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How to make a Simple Jersey
Many people find that making jerseys is just too hard and cannot do it well, but this is a guide which will teach you at least the basics.

Firstly, you will need a program that can save files in the 32 bit tga format, Adobe Photoshop can and is a good program to use.

We start with paint though and this blank jersey outline:

You now need to decide what design you want your jersey to have, Im going to create the Irish flag: http://users.skynet.be/fa624895/Flags/IE.gif

I already have the white section, so I just need to add the Green and Orange sections, so it ends up like this:

As you can see I have decided to do the same design on the front and the back (Front is on the left, Back on the white).

Now you need to open Photoshop and choose a template jersey from this topic: http://www.pcmdaily.com/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id=25&thread_id=1258

Choose one and open it in Photoshop, I will choose this one: http://img99.imageshack.us/img99/7936/blanco4uc1.png

I now go back to paint, select my Irish jersey and copy it. I will paste it over the jersey template in Photoshop, creating a new layer. Now, click on Window at the top of the screen (To the left of Help) and select Layers. This makes the box to the right of my jersey appear:

See the part that says Normal? Click on that and then select Multiply from the list:

The jersey no longer looks like a few strips of colour and instead looks much more realistic:

You may want to try other Jersey templates and see which one you prefer:

If you now decide that you want to change the design a bit, for example - extending the Orange are, changing the shade of green or adding a new colour to the jersey, then you will need to make any necesary changes to the version that you made only using Paint, this one:

You don't want to make changes to an image that you have already used the multiply effect on as the image will turn out darker than original. See:
I had copied the image on the left into paint, added the blue scribble, copied it back and used the Multiply effect and as you can see, the jersey is now a darker tone. So that is why you should avoid using the Multiply effect more than once, unless of course - you want your jersey at a darker tone.

Once you are happy with your jersey, it is time to save it. Go to File > Save As. Photoshop will want you to save it as a .psd, but we want to save it as a .tga.

Select the Targa format and then press Save. A Targa Options screen will then appear and for your jersey to work, you need to select 32 bits/pixel before pressing OK.

Once the jersey has been made and saved the only thing left is to add it into the game. I want to use this as a new jersey for the Ergomo team, so I will rename it to erg_maillot. Now I just have to copy the file and paste it into C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager 2007\CM_Textures\cycliste\team\erg
(It is a good idea to make a copy of the file you are replacing. I would just rename the original maillot to something like: ergomo_maillot.tga). The directory for the 2006 game is: C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager - Saison 2006\CM_Textures\cycliste\maillots

Now you just need to start up your game, and to test it out play a race as the team who's jersey you have replaced and hopefully your jersey will work!
#1 | stuartmcstuart on 19. August 2007 01:33
this guide is awesome! I was unsure of a few steps, but this clears it...I'm going to have hours of fun with photoshop now! Wink
#2 | Smoothie on 19. August 2007 09:06
I told you how to do the Multiply SN Grin Very good though
#3 | Addy291 on 19. August 2007 12:50
awesome cheers Sporting, exactly what i wanted to knowGrin
#4 | lagetcher on 23. October 2007 10:52
Is there any way of doing it without using photoshop?
#5 | robert_psv on 20. November 2007 17:02
Is photoshop a big program to download or not??
#6 | SportingNonsense on 05. December 2007 18:56
Paint.net is a good free alternative
#7 | Whatsup on 25. February 2008 23:04
Really awesome, you explained step by step. Now, i'll try to make one.
#8 | Tom canning on 16. March 2008 16:26
thx a lot helped so muchGrin
#9 | K-A on 18. May 2008 22:46
Awesome ! Smile
But, how do you add sponsors to the jersey ?
#10 | ponka00 on 30. May 2008 17:58
Just copy a picture over it
#11 | popkorn on 09. June 2008 23:49
In paint.net you cat do that multiply thingy right?
#12 | Krissern3 on 11. August 2009 17:50
you just have to go to layers - layer properties - and under normal you'll find it Pfft
#13 | faza42 on 11. January 2011 23:07
how do you make a jersey for the 2010 game? i dont think this method works
#14 | Quizzor on 02. April 2012 09:12
Hi i am currently in progress of making a jersey. I have my colors that I want. I also have a texture/template. The problem i am having is merging the 2. Maybe if u could create a video or just into more detail. I am also using Adobe photoshop 10. I created both my color and template in photoshop tht is not a problem is it?? And by the looks of some of ur screen shot does not look like we have the same program. I am able to open both items but i can't get them both on one page. And i tried a simple copy and paste but there is no way. I was also wondering if you can just insert picture/sponsors after ur jersey is has been created of course.
Please Help me.
And Thanks
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