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[PCT] Ferrero - Samruk 2017

We are proud to announce that after a very succesful rookie season, during which the team managed to win the Continental Division, we are back looking to take on the Pro Continental Division. The look of the team will stay the same with all our sponsors staying aboard.

Main investor for this project is Samruk-Kazyna is a sovereign conglomerate copletely owned by the State. Their interests include the national Rail and Post services, multiple Oil, Gas and Uranium companies and much more. They'll take on the role of 2nd title sponsor.

Main title sponosr will be the Italian chocolate company Ferrero. They're mainly known for their mythical hazelnut pasta Nutella, of which the team president is a big fan. Some of their other products include Tic Tac, Ferrero Rocher and the Mon Cheri pralines.

We have two other sponors still to present. First of all is our bike sponsor. Italian legend Ernesto Colnago is currently designing our bike himself so we'll present that one in due time.

Then there is the shirt we will be wearing. It's produced by MOA after excellent designing work by Krisa. We can't thank him enough for the wonderful job that he has done for us adapting his original design to be in accordance with MG regulations.

This is it for now. More updates will follow including a review of last season.
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2016 Season Review - Team Goals and Standings

Before the season we set out 5 big goals for the team. 3 of them were reached and we were competitive to reach the other 2.

1. [C2] Tour of Almaty: Win

René Mandri was unfortunately just edged out by Simon Yates in the bunch sprint. The race was just not as hard as we had hoped therefore our leaders stood no chance attacking.

1Simon YatesPodium Ambition4h23'37
2René MandriFerrero - Samruks.t.
3Grega BoleIsostar - Adriatics.t.
4Jempy DruckerIsostar - Adriatics.t.
5Enrico BarbinFerrero - Samruks.t.

2. [C2HC] GP Yekaterinburg: Win


Our second win goal was on a similar route in Yekatarinaburg. This time the finish was uphill therefore Barbin could use his fantastic uphill kick to give us a great win and important goal reached.

1Enrico BarbinFerrero - Samruk5h31'59
2Simon YatesPodium Ambitions.t.
3Gasore HategekaMOL - OMW Petroms.t.
4Matthias KrizekFerrero - Samruks.t.
5Elia FavilliMOL - OMW Petroms.t.

3. [C2] Clasico San Cristobal: Top 5


A goal in the first race of the season is risky and this time it did not pay off. Barbin missed the main attack from the other favourites, managed to join the lead group on the final climb but had no energy left for the sprint and finished only 7th from the 7 man group.

1Gasore HategekaMOL - OMW Petrom5h09'05
2Tom DiggleXero Racing p/b Octagons.t.
3Domenik KlemmeKraftwerk Man Machines.t.
4Gregory HugentoblerSauber Petronas Racings.t.
5Fabio TaborreNew Balances.t.
7Enrico BarbinFerrero - Samruk+ 26

4. [C2HC] Tour de Pologne: Top 5

Barbin rode a strong race but could not edge out Dowsett when it mattered and ultimately finished 2nd. Another goal reached and definitely a very succesfull race for the team with multiple stage wins.

1Alex DowsettLa Poste p/b Mavic29h38'51
2Enrico BarbinFerrero - Samruk+ 4
3Simon YatesPodium Ambition+ 10
4Domenik KlemmeKraftwerk Man Machine+ 28
5Marc De MaarCarlsberg - Danske Bank+ 34

5. Continental Team Standings: Top 10

After a very succesfull transfer season this was what seemed like the easiest goal at the start of the season and this turned out to be right. The team fought hard with Podium Ambition and the Kraftwerk Man Machine but ultimately came out on top and won the Continental Division's team standings. An incredible honour for both team and manager.

1pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk1996
2pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/t3a.pngPodium Ambition1907
3pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/kmm.pngKraftwerk Man Machine1783
4pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/chi.pngChiquita - Universal1515
5pcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/cdb.pngCarlsberg - Danske Bank1439

Enrico Barbin managed to take 2nd in the individual standaings, ultimately only finising 17 points behind winner Tvetcov. Our team's strength apart from Barbin was mainly the depth as we had many riders who managed to score good points in multiple races on different terrains.

1Serghei TvetcovROMpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/yas.pngcycleYorkshire s/b ASDA-Savers554
2Enrico BarbinITApcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk537
3Andreas StauffGERpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/kmm.pngKraftwerk Man Machine472
4Kiril YatsevichRUSpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/spb.pngThe Spark Project p/b Bollé459
5David De la CruzESPpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/tcr.pngTeam Ticos Air Costa Rica445

23Andrei GrivkoUKRpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk246
25Ramunas NavardauskasLTUpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk241
33Marcello PavarinITApcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk186
41Matthias KrizekAUTpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk165
49Filippo PozzatoITApcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk147
63René MandriESTpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk113
75Francesco GavazziITApcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk101
91Alessandro BazzanaITApcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk86
125Jose Vicente ToribioESPpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk56
168Nazar JumabekovKAZpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk33
183Mads WürtzDENpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk29
201William WalkerAUSpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk25
221Juan Pablo ValenciaCOLpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk20
268Andoni BlazquezESPpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk9
334Oleg ZemlyakovKAZpcmdaily.com/files/Micros16/frs.pngFerrero - Samruk2

An overview of all our victories will follow soon!
2016 Season Review: Victories

1. Tour de Langkawi - Stage 8: Toribio
José Vicente Toribio took the team's maiden win when he succesfuly rounded of a break in Langkawi.

2. Euskal Bizikleta - Stage 2: Gavazzi
Francesco Gavazzi showed off his fast finish after a hilly day in the Basque country.

3. Lincoln GP: Pozzato
Still the Olympic Champion at the time, Pippo Pozzato managed to take our first classic win celebrating after a daring attack over the cobbles around Lincoln.

4. Giro del Capo - Stage 6: Gavazzi
Gavazzi once again showed his magnifique sprint after a tough hilly day on the last stage of the Giro del Capo.

5. Tour de Pologne - Stage 1: Pavarin
Pavarin had a quite start to the season but came to live in Poland winning the sprint of a small peloton to take the win in the first stage.

6. Tour de Pologne - Stage 6: Barbin
Team leader Enrico Barbin also managed his first win in Poland, winning the stage 6 uphill dash after great teamwork by Pavarin.[/center]

7. Tour de Slovenie - Stage 5: Bazzana
Bazzana showed why he was brought into the team in Slovenie where he managed to take the last stage after dropping all off his breakaway companions during the hilly final.[/center]

8. USA Pro Cycling Challenge - Stage 6: Gavazzi
It was incredible teamwork from Grivko who lead Francesco Gavazzi to his 3rd stage win over similar terrain in the USAPCC.

9. GP Yekatarinaburg: Barbin
Enrico Barbin took a very important win in Yekatarinaburg besting all his competitors in the final uphill dash.
Ian Butler
Good luck with these new challenges facing this season. Hope we'll meet in some races Smile
You had such an amazing season! Good luck on the next one, I'm jealous of your team base.
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Great season, good luck in the next.
Congratz on a great start! Will be interesting to see what your hilly armada Will look like after this transfer season Smile
.: Manager of :.
.: Hugo Boss :.
Amazing debut season with a great looking jersey. Surely another top performane is in store for you, PCT managers better look out Smile

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Awesome debut season for your team. I love your strategy and look forward to see whether you continue it in PCT. Good luck!
A Big Thank You To All MG Reporters!

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Thanks guys. We'll do our best to continue in the PCT!

2017 Team Goals

The team has chosen 5 goals to reach during the 2017 season in the Pro Continental Division. As you'll see these goals are very similar to last year as we keep our focus on similar races. Two are even in the same race as last year, both races promoted with us to PCT.

1. [C1] Tour of Almaty: Win


Just like last year our home race is our main and most important win goal. Last year this was still a C2 race but then we couldn't reach this goal as Yates outsprinted both Mandri and Barbin in the final sprint. We go again this year with hopefully an even stronger squad but also stronger opposition.

2. [C1] Milano - Torino: Win


One of the most famous hilly classics in the PCT. Every year the top puncheurs battle it out on the colle di Superga. This year we hope we will be up there.

3. [HC] Japan Cup: Top 5


Our 3rd goal in a classic is in another famous PCT race, the HC Japan Cup. This time the goal is not to win but to get a top 5.

4. [C1] Tour de Pologne: Win


Just like Almaty the tour de Pologne also promoted with us and so we choose to use this race as a goal race once more. Last year the goal was to get top 5 and Barbin did just that finishing 2nd overal. Now we aim for more in the PCT. Winning will be hard but we have to try.

5. Pro Continental Team Standings: Top 10

Last year we also set as a goal to reach top 10 and we managed to not only do it but even finished first. This year the goal is once again Top 10 but winning will be as good as impossible. Even reaching this goal will be a very hard task.
2017 Transfer Season

Promotion to the PCT meant the team had a lot of money available for transfers, the wage cap more than doubled but the competition also gets harder so strong additions were necessary to stay competitive.

But before we can talk about the riders joining us we have to say goodbye to 3 riders who will no longer ride for our team. Francesco Gavazzi's contract was not renewed. The Italian sprinter who took 3 victories for us last year is ageing and since becoming a Free Agent no other team has shown any interest so we suppose he'll be retiring. Danish time trial talent Mads Würtz returns home to Greig - Eftel after one year on loan. We hope he has gained valuable experience at our team. Third but not least we sold one of our leaders from last year. Ramunas Navardauskas will be riding for Isostar - Adriatic next year. As you'll read later on we have found a stronger rider with same strenghts as Navardauskas therefore we gave him the opportunity to go to another team where he can still lead and look forward to competing with him.

Navardauskas taking third on the hilly stage in Slovenie last year.

Now we can talk about the riders that joined our team during the transfer season. First of all we signed a leader for the mountains. Sergio Luis Henao Montoya joins us from PT-outfit eBuddy. The Colombian is one of the best climbers in the world and showed that last year finishing 5th in il Giro. This year he moves to us in the PCT where he should be one of the more dominant climbers in the division.

Henao winning stage 11 at the Giro last year. In the final GC he ended up 5th.

The second leader we signed is Mikhail Ignatiev. The Russian timetrialist was out of team after Metinvest disbanded and we managed to sign him in Free Agency. This year he'll be our swiss army knife focusing on TT's and other races where his great all around skills can help him. Along with Mikhail we also signed his brother Dmitriy Ignatiev, also a timetrialer albeit less good. The plan was to send them together to the Duo Differdange but this race sadly no longer takes place.

Ignatiev winning the Isle of Man ITT for the Wiggle team back in 2011.

With Gavazzi being let go we were looking for a new sprinter and we found just the right one in Free Agency. Sascha Modolo is a similar rider as Gavazzi last year, only better. He will be protected just like Andrea Palini. The Italian rider puncheur boosts a very similar skill set as our big star last year Barbin. We hope to create a two way monster this way for the hilly classics as one v one they might not be the best in the division.

Modolo taking one of his two stage wins in last years Volta a Portugal for Strava.

Palini winning a Giro stage for the Good Energy squad in 2015.

Another protected rider that joins us this season is Sergei Kolesnikov. The Russian allrounder comes over from Russian PT powerhouse Tinkoff, where he has made quite a name for himself. He rode all GT's in the last two seasons and finished 12th, 18th, 16th, 14th, 15th and 21st. This shows he has always been a rider you can always trust and this year we hope he can move up a few spots fighting for top 10's in the PCT.

Kolesnikov sprinting to 3rd on stage 7 during the Giro 2016.

Furthermore we also strengthened the depth of our team. Herefore we signed a couple of climbers. French climber Jocelin Maillet has a lot of Pro Tour experience while Kazakh Ulugbek Galiev is more of a wildcard but we feel he'll be stronger in a Kazakh team. Just like Alexandre Shushemoin who comes over from Compal and can help us both in the climbing and hilly department. And we also are taking two Dutch riders on loan from eBuddy. Both Antwan Tolhoek and Jeroen Meijers will be given the necessary experience to become better riders in the future. That should be our team for the coming season, we might still look to sign stagiares but our team is quite big already so will be tough to give them racedays. A full squad roster will be made public when Transfers are officially over.
Nice seeing my former rider Ulugbek has a team this season, nice signings Montoya and Ignatiev.
Thanks Viking. Happy to sign him for cheap as a Kazakh mountain domestique.

2017 Transfer Season: End

We start this update with great news as we've been granted two wild cards for the two biggest Italian races on the Pro Tour Calender. We'll ride both Milano - San Remo and il Giro d'Italia where we'll make our Grand Tour debut. We thank the organisers for this opportunity. Rosters for these races will be made public in the coming weeks.

The transfer season is now officially over. We signed one more rider since our last update. Artem Nych is a very young (22 years old) Russian rouleur that will join the team from August onward as a stagiare. He will give his everything to prove he deserves a full contract for the following season.

That means our squad is now complete and we can start planning where to send which riders during the upcoming season. Here you find a short overview of all our riders.


BarbinEnrico€ 190.000
PaliniAndrea€ 170.000
PavarinMarcello€ 75.000
PozzatoFilippo€ 55.000
ModoloSascha€ 150.000
BazzanaAlessandro€ 56.667
ShushemoinAlexandre€ 50.000
JumabekovNazar€ 50.000
GalievUlugbek€ 50.000
ZemlyakovOleg€ 50.000
IgnatievMikhail€ 450.000
IgnatievDmitriy€ 55.000
KolesnikovSergei€ 100.000
NychArtem€ 25.000
GrivkoAndrei€ 60.000
MandriRené€ 53.333
ToribioJose Vicente€ 50.000
BlazquezAndoni€ 50.000
Henao MontoyaSergio Luis€ 470.000
ValenciaJuan Pablo€ 50.000
KrizekMatthias€ 95.000
WalkerWilliam€ 50.000
MailletJocelin€ 95.000
MeijersJeroen€ 0 (loan)
TolhoekAntwan€ 0 (loan)


lovely squad of several riders I'd want in my team too, especially thinking of Ignatiev and Kolesnikov! With Modolo, Henao and Mountain Depth I am not bold to say that you are high up my promotion ranking.
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Exciting squad, wouldn't be surprised if you make it back-to-back and end up racing in PT next year. Hopefully Modolo can score you consistently points, he had his moments of glory but far too few. Shame about Claeys, could have fit well into your hill squadron.

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
Wow, what a team, should be very exciting to follow your progress in PCT, congratulations! Love Mandri and Bazzana making ends meet for wages Pfft Certainly amongst the promotion discussion, though surely D. Ignatiev and Galiev should be fired for having under 70 hill Pfft
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22/07/21 - quadsas said "I admire you [jandal] so much as a manager, squad builder and a person"
15/08/22 - SotD said "Your [jandal's] humour is overrated"

[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing

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