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My Stages
I'd like to see someting with mountains, so I went with Bayern. Any other race with mountains would be fine too for me though.
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Stages (Requests closed)


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Tour of Ukraine would be cool. It's a big area (even if you can only use the western part of it). It has flat, hilly and mountains so much possibilities to make your tour and Lviv is a beautiful city too.
I'd appreciate every single race with mountains as well, I went with Ukraine as I like to see races outside the traditional countries Wink
South Africa could be cool, you could add in loads of dirt roads up the mountains for miles!
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They look nice. Smile
Do try and make them with as few auto-village as possible, at least the small villages looks much better in making the effort on placing out IBs houses and stuff. Hard and time consuming, but the final effort is worth it.

The swedish west coast could be windy bastard at least in Halland, and of course KOM classifications should be kept to lower 2-3-4 IMHO. Lots of these minor stage-races even have same KOM class for all. You wouldn't be fully wrong to put the same category on all the climbs.
May I suggest you surely include zcts-files so then if folks disagree they can easily make their own KOM.

It would be nice to re-live the Post-Girot as it once was and this west-coast race could shoulder that task.

You got a swedish variant of The Muur of Geraardsbergen in the Norra Klevaliden. Niiiice. Grin

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looking nice so far Smile
But would suggest to call it "Bayrische Alpenrundfahrt", that´s the correct German for what you mean Smile
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Tour of West-Ukraine and Kaliningrad GP looks good Smile
I see many have voted for Tour of Western Sweden, cool! The stages look nice, and I would love to play PCM on my home streets. Pfft

If you want a proper translation to Swedish, something like "Västsverige Runt" would be a better name of the race. Smile
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Davidius74 wrote:
Okay, so have now edited the race names to what proper translations would be via google translate and Croatia's suggestion.

@Clamel - Most cimbs would be lower level category ones except for maybe a couple of level 1 climbs in the alps. I was more thinking of the overall classification of the races. Sweden, Wisconsin and Southern Flinders I was thinking 2.2, Ukraine and South Africa I was thinking 2.1. Bavaria as 2HC and Kaliningrad as 1.2

To be honest mate, you make the races/stages and whoever like them and put them into their DB will decide on class. When you create the stages you can't set that anywhere, it's in the DB one do that stuff. So basically you don't have to think on that at all.
But if you do, I say they should be 2.2 for the stages, but then it's up to each and everyone.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
Someone can create this stage for PCM 2015 (NC Portugal), please?
Davidius74 wrote:
Sorry Afonso, this is the wrong thread for that request. I don't do requests. Best to post to a new thread or request on one of the other request threads.

And so he obviously have done, several....

Well, South Africa... I guess you are familiar that such a race was done not long ago. May I be bold and suggest you concentrate your skills on something we don't have, as the other stage-races. Just my stupid view.

Kind of allergic sometimes on seeing 5-10 variants on same race, and fantasy to boot. So many important races that still have cdx files or very old made versions. Races made with old editors (and having no zcts-files) sometimes are very "ugly" at the business end of the race. VIPs, stands, spectators all crossing roads, and of course no way to have the map-function working.

With the skill in this house those are races in my mind that should be put weight on.
Just my penny of thoughts.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Rolling Eyes

"If thou gaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee."
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