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Lefevere's Blue Army | S3 | Tour de France
If you haven't figured it out by now, this story will be about Deceuninck - Quick Step starting from the 2019 season.



-DB: World DB 2019, although I've made major edits to the progression (whether it actually affects anything or not, as well as many potentials, and stats, sponsors f.e. )

-Difficulty: Hard (Changed to Extreme for the 2020 Season)

-Crash Ratio: 1.1 (Changed to 0.7 for the 2020 Season)

-Other Rules: I wont abuse the fitness system or the transfer system, I will only make 1 signing per day, I will try to keep signings realistic, will also edit sponsor changes and AI transfers to keep things realistic

How this story will work

This story will not be of the quality you are used to seeing from me (although its been several years), instead it will be more like this. I will play all WT races but non WT races will only get a quick summary if its significant enough. I hope to get through seasons much quicker than a typical story would so one week stage races will also probably be summarized in one post.

Screenshots will also be very uncommon, probably only pictures of race winners, or major events. (I may make fancy posts every once in a while though, perhaps for the classics, since it is Quickstep after all) Essentially, this will be a very casual story. Hopefully, some of you will still follow along, but I understand if some may find it more "boring".

Major Posts

Grand Tour Winners
GiroTour Vuelta
2019i.imgur.com/d8v990K.png Enric Masi.imgur.com/betkhQf.png Chris Froomei.imgur.com/d8v990K.png Enric Mas
2020i.imgur.com/g3JeTWY.png Primoz Roglici.imgur.com/IleHYd2.png Julian Alaphilippei.imgur.com/g3JeTWY.png Primoz Roglic

Classics Winners
2019i.imgur.com/bBBa8EW.png Van Avermaeti.imgur.com/bBBa8EW.png Gilberti.imgur.com/Zgzm14g.png Sagani.imgur.com/d8v990K.png Valverdei.imgur.com/bBBa8EW.png Gilbert
2020i.imgur.com/e2YD8r4.pngGaviriai.imgur.com/1su0uB6.pngStybari.imgur.com/bBBa8EW.pngVanmarckei.imgur.com/IleHYd2.png Alaphilippei.imgur.com/nhqJw1Z.pngD. Martin

Edited by valverde321 on 15-06-2020 18:05
Ian Butler
Like riding a bicycle, huh?

I think it's a great idea and casual updates won't affect the quality of the story, only the pace. And you'd rather have a slow but decent story than quick-paced garbage.

With Quickstep, I agree Hard is the correct difficulty Wink
Story! Smile
Story! Smile

though we need to get the daily db back on the radar it seems Pfft

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Better start the story soon, you're already 13 victories behind Wink
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Good luck, will definitely follow along!!
I'm also planning a story with this team, hope you are ok with it.
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Posted on 01-02-2023 05:06
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@ Ian - Yeah, hopefully! Thanks to PCM Career Explorer I will have the results for basically every race of the season, so even without a lot of screens it should hopefully be easy to read the "important" part of the story, which is the results!

About the difficulty, Im actually quite bad at 18. 15 I would win basically every race, but I think since the switch to the new MO/HIL gameplay Im worse, and will need to get better at it before I move the difficulty up.

@ tsmoha - Banana

@ Croatia - I was very close to using the Daily db, I think the stats are better from a rating perspective, but I ran 3 test careers beforehand and with how progression works now sometimes riders jump up as much as 3-4 in one stat, so a rider like Kelderman could go from the 30th best climber to the best in a very short time. If things get out of hand, I'll actually probably edit certain riders back down a bit, as I find it too much sometimes. The other reason was I wanted to keep my other workshop dbs installed too, mainly the 1994 DB

@ Ollfardh - Thanks, it probably wont take me too long actually Pfft Although I dont know if I will be able to repeat their cobble results so far Smile

@ VoetsT - Yeah, go for it! I look forward to following it! I think with how I plan to do this, it should be different enough anyway.
Good Luck - I will follow as frequently as possible.
2019 Squad

CyclistAgeSalaryContract EndStage RacesSprintsPuncheurCobblesTTAVG
Julian Alaphilippe26151,000.002020Star81
Elia Viviani3088,000.002019Star79
Bob Jungels2662,000.002019StarStarStar79
Philippe Gilbert36104,000.002019Star78
Yves Lampaert2754,000.002019accomplishedBest role78
Enric Mas2446,000.002020Best role77
Fabio Jakobsen2225,000.002019Star77
Zdenek Stybar3343,500.002019Star76
Álvaro José Hodeg2224,000.002020Best role75
Tim Declercq2922,000.002020Best role75
Ariel Maximiliano Richeze3522,000.002019Best role74
Michael Mørkøv3321,000.002019Best role74
Pieter Serry3017,500.002019Best role73
Dries Devenyns3517,000.002019accomplishedBest role73
Petr Vakoc2615,500.002019Best role73
Florian Sénéchal2514,500.002019accomplishedBest role73
Kasper Asgreen2412,000.002019Best role72
Rémi Cavagna238,500.002020accomplishedaccomplishedBest role72
Iljo Keisse368,000.002020Best roleaccomplished71
Fabio Sabatini347,000.002020Best role71
James Knox234,500.002019Best role71
Davide Martinelli254,500.002021Best role71
Eros Capecchi322,500.002019Best roleaccomplishedaccomplished69
Remco Evenepoel192,500.002020accomplishedBest role69
Mikkel Frølich Honoré222,500.002019Best role67

The team is full of very strong riders. Experts believe us to be the 2nd strongest team in the peloton after Team Sky. Viviani will be our strongest sprinter and his main goal of the season will be the Giro d'Italia. Our team isn't without other strong sprinters though! Fabio Jakobsen will support Viviani at the Giro, but then be the sprint leader at the Tour de France. Julian Alaphllippe is our top rider and his main objective will be the Ardennes classics and the Tour de France.

Jungels and Mas are our two GC riders. Mas will ride the Giro and Vuelta, while Jungels will ride the Tour! Jungels will also take part in select cobble classics, as he is a massively talented all-rounder.

Speaking of Cobble classics, Gilbert, Stybar and Lampaert will be our three main leaders for the Flanders season. Depending on the day either one of these guys could win.

Our biggest talent is Remco Evenepoel. He is probably the biggest talent in cycling atm, and we will look to keep him with the team for as long as possible. He could develop into a top classics rider, or a GC rider!

The future of the team looks good! We have great GC riders, and very strong Sprinters in Jakobsen and Hodeg to build around. However, Quickstep has long been known for being a classics team, and with Gilbert and Stybar only getting older, we will need to find new riders to ride the classics. The main goal will be to find the next Tom Boonen. Ideally we would like a rider that can sprint, and is one of the top riders on the cobblestones, so if that means a transfer or developing them ourselves that will be the main priority.

Edited by valverde321 on 06-03-2019 15:50
Ian Butler
A very fun team to play with. Will be interesting to see how you develop Evenepoel Smile

One little remark: Jungels has star in three disciplines, yet Gilbert only has star in cobbles and nothing else in puncher? Not even accomplished? Or am I misinterpreting what you mean? Wink
@ Tamijo - Thanks! Glad to have you on board.

@ Ian - Good catch, I hadn't noticed that. Its just what Career Explorer gave him. Gilbert is actually a 78 in HIL which is 9th best in the db. Its probably to do with their roles in the game. Gilbert's is Northern classics so it probably just says star for Cobbles in CE, while Jungels is stage races so maybe CE can interpret that as star in all 3.
Indeed a bit weird, here Keisse is a sprinter rathen than a cobbler also.

14 wins behind Wink
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
Looks exciting, I will definitely follow. It's always nice to follow a career.
A valverde story... oh man I am following this!
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.: My Awards :.
Interesting to see a story following such a dominant team, but if it means a classics focus from a great story writer I'm in Grin A very fun team to play with as well with super cool riders.

And so as it always is, the hunt for the next Boonen is on! Pfft
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4x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x4
Searching for a new Boonen is like searching for the holy grail. I hope you will find him sooner or later Grin
Nice to see some of the regular faces back in the story section Wink

Good Luck with this mate Smile
@ Ollfardh - Yeah, not sure why some ratings are weird like that.

@ purepasd - Thanks!

@ the hoyle - Great to see you here! Thanks for following!

@ jandal - Yeah, I never used to be as into the classics as the grand tours, but in the last few years I've enjoyed classics a lot more, so I thought I'd try a classics focused team, and Im also a very big fan of Alaphilippe since his Etixx days and Jungels.

@ VoetsT - I hope so too!

@ sutty - I agree! Thanks!
Early Season Results


Tour Down Under 2019

Stage 1
1John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo+00:00
2Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
3Fabio JakobsenDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00

Stage 2
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo+00:00
3Max WalscheidTeam Sunweb+00:00

Stage 3
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
3Philippe GilbertDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00

Stage 4
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo+00:00
3Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00

Stage 5
1Omar FraileAstana Pro Team+00:00
2Michal GolasTeam Sky+00:00
3Jack BauerMitchelton - Scott+00:00

Stage 6
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo+00:00

Final GC
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo+00:20
3Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:36
4Primoz RoglicTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:40
5Philippe GilbertDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:42

The season opener in Australia went decently well for the team. Jokobsen started to find his form in the sprints, taking a podium on Stage 2, and 2 more Top 5's. Gilbert did very well on the toughest stage of the race on Stage 3, also grabbing a 3rd place, however it was not enough to drop Fernando Gaviria the former Quickstep rider, who dominated this years edition of the race! In the end a 5th in the GC is a good result, but we will hope to see less of Gaviria this season or else it could end up being quite a long season!


Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race 2019

1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2John DegenkolbTrek - Segafredo+00:00
3Adam BlytheLotto - Soudal+00:00
4Danny Van PoppelTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
5Jean-Pierre DruckerBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
6Nikias ArndtTeam Sunweb+00:00
7Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
8Oscar GattoBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
9Jacopo GuarnieriGroupama - FDJ+00:00
10Mark RenshawTeam Dimension Data+00:00

Not a great race for us, Gaviria takes another win...


Tour of Oman 2019

Stage 1
1Elia VivianiDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Jasper De BuystLotto - Soudal+00:00

Stage 2
1Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2James KnoxDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
3Geraint ThomasTeam Sky+00:00

Stage 3
1Elia VivianiDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Alexandre GeniezAG2R La Mondiale+00:00

Stage 4
1Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
2Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+00:28
3Alexandre GeniezAG2R La Mondiale+00:28
8Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:49

Stage 5
1Geraint ThomasTeam Sky+00:00
2Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
3Sergio Luis HenaoUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
8Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00

Stage 6
1Elia VivianiDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
2Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
3Geraint ThomasTeam Sky+00:00

Final GC
1Romain BardetAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
2Geraint ThomasTeam Sky+00:26
3Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+00:35
4Chris FroomeTeam Sky+00:44
5Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:44
6Julian AlaphilippeDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:53
7Sam OomenTeam Sunweb+01:05
8Tom DumoulinTeam Sunweb+01:05
9Domenico PozzovivoTeam Bahrain Merida+01:24
10Pierre LatourAG2R La Mondiale+01:36

1Elia VivianiDeceuninck - Quick Step85
2Geraint ThomasTeam Sky85
3Pascal AckermannBORA - hansgrohe83

The Tour of Oman was probably our best race of the year to date! Viviani restored some faith in the team that letting go of Gaviria and replacing him with Viviani was a viable solution. On the steeper finish stages, Alaphilippe was our man, and he took a great win on Stage 2, with the help of Knox, who even held on for 2nd place, probably the biggest result of his career thus far. Stage 4, Julian limited his loses, a great result considering it was a mountain stage and Stage 5 Julian finished in the lead group, consolidating his GC position of 6th. Viviani finished the tour with another win, also putting him into the lead of the points jersey (actually a tie for the lead, but won thanks to his stage wins being the tiebreak).


UAE Tour 2019

Stage 1 (TTT)
Groupama - FDJ+00:00
Mitchelton - Scott+00:03
Deceuninck - Quick Step+00:10

Stage 2
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2Álvaro José HodegDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
3Magnus Cort NielsenAstana Pro Team+00:00

Stage 3
1Chris FroomeTeam Sky+00:00
2Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+00:08
3Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:44
4Tim WellensLotto - Soudal+00:56
5Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:37

Stage 4
1Tim WellensLotto - Soudal+00:00
2Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
3Chris FroomeTeam Sky+00:00

Stage 5
1Fernando GaviriaUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
2Álvaro José HodegDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
3Arnaud DémareGroupama - FDJ+00:00

Stage 6
1Chris FroomeTeam Sky+00:00
2Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00
3Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+00:00
4Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00

Stage 7
1Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits+00:00
2Arnaud DémareGroupama - FDJ+00:00
3Sonny ColbrelliTeam Bahrain Merida+00:00

Final GC
1Chris FroomeTeam Sky+00:00
2Vincenzo NibaliTeam Bahrain Merida+01:16
3Daniel MartinUAE - Team Emirates+01:16
4Bob JungelsDeceuninck - Quick Step+02:17
5Tim WellensLotto - Soudal+02:27

Hodeg and Jungels were our leaders here, and Gaviria again stuck it to us on the second day. Hodeg was able to grab 2nd, in a very tight sprint, half a wheel length between the two, but in the end 2nd place. Jungels was feeling under the weather for the first half of the stage race, so his results on stage 3 given that fact were remarkable! Froome was simply too strong! Jungels managed to finish in a large lead group on stage 4, 8th place on the day, but rather a quiet day from him. Stage 5 was yet again the Gaviria show, with Hodeg taking 2nd again, a win would be nice but Hodeg still getting great results! Stage 6 Jungels finished in the leading group of 4 riders. He was the weakest in the group, but getting the same time was crucial for moving up in the GC, which in the end put him in 4th overall, behind 3 great riders so a solid result altogether.


Omloop Het Niewsblad 2019

1Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
2Wout Van AertTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
3Michael ValgrenTeam Dimension Data+00:00
4Oliver NaesenAG2R La Mondiale+00:00
5Matteo TrentinMitchelton - Scott+01:02
6Jens DebusschereTeam Katusha - Alpecin+01:02
7Ramon SinkeldamGroupama - FDJ+01:02
8Dylan Van BaarleTeam Sky+01:02
9Mads PedersenTrek - Segafredo+01:02
10Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Sky+01:02
11Greg Van AvermaetCCC Team+01:02
12Zdenek StybarDeceuninck - Quick Step+01:02
13Tiesj BenootLotto - Soudal+01:02
14Bert De BackerVital Concept - B&B Hotels+01:02
15Silvan DillierAG2R La Mondiale+03:05

The cobble season opener was not a great one for us. crashes broke up the race and Stybar missed the decisive move made by the leading 4 riders, and did most of the work to chase them down, but in the end his group-mates went past him in the sprint.

Kuurne - Brussel - Kuurne 2019

1Caleb EwanLotto - Soudal+00:00
2Dylan GroenewegenTeam Jumbo - Visma+00:00
3Peter SaganBORA - hansgrohe+00:00
4Elia VivianiDeceuninck - Quick Step+00:00
5Thomas BoudatDirect Energie+00:00
6Timothy DupontWanty - Groupe Gobert+00:00
7Michal KwiatkowskiTeam Sky+00:00
8Mathieu Van der PoelCorendon - Circus+00:00
9Christophe LaporteCofidis, Solutions Crédits+00:00
10Tim MerlierCreafin - TÜV SÜD+00:00

KBK came down to a sprint, and Viviani was close to the win, but he mistimed his sprint somewhat and was just narrowly passed on the line by 3 other very strong sprinters.


Strade Bianche 2019 PREVIEW


Alaphilippe, Valverde, Kwiatkowski

Thomas, Woods, Bardet, Sagan

Wellens, Moscon, Pozzovivo, Formolo, Molard, Gilbert

One of the most exciting races every year, and this year should be no different! Alaphilippe and Gilbert will both be here for our team to try and take the win! Valverde should be the biggest favourite, and you cant count out Michal Kwiatkowski as well as a two time winner of the race in the past.
Gaviria is giving you some headaches, right? Pfft

Still some first wins and solid GC results as well. Looking forward to Strade.
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