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PCM Gamecenter Project
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

A new project, aiming to recreate the atmoshpere of the PCM Gamecenter we've had up until a few editions ago, has been launched by emmea90. It aims, through a Slack chat, to increase the interaction between the PCM Online players, as well as making it easier for organisers to gather an existing base of players in order for them not to miss out on the upcoming tournaments.

You can read more about it in this thread.

WT Variant Pack Released!
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

During the last few weeks, emmea90 has been busy converting a huge load of stages to make the mcompatible with PCM 16. He released them in the last few hours, and I'm talking about an entire pack containing all the WT variants of the seasons going from 2010 to 2015. You can find the download, as well as further information, here.

Note that you need to download a different pack for each season for now, but an entire pack containing all of them will be available roughly the next week.

UPDATE: It has now been updated! Game Patch Available
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Yet another patch for PCM 16,, has been released just a few minutes ago. The replay function, which has been really requested by a few users, has been added back. The multiplayer navigation has been improved and so has the general stability. The full changelog really is just 3 lines long so I'll post it here:

  • Improved stability.
  • Added replay player at the end of a stage race.
  • Tweaked the multiplayer navigation.

Don't forget to open Steam to update the game.

Petition to fix the form system in online mode
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

30/09/2016 UPDATE: Cycling Manager Italia has announced that a new patch is coming up very soon, finally fixing this issue, improving the multiplayer's mode stability, and addressing a bug that occurred to a few users, caused by last week's patch.

A temporary solution is available should your game be affected, which is deleting the "users" files (Users.cdb, Users.bkp, Users.cdb~) inside of "%AppData%\Pro Cycling Manager 2016".

Last night, emmea90 started a petition in the official PCM forum, in order to try and get Focus - which since PCM 16 has a much bigger role in the development of the PCM series - to release a fix to a very important aspect of the multiplayer mode: the possibility to turn off random daily forms.

While this was possible in earlier editions, Cyanide confirmed this feature was taken out - but didn't really explain whether this was intentional or not. While it doesn't sound like a huge deal, it really is if we don't want the multiplayer mode to die all of a sudden. In fact, this could impede the organisation of major tournaments, such as our very own Daily online championships, or even more importantly, the PCM World Cup.

If you want these - and want to have fun in multiplayer mode as you used to - not to stop, it's highly advised to reply to the Italian modder's post, either with a simple sign of agreement, or a longer explanation as to why you don't like the change/want the bug to be fixed.

Expansion Pack 2016 V1.0.0 released

Those who paid attention can see that the Expansion Pack 2016 V1.0.0 has been released a few minutes ago. It adds many new features to your favorite cycling game and improves the realism of your gameplay.

You can download it from our Downloads section or you can choose to take a look at the features first.

If you're looking for a place to ask your questions, you can do that in the Support thread. Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before you do. That prevents the DB Team from having to answer the same questions over and over. Any reported bugs and their (temporary) solutions can be found in the Reported bugs thread.



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