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Team Daily - Disfunctional PCM Racing
No this isn't another story game, it's just something that could be a little fun as an idea that occurred to me, maybe it'll work, maybe it won't but it won't take too much of your time. Smile

The idea it that I will play a race on PCM, but while it goes on we will have a chatzy running with 5+ (preferably at least 8) players, people can control one rider each and discuss tactics as the race goes on, but each player is solely in control of their rider, if you want to put Quintana to attack with 50km left of Paris-Roubaix, you can! Even if every other player wants you to stay in the bunch or do something different. Although the main goal is for us to see one of our riders win a race. Smile

The race, team, crash frequency, database, etc. for the game will be decided at the beginning when we play by whatever those online agree upon and then up to 8 players can choose a cyclist to control (by telling me what you want them to do) however we can really have any amount of people online to discuss strategies or just follow along. Smile

Feel free to post below with what times you could play this so we can work out a time, or if you would like to reserve a spot controlling a cyclist if we play tonight. Smile It'd be cool to arrange a test run at this tonight but given they may be too short notice or not good timing for people it can wait until a better time. Smile Racing shouldn't be much longer than your usual PCM race so it won't take loads of time. Wink

Really this is just to see if it would work as something fun and regular. Smile
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Sounds interesting, I'd be up for this!
Changed my sig, this was getting absurd.
And here's the chatzy:

Link: https://us19.chatz...2312121814
Password: Daily

(make sure you sign in with something identifiable as you)

EDIT: @Ollfardh: Cool, thanks for giving it a go. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
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If there's 5 or more players (excluding me) on the chatzy at 8:00 we can give this a test run, if not I'll give it a go later. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
I'm in at some point.

Ok, well I have no clue if this will work but If on Friday 20:30 CET we can get at least 5 people playing then we can give it a go. Smile

If you give this post a like or post below to let me know you plan to play I'll reserve controlling a rider for you. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Ive liked the post saying I would join but tonight but things came up so I probs wont make it afterall, sorry for the inconcincece
SSJ2Luigi wrote:
Ive liked the post saying I would join but tonight but things came up so I probs wont make it afterall, sorry for the inconcincece

That's fine, thanks for letting me know. Smile

Starting in 1 and a half hours (20:00 GMT) for anybody who wants to play

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Could be close, but there's a chance that I'm in!
Luxemburger wrote:
Could be close, but there's a chance that I'm in!

Don't worry if your late, it'll take time to select the team and riders, and you can join at any point. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
I will be there. Mostly because I literally just remembered it.

Sorry guys for the misinformation, accidently said the wrong time in my post earlier, therefore the plan is now to start in 10 minutes from now. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
I have time tonight so I will be there!
So are we playing online? Or is it just you as control?
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Race Report
Vuelta a Espana Stage 11 Andorra La Vella - Cortals d'Encamp

Popovych blazes the field on his way to a 82nd place finish

The stage began with a bit of helpful mass confusion, but eventually the team managed to slip Zubeldia in the break and only drop Schleck when the peloton split on the first climb (which later came back together), the break was caught at the beginning of the second climb, where Cancellara solo'd off from the summit to catch Meersman, the lone leader.

At the foot of the third climb, Schleck and Popovych set off in pursuit and Schleck managed to join the front although, unfortunately Popovych was dropped pretty quickly. Zoidl decided it was now time to completely blow the field up, despite us having the strongest rider in the break, and everything came back together, more or less, dropping the bunch to just 36 riders, where Hesjedahl was the last one left for us, along with Mollema just behind and able to get back on. During our confusion of trying to bring our riders back together at the front, Quintana, Aru, Poels, Caruso, Intxausti and Gallopin got away and Hesjedahl was one of the few willing to chase, even once Mollema caught up who simply sat beside him.

Schleck and Zoidl miraculously reached Hesjedahl's group with no energy, as Mollema put in an attack, immedietly dropping them and catching Caruso, Barguil and Aru, bringing him into top 5 contention, given there were just 4 riders up the road. Kruisjwik, Pozzovivo, Hesjedahl and Frank caught Mollema's group, so he attacked again, bringing Barguil with him, as Hesjedahl played the foil. Mollema only just failed to catch the group for the podium, placing fifth in the process, while Hesjedahl came second in his group's sprint for 8th.

1Nairo QuintanaMovistar Team4h26'28
2Wout PoelsTeam Sky+ 5'18
3Tony GallopinLotto Soudals.t.
4Beñat IntxaustiTeam Sky+ 5'30
5Bauke MollemaTrek - Segafredo+ 5'59Weirdskyfan64/jihardy
6Warren BarguilTeam Giant - Alpecin+ 6'14
7Steven KruijswijkTeam LottoNL - Jumbo+ 6'32
8Ryder HesjedalTrek - Segafredos.t.Jandal7
9Fabio AruAstana Pro Team+ 6'56
10Domenico PozzovivoAG2R La Mondiales.t.
31Riccardo ZoidlTrek - Segafredo+ 14'29Luxemburger
32Fränk SchleckTrek - Segafredo+ 14'52Jandal7
48Haimar ZubeldiaTrek - Segafredo+ 21'04Luxmburger
49Fabian CancellaraTrek - Segafredo+ 22'31Lakebeach
52Julian ArredondoTrek - Segafredo+ 24'04Lakebeach
82Yaroslav PopovychTrek - Segafredos.t.Waghlon
DNFJack BobridgeTrek - Segafredon/aJihardy

Thanks a lot to those of you who played Grin I personally had a lot of fun and I'm willing to give this another game next week if anybody's interested. Smile

Just some things I thought I'd mention:

What do you guys think about the time, 20:30 CET was the intended one but a typo and a small bit of confusion brought it out to 21:00 CET. Which seemed to suit people better as there were two late-comers and another it seems who would've caught the end if we played a longer race, just generally time is a tricky one so wanted to get some thoughts on it. Smile

Also, Lakebeach suggested after the race that we look at including a livestream rather than having me give text updates, I don't know if people would prefer it as I think the main thing it does is lower confusion, which would make us a play better but perhaps be a little less fun, still it'll make it more interesting as you can watch the race at any point, so I'm willing to put it up to talk about. Smile

And if you have any other feedback or suggestions feel free to mention it. Smile
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"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
As you can see, the lads were good apart from the burger. I will destroy you at High Risk.
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I don't know about the livestream thing. As you mention, a livestream would make everything a lot less confusing. But maybe the whole point of the idea was to make the race confusing. Pfft

The current format is very funny in a way because sometimes you have absolutely no idea of what is going on. :lol:
"It's very hard to work with other guys because nobody wants to work with me so it's better to drop everybody." - Peter Sagan
This idea has potential (y)

Although you need to fix the Popovych-bug. His stats can't be that low Pfft

jandal7 wrote:
As you can see, the lads were good apart from the burger. I will destroy you at High Risk.

We'll see Kiwi Cool
Disfunctional PCM racing and you want to make it functional? shame on you!
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