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Salvatore Puccio | Paris - Nice

Basic Database: Pcm Daily Expansion Pack
Race difficulty: Hard
Development of attributes: 0,5
Current team: Sky Procycling

I'm back with Salvatore to follow his development through the seasons! Starting year is 2013 as a follower to his 2012 season.


i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/1_zps9c67e217.jpegAs a young boy I was always imitating my elder brother Antonio. So at the time he got into the local cycling club in 1997, i followed suit without doubt. This happened to be the start of my cycling career, in an age of only eight years.

We lived in the other end of Italy, in Sicily, along the southern coast in Menfi just east of Agrigento. Me and my brother always said that riding bike was just going outdoors and having fun, but we both quickly made our way through the ranks.

Being 13 years old in 2002, me and my family made a big step, moving about 700 km north to Assisi, in the central region of Italy, Umbria. I started in the local cycling club and achieved a lot of success in the years as rookie, and apparently it was enough for a youth coach to scout me, bringing me to the UC Petrignano talent team in 2004.

I raced at the UC Petrignano talent team for 3 years, when being in the age of 15-18 years old. In those 3 years as youngster and Junior, i achieved nothing less than 20 victories.


Crossing the under 23 boundary, i had to move on finding a new team who were able to compeed against the very best in the italian U23 amateur league. At the Tuscan U23 Monsumannese team, who later were renamed Bedogni, i found myself well settled in one of the greatest teams, to develop my strengths and forces as a young rider.

I rode for the tuscan team for three fine years and had several markers throughout the seasons. Among others, i won the great and prestigious Coppa del Grano in 2009, which happened to be my greatest achieved result at that time being.
But my best year was yet to come in 2011. A new team was created in Tuscany, named Team Hoppla, containing some of Italy's best U23 riders at that moment, including me.

I had 5 great victories throughout the season and was well placed in the amateur rankings. I racked up wins in the Toscana Coppa delle Nazioni and at Firenze-Viareggio, not to forget claiming top-five places at the prestigious Baby Giro.

But of paramount importance was my win at the U23 Tour of Flanders, where i took the greatest victory of my younger career, crossing the finish line in Oudenaarde in lonely majesty.


1st U23 Tour of Flanders 2011
1st Firenze - Viareggio 2011
4th Toscana Coppa delle Nazioni 2011
1st Coppa del Grano 2009
5th GP Capodarco 2011


My win in the U23 Tour of Flanders was the main reason that i was contacted by several teams who wanted me on their 2012 squad. I talked to both Pro Continental teams and World Tour teams, and i really felt like something special. Among these teams contacting me were the British Team Sky, which i found a great place to develop myself and to start a professional cycling career.

Therefore, in June 2011, i signed a contract with the British Sky cycling team, looking to gain experience in the professional ranks.


My first year with Team Sky went far above all expectations. I quickly found my spot in the professional field and rapidly got more and more comfortable in the races. Everything culminated at the Ardennes-classics in April. With top 15 spots in all three World Tour classics, the attention of my name accelerated fast. I had to wait until August before claiming my first professional victory in the Tour of Denmark, where i soloed to victory at stage 2. And as i couldn't imagine things becoming any bigger, i surprised the world and myself by winning my main goal of the season, namely the GP Cycliste de QuƩbec.

No doubt that 2012 was a spectacular year for me and the team, but do to disagreements we chose to part at the end of the season, because we had two widely different views about how i had been performing and the value i could contribute to the team.

The choice of my new team was Farnese-Vini, where i looked to get under the wings of Luca Scinto. But things just didn't went that way. At November 2012 the team folded and i was without an employer. But as if Dave Brailsford had regretted his choice of letting me go, he quickly offered me a contract similar to the one i signed at Farnese-Vini. And by that Novmeberday i was once again a Sky-rider.


1997-2001UV Menfi
2002-2003UC Bastia
2004-2007UC Petrignano
2011Team Hoppla
2012-2013Sky ProCycling


Edited by andy222c on 13-07-2014 21:00

Current Attributes


Development In Attributes

Name: Salvatore Puccio
Birthday: 31. August 1989, Menfi
Current age: 23
Rider Type:Classics specialist / Puncher
Personal trainer:Kurt Asle Arvesen
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 68 kg


It's difficult for me to say in which way i will develop throughout the seasons, since i've only been one year in the professional ranks. Therefore i still haven't got an overview of my abilities. But even though, i still have some knowledge about my capabilities now, and therefore a slighty vision about my future abilities.

I consider myself as kind of a puncher. My force is on the small climbs where i always do and did well in the ameteur ranks. I also have quite a strong acceleration too, which i always exploits in my favour.
These abilities will hopefully make my biggest dream come true, namely one day winning the LiƩge-Bastogne-LiƩge.


After my victory in the U23 Tour of Flanders 2011, many experts predicted a great future for me as a cobblestone specialist, but in that prediction i disagree at some point. I haven't always felt great on cobblestones, and i have never really wanted to specialize myself in that way. The day i won the race, everything just formed a synthesis.

I'm a huge fan and love the northern classics, but i tend to be more willing to see them on tv, rather than riding them myself. Though after saying that, i have to say that riding the Tour of Flanders will definitely be one of my main future goals. Not because of the cobblestones, but because of the extremely steep hills.


Apart from my force on the small and steep hills, i'm actually quite an allrounder. I can follow through with some of the medium climbers on the biggest mountains and is therefore able to help my team-mates who have obejctives in the mountains, at least at the start of the climbs. Furthermore i'm also quite a good descender, an ability i have taught myself throughout the many mountain training sessions around my address in Umbria. This have gained me a lot of time in the races.

Finally my ability to sprint. In my younger years i was allways focussing on the sprints, and saw myself as a sprinter. I had a great acceleration and a fair top speed, but as i began to focus on climbing, i slowly lost some of my speed in the sprints. But even though my sprinting isn't what it has been, i'm still pretty fast. Especially in small group sprints i have done very well and will hopefully allways benefit from this speed. Also said that my undisputed favorite rider is Ɠscar Freire, then developing in his way would be amazing for me.


Top 5 of my favorite races

img805.imageshack.us/img805/7973/4stars.pngi1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngMilano SanRemo
img406.imageshack.us/img406/8885/3starssp.pngi1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/NED.pngAmstel Gold Race
img171.imageshack.us/img171/4885/2starsh.pngi1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngGiro d'Italia
img850.imageshack.us/img850/6598/1star.pngi1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/BEL.pngRonde Van Vlaanderen


22.1. - 27.1.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/AUS.pngSantos Tour Down Under6 Stages
14.2. - 17.2.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/POR.pngVolta ao Algarve4 Stages
24.2.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/SWI.pngGP di Lugano1 Stage
27.2.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/BEL.pngLe Samyn1 Stage
3.3. - 10.3.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/FRA.pngParis - Nice8 Stages
17.3.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngMilano SanRemo1 Stage
23.4. - 28.4.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/SWI.pngTour de Romandie6 Stages
1.5.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/GER.pngRund um den Finanzplatz1 Stage
4.5. - 26.5.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngGiro d'Italia21 Stages
June-No races-
July-No races-
8.8. - 11.8.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/NOR.pngArctic Race of Norway4 Stages
21.8.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngCoppa Agostoni1 Stage
22.8.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngCoppa Bernocchi1 Stage
23.8.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngTre Valli Varesine1 Stage
3.9. - 8.9.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/CAN.pngTour of Alberta6 Stages
13.9.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/CAN.pngGrand Prix Cycliste de QuƩbec1 Stage
15.9.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/CAN.pngGrand Prix Cycliste de MontrƩal1 Stage
21.9.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngMemorial Marco Pantini 1 Stage
3.10.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/GER.pngSparkassen MĆ¼nsterland Giro1 Stage
6.10.i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.pngIl Lombardia1 Stage

1 Grand Tour, 6 stage races and 12 classics. This is what lies ahead of me for the 2013 season. Alltogether i'll have 67 race days which is 20 more days in the saddle than last years' 2012 season. One major thing stands out from this racing schedule, namely the Giro d'Italia. It will be my first ever Grand Tour, and to top that even in my own native country. I'm looking really much forward to be there.

Another great thing on my schedule is the Canadian classics. After last years' success, the team have let me defend my title from QuƩbec. This is absolutely great, and i'll have plenty of time to prepare for both of them, since i'm going to ride the Tour of Alberta a week before the races. So let's see whether i can repeat the success in September.


1. Peak
I'll start the season out early in the Santos Tour Down Under with no race days in my bag. Going on to my first race on European ground in February, i'll build my form up for the Paris - Nice and the Milano SanRemo which will be my main objectives in my first peak.

2. Peak
After Milano SanRemo i'll have a very short break in my preparation for the Giro d'Italia. Here i'll first ride the Tour de Romandie and then the Rund um die Finanzplatz, before heading on to Italy. No doubt that the Giro d'Italia will be my exclusively biggest goal of the 2013 season.

3. Peak
After a long break from racing over June and July, i'll ride the Arctic Race of Norway and then the three races of the Trittico Regione Lombardia in August. Thereafter i'll be heading to Canada to prepare for the two Canadian classics, which once again will be one of my main goals this season. After my ride in Canada, i'll keep my shape high, to end the season with the prestigious Il Lombardia.

Edited by andy222c on 27-11-2013 18:50

Outside the races i have a lot of personal goals, by getting to know myself a lot better, building up a good relationship with my team-mates and to improve my English. These are just some of my personal goals outside the races. But having these doesn't exclude me from having some personal goals in term of race results.

Here is my top 5 of goals in term of results.

i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/5stars.pngGet a stage victory at Giro d'Italia i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Checkbox-Unchecked.png
i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/4stars.pngDefend GP QuƩbec titlei1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Checkbox-Unchecked.png
i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/3stars.pngHold the pink jersey at Giro d'Italiai1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Checkbox-Unchecked.png
i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/2stars.pngBe a part of the World Championshipsi1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Checkbox-Unchecked.png
i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/1star.pngAchieve at least ten top 5 finishesi1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Checkbox-Unchecked.png


2012 Results - Sky Procycling

Significant Results
Grand Prix Cycliste de QuƩbecClassic1
Post Danmark RundtStage 21
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nMountain Classification1
Giro di ToscanaClassic2
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 62
La FlƩche WalloneClassic5
LiƩge - Bastogne - LiƩgeClassic12
Amstel Gold RaceClassic15

All Results
GP di LuganoClassic46
Strade BiancheClassic31
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 1 (TTT)12 (95)
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 2 32
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 345
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 446
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 568
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 647
Tirreno-AdriaticoStage 7 (ITT)113
Tirreno-AdriaticoGeneral Classification43
Tirreno-AdriaticoYouth Classification8
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 13
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 238
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 336
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 452
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 545
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 62
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaStage 719
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaGeneral Classification23
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaPoints Classification6
Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaYouth Classification4
Ronde Van VlaanderenClassic52
Rund um KƶlnClassic32
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nStage 138
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nStage 254
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nStage 343
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nGeneral Classification48
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nMountain Classification1
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nYouth Classification13
Amstel Gold RaceClassic15
La FlƩche WalloneClassic5
LiƩge - Bastogne - LiƩgeClassic12
Giro di ToscanaClassic2
Tre Valli VaresineClassic6
Coppa AgostiniClassic62
Coppa BernocchiClassic49
Vattenfall CyclassicsClassic12
Post Danmark RundtStage 15
Post Danmark RundtStage 21
Post Danmark RundtStage 33
Post Danmark RundtStage 451
Post Danmark RundtStage 5 (ITT)12
Post Danmark RundtStage 623
Post Danmark RundtGeneral Classification4
Post Danmark RundtPoints Classification2
Post Danmark RundtYouth Classification2
Grote Prijs Jef ScherensClassic24
Grand Prix Cycliste de QuƩbecClassic1
Grand Prix Cycliste de MontrƩalClassic20
Coppa SabatiniClassic23
Giro dell'EmiliaClassic38
Paris - ToursClassic54
Tour of BeijingStage 1 (ITT)14
Tour of BeijingStage 2 62
Tour of BeijingStage 3 5
Tour of BeijingStage 4 11
Tour of BeijingStage 5 10
Tour of BeijingGeneral Classification 11
Tour of BeijingPoints Classification 6
Tour of BeijingYouth Classification 7


Volta Ciclista a CatalunyaHeld Youth Classification jersey on Stage 1 and Stage 2
Vuelta a Castilla y LeĆ³nHeld Mountain Classification jersey on Stage 1 and Stage 2 and Stage 3

2013 Results - Sky Procycling


All Results
Santos Tour Down UnderStage 1 22
Santos Tour Down UnderStage 2 1
Santos Tour Down UnderStage 3 7
Santos Tour Down UnderStage 4 17
Santos Tour Down UnderStage 5 5
Santos Tour Down UnderStage 6 46
Santos Tour Down UnderGeneral Classification 1
Santos Tour Down UnderMountain Classification 2
Santos Tour Down UnderYouth Classification 1
Volta ao AlgarveStage 1 27
Volta ao AlgarveStage 2 20
Volta ao AlgarveStage 3 24
Volta ao AlgarveStage 4 44
Volta ao AlgarveGeneral Classification 26
Volta ao AlgarveYouth Classification 7
GP di LuganoClassic 11
Le SamynClassic 7
Paris - NiceStage 1 (ITT) 100
Paris - NiceStage 2 48
Paris - NiceStage 3 100
Paris - NiceStage 4 28
Paris - NiceStage 5 35
Paris - NiceStage 6 41
Paris - NiceStage 7 2
Paris - NiceStage 8 74
Paris - NiceGeneral Classification 40
Paris - NicePoints Classification 29
Paris - NiceMountain Classification 24
Paris - NiceYouth Classification 10

Edited by andy222c on 23-07-2014 20:55

Sky Procycling is set to be one of the best team in the world at the moment. Knowing that i got my spot on their team another season gives me goosebumps, but also a lot of confidence. I want you to meet the main characters of this team, the guys that i will hopefully be sharing a lot of success and happy moments with this year.


Chris Froome i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/GBR.png

i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/froome_zps5d86227f.jpegI rode together with Froome a couple of times last year. He dominated every single race he rode, but still only became 2nd in the Tour de France behind Nibali. This year he wants revenge. Not only in the Tour, but also in the Vuelta. This means that i probably won't see him much this year, as our racing schedules are completely opposite.

Froome is a very calm person and is very detailed in his preparations, both in training and when racing. When riding together with him last year, he knew what he wanted and didn't hesitate to order us around. Therefore he seemed like a very good leader, with confidence in his actions.

Pcm Profile

Bradley Wiggins i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/GBR.png

i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/wiggins_zpsc10bc1f4.jpegWiggins is a spectacular guy! The impression he has left on me stands clearly in my mind. The confidence he radiates is outstanding. He knows what was he is capable of doing and which abilities manages. He seem like a real leader. But also a little controversial.

Wiggins will have his focus on this years Tour de France, where he'll try to help Froome to the overall victory - the man who overshadowed him last year. So what lies in the back of his mind is probably the ITT World Championships, which he'll aim a hundred percent for.

Pcm Profile

Edvald Boasson Hagen i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/NOR.png


The greatest talent on our team is definitely our young Norwegian Edvald Boasson Hagen. His talent is undoubtable, which is both seen in the way he rides, but certainly also in his list of results. Through last year i got to know him a lot better, and what i've learned is that Edvald is one of the greatest persons in the peloton. He is young, funny and always open for a talk. This helped me much through last season.

Edvald will be riding a schedule quite similar to mine, so that means a lot of race days together with him. The only major difference is that he'll focus on the Tour de France instead of the Giro d'Italia.

Pcm Profile

Matteo Trentini1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Flags/ITA.png

Newcomer to the team this season is a great friend of mine. Matteo Trentin and i have raced a lot together in Italy and especially in the U23 Nations Cup, where we've been rising and falling together. It will be great to get such a close friend as team-mate, and i hope we'll have many race days together.

Matteo will be a key to success in the sprints and therefore he'll ride both the Giro d'Italia and the Vuelta a EspaƱa. Another race that we'll race together for sure is the Santos Tour Down Under. As things look right now, we may both be riding leadout for Edvald Boasson Hagen. I'll look very much forward to that.

Pcm Profile


This was the main characters of the team, but there's still a lot of great guys i haven't presented for you, but another time for that.
I think we got a great team to support all of our stars in the objectives of the season, and a great depth in the team with a very high level.


Edited by andy222c on 01-12-2013 09:56
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Here's the information of the contract i signed November 2012 with Sky Procycling, as Farnese - Vini folded and the deal was broken. It reveals the main features of my current contract situation.


Contract - Main Specifications
i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/sky_minilogo_zpscd6dc67e.jpeg - Sky Procycling
Duration of contract:1 Season
Date signed:2012 November 8th
Effective from:2013 January 1st
Effective to:2013 December 31th
Monthly wage:6.000 ā‚¬/m.
General team role:Luxury team mate


i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd486/Andy222c/Lombardi-1.jpegItalian Giovanni Lombardi is my current personal manager, helping me taking care of my contract situation and other practical things. I met Giovanni in my time as U23 rider for the Italian national team, where he was already manager for some of the other guys on the team. After my win in the U23 Tour of Flanders, he offered himself as being my personal manager, and i agreed.

Lombardi is also former professional rider. He has been an important helper for top sprinters like Erik Zabel and Mario Cipollini, and in his last two seasons he went on to be an essential support for Italian Ivan Basso.

Apart from being helper, Giovanni also won a lot of races by himself. Amongst these victories there are several stage wins in both the Giro d'Italia, Vuelta a EspaƱa, Tour de Suisse and Tirreno-Adriatico.


Let's try to get going with the present season before thinking too much about what lies at least one year ahead of me and my team situation.

Edited by andy222c on 02-12-2013 16:25


Additional news from 2013

Edited by andy222c on 07-01-2014 20:09
Oh my god, you're back Banana
I Loved this!

Feyenoord(football) and Kelderman fanboy

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Love the reserves. Looks sort of like what I did, but yours looks so much better Pfft
Puccio is back. Cool
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What he's still in Sky? Get him out of there!

Good to see this continuing Wink
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Valverde: Thanks! Yes, i got the inspiration from your Veilleux story a long time ago and ever since i thought i wanted to do something similar because i liked the graphical function Wink

Ollfardh: Sure he is. You'll know why soon Wink

Jesleyh and Miguel: Thanks guys Smile

Great! Good luck! Smile
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Its Great to see Salvatore back in the story section Grin
admirschleck and sutty:
Thanks guys! I hope you'll follow this one too Wink

Fantastic! Most amazing story graphic-wise, and great in all other aspects as well. Looking forward to it!
Great to see Puccio back in 2013. Loved the first season of this story.

Makes sense to not make the transfer to Farnese Vini, with all the doping. Would've been better if he was not staying with Sky though. Wink
cunego: Thanks for the kind words cunego! I hope i can keep it up this season as well Wink

mvhoogdalem: Thanks! Don't want to spoil anything yet (although it's no drama), but yes, i didn't like to ride with Farnese Vini do to their doping situation and the uncertainty whether they would fold in real life or not. So Sky it was. Also loves how everyone hates Sky in here. I partly do as well (or rather Froome..), so it's a challenge for me to control them and probably for many to accept them. But i've discovered many things i like with Sky when researching and controlling them, and i think that is healthy for ones mind, because they ARE existing and they WILL be a part of cycling for quite some time yet. We're just going to accept it Smile

Ian Butler
Awesome! At the time my favorite story! Hope I can say it again in a few weeks Wink

First post updated: The Tale of an Italian

Agree with Vini, but don't stay at Sky, I hope for MTN or IAM or something Pfft

EDIT: just too late I guess Wink
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Frederiek Nolf, Dimitri De Fauw, Wouter Weylandt, Rob Goris, Kristof Goddaert, Igor Decraene, Antoine DemoitiƩ, Daan Myngheer, Michael Goolaerts. The legendary Michele Scarponi. The list is getting too long..
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