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Reunited: Euskaltel Team
Reunited: Team Euskaltel - A Hybrid Story


Main protagonists

Samuel Sanchez
Mikel Nieve
Igor Anton


Main Protagonists
Riders Reports from Races
TV coverages


game: PCM 16
difficulty: hard
database: PCM.daily EP 2016


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The Mates

Samuel Sanchez37Captain
Mikel Nieve31Captain
Igor Anton32Captain
Benat Intxausti29Captain
Juan Jose Lobato27Captain
Haimar Zubeldia38Lieutenant
David Lopez34Lieutenant
Amets Txurruka33Lieutenant
Omar Fraile25Super-Domestique
Pello Bilbao25Super-Domestique
Victor de la Parte29Super-Domestique
Romain Sicard27Super-Domestique
Markel Irizar35Domestique
Egoitz Garcia29Domestique
Jon Aberasturi26Domestique
Arkaitz Duran29Domestique
Ricardo Garcia27Domestique
Julen Amezqueta22Promising Talent
Jonathan Lastra22Promising Talent
Jon Irisarri20Promising Talent
Oscar Pelegri21Talent
Jokin Etxabe21Talent
Jaume Sureda19Talent
Fran Perez19Talent
Fernando Barcelo19Talent
Miguel Fernandez18Talent

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The Future


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The Achievements

3rdJuan Jose LobatoTour Down Under: Stage 2www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
1stIgor AntonTour de San Luis: Stage 6www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
1stIgor AntonTour de San Luis: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
-Jonathan LastraMallorca Challenge: 4/4 Breakawayswww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
3rdJuan Jose LobatoTour of Qatar: Stage 3www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
5thJuan Jose LobatoTour of Qatar: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
1stPello BilbaoVuelta Valenciana: Stage 5www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
3rdIgor AntonVuelta Valenciana: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
6thJuan Jose LobatoClasica de Almeriawww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
4thJonathan LastraRuta del Sol: Stage 4www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
7thSamuel SanchezRuta del Sol: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
9thPello BilbaoClassic Sud Ardechewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
3rdSamuel SanchezStrade Bianchiwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
1stSamuel SanchezTirreno - Adriatico: Stage 6www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-5.gif
-Oscar PelegriMilan - San Remo: Breakawaywww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
2ndSamuel SanchezMilan - San Remowww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-5.gif
3rdOmar FraileClassic Loire Atlantiquewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
8thJulen AmezquetaClassic Loire Atlantiquewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
9thJonathan LastraClassic Loire Atlantiquewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
8thPello BilbaoCholet - Pays De Loirewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
5thIgor AntonVolta Catalunya: Stage 4www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
2ndDavid LopezVolta Catalunya: Stage 5www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
8thIgor AntonVolta Catalunya: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
18.Haimar ZubeldiaVolta Catalunya: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
3rdAmets TxurrukaVolta Catalunya: KOM Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
16.Egoitz GarciaGent - Wevelgemwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
22.Samuel SanchezRonde van Vlaanderenwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
3rdPello BilbaoVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 1www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
7thRicardo GarciaVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 1www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
9thJonathan LastraVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 1www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
5thIgor AntonVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 2www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
1stRicardo GarciaVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 3www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-5.gif
9thIgor AntonVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 4www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
1stMikel NieveVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 5www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-5.gif
7thDavid LopezVuelta al Pais Vasco: Stage 6www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
9thIgor AntonVuelta al Pais Vasco: General Clas.www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
2ndMikel NieveVuelta al Pais Vasco: KOM Clas.www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
9thPello BilbaoAmstel Gold Racewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
21.Ricardo GarciaAmstel Gold Racewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
11.Mikel NieveLa Fleche Wallonnewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
23.Jonathan LastraLa Fleche Wallonnewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
8thSamuel SanchezLiege - Bastogne - Liegewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
18.Mikel NieveLiege - Bastogne - Liegewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
1stJuan Jose LobatoVuelta Castilla y Leon: Stage 2www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
3rdVictor dela ParteVuelta Castilla y Leon: General Clas.www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
4thDavid LopezVuelta Castilla y Leon: General Clas.www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
8thJulen AmezquetaVuelta Castilla y Leon: General Clas.www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
3rdIgor AntonGiro del Trentino: Stage 2www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
6thIgor AntonGiro del Trentino: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
2ndJuan Jose LobatoTour of Croatia: Stage 3www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
1stJuan Jose LobatoTour of Croatia: Stage 6www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
2ndJuan Jose LobatoTour of Croatia: Points Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
3rdSamuel SanchezVuelta Asturias: Stage 3www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
4thSamuel SanchezVuelta Asturias: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
8thOmar FraileVuelta Asturias: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
12.Ion IrisarriRund um den Finanzplatzwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
4thIgor AntonTour de Romandie: Stage 4www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
9thIgor AntonTour de Romandie: General Clas.www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
3rdIgor AntonGiro d'Italia: Stage 14www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
9thIgor AntonGiro d'Italia: Stage 16www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
5thPello BilbaoGiro d'Italia: Stage 18www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
4thIgor AntonGiro d'Italia: Stage 19www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
2ndIgor AntonGiro d'Italia: Stage 20www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
8thIgor AntonGiro d'Italia: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
24.Omar FraileGiro d'Italia: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
6thJulen AmezquetaGiro d'Italia: KOM Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
-Julen AmezquetaGiro d'Italia: Multiple breakawayswww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
-Amets TxurrukaGiro d'Italia: Multiple breakawayswww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
1stJuan Jose LobatoVuelta Madrid: Stage 1www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-3.gif
4thJuan Jose LobatoVuelta Madrid: Stage 2www.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
2ndJuan Jose LobatoVuelta Madrid: General Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif
2ndJuan Jose LobatoVuelta Madrid: Points Classificationwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
5thJuan Jose LobatoGrand Prix de la Sommewww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
8thJuan Jose LobatoGrand Prix de Plumelecwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-1.gif
1stJuan Jose LobatoBoucles de l'Aulne - Chateaulinwww.rockclimbing.com/images/global/icons/stars-5-2.gif

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The Journey

Introduction - Part 1
Introduction - Part 2
Introduction - Part 3
Presentation - Part 1
Presentation - Part 2
Presentation - Part 3
Rider Announcement
Rider Announcement - Part 2
Rider Announcement - Part 3
Training Camp
Basque Cycling News
First Squads
Jersey spotted
Tour opener
Down Under Results
San Luis success
Mallorca Challenge
Early February
Early February 2
The next steps
Hasiberris on debut tour
Intxausti out long?
Catalunya & Samu and the classics
Pais Vasco Part 1
Pais Vasco Part 2
Ardennes Classics
Giro Preperation
2nd Rest Day Giro
Giro finished
May Round-Up
Nieve's Tour Preperation
First step towards better times
The GC fight sharpenes
Rest Day necessary
The week of truth
The decicive stage?
Can Samu save the Tour?
The last chance
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A:"Guys, it┬┤s great to have you back here again."

B:"Yeah, we┬┤re back where all began. It has been some time. And what a time it was."

C:"I guess it┬┤s a good place to see you again where we started up. I mean not exactly, but where we found our path together. Where we all started our rise."

B:"Some said that we were three of a kind that belonged together. We┬┤re all different but somehow they┬┤re right. At least with the second point. It has been too long."

A:"Looking at what you did lately you can┬┤t be too wrong with that. It's been too long since you were competitive. Time to burn some fat mate."

B:"Oh fuck off grandpa. You used to be retired since a long time. Turn back the clock if you want to stand a chance against me."

C:"Wow you┬┤re going nowhere. It┬┤s clear to say that I would beat both of you on a cold windy night in Stoke and in the heat of the Green Mountain."

A:"Seems like slavery has done something horrible to your brain. We didn┬┤t came to show off but to discuss further how we'll do the big thing."

C:"Man let us enjoy the joking on the fatty. We have the whole day and a long path until the big thing starts. Well at least hopefully, otherwise we can scrap the whole thing because a small bump will completely exhaust the fatty."

B:"My heaven, stop that shit. We┬┤ve got half a year left and are already far into planning. And to calm you guys down my planning contains not only strengthening our project, but also some massive training blocks. I┬┤m pumped. I┬┤m hyped. I┬┤ll be back. And before you┬┤ve realized you both lose my wheel on a rainy day in the Ardennes. But wait and see!"

A:"Seeing you have a talk about the Ardennes make me laugh, but that's another point. I like where we came so far. Progress on every corner of the project is done. We┬┤re in time. They┬┤ll all be surprised when they see the three of us back together..."

Edited by Croatia14 on 02-08-2016 11:37
Great to see that you are back! Good luck Grin
It┬┤s clear to say that I would beat both of you on a cold windy night in Stoke and in the heat of the Green Mountain.

good one Grin


seems interesting, will be following
Thank you Andy for everything!


Thanks to the_hoyle for banner!
Back with a new story I see!! Gonna be following Grin
Good luck with the story! Grin Interesting start so far. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
30/12/14 - matt17br said "Sutty's birthday is more important than [Jesus' Birthday]"
[ICL] Santos-Euskadi | The Life And Times | [PCT] i.imgur.com/c85NSl6.png Xero Racing p/b Octagon
[CX] Listerijns & BoK

Thank you all for your nice words and interest! A next episode soon to come Smile
Good luck,
Fine idea with the anonymous dialogue.

Have no clue so far Frown

If you're interested in weird music:
Introduction - Part 2
October 2015

A:"Funny how we never managed to finish a race together this year."

B:"But it was only one race where we had the opportunity to do so."

C:"Well grandpa needs his breaks. It was nearly the only time he showed up this season."

A:"It was nice as long as it lasted - than our beloved fat man right beneath me didn┬┤t manage to start on the last freakin time trial."

C:"I┬┤d guess there was a weight check-up before the stage and his DS told him that he┬┤s fear of his material when such a heavyweight sits up on it."

B:"Don┬┤t you dare compare me to Betancur again. I mean he is a nice guy, but he is really fat cyclist. I am not. I┬┤m working on my form."

C:"That┬┤s really, really sad to hear for a guy that used to be part of a dangerous trio and doesn┬┤t manage to recieve a single UCI point from the Giro on. So choose between bad or fat."

A:"Don┬┤t be too hard on him. I know his team-manager, he┬┤s a dickhead. I would have never ever raced for him. And especially not the way you did mate. But next season that will be over. 2016 will be our season. 2016 will be your season. Only if you lose some weight of course. Otherwise you┬┤ll slave for the slave."

B::"No way, he needs to show off on his own first. He hardly won a battle against me looking at the past."

C:"Oh yes, I┬┤ll show our fatman on whose side he should ride. We┬┤re not looking at the past, we┬┤re looking at the future. Time to break out from slavery. Time to be on my own again. Time to be free. Cycling is so much more than receiving the highest price money. Cycling should be freedom. I regret to have signed at the factory. I became better and better, but when could I go on my own? My only use was doing exact watts for a specific amount of time and then swing off and chill. That┬┤s not what our sport is about. Cycling is about love. Cycling is about the passion to attack. Cycling is about the cheers and claps you get when you drill attacks. When you risk everything and kill yourself in it. I want that back. I want our fans back, the greatest of all time."

A:"We┬┤ll get that back. If we the team is in shape they┬┤ll feel the passion. If we start a fire they┬┤ll be our flames. And remember, the fans will remember. They might even remember our fatty when he was thin and strong. We┬┤re on a mission for us, but also for the fans. Still they trust in our strength, still they stand on the roadsides. We need to pay that back. And therefore we have to work harded than ever for the big thing. To find the extra 2% that┬┤s making us great. Or to find a decent fatburner that┬┤s not considered as doping.

B:"Wise mans words, but old mans words. Still I won┬┤t tell a different story. Well by the way, I can tell you a little anecdote. You know, if planning the big thing wouldn┬┤t have happened I would┬┤ve done a new adventure. I was pretty deep into a project that┬┤s really interesting. They trusted in me, and they had no guy of my kind. But you are the guys with whom I became good. And still grandpa, I┬┤ve learned so much from you. How could I regret to be part of this project? How could I refuse the plan? There is no way. Let┬┤s start the reconquista of our fans...

Edited by Croatia14 on 04-08-2016 10:32
Introduction - Part 3
November 2015

As time flies our protagonists had much work to do. They focussed on having many talks with possible sponsors as well as relevant names to raise the possibilities of starting their project: The big thing. They met again in November in Augsburg, Germany.

B:"That was great to watch. These guys know how to fight, that┬┤s our spirit. They are kind of what we used to be in cycling."

A:"Well firstly we have to find the right support. I've talked to a lot of guys. But you know how it is, they like our project but haven't got the funds over to sponsor our project. Even these guys here can think of a partnership, but not financial wise."

C:"The only good thing about this is how they fight for each other. Otherwise this is not the sport we are doing. It's a difference between being fully commercial or doing sports for passion first and for money secondary. Both sides were some nice examples of sports manner, but sadly rare in these days and even moer in that sport."

A:"But you can't say cycling is different. Why do guys sign for Sky in these days when they are not capable of being World Tour crackers? Or for Astana? All these wasted guys riding there currently: K├Ânig, Roche, next year even Mikel Landa."

B:"And that's a disgrace. He is just amazing. But guys like him forgot their roots. Why would you go to Sky if you could lead a team at many other places? I mean Lampre, Orica, Giant or many more. He'll waste himself there. He's like you."

C:"I agree. But I┬┤ve learned from that. Nowadays I wouldn't do the same thing again. it's time to give these learned experiences to some younger guys."

A:"Being a mentor is tough. I┬┤ve tried to be that for several guys in my career, most of them had to learn it the hard way though. If your contract expires you can choose between the most money and the best perspectives. And let me remind you that both of you went for the first. At least you, our mate could┬┤ve lead on hard terrain - but then he discovered Beacon Fizzers and the trick was played. Now going back to the roots you guys finally learned, but both of yours have been a Nicolas, a Mikel, a Leopold or call them whoever you want."

C:"Well you haven┬┤t had the problem that your team suddenly tells you that you won┬┤t get a new contract while you're in your prime, so it's easy to talk like that. Yes you were a great mentor, and yes, you were right telling me to follow my feels - but you haven┬┤t had that situation. And let me remind you of the story that you were the guy of us that was the nearest to retire due to not getting a contract."

A:"Let me remind you of something I've already told. Cycling is not about getting paid. Cycling is about being competetive in a way you feel confident, and cycling is about getting your freedom to ride for love. Firstly I haven┬┤t had offers that would've covered both points, but then a late thing came which I felt like being worth a try. Back then I didn't regret it, and nowadays I still don't. But this now is a different story - something fully hearted. I doubt that I make it for more than one season. Then it's time for you to step in my role, so that I feel comfortably in stepping back. So get your arses on your bikes and become great again!"
Presentation - Part 1
December 2015

The day, where "The big thing" should start, has arrived. Our 3 main protagonists present themselves in the spotlight of their annoucing press conference. A moderator calls the initiatior of this project up the podium.

Thank you for joining us on this evening of a beautiful winter day. Today should be a big day for cycling in this region, though the snowy conditions out here might not suggest that. Please everyone, have a warm welcome for the former olympic road race champion, Samuel Sanchez.

Samu: First of all I'd like to thank you, our audience today, for coming here. We are proud to fill a room like this despite our politics of keeping our mouths shut until everything is set. Then I am thankful to Jose Antonio, announcing us well here and giving us the opportunity to use the room here in the Fernando Buesa Arena. Now let me tell you who came here with me tonight. Let's welcome Giro- and Vuelta stage winner Igor Anton!

Anton: Cheers to Samu and you guys. I'm glad to be here as Vitoria-Gasteiz always plaed a central part in my cycling career. Back in Euskaltel times where the team sat in Derio we often started our long trips from here. Speaking of these times, I'm more than happy to tell you that a third guy from these days is with us today. He also won stages at the Giro and the Vuelta, and his name is Mikel Nieve.

Nieve: You can't tell what this whole thing means to me. The atmosphere of coming home is great to feel after these two years gone. Now to the technical points: The responsibility for this will equally lie on my shoulders as well as on Samu and Igor. We three planned this for a long time now, and finally we can tell that we have enough sponsors and cyclists together for bringing back something this sport needs to have. A professional cycling team based here, in the heart of the basque country...


More of the press conference to come soon...
& cheers to jandal, who got the main protagonists right after hours of talks, intelligent questions and good guesses finding the small hints given
Presentation - Part 2
December 2015

The room got darkened a little, and some glorious moment of the past are shown in a slideshow. You see the 3 guys storming up the climbs in orange; a special emotional flair is in the air during the presentation. The slideshow ends with the picture that closed out the previous episode.

Samu: I don't know if it was just me, but I had some chills upon my arms seeing these nostalgic moments. Both men sitting left and right from me here got some jokes on their latest performances, and I know myself that I haven't been the guy I was back in Euskaltel-Euskadi times as well. This new start might be the chance to turn back the clock for us.

In the meantime Anton left the room going back into the locker rooms, where normally the host players of Laboral Kutxa Vittoria Gasteiz heat up for a game.

Nieve: Well maybe we shouldn't call it new start, but call it restart then. Cause like you might have guessed by choosing the position and the actors of this press conference, the "big thing" will have it's ground here in the Basque Country. Get your nostalgic feelings on and watch Igor now presenting our jersey for the 2016 season:

Anton comes back inside the presentation room, with full outfits on. He puts a jersey on top of the podest, allocated in direction of the listening croud.


Anton: Yes, you see it right. We will be back in orange, back in Euskaltel shirts. You might remember the day when we knew everything was over? When we even had to sell our team busses just to finish the season? This was the worst day of my life. Now we are here to make up for a whole of a region what should be a country. We are here to make you, who trusted into us and supported the orange of Euskaltel, proud of your cyclists and your country again.

Nieve: And for doing that we aimed for nothing more than the top. We know that our budget might not be World Tour worthy, but we'll still try it. Our spirit of racing will make up for that.We want to compete in the best races, and that made the UCI accept our applying for a World Tour spot. We have a Basque World Tour team again ladies and gentleman: Team Euskaltel.

Samu: It's not everything like it was though, as the Fundacion Euskadi won't be able to put as much money as in the earlier days into this. Therefore we managed to acquire Kutxabank as a bigger sponsor; the two of these will share the role of the much needed big "second sponsor" besides Euskaltel. Again, Orbea and Catlike will be the main supplier for accecoires and put some further money into this.
This will be the fundament on what we base the first season on. It's guaranteed that this project will last at least one season, but we are very optimistic for plenty more. Still we are looking for some minor partnerships to increase our budget though and make stuff even more competitive.

The press conference takes a small break. Soon it will continue, and the new Team Euskaltel will reveal some more information about the project.

Prepare for the squad presentation! Guessing some names for the team is very appreciated though, maybe we could spice up some discussions here like this.

Again, huge thanks to the_fantastic_hoyle for creating the jersey for this story. He managed to perfectly fusion my ideas with his graphical skills and thoughts on my plans, so that I can now proudly present this beautiful jersey. It's a pleasure to have such a fantastic designer on your side when planning a story.
Amets Txurruka
Omar Fraile
and the Izagirre brothers.

If you're interested in weird music:
thx Tamijo...we could take some more suggestion from you guys, as I would like to implement these in the next episode Smile
Pello Bilbao, Lobato, LLS
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