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[CT] Campari-2017

Team Presentation Campari - Super Dry

General Manager/Team Owner:


Mr. Katsuta was born in Tosu, (鳥栖市) Saga Prefecture (佐賀県, Saga-ken) in the northwest part of the island of Kyushu (九州), Japan, in 1954. After building a business on manufacturing industrial bakery ovens, he now enjoys his otium (and money) building up this team.

Directeur Sportif:

Imelda Chiappa:

Mrs. Chiappa was born in Sotto il Monte (Giovanni XXIII), in Provincia Bergamo, Lombardia, Italy in 1966. She is known for winning silver in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic, in the women's road race.

Coach & Assistant Manager

Tomokazu Fujino

Mr.Fujino was born in 1967 in Tokyo (東京都) Kantō region (関東地方) Honshu (本州) Japan, Mr.Fujino was Japanese National Road Race Champion in 1998 & 1999, he has left a position as general manager for Team Bridgestone Anchor, to join the team. Mr.Fujino has got three years to promote to PCT otherwise he will have to look for another occupation

Creative Directeur: the_hoyle
The_hoyle was born in Lancashire UK, he now lives in Manchester, the_hoyle is multi-award winning graphic artist on PCM.Daily.


Main Sponsors
Campari (Italy) - Asahi (Japan)

Equipment Sponsors:
Colnago (Italy)
Minoura (Japan)
Shimano (Japan)

To prevent unnecessary question from the press regarding short and long-term strategy, rider focus etc. Fujino-san has stated that strategy and tactic’s is a secret and will not be unveiled pre transfers.

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Riders 2017

Edited by Tamijo on 22-06-2018 16:05
Results 2017
Goals 2017
CT Team StandingsTop20
Vuelta al TachiraWin
Tour d'AndorraTop10
Giro del TrentinoTop10
Colombian VenteauxTop10

Vuelta al Tachira 9th edition (Goal:Win)
The 2nd race of the C2 calendar will attract riders fit for many terrains, but the race clash with Great Ocean RC might keep most of the best sprinter occupied elsewhere. The 10 stages is composed by 4 flat, 2 hilly and 4 mountain stages (3 of them very brutal). As it seems quite a few CT teams has a win goal here, it will be tough end exiting for sure.
Latest winners:
2016: Tiago Machado (Porto - Prio)
2015: Emanuele Sella (Siam Cement - Lenovo)
Stages: S1:Gatto 3rd - S4:Cataldo 2nd - S9:Cataldo 2nd
All:Cataldo 4th - U25:Ikibe 3rd

Great Ocean Road Classic 5th edition
The first race on the C2HC will feature all the top sprinters in CT, this may be where we will get the first picture of the best sprinter trains, and the strongest on the last km. The race is quite long, durability may be a factor. Not to mention what happened last year where Connolly won from a late breakaway, after a wild race with crashes and stuff.
Latest winners:
2016: William Connolly (Schuh powered by Wiggle)
2015: Maximiliano Richeze (SanCor Cycling Team)
Evert Verbist 8th.


Gent – Wevelgem 11th edition
Our first season attempt to get in a C1 race, we have no ambitions in a race like this knowing we will face many strong cobbles specialist, we are just here to meet, connect and have a good Belgian beer with PCT teams, not to mention that Evert Verbist especially wanted to race here on home soil.
Latest winners:
2016: Kenneth Vanbilsen (Lierse SK - Pizza Ullo PCTeam)
2015: Maxime Daniel (Team Puma - SAP)
Eduardo Colon 37th.

Giro del Trentino 8th edition (Goal:Top10)
The single most important team goal of the season for various reasons, It is the only goal in Italy, it takes place not far from Imelda Chiappa home in Calusco d'Adda, and not too far from Campari’s HQ in Milano either. Not only the sponsors but every single one of the riders wants to ride and make results in this race. The challenge for us will be the relative long TT, we may well lose some time there, hoping to take some of that back in the mountains.
Latest winners:
2016: Florentino Marquez (SanCor)
2015: Winner Anacona (DeLaval - Kiitokori)
GC: Dario Cataldo 6th Estifanos Kebede 10th.
Team: Campari - Super Dry Win

Geraardsbergen-Bosberg 3th edition
The combination of steep punchy roads and cobbles do not suit our squad, this combined with February temperatures and likely rain, we may have to do our best to discipline the riders not to call in sick or just hang in the gruppetto from km 10 onwards, we always expect our riders to perform to their best, even against all odds.
Latest winners:
2016: Kenny De Haes (Chiquita - Universal)
2015: Sebastian Langeveld (Strava)
Eduardo Colon 15th

Tour of Almaty 2nd edition
This rather long hilly race was a last minute update to our calendar, missing out on our planned participation in East Java. We do not generally expect to do well in C1 races but you never know, and we will bring our A-squad to the race.
Previous winner:
2016: Simon Yates (Podium Ambition)
Oscar Gatto 14th.

Gisborne GP 5th edition
The very long undulated race, will be the first test to show how much we can expect from our hill specialists, retrospectively we regret not to have chosen this race as a goal, we may be able to do better here, than in some of the races we have chosen. We hope to make some important points here anyway.
Latest winners:
2016: Kenny De Haes (Chiquita - Universal)
2015: Sebastian Langeveld (Strava)
Andrii Bratashcuk 11th


Bayern Rundfahrt 8th edition
A race with a relative long TT, will not suit us regarding the GC, So we have to hope for some results in the sprints, or the lucky punch from a breakaway.
Latest winners:
2016: Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Netia - Norske Skog)
2015: Kristjan Koren (Gazelle)
Manuel Belletti 42th

Tour of Romandie 11th edition
A longshot, hard to see retrospectivly what we are doing in a race like this, way to much time trail. Expect nothing from this race.
Latest winners:
2016: Thomas Dekker (Compal - Merida)
2015: Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Evonik - ELKO)
Estifanos Kebede 16th

Kuurne - Bruxelles - Kuurne 8th edition
With a weak result in Geraardsbergen-Bosberg we hope to see a top 10 or better from this race, less hilly should improve our options.
Latest winners:
2016: Thomas Dekker (Compal - Merida)
2015: Luis Leon Sanchez Gil (Evonik - ELKO)
Eduardo Colon 9th


San Marino Hill Classic 2nd edition
Andrii Bratashcuk leading with Rocchetti as backup, we have a fine puncher setup here, only question will be how much mountain climbing will come into play. We expect to get some points out of this one.
Latest winners:
2016: Moris Possoni (Team Ticos Air Costa Rica)
Federico Rocchetti WIN

Tour de Langkawi 10th edition
Cataldo leading with Kebede as lieutenant, we expect a result within top 5-8, basically this is the April race to score us some solid points. Very few TT km’s can only be a good thing. Our Domestics have not been very active in breakaway would like to see riders like Sisira and Matsumoto try something on the many flat stages as we have a week sprint setup.

Latest winners:
2016: Martin Hacecký (Kraftwerk Man Machine)
2015: Darwin Atapuma (Indosat-ANZ)
GC: Dario Cataldo 8th.


U23 Puncheur Classic 1th edition
Samuel Ssabagwanya 50th

Euskal Bizikleta 5th edition

Andrii Bratashcuk will be leading the squad in Basque Country, he haven’t had any success in the hills so far this season and we hope to see a breakthrough in this race.

We have also got Federico Rocchetti who has already taken a win in San Marino Hill Classic from a breakaway, he is a fighter specialized in hilly races and may attempt something again. We hope he will fight for a good KoM.

Latest winners:
2016: Domenik Klemme (Kraftwerk Man Machine)
2011: Juan José Cobo (Santander)
Stages: S2:Belletti 2nd - S4:Bratashcuk 2nd
All: Bratashcuk WIN - Points: Bratashcuk 4th - U25:Bratashcuk WIN

Tour du Faso 9th edition
Evert Verbist will the our solo hope in this race, Tour du Faso is a brutal race with extreme long cobbled sections, in a desert like setting. Verbist should be quite strong under these conditions would be dissapointed not to top 10 this race.

Eduardo Colon is out outsider to do something here, would be good to se him collect just a few points.

Latest winners:
2016: Geraint Thomas (Podium Ambitions)
2015: Andzs Flaksis (Evonik - ELKO)
Stages: S2:Matsumoto 2nd - S3:Verbist 2nd
All:Verbist 5th


Lillestrom GP 1st edition
Evert Verbist and Oscar Gatto will attempt each with their different ability to get a result here. We hope to see Verbist in top 10 and Gatto in top 15
Colon Eduardo as always our outsider in these races, any small points coming from him would be a nice bonus, also an early attack from Yosukue Matsumoto to get some extra TV time would be appreciated, waving the Campari Super Dry colours and pleasing his Japanese fanbase.
Latest winners:
First edition
Oscar Gatto 26th

Costa Rican Mountain Classic 1st edition
We will need all the luck we can get to make it into points territory in this one.
The best shot we got is that Cataldo or Estifanos Kebede from a breakaway, somehow holding the best behind them long enough to get something from the race.
Latest winners:
First edition
Dario Cataldo 16th

Circulo de Juarez 4th edition
We got Oscar Gatto in the race, but with no uphill finish not likely to get much from this race.
Latest winners:
2016: Ricki Nelson (Podium Ambition)
2015: Anthony Lavoine (Fablok - Dunlop)
Yosukue Matsumoto 35th

Tour de Slovenie 9th edition
We got Andrii Bratashcuk, Estifanos Kebede and Oscar Gatto in this race, with a long TT we can only hope for some stage results.
Latest winners:
2016: Kiril Yatsevich (The Spark Project p/b Bollé)
2015: Pierre Rolland (Generali - Kronenbourg 1664)
Estifanos Kebede 62th

Tour d'Andorra 5th edition (Goal:Top10)
We got Dario Cataldo and Estifanos Kebede with a goal of a top ten, should be achievable with lots of uphill km and just one relative short undulated TT.
Latest winners:
2016: Andrei Amador (Team UBS)
2015: Martijn Keizer (Aegon - Lavazza)
Stages: S3: Cataldo WIN – S5: Cataldo 3rd
GC: Cataldo 4th


Tour de San Luis 8th edition
We got a weak squad for this race, only Oscar Gatto with some potential to run away with some stage result.
Latest winners:
2016: Rui Costa (Hugo Boss)
2015: Mauricio Soler (Alpina - Avianca)
GC: Rosa 60th

Tour of Bulgaria 4th edition
This will be all about mountain, we hope to see a good result from Dario Cataldo and maybe also something from Estifanos Kebede. We will lose some time in the ITT, but many other climbers will have the same issue.
Latest winners:
2016: Serghei Tvetcov (cycleYorkshire s/b ASDA-Savers)
2015: Florentino Marquez (Bank of Ireland - Irish Cycling)
Stage: S2:Sisira 2nd
GC:Cataldo 7th

U23 Sprinter's Classic
The U23 sprinter will take place on the Paris-Tours course.
We will participate with Thomas Boudat, Ha Jeon Jung, Samuel Ssabagwanya and Yosukue Matsumoto.
We have no expectations in this race
Ssabagwanya 19th


Benelux Challenge 4th edition
Oscar Gatto will be out leader, we hope to see his combination of sprint and punch finaly paying off in this race, Evert Verbist also here for the cobbles but without punch we haven’t got the high hopes in him.
Latest winners:
2016 Gregory Hugentobler (Sauber Petronas Racing)
2015: Marc De Maar (Carlsberg - Danske Bank)
GC: Gatto 9th
Points: Gatto 2nd

Grands Prix Cyclistes 6th edition
from 2011-2014 the race was two separate one day races
Andrii Bratashcuk will be out leader, Federico Rocchetti out best hope for an outsider.
Latest winners:
2016: Tomohiro Kinoshita (Meiji - JR East)
2015: Wilco Kelderman (Team Puma - SAP)
GC: Andrii Bratashcuk 10th
U25: Andrii Bratashcuk Win

Tour de l'Avenir
We have set up a joined roster with Repsol – Honda, riding as Campari – Repsol under the Repsol colors. Our riders will be Ssabagwanya, Matsumoto, Jung and Boudat.
We have no expectations in this race.
Latest winners:
2016 Merhawi Kudus (Kenya Airways - Dimension Data)
2015 Lachlan Morton (Oz Cycling Project)
25th Samuel Ssabagwanya


Paris – Tours 11th edition
Oscar Gatto will be out leader, we know that it will be hard against all the best CT sprinters, but hope to see him at least try to sprint here.
Latest winners:
2016: Sebastian Langeveld (Strava)
2015: Dylan Groenewegen (Aegon Lavazza)
Evert Verbist 28th

Tour of Britain 10 edition
Andrii Bratashcuk and Estifanos Kebede will be our GC hopes, with Manuel Belletti as sprinter. Federico Rocchetti the fighter hope for a breakaway surprise.
Latest winners:
2016: Tomohiro Kinoshita (Meiji - JR East)
2015: Hassen Ben Nasser (Team Kenya Airways)
Stages: S2:Belletti 3rd - S7:Kebede 3rd
All:Kebede 8th - KoM:Rocchetti 3rd - U25:Bratashcuk WIN

Tour of Japan 9th edition
Even though we will fight against the odds in Japan, this is a very important race for Asahi, Dario Cataldo will be here, he won the race in 2015 came 9th last year.
Also out local riders Sota Ikibe and Yosukue Matsumoto will be here.
Latest winners:
2016: Damiano Cunego (VisitUkraine p/b Nemiroff)
2015: Dario Cataldo (Team Vontobel)
Stages: S6: Ssabagwanya 2nd
All: Cataldo 7th - KoM: Ssabagwanya WIN

Milano - Torino 9th edition
Andrii Bratashcuk will be our leader in this race, Federico Rocchetti our best option either to breakaway and get a head start on the climbs, or as a helper as far as he can.
Latest winners:
2016: Chris Froome (Arrinera)
2015: Jay MacCarthy (Bank of Ireland - Irish Cycling)
Andrii Bratashcuk 32nd


Colombian Venteaux 3rd edition
The final goal race of the season, Dario Cataldo leading, haven’t got Kebede this time so Edoardo Girardi and Asela Sisira will be the domestic support helping at the first part of the climb.
Latest winners:
2016: Chris Froome (Arrinera)
2015: Jay MacCarthy (Bank of Ireland - Irish Cycling)
Dario Cataldo 6th

Course de Solidarnosc 2th edition
A weak squad with Manuel Belletti as sprinter, our best option will be breakaways Evert Verbist, Federico Rocchetti or Yosukue Matsumoto may well try that.
Latest winner:
2016: Jonas Ahlstrand (Spotify - Haglöfs)
Evert Verbist - 43th

Zuri Metzgete 8th edition
Andrii Bratashcuk our leader if it comes down to a few punchers aiming for the line, Oscar Gatto if it ends in a reduced bunch sprint. On a perfect day Diego Rosa might do some damage from an early attack.
Latest winners:
2016: Kim Michely (MOL - OMW Petrom)
2015: Marc De Maar (Carlsberg - Danske Bank)
Andrii Bratashcuk 11th

Edited by Tamijo on 20-07-2018 13:40
Our fellow new boys are going hush-hush to start the season. Whatever works for you! All the best Grin

Love the simplicity of your bright jersey. You know I'll be following with interest Wink
Calender LATE SEASON 2018

Edited by Tamijo on 22-06-2018 16:09
Creative Directeur: the_hoyle (origin unknown) Pfft

Born in Lancashire UK, now lives in Manchester, the_hoyle is multi-award winning graphic artist on PCM.Daily.

How is that?
.: Manager of :.
pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2018/Micro/mg18_gcn.png GCN ProTeam [MG] pcmdaily.com/images/mg/2018/Micro/mg18_gcn.png
.: My Awards :.
the_hoyle wrote:
Creative Directeur: the_hoyle (origin unknown) Pfft

Born in Lancashire UK, now lives in Manchester, the_hoyle is multi-award winning graphic artist on PCM.Daily.

How is that?

Updated Wink
Nice looking shirt. I like the retro look. Also nice to see another player from Japan, as there are a lot of strong japanese riders collected in one team as it is now.

Beautiful jersey, lovely HQ, nice team presentation. Good luck in CT, I'm sure you'll be one of the best additions to this little game.
Unleash the Landa!

"It’s a little bit scary when Contador attacks." - Tommy V
"Landismo never dies" - Landa

Nice work on the jersey from the_hoyle yet again Wink
Great jersey, great HQ, great backstory. Nice!
A Big Thank You To All MG And ICL Reporters!
And To All Who Organize Something On Daily As Well!

Quick random question, is there any team without the_hoyle jerseys this season? He should've surpassed ANFreeman level now
Thanks for all the comments, just can't wait for the racing to begin.

ya I know will be a while Wink
Very clean kit and HQ here, and I like your style of not giving too much away. We'll have to get some Campari into Katsuta-san, maybe he'll let a few plans slip.
Clean looking presentation Tamijo, good job Smile
Nice introduction, will look forward to you guys this season. Hoyle has done a very very nice job with that jersey, will look very nice in the peloton Grin
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing
[CX] Listerijns & Kiwis

3x i.imgur.com/wM6Wok5.png x3
thanks everyone
Heine wrote:
Quick random question, is there any team without the_hoyle jerseys this season? He should've surpassed ANFreeman level now

I've still got a Deksel Jersey, but it does feel like everyone else has one by The Hoyle.

The Campri Jersey is really nice and I agree with SotD that the retro feel to it is really nice.
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