: 2 | Lvl: 2.16
2019 stats69596868747467687072687267
2020 stats70596868757467687173687267
Max stats74596868797577717777687267
We also want to thank Berg Cycles for their help with the development of Siim Kiskonen this season. The young Estonian will be a core part of Salem Kemboi’s future leadout train, and we think that he should be a real threat from breakaways next season as he continues his development.

Edoardo Affini | Age: 23 | Pot: 3 | Lvl: 2.40
2019 stats70636670717267646469716871
2020 stats70646671727368646469716872
Max stats73666777767972646470736878
Our final talent to have developed this season is Edoardo Affini – thanks must go to Duolingo for their assistance with his development. Alongside De Bod he will become part of our nucleus of TTers in a few seasons time, although for the next few seasons we can’t expect anything from him other than the occasional breakaway appearance.

Damn! That's a lot of talent Grin

Loads of depth on the hills and cobbles, and of course Carthy is the pick of the bunch. 81 MO with those energy stats is scary Smile


"I am a cyclist, I may not be the best, but that is what I strive to be. I may never get there, but I will never quit trying." - Tadej Pogačar
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