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The Life and Times | Axel's Army
Mostly inspired by Karl Hammarling, A Day in the Life and The Comeback but othe stories and also tv shows, etc. will creep in Pfft. Thanks to Crommy, TMM and Mre for their guides.

E0 - Pilot

Why do we love cycling? We select few, who tune in passionately for not just the Tour, the Giro, Roubaix, De Ronde. We who follow from Froome to Garneau, from Cavendish to Brandao. The pain, the passion, the blood, the sweat, the tears?

For me it was always a simple reason: It was bloody fun. Exhilarating to do, and just as great to watch. For the last nine years I have dreamt of standing with the greats, just breathing their air in the peloton. I'm oh so close to achieving my goal. It's been tough, turbulent, exciting, dull, joyous and painful. So how did I get here?

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The Life and Times | Rewind, Relive, Catch Up

Season I | Beginnings

Episode 1First YearsRead Here
Episode 2InjuryRead Here
Episode 3First DayRead Here
Episode 4FlameRead Here
Episode 5RoadRead Here
Episode 6FuelRead Here
Episode 7MisadventuresRead Here
Episode 8Misadventures IIRead Here
Episode 9Misadventures IIIRead Here
Episode 10Fix ThisRead Here
Episode 11Fix ThatRead Here
Episode 12Return PolicyRead Here
Episode 13FinaleRead Here

Season II | The Will To Win

PrologueThe Will to WinRead Here
Episode 1LineRead Here
Episode 2Achieve My DreamsRead Here
Episode 3Shut InRead Here
Episode 4BalanceRead Here
Episode 5Shut OutRead Here
Episode 6ProfessionRead Here
Episode 7RekindleRead Here
Episode 8Rude InterruptionRead Here
Episode 9Fustration and SolitudeRead Here
Episode 10Road to RecoveryRead Here
Episode 11Tool of the TradeRead Here
Episode 12WillpowerRead Here
Episode 13Willpower IIRead Here

Season III | The Meteoric Rise of Romeo and the Falcon

PrologueThe Meteoric Rise of Romeo and the FalconRead Here
Episode 1Get Home SoonRead Here
Episode 2Reputably ReputableRead Here
Episode 3Big DayRead Here
Episode 4ChoiceRead Here
Episode 5The Path We PickedRead Here
Episode 6Romeo the RomanticRead Here
Episode 7ShadowRead Here
Episode 8RiseRead Here
Episode 9Rise IIRead Here
Episode 10Winter's WarmthRead Here
Episode 11Summer's ScentRead Here
Episode 12Higher LevelRead Here
Episode 13Romeo RisingRead Here

Season IV | The Path Less Travelled

PrologueThe Path Less TravelledRead Here
Episode 1Looking to the HorizonsRead Here
Episode 2VergeRead Here
Episode 3Verge IIRead Here
Episode 4RomanceRead Here
Episode 5Legs of GoldRead Here
Episode 6CrackRead Here
Episode 7Pulling No PunchesRead Here
Episode 8SoloRead Here
Episode 9Pricks and PricksRead Here
Episode 10HunchRead Here
Episode 11ChaseRead Here
Episode 12OwRead Here
Episode 13Recovery/Romance IIRead Here
Episode 13.5Long Chase to the TitleRead Here
Episode 14Long Chase to the Title IIRead Here
Episode 14.5Long Chase to the Title IIIRead Here
Episode 15Long Chase to the Title IVRead Here
Episode 16Long Chase to the Title VRead Here
Episode 17RebrandingRead Here
Episode 18Old FavouriteRead Here
Episode 19Earn the FernRead Here
Episode 20Looking AheadRead Here
Episode 21MerseyRead Here
Episode 22CanberraRead Here

Season V | From Wanganui with Love

PrologueFrom Wanganui with LoveRead Here
Episode 1Canberra IIRead Here
Episode 2TessaRead Here
Episode 3ForkRead Here
Episode 4Fork IIRead Here
Episode 5AbitibiRead Here
Episode 6Abitibi IIRead Here
Episode 7Abitibi IIIRead Here
Episode 8Abitibi IVRead Here
Episode 9SunshineRead Here
Episode 10Worlds '12Read Here
Episode 10.5Worlds '12 IIRead Here
Episode 11Worlds '12 IIIRead Here
Episode 12Can O' WormsRead Here
Episode 13Can O' Worms IIRead Here
Episode 14Can O' Worms IIIRead Here
Episode 15Back in BusinessRead Here
Episode 16PathsRead Here
Episode 17My MethodologyRead Here
Episode 18We Two Kings and One QueenRead Here
Episode 19New Year's CheerRead Here
Episode 20Hit the Ground FallingRead Here
Episode 213'02Read Here
Episode 22FootstepsRead Here
Interlude..........Read Here
Episode 23New ExperiencesRead Here
Episode 24Through FingersRead Here
Episode 25Flying StartRead Here
Episode 26New ChapterRead Here

Season VI | When in Rhône

Side A - On the Mainland
PrologueWhen in RhôneRead Here
Episode 1AirportRead Here
Episode 2ArrivalRead Here
Episode 3Baby StepsRead Here
Episode 4ArdennesRead Here
Episode 5Ardennes IIRead Here
Episode 6100 Not OutRead Here
Episode 7Ardennes IIIRead Here
Episode 8RespectRead Here
Episode 9Before and AfterRead Here
Episode 10SavoieRead Here
Episode 11On TrackRead Here
Episode 12ValromeyRead Here
Episode 13GirlsRead Here
Episode 14MorbihanRead Here
Episode 15Morbihan IIRead Here
Episode 16ValléesRead Here
Episode 17Vallées IIRead Here
Episode 18ChatsRead Here
Episode 19FutureRead Here
Episode 20Future IIRead Here
Episode 21LunigianaRead Here
Episode 22Lunigiana IIRead Here
Episode 23KDJRead Here
Episode 24BasilicataRead Here
Episode 25FirenzeRead Here
Episode 26Firenze IIRead Here
Episode 27Firenze IIIRead Here
Episode 28Home is Where the Heart IsRead Here
Episode 29BeanbagsRead Here
Episode 30And We're BackRead Here
Episode 31The Hunt in Late OctoberRead Here
Episode 32DipRead Here
Episode 33Two Steps ForwardRead Here
Side B - Double Trouble
Episode 1One Step BackwardsRead Here
Episode 2Why Always Now?Read Here
Episode 3SparkRead Here
Episode 4CoinRead Here
Episode 5Nationals '14Read Here
Episode 6Jetting OffRead Here
Episode 7Level Up!Read Here
Episode 8New ThrillsRead Here
Episode 9Hill RushRead Here
Episode 10To Top it OffRead Here
Episode 11Peace OutRead Here
Episode 12Big Ass ClimbsRead Here
Episode 13AostaRead Here
Episode 14Ring RingRead Here
Episode 15Germany?Read Here
Episode 16Wrong Saddle BluesRead Here
Episode 17Duo d'ItaliaRead Here
Episode 18Flat-ishRead Here
Episode 19That Escalated QuicklyRead Here
Episode 20That Escalated Quickly IIRead Here
Episode 21JuraRead Here
Episode 22PonferradaRead Here
Episode 23Girls IIRead Here
Episode 24PiccoloRead Here
Episode 25Sweet SorrowRead Here

Season VII | Axel's Army

PrologueAxel's ArmyRead Here
Episode 1That New Kit FeelingRead Here
Episode 2HandicappedRead Here
Episode 3NC'15Read Here
Episode 4Copper StateRead Here
Episode 5In ProfileRead Here
Episode 6PalmyRead Here
Episode 7Palmy IIRead Here
Episode 7Little Baa BaaRead Here

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Can I post??

Well great read!! Can't wait to see where this is heading!!
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Good Luck! Looks good so far. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
@jakstar - Yes Pfft and cheers, I hope you enjoy!
@trek - Cheers and thanks!
@All/SoM fans (if there is any Pfft) - Sorry if I screwed up on lyrics Wink

Season 1 Episode 1 | First Years

"Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start! To start we begin with Cy Cl Ing, Cy Cl Ing. My first true love just happened to be, Cy Cl Ing, Cy Cl Ing..."

I came into this world on the 26th of September 1995, in Hastings, New Zealand. My mother was a Kiwi, my father Italian. He was a farmer's son, whose family who came to beautiful Aotearoa when he was a late teenager for a new lifestyle and way of doing it. Possibly some kind of fraud or something as well was involved, I don't know. My mother was also from the country, so they meshed perfectly, and it created a good family environment. I had an older brother and all was right in this world.

I was always a small boy, something which worried my parents. As I grew I stayed small but thankfully widened so my chest wasn't all ribs. I was, moreover, a very healthy boy, brought up on the best diet: Food, fun and love. I rode bikes for the first time very early on, ones where I pedaled by pushing my feet on the ground with my older brother every day. He was a year older and as the years went by pushed me to riskier and riskier things on the bike.

Luckily when I slid and tumbled three metres along the path onto some rocks going downhill on a bike I had developed kneecaps. Don't try telling my four-year-old self I was lucky though...

Edited by jandal7 on 17-04-2020 07:38
I've fell off my bike a metre onto rocks and still have the scar, (the kneecaps were a bit too high Wink) 3m sounds fun Pfft Wink

Nice read though. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
Good read! Nice start to the story. I like how he's a kiwi! haha
@trek - Thanks and ouch!
@jakstar - Cheers and yeah, NZ is the county I know best, so it's easier to write a Kiwi. His Italian heritage will come into play down the line.


Season 1 Episode 2 | Injury


I can just about remember the pain, my bloodcurdling screams of agony, and my brother Hayden crying next to me, apologizing over and over again. I was in too much pain to take it in. I just wailed for Mum. Hayden ran off to get her and I was all alone on the rocks.

Turns out I had fractured my tibia and my kneecaps. That's painful for a fully-grown adult in pristine physical shape. The main problem was at this age I couldn't handle crutches. Wheelchair it was, and Hayden took to being my pusher and steerer. It was only the second time when Mum told him not to do it on the hill.

After a while I did recover, but then I turned five and was faced with an even scarier prospect.

Edited by jandal7 on 17-04-2020 07:39
Trying to think of what a 5 year old finds scarier then pain. :lol: Nice work though. Smile

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
trek - Veges, Monsters, dentists, haha. You're gonna find out, and cheers once again Grin


S1/E3 | First Day

"Weak knees palms are sweaty, vomit on his sweater already, mum's spaghetti..."

Some kids look forward to their first day. Of course, I had had kindy before, and what a big kid I thought I was when I started morning kindy at age four! But then came the crash, and after a while despite being naturally bright I was a bit behind on skills with people I didn't know.

Of course, the stories Hayden would tell me didn't help much. Scary teachers, school bullies, everything. He even showed me a big bruise from a fight he'd had. The story about the cane was clearly dispelled, according to Dad that was abolished when he was a boy!

So school wasn't actually that bad in the end. I made friends for life. But the most important in this part of the story is perhaps the one I least expected to make.

Edited by jandal7 on 17-04-2020 07:40
A girlfriend?? wife??

Really liking this so far! Great read!!
Ohhhhhhhh, School, Pfft

Really building up to something here. Wink I'm excited. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
jakstar - Good guess, but no, not yet Wink Thanks!
trek - Sorry if this doesn't live up to your expectations then, nothing really big. Maybe. Probably. Probably Not. Definitely. Possibly. Maybe. Pfft


S1/E4 | Flame

"How do they do that!?"

He was a sensible person, good at what he did, great with us kids. But most importantly, Mr. Becker was mad about bikes and to be honest that probably distracted him too much.

Before school, sometimes in lessons, he'd be staring at his computer, watching grainy footage of Armstrong, Ullrich, A young Valverde, the like, during it out uphill. Once when I was eight I went up to his desk to ask him for a pencil. He sushed me and beckoned me to watch. Despite my skepticism, thinking it was maths stuff, I turned my eyes to something that would change my life forever.

I was enthralled from the moment I laid eyes on these men with legs of a gladiator and arms that looked like they belonged to the Year Sevens at school, not adults. The look on their face, the way they flew up those mountains like many would on the flat... I'm not sure I believe in love at first sight but here is some concrete proof.

Edited by jandal7 on 17-04-2020 07:40
Like this episode! Keep it up J7
This is great, Grin I guess he's gojng to be a climber. Wink Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
jakstar - Thanks once agin for your kind words and support. As you know it's great as a writer to have other people sharing your enjoyment, especially a more experienced guy like you!
trek - Ditto to what I said to jakstar, you two are the best! Nice guess but obviously I won't divulge that yet WinkPfft
ALL - Creative license was used with Strava mentioned in 2007 Grin


S1/E5 | Road

"Gonna make a change, for once in my life. Gonna feel real good..."

At the summer at the end of year six, Mr Becker, who'd become a good family friend after introducing Hayden and the rest of the family to cycling, invited me and Hayden to start joining him and his mates on their warm ups before the rides. For these Strava KoM-Hunters the first 10-15km was their neutral zone, just turning the legs over. We immediately accepted but then as we walked home we looked at each other and realised we would have to buy road bikes to keep up.

Now me and Hayden were crazy about cycling now, but we'd never had the money to buy ourselves road bikes. Emulating our heroes on mountain bikes was good enough for or us children with wild imaginations but we'd often discuss as we lay in our beds at night if, and then when we might be able to get a real road bike each.

Luckily our local bike shop had a 10/10 deal, meaning you have ten months to pay it off, usually in 10% chunks. We both agreed instantly to the deal, spilling our savings (so that's what mum meant with "something bigger... not lollies" ) and condemning ourselves to 10 months hard labour.

Now that could be hard to come by for a farm boy, as usually we did more than the average kids anyway for free. Nevertheless we found odd jobs all around the place, convinced our parents to pay for some of our farm jobs, and we were ready to jump on these shiny new Avantis and give it a whirl.

Edited by jandal7 on 17-04-2020 07:41
Every post here has something similar without being quite the same to how I started cycling. Pfft Wink

Another great part though. Grin

"What done is, is one." - Benji Naesen
First bike is always a great story! Riding it for the first time though is where the magic happens!
trek - Haha Grin Naturally, quite a few main points here use my life as inspiration as well. Thanks a lot once again!
jakstar - Yep, remember my first ever road bike, thought nothing was cooler in the world than staring at it until I first turned over those pedals Wink


S1/E6 | Fuel

When I am with you, there's no place I'd rather be...

I swung my leg over the frame. My butt felt alien on this strange new kind of saddle but I would soon realize the wonders it would do. We didn't have cleats, but we had straps. I pushed off well but it took me a few goes to strap in! But when I did it was the best feeling in the world. More so than mountain biking, here was something that felt right, it clicked with my legs and my brain. I knew this was what I was meant to do.

I don't believe in fate because it makes me uncomfortable to think my life isn't in my hands. But from Mr Becker showing me the footage, to now effortlessly riding my brand new bike, it felt like it was all meant to be. I looked at Hayden and at the time I was both overjoyed and a bit crushed at what I saw.

He was a complete natural. He was already used to his machine after a kilometre. It was amazing to see him in his element, but I thought I might have had something he didn't. Looking back it was a horrible thought, even though it was just an inkling. But despite my decent sport and academic skills, he was always just better. He convinced me it was the age gap and in a year I'd be that good, probably better, which turned out true (maybe not the better bit...) but at the time I didn't realize it, because he was always that much better.

By the end of the summer their neutral zones was too small, their main rides too big, We tagged along for a while, but soon enough Hayden would have to call home and get a lift after we rode ourselves into the ground. Then one day Dad said he trusted us by ourselves, so long as Hayden was there and we were back at a certain time. Which may not have been the smartest move for a pair of pre-teens...

Edited by jandal7 on 17-04-2020 07:42
Good luck Grin
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