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One hour gold standard reviews: Bouri 2008
Bouri 2008 DB Review - By Waghlon

So here's a quick and dirty review of the Bouri 2008 DB. And lets make two things straight here: I dont like it, and i dont want to spend much time on it. Ive also had it installed for a week, and i now realize i can spend the harddrive space better, on porn perhaps...

Lets make a short summary of it: Allegedly, this is based on PCM Pack Spain 2007, i cant bothered to check if these claims are valid really. Its also supposed be a 2008 DB. If so, it fell quite short of that mark. Sure it has many team name changes and rider movements, but let me give you one reason that its rubbish:

Team Willems Veranda. A continental team with 13,5 million euro's and Allan Davis on the team! Damn you Bouri, this didnt have to happen!

Again, i cant be bothered to check all the flaws in the DB, so im just copying over something Addy291 wrote in the comments section of the download:

- The guy has not given all teams their 2008 names, he hasn't even changed Predictor into Silence - Lotto, which is one of the most obvious changes ever.
- The guy has not given teams their real 2008 3-letter codes, and in the case of High Road, completely made it up (when it says in big letters on the UCI website and cyclingnews)
- it's still in 2007
- there are 8 riders with 8 potential (don't know if that's in PCM Spain but I still don't like it)
- He hasn't taken into account how old the riders are in 2008 and altered their stats, f.e Simoni is 35 years of age at the start of the season and has 81MO, 72END, 76RES, 77REC, 77HIL and he hasn't had his stat explosion)

Besides of that, there are no new stage profiles, no redeeming qualities to save it, and no real purpose of existing...
I've let myself get convinced that there are a ton more of errors and flaws. But lets remain slightly positive and mention the good sides on the DB:

Well, it exists, that gotta count for something right?
It does actually have Team High Road in it...
I give up, i cant mention any more.


Uniqueness: crapflaps/5 – Thats the fourth 2008 DB out, and doesnt do anything new.

2/5 – Meh, at least he had the guts to steal Dankan's work to make a larger DB than others

Graphics: 1/5 – Err... I just seriously need to bash it some more by now. This rating justifies.

Riders stats: ?/5 – I will let you decide, its the same stats as PCM Pack Spain 2007 and afterall.

General feel: 1/5 – It makes me happy that PPDB Unlimited Giant got released this week

Verdict: NO! Just stop it! Dont release a DB without making sure it was worth downloading!

PS: There you have it, a one hour review. Might as well be honest, this is not a high quality review.

Tune in sometime next month as i compare the remaining 2008 DB's - Properly!
#1 | mattiasgt on 06. February 2008 20:51
This must be the best review ever made. Pfft Great job Waghlon! Grin
#2 | chuckie on 06. February 2008 20:52
#3 | roadie on 06. February 2008 20:53
Well 106 People downloaded it. I wonder if they've noticed all this???
#4 | issoisso on 06. February 2008 20:54
Being 100% honest for a second, my own review of this DB would consist of one word: "crap".
#5 | issoisso on 06. February 2008 20:54
roadie I was one of those people. I downloaded it out of morbid curiosity, really
#6 | Waghlon on 06. February 2008 20:59
I still want my 48 minutes back which i spend on writing and playing this Sad

But hey! If someone likes it, ive been slightly sucessful!
#7 | dave92 on 06. February 2008 21:03
thats a quality, yop of the line review :lol:
#8 | Addy291 on 06. February 2008 22:48
As I said whilst reading the preview Waglon made, It is very funny but makes you feel angry/sad that a guy would actually released a DB like this which is so totally unfinished, no research has gone into it at all, it is just generally awfulRolling Eyes
#9 | Waghlon on 07. February 2008 09:59
Addy: Review, not preview sadly Sad
#10 | ruben on 07. February 2008 17:04
I completely agree
#11 | Addy291 on 07. February 2008 17:08
I meant the review you posted before posting this publicly, as a sort of preview as no-one had seen it yetWink

i confused myself so i don't expect you to understand it that muchPfft
#12 | Waghlon on 07. February 2008 22:06
Oh the preview! That explains why i cant find the comment i swore i posted "here". Silly me Wink
#13 | Aquarius on 08. February 2008 11:47
It's a bit short for a review. :cry: Good things are always too short. :lol:
#14 | rodda on 09. February 2008 06:33
[sarcams] this review was complete rubbish. this DB was one of the most superbly completed add ons i have ever had the pleasure of experiencing[/sarcasm]
#15 | Marginalo on 10. February 2008 19:20
I'll acknowledge the fact that this review was obviously not meant to be great. But it does serve as a warning to ignorants (as I) to NOT download it (and for that it does state some accurate points so it seems), so that is a good thing. Well done. Smile
#16 | Camenzind on 09. November 2008 10:29
Can u give me a link to download the db?
#17 | SSJ2Luigi on 14. March 2016 21:25
Uniqueness: crapflaps/5

Waghlon please XD
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