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Womenbase 1.0 Review
Womenbase 1.0 for PCM07 – Review by Waghlon

First of all, it's really nice to see a database of such unique character. In this case it's women's cycling which is unfamiliar grounds for pretty much... everyone minus the crew and some selected fans. Second of all, it's also really nice to see a database that isn't a piece of semi-completed what-could-have-been. Yes, there are some mistakes which might lead down to personal taste, but there is also two issues I can't help feel should have been obvious to do.

First of all, let's get some facts down:

We have 43 teams, which ranges from the World Cup contesting squads, down to some small national outfits that start with 7 or 8 riders from the same nation.

The list of riders of riders is great. Again ranging from World Cup contesters (Vos, Cooke, et cetera), but also your common national rider and some 15 year old Belgian ladies with suspiciously high starting stats. Plus a lot of rider pictures.

Totally reworked calendar. New races, new stages and by far my favorite: a properly working World Cup instead of the ProTour.

New female body (which I argue to everyone that will listen has some ”features” that seems a tad mis-shapen).

3.5 out of 5 men will be playing this database from this angle

Career Mode:

Personally, I'm a great fan of career mode. I rarely get far into a season before quiting them, but that doesn't make them less important. Fortunately Womenbase does have a decent career mode, complete with changed names for scouted riders, removal of places where it said ”he” and a reworked calendar. But that's when the first pitfalls occur: First of all: The nations scouting ratings have had very little change (if any) from the original database. Second of all: Pretty much no rider under 18 have a FL stat below 65. Basically, the stats for the younger riders are way too high, and many seem too identical and generic.

As a matter of fact...
All the stats in the database are wrong. They are way too high. The stats on the top riders are fine had they been riding the full male distances. But when you only ride half the distance, but with the same stats combined with smaller packs, the game will be unbalanced: I've had cases where breakaways got too much breathing room because of the relative strength of the breakaway.

Other than that, though, it's all right, albeit a bit on the short side when it comes the number of races.

Nicole Cooke wins a race. By the infamous Cya-Logic, she wont win again for the rest of the season. That or win every single World Cup race she attends.

Single Races:

There are many criteriums. And sadly, no proper mountains whatsoever. Maybe that's what women's cycling is like, but if you like mountains, you should consider running the Tour de France as a custom tour with database. On the bright side you still get to finish on Mour de Hoie in Fleche Walonne.
In general, the stages are nicely made, but still with a bit too many of the same type of stages. Its like ”Here's a criterium with two small hills. And here's another one of them. But here's a criterium with only one small hill”. A bit boring on the long run. It's not all dreary though: You still have some cobbled classics to attend.


The Good: Its fairly unique, got a new colour scheme and it's a fairly stable.

The Bad: Overly high stats. Not large enough when it comes to non-european teams and races (not that I know any) and finally, the simplicity of all non-WC races.

The Oh-my-god-why-did-that-happen-qualities-of-horrible:
An Italian man once said that a beautiful car has the lines of a beautiful woman. If you designed the car with the curves of the rider model used, you would get a Lada. No offence to Miya which, as far as I know, modelled the the rider, but it's some rather subtle changes really: some breasts, a ponytail and some thinner arms and facial features.

The top riders of this database. Notice how inflated their stats are.


Graphics: 4/5 – It's still a solid piece of work when it comes to jerseys and such. Some special features save it from getting a 3.

Uniqueness: 4/5 – It's not like it's yet another 2007 Mega-database. But had it been female cyclocross on other hand, it had been a sure 5.

Completeness: 3/5 – More work could have been put into making a larger season. Again, I point out that I dont know much about women's cycling, but I bet there are few more teams and races out there.

Riders stats: 2/5 – In general the stats are just too high. Way too many World Cup contenders around. And the youth riders seem generic. All with pretty much the same stats +/- a point here or there.

General feel: 4/5 – If you like the original PCM07 database, you would like to see this as if Cyanide had just popped up with Pro Woman Cycling Manager 2007.

Verdict: Try it, but don't expect it to become the most played database until PPDB comes around with another large update, or until PCM08 hits the street.
#31 | litllemagnum on 27. January 2008 19:59
i think it was a great article
#32 | dave92 on 27. January 2008 21:02
dont worry Waghlon it was a very good review.
#33 | Marginalo on 27. January 2008 22:32
Djeez, have a little more self-esteem man. B)

The structure was good, i just disagree with certain stuff. And since I never hesitate to points out differences between opinions (something I recon must be done a lot more in this society) I took the liberty of pointing out mine. Don't you think I know how difficult it is to make a good review out of a 'foreign' database. Unless you done like 20+ hours of research outside of testing alone, your standpoint would still be insufficiënt to provide a truly accurate review. Would I have done a better job as a reviewer? Probably not. But like us, you too need to learn to cope with criticism. We're just helping out here. The review was good, but still far from perfect imo. But I too challenge anyone to make a better review of the database instead of just badmouthing reviewers.

And why would you be worthless anyway?
#34 | Addy291 on 27. January 2008 22:59
Because he's called Waghlon and we could call him Worthless Waghlon:lol:

obviously I'm not being seriousWink
#35 | Levi4life on 28. January 2008 00:24
Waghlon here's my shoulder to cry on if you need it. I would if I got the, how do the brits say, mickey torn out of me (or some shit like that) by 20 different people.

Toad in the Whole!Grin
#36 | Levi4life on 28. January 2008 00:26
3.5 out of 5 men will be playing this database from this angle


They aren't slightly mishapen, they just have little junk in the trunk.:lol:
#37 | Setzel on 28. January 2008 00:50
Who wanna play Woman DB when we have Male DB
Gizaz grow up woman db is for a guy who wants to loose time playing 10 races per year and flat ones
(It's good for newbies who can play flat but that's all )

Sorry guy maybe a racist now
#38 | Levi4life on 28. January 2008 05:49
No Setz. you sir are a gay sexistPfft
#39 | CrueTrue on 28. January 2008 21:11
Marginalo: Waghlon just has a weird sense of humour Wink
#40 | Levi4life on 29. January 2008 05:32
just a little wierdRolling EyesPfft
#41 | Marginalo on 29. January 2008 20:22
yea, i figured. Rolling Eyes

@ setzel: i dunno. I'd play an alternative database just for the sake of variation. The riders are different, so it's kinda like a new world opening up.

And btw: Sadly, men don't really 'rule' no more nowadays. Perhaps you haven't realised this, but as you grow older and are heterosexually oriented like most of us, you will regarless. Wink
#42 | Setzel on 31. January 2008 20:40
If you want to be married at 20 years old and everyday your wife do that do that GO FOR IT

I want to live my youthWink you have it once in your lifeWink so i am not going to let women rule me for some couple of years
Paaaarty TIME
#43 | Addy291 on 31. January 2008 22:10
Marginolo never said anything about marriage. Just that sexism isn't really tolerated anymoreWink
#44 | casprdko on 01. February 2008 20:04
imo, while the things the reviewer brings up regarding stage terrrain and number of races would make the game better, the problem is not in the database but in women's cycling in general. the db is very accurate as far asyhe types of races that are available. as far as the stats, that is a function of the game. if you look at the women riders compared to the men then yes they are high, but to allow for rider scouting and room for growth they have to be this way.

the only issues i have run across are in the world championships almost all the riders are in cofidis jerseys. and there are many races where therre are not enough feeds. 2 feeds for 150 km are never going to work (i think i can modify this with an editor)

if they do a version 2 it would be nice to have more mountains (and more feeds).

still a good job over all.
#45 | Addy291 on 01. February 2008 21:53
Normally when the stages that are given less "feeds" than you think there should be, this is done on purpose.

f.e. in PPDB the Genting Highlands stage of the Tour de Langkawi is given only 1 bottle because it gives more of a realistic gameplay.

That may have been what's happened in the Womenbase.
#46 | Jaap90 on 02. February 2008 14:27
We can't make more mountainstages if there are no more. All the stages have the real profile or a alternative profile of the same difficult level. So there can't be more mountainstages, because there are no more. You have to life with that. I made from may last year almost every they new stages and did a lot of research for the profiles of the races. So I can garantee you that more than 90% of the stages have there right profile. I also can garantee you that in de 2008 version there are more mountainstages, like the Mount Hood Cycling Criterium and other races.
#47 | Waghlon on 03. February 2008 22:14
More mountain stages? I just want SOME mountains stages.
#48 | Addy291 on 04. February 2008 01:32
Surely you can understand his point though WaghlonWink

They would like to add mountain stages, but there just aren't any stages that classify as mountainous. Yes, they could randomly add mountain stages but that wouldn't be realistic.
#49 | Waghlon on 05. February 2008 22:14
Youre right Addy, womens cycling is rubbish!
#50 | Jaap90 on 10. February 2008 15:24
Womencycling isn't rubbish, it is rubbish that you people are taking this database down because you don't know anything about womencycling.
#51 | Marginalo on 10. February 2008 19:09
Here we go again... It was prolly the humor poppin' up again. Rolling Eyes

You have my vote for adding a 'fantasy' Tour though, or at least some individual mountain stages. But this would of course be an optional update and no permanent one, for the sake of realism. I personally like the 'extreme' stages best (P-R, the worst mountain stages, L-B-L etc.). Smile
#52 | armagetronmv on 19. October 2009 07:02
I tried this db this week-end and I found it great Cool. The only strange thing is the stats. Most of riders have normally slow stats compared to men but 10-20 women have Sad too high stats I think.
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