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[CT] BNZ Cycling Team

Hello and welcome to the 5th year of BNZ Cycling Team. Yes we are still in the continental division but we remain optimistic for our future! BNZ Cycling Team is back to full Kiwi control with the Bank of New Zealand completely taking over the team. This means that we are aiming for Kiwi riders. Obviously not exclusively as we enjoy being a "team of the world" with representation from many countries. However, New Zealand has some great talents and we will be aiming to pick up as many as we can to go along with Luke Mudgway and Nick Reddish.


Renewals was a bit of a crazy time for the BNZ Cycling Team. Some big cuts were made with the hopes of replacing these cyclists with younger talents and a few riders who have already cemented themselves as a strong cyclist. The 3 leaders will most likely remain with Joshua Edmondson, Piter Campero and Steele Von Hoff. However, we are always on the lookout for cheap strong riders to either support or take over these riders.


We are very excited to see how our season will turn out as we continue our bid for promotion into the Pro Continental Tour. We are aiming to strengthen our hill squad in order to get this done. Perhaps even adding some additions to the sprint team. All will be discovered as we begin the transfer season over the next little while. We wish every team the very best this season and cannot wait to show you (the fans) all BNZ Cycling Team can achieve throughout the season!!

Edited by Jakstar22 on 19-09-2019 01:30

Team History

2015CTFox Sports - Golomt Cycling24th0
2016CTFox Sports - BikeNZ Cycling21st4
2017CTGarmin - BikeNZ Cycling21st1
2018CTBNZ Cycling Team17th6
2019CTBNZ Cycling TeamN/AN/A

2015 Season

Fox Sports - Golomt Cycling


2015 Team

Maani Altanzul Anthony Giacoppo
Yoann Barbas Tormod Jacobsen (Loan In)
Christian Bertilsson (Loan In) Max Losch (Loan In)
Sylvain Chavanel Timothy Roe
Erdenebayar Daspuntsag Gert Steegmans
Allan Davis Eloy Tereul
Wim De Vocht Tuguldur Tuulhangai
Sonomtseren Delgerbayar Sam Witmitz

CT Ranking24th - 403 points
Amount of Victories0
Goals Achieved0/5

2016 Season

Fox Sports - BikeNZ Cycling


2016 Team

Maani Altanzul Anthony Giacoppo
Amadou Bakari Taylor Gunman
Narankhuu Baterdene Clovis Kamzong
Cameron Bayly Lotto Petrus
Tarik Chaoufi Timothy Roe (Loaned Out)
Aleksa Crncevic Nicholas Schultz
Erdenebayar Daspuntsag Miles Scotson
Wim De Vocht Tuguldur Tuulhangai
Sonomtseren Delgerbayar Steele Von Hoff
Rick Flens Sam Witmitz

CT Rankings21st - 536 points
Amount of Victories4
Goals Achieved1/5

2017 Season

Garmin - BikeNZ Cycling


Maani Altanzul Anthony Giacoppo
Narankhuu Baterdene Fraser Gough
Piter Campero Clovis Kamzong
Tarik Chaoufi Ben O'Connor (Loaned in)
Aleksa Crncevic Lotto Petrus
Erdenbayar Daspuntsag Timothy Roe
Wim De Vocht Nicholas Schultz
Sonomtseren Delgerbayar Steele Von Hoff
Rick Flens Sam Witmitz

CT Rankings21st - 401 points
Amount of Victories1
Goals Achieved0/5

2018 Season

BNZ Cycling Team


Lorents Ola Aasvold Taylor Gunman
Maani Altanzul (Loaned Out) Nathan Haas
Narankhuu Baterdene Jai Hindley (Loaned In)
Piter Campero Ralf Matzka
Mustafa Carsi Luke Mudgway
Erdenebayar Dasputsag Timothy Roe
Sonomtseren Delgerbayar (Loaned Out) Nicholas Schultz
Joshua Edmondson Miles Scotson
Campbell Flakemore Steele Von Hoff

CT Rankings17th - 863 points
Amount of Victories6
Goals Achieved1/5

Edited by Jakstar22 on 20-09-2019 01:19

Team Sponsors

Main Sponsor -Bank of New Zealand
Bike Sponsor -BMC Switzerland
Clothing Supplier - Scody
Helmet Supplier - POC Sports
Minor Sponsor - Garmin
Minor Sponsor - Island Records
Minor Sponsor - People for Bikes

Team Jersey


Thanks to the_hoyle for an incredible design!!
Edited by Jakstar22 on 11-01-2020 05:32

Team Goals

Gisborne GP - Goal : WIN


Last year was incredible with Edmonson coming home in a close second to Ben Nasser. This season with no Ben Nasser and Edmonson always improving we believe we can win this year! Josh has shown he has the ability to do so and we believe with the help from Gunman and others he has a real shot at taking out our main goal!

Achieved? - N/A

Tour de Vineyards - Goal : Top 5


Another home race for us! This race has not been raced since 2013 and we hope that with its return we can achieve some great results! We have strong leaders in Campero and Kiserlovski and it all depends on who we decide to send to this race. This is the real stage racers dream with a good mix of everything thrown into this race!

Achieved? - N/A

Transfagarasan GP - Top 10


Our only goal race abroad! A mountain classic for the C2HC division. Kiserlovski and Campero could both do really well here and we plan on sending 1 if not both of these riders to this very important race! A top 10 is definitely achievable!

Achieved? - N/A

Great Ocean Road Classic - Goal : Top 10


This race is usually a goal for us. A good showing here is always an important way to start the season and we expect nothing less this year. Von Hoff will probably lead a squad here and we hope to see him get a top 10!

Achieved? - FAILED - Steele Von Hoff, 18th +32s

CT Standings - Goal : Top 10

Finally, our standings goal for this year is a top 10! That isn't automatic promotion but it puts us into a promotional bid! We will be very happy with a top t0!

Achieved? - N/A

Edited by Jakstar22 on 06-12-2019 03:41

Team Calender

Clasico San Cristobal10th Jan2C2
Tour Down Under14th-19th Jan6C1
Vuelta al Tachira22nd-31st Jan10C2
Great Ocean Road Classic31st Jan2C2HCTop 10
Tour de Langkawi1st-7th Feb7C2HC
Ras Tailteann10th-12th Feb3C1
Gisborne GP22nd Feb2C2Win
Hong Kong Challenge25th-27th Feb3C2
Tour of Southland26th-2nd Feb/Mar5C1
Circulo de Jaurez5th-9th Mar5C2
Apex Mountain Classic15th Mar2C1
Geraardsbergen-Bosberg18th Mar2C2HC
Tour of Eritrea22nd-27th Mar6C2HC
Tour de Vineyards4th-9th Apr6C2HCTop 5
Coppa Placci8th Apr2C2
Betonexpressz GP18th Apr2C2HC
Lincoln GP26th Apr2C2HC
GP Wallonie27th Apr2C1
Windhoek ITT4th-5th May2C2HC
Tour du Faso12th-14th May3C2HC
Tour d'Andorra19th-23rd May5C1
Giro del Trentino19th-21st May3C2
Frankfurt Eschborn25th May2C1
La Tropicale Amissa Bongo2nd-6th June5C2
Tour of Vancouver13th-19th June7C2HC
Hanko Classic26th June2C1
Tour de San Luis1st-8th July8C2
Tour of Bulgaria16th-20th July5C2
Sakartvelo Trophy17th July2C2
Vilnius GP23rd July2C2HC
Nantahala Classic26th July2C1
Benelux Challenge1st-6th Aug6C2HC
Rio Vista Chinesa9th Aug2C2
Grands Prix Cyclistes20th-21st Aug2C2HC
Tour de l'Avenir (U23)23rd-31st Aug9U23
Philadelphia International Championships1st Sep2C2HC
Euskal Bizikleta10th-13th Sep4C2HC
Transfagarasan GP24th Sep2C2HCTop 10
Milano - Torino29th Sep2C1
GP Yekaterinburg29th Sep2C2HC
Herald Sun Tour6th-10th Oct5C2HC
Course de Solidarnosc6th-9th Oct4C2HC
Zuri Metzgete18th Oct2C2HC

Team Results

Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira - Stage 71st 54'06

Joshua EdmondsonTour Down Under - Stage 33rd s.t
Maani AltanzulVuelta al Tachira - Stage 12nd s.t.
Maani AltanzulVuelta al Tachira - Stage 32nd s.t.

Top 10's
Joshua EdmondsonClasico San Cristobal8th + 26s
Maani AltanzulVuelta al Tachira - Stage 26th s.t.
Maani AltanzulVuelta al Tachira - Stage 44th s.t.
Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira - Stage 46th s.t.
Maani AltanzulVuelta al Tachira - Stage 55th s.t.
Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira - Stage 65th + 1'18s
Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira - Stage 86th + 23s
Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira - Stage 94th + 38s
Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira - Stage 105th s.t.
Steele Von HoffTour de Langkawi - Stage 28th s.t.
Steele Von HoffTour de Langkawi - Stage 45th s.t.
Steele Von HoffTour de Langkawi - Stage 78th s.t.

GC Finishes
Joshua EdmondsonTour Down Under6th + 26s
Robert KiserlovskiVuelta al Tachira4th + 2'13s

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Team Roster

Joshua Edmondson

27 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 76.81 - Hill Leader
180,000€ Wage


Received Training in Hills


Robert Kiserlovski

33 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 75.08 - 1st Mountain Leader
110,000€ Wage



Piter Campero

28 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 74.84 - 2nd Mountain Leader
90,000€ Wage



Steele Von Hoff

32 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 74.64 - Sprint Leader
95,000€ Wage



Maani Altanzul

27 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 74.15 - Backup Sprint Leader
70,000€ Wage



Taylor Gunman

28 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 73.73 - Super Domestique
65,000€ Wage



Max Oste-Macdonald

32 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 72.18 - Super Domestique
50,000€ Wage



Jean-Francois Camier

32 Years Old - XP 4.100 - Overall 71.73 - Super Domestique
0€ Wage



Narankhuu Baterdene

24 Years Old - XP 4.0 - Overall 71.45 - Sprint Leadout
50,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Sprinter)



Dylan Sunderland

23 Years Old - XP 1.0 - Potential 3 - Overall 69.07 - Talent
0€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Climber V1)



Munkhtulga Erdenesuren

27 Years Old - XP 3.0 - Potential 4 - Overall 69.02 - Cobbles
50,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Cobbles)



Campbell Flakemore

27 Years Old - XP 3.9 - Potential 4 - Overall 69.01 - Time Trial
50,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Time Trial)



Joel Yates

23 Years Old - XP 1.0 - Potential 4 - Overall 68.96 - Talent
75,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Hills)



Luke Mudgway

23 Years Old - XP 3.4 - Potential 4 - Overall 68.91 - Talent
50,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Sprinter)



Miles Scotson

25 Years Old - XP 3.65 - Potential 4 - Overall 68.35 - Talent
50,000€ Wage


Potential Available Stats (Time Trial)



Nick Reddish

23 Years Old - XP 3.7 - Potential 5 - Overall 68.22 - Talent
50,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Track-Sprint)



Bilguunjargal Erdenebat

22 Years Old - XP 1.0 - Potential 5 - Overall 66.85 - Talent
55,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Time Trial)



Samuele Menicucci

22 Years Old - XP 1.0 - Potential 3 - Overall 68.25 - Stagiare
10,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Classics)



Zac Williams

24 Years Old - XP - 1.0 - Potential 4 - Overall 66.72 - Stagiare
10,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Track-Sprint)



Jimmy Muhindo

23 Years Old - XP 1.0 - Potential 5 - Overall 66.72 - Stagiare
10,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Cobbles)



Jake Marryatt

23 Years Old - XP 1.0 - Potential 5 - Overall 66.16 - Stagiare
10,000€ Wage


Potential Future Stats (Time Trial)


Countries Represented

4 Riders
1 Rider
1 Rider
1 Rider
1 Rider
1 Rider
4 Riders
6 Riders
1 Rider
1 Rider

Team Transfers

CountryNameToWage PaidClause
Sonomtseren DelgerbayarSPAR - Siam Cement25kMax Rider
Nicholas Schultzbennelong-mitchelton32.5kMax Rider

Max Oste-MacdonaldCarlsberg - Danske BankRider50k
Jimmy MuhindoFree Agency0k10k
Samuele MenicucciFree Agency0k10k
Zac WilliamsFree Agency0k10k
Jake MarryattFree Agency0k10k
Joel YatesFree Agency0k75k
Munkhtulga ErdenesurenFree Agency0k50k
Robert KiserlovskiFree Agency0k110k
Bilguunjargal ErdenebatFree Agency0k55k
Jean-Francois CamierDraft0k0k
Dylan SunderlandDraft0k0k

Nathan HaasCarlsberg - Danske BankRider55k

Edited by Jakstar22 on 18-11-2019 13:36
All Posts somewhat updated! Will be completed over the next few days as we head into transfers Smile Post at will my friends Grin

Team Renewals

A lot to take in but here are the renewals of 2019. Some big cuts. We say goodbye to Timothy Roe, Mustafa Carsi, Lorents Ola Aasvold, Erdenebayar Daspuntsag and Ralf Matzka. Some have made a bigger impact to the team than others. Big blows for the team but we are hoping that we can fill their slots and create a more focused team around a tight group of 3 leaders with a main focus on hills or mountains. We have included safe/not safe as well so keep an eye out and approach us if you're interested. To be honest every rider is available for the right price...

FirstNameWage 2018New Wage 2019DifferenceSafety
MaaniAltanzul €50,000 €70,000 €20,000 Safe
NarankhuuBaterdene €50,000 €50,000 €0 Safe
PiterCampero €90,000 €90,000 €0 Safe
SonomtserenDelgerbayar €50,000 €50,000 €0 Safe
JoshuaEdmondson €200,000 €180,000 €(20,000)Safe
CampellFlakemore €0 €50,000 €50,000 Available
TaylorGunman €75,000 €65,000 €(10,000)Safe
NathanHaas €50,000 €55,000 €5,000 Available
LukeMudgway €0 €50,000 €50,000 Safe
NickReddish €50,000 €50,000 €0 Safe
NicholasSchultz €80,000 €65,000 €(15,000)Yes
MilesScotson €50,000 €50,000 €0 Available
SteeleVon Hoff €100,000 €95,000 €(5,000)Yes

Edited by Jakstar22 on 20-09-2019 01:23
Such a shame to see Gunman confined to the shackles of the CT... Sure he doesn't need a helping hand up?
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing
[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
jandal7 wrote:
Such a shame to see Gunman confined to the shackles of the CT... Sure he doesn't need a helping hand up?

The shackles of helping out the only 100% Kiwi sponsored team :lol: I think he's perfectly happy thank you very much Pfft
I love your commitment to the Kiwi cause, just add a sprinkle of quality to your squad and the promotion places are up for grabs. Good luck Smile
redordead wrote:
I love your commitment to the Kiwi cause, just add a sprinkle of quality to your squad and the promotion places are up for grabs. Good luck Smile

Yes just need some talent in buying riders as well :lol:

Thanks mate!

First Signings

As Free Agency continues going strong, it has been made clear what teams are focusing on. The first announcement of FA signings have come in and we have achieved some great singings. Obviously plans A-Z went out the window almost instantly, however we believe we have some amazing future talents as well as a great new leader!


Joel Yates - 22 Years Old - New Zealand
Potential : 4 - XP : 1.0 - Strength : Hills


Level 168627068707068636164686868

Joel is an incredible Kiwi talent. We are very excited to have a future Kiwi great joining our team and cannot wait to help him excel in the future!!

Bilguunjargal Erdenebat - 22 Years Old - Mongolia
Potential : 5 - XP : 1.0 - Strength : Time Trials

Level 168596269727167515964646770

Bilguunjargal (Bill) is a young Mongolian talent and probably one of the best we have ever found! Bill has an incredible future in the Time Trials and could potentially be one of the best Mongolian cyclists ever!! We hope to help him develop into the best cyclist he possibly can and push him all the way to the PT were he can show the world who he is at the biggest stage!

Munkhtulga Erdenesuren - 27 Years Old - Mongolia
Potential : 4 - XP : 3.0 - Strength : Cobbles

Level 369596159686761716665615961

Munkhtulga (Munk) is not as young as the other 2 talents, however he still has a lot of room to grow! He has the potential to be a strong cobbles domestique and even a leader of a CT cobbles side. We hope to develop him into a strong domestique for any future cobbles leader we pick up over the coming seasons.


This rider has started to slightly decline, however he is still an incredibly strong Stage racer. We hope that with this rider, paired with Campero and hopefully a couple of strong domestique climbers from the CT draft, that we can produce some great results over the course of the season!

Robert Kiserlovski - 33 Years Old - Croatia
Potential : 6 - XP : MAX - Strength : Stage Races



Robert...where to start! He had a cracker of a season last year with Andorra Cycling project and now we have him on our side. A great stage racer who has the ability to be one of the best in the continental division! We hope that he can continue his great season last year and help us turn our dreams of promotion into a reality!

Saying Goodbye Sad

Unfortunately we say goodbye to Nicholas Schultz for a season as he goes home over the ditch to Australia with Bennelong - Mitchelton in order to fully develop! When he returns next season he will be stronger then ever and ready to show what a young Aussie can really do!!

More information to follow!

Stay tuned!
Some great talent pickups here! Kiserlovski should still be very competitive in the CT despite the decline.
AbhishekLFC wrote:
Some great talent pickups here! Kiserlovski should still be very competitive in the CT despite the decline.

Yeh we are really excited for the future!!

Fingers crossed he can still kick it with the best!!
Yellow Jersey
Really happy to see Kiserlovski stay in CT, wish he can help you promote the same way he did with me Smile
Kiserlovski is a big boy, if you can field a team around him he can gie you that final push for promotion. that Mongolian lad looks pretty goodas well
Manager of the greatest team in the world
DK Žalgiris
Another CT team that added a few very talented youngsters to it's team. Kiserlovski is one of the safest bets as a stage racer in CT, looking good Smile
Thanks all! We are very excited to see Kiserlovski in action!!! Especially with the help of Campero in some races. We are also hoping to make a deal or 2 in order to improve our mountain squad (Lets just say its non existent currently). Whether this be through rider swaps or the CT draft we are yet to decide.

We are also very excited to see Bill excel! The young Mongolian has so much better potential then I though tbh. I thought he'd make 76-77 TT/PR. But with high 78/79 TT/PR it opens up new avenues for potential training in the future and perhaps one of the best TT riders in the world one day (with the right training of course)!

Mountain Support!

Once we found out we had in fact signed Robert Kiserlovski, we moved immediately to try and find a stronger mountain squad around him! With Schultz on loan we have found 1 great mountain lieutenant to help Kiserlovski and Campero in the mountains!

Mountain Support

Max Oste-Macdonald - 32 Years Old - Swedish
Potential : 4 - XP : MAX - Strength : Mountains


A great new addition to the squad! However, in order to make this deal we had to say goodbye to Nathan Haas. A great rider however we believe a worthy swap as we have been looking for mountain support! We hope that Max can do great things with the team and look forward to seeing him in action!
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