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PCM Kicker NG - How to get it going
First, we need to install the PCM Kicker Lite, I know it sounds weird but if you don't install it then the new version won't work.

You can download the Lite from our downloads section, or simply click

Download the editor from the link above, then you must unpack the all the files from the .rar file, into C:/PCM Kicker. Then you need to download the TABCTL32.OCX file to make sure it works, as i have seen it's not included in the download. You can download an installer to put it in automatically from...HERE!! (this is 5mb+, but installs the file very quickly and to the right place)

Then you need to download the VB5DB.DLL file from HERE!!, click "Save" and save it into c:\windows\system32.

Now we can finally download the NG version from our downloads section or click HERE!!

Extract the package into C:/PCM Kicker and all the downloading is now complete ;)


Ok, so now everything is installed in the right places, you need to know how to use the Kicker itself and as it happens the NG version is exactly the same to use as the Lite version, so if you have experience with the Lite, then you will be able to use the NG without the aid of this guide, unless you have forgotten ;)

As you can see, at the top of the screen there are 2 tabs; one for Import, the other for Export. We will start with the Import button.

On the left hand side you will notice a few options and we will work in order of which ones you need to use:

1. You will need to click on "Create New Workspace", this will prompt a screen to pop up, asking you what to call your new workspace. This can be called absolutley anything you like. Type in the name, then click OK.

2. Next we click on the "Open Database" button, still on the left side. A box will again come up, this time however, you must navigate your way to the database you wish to edit, click on it, then click OK. The program may take a moment to load all the tables present in the database. When it's finished loading them up you will be able to resume.

3. Now all the tables contained inside the DB will be shown. However before we can play around with them we need to click on "Create Access Database". This will allow us to import the tables to an Access DB.

4. We will now move onto the table selection. If you wish to import only certain tables (i.e. DYN_cyclist and DYN_cyclist_contract) then just look for it in the list and click on "Import selected to access.mdb". If you wish to have all tables at your disposal in Access then you need to click on "Import all to access.mdb". It will take a while to import them all because of the sheer amount of data stored. To be honest i prefer to "Import all..." as then i can edit any table i wish and there is no chance of me forgetting to import a certain table, but it's your choice.

Now the Access DB is created and full of the tables you wanted it to be full of, we need to navigate ourselves to where the db is placed. It is placed in C:/PCM Kicker/Data/[name of workspace]. An Access DB will be in there named "Database". You will need to open up Microsoft Access and navigate your way to the folder, then open it up.

We will now have a look at the Export button.

When you have finished your editing this is what you will need to do, to be able to see your changes, in-game. This will involve exporting the tables into a new DB. To do this we must first select the "Export" option from the top tabs.

You will need to select the table(s) you have edited and click on "Update all table(s) for CDB", then click on "Create New Cyanide Database (*.cdb)". Again this may take a while, but when the process has finished, the new DB has been created and is available to use!!

The new DB will be found in C:/PCM Kicker/CDB and will be named whatever you called your workspace. So if you want to overwrite another, existing DB then just re-name it and place it in the same folder. Otherwise you can just place it straight in and make sure you select it from the menu, in-game.

You should now be able to use the Kicker confidently and edit whatever you wish. If not then don't worry, as there will be a serial of useful "Editing Tips" coming shortly to this Article section.

I would just like to say that this was based on Dankan's tutorial for the PCM Kicker Lite, as they are exactly the same to use, but i certainly haven't copied Dankan's Tutorial;)

Just thought it would be useful to have a guide for the NG also, with the installation explained etc..

#1 | jolly_antunes on 11. September 2007 10:39
I can't find the .ocx and the .dll files....
#2 | Addy291 on 11. September 2007 15:46
no, my bad, they aren't included in that pack, but i downloaded it and had no problems, obviously the .ocx and .dll files are not important, i shall delete the info about themWink

so basically follow the updated installation instructions, which will be up...now
#3 | Addy291 on 11. September 2007 16:59
in fact a whole new bit on installing the .ocx file has been put in, btw it really doesn't take as long doing it as it is to explainWink
#4 | Addy291 on 22. September 2007 09:30
Article updated and people should now have 0 problems, hopefullyWink
#5 | icedragon99 on 04. October 2007 20:05
Hi, i tried to do like the article says but when i press sombutton on the Kicker it comes a new window and says:
Run-time error '76':
Path not found

Can somebody help me?
#6 | Addy291 on 05. October 2007 19:09
when i press sombutton on the Kicker

and that button was...

even without knowing, did you download the .ocx and .dll files, they are normally the reason for this happening
#7 | popkorn on 27. October 2007 14:11
Hi, i tried to do like the article says but when i press sombutton on the Kicker it comes a new window and says:
Run-time error '76':
Path not found

Happens to me too Shock
#8 | Addy291 on 29. October 2007 16:28
well it's weird for meFrown

so the only advise i can offer is if the problem persists, either ask someone to add things for you or just stick to Hannes Convertor
#9 | rjc_43 on 09. February 2008 22:36
The problem is the problem because the PCM kicker isnt in c:\PCM Kicker folder. If you move everything there/re-extract it, it works fine.
#10 | Dutchtalent on 11. May 2008 11:03
@rjc_43 unfortunatally is doesn't... what to do now?
#11 | lanternerouge47 on 02. September 2011 16:33
When i open the database it says:

Sorry Kicker need an unpacked file
#12 | Naviya singh on 12. March 2024 06:07
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