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26-09-2016 14:09 Game Patch Available
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Yet another patch for PCM 16,, has been released just a few minutes ago. The replay function, which has been really requested by a few users, has been added back. The multiplayer navigation has been improved and so has the general stability. The full changelog really is just 3 lines long so I'll post it here:

  • Improved stability.
  • Added replay player at the end of a stage race.
  • Tweaked the multiplayer navigation.

Don't forget to open Steam to update the game.

Petition to fix the form system in online mode
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Last night, emmea90 started a petition in the official PCM forum, in order to try and get Focus - which since PCM 16 has a much bigger role in the development of the PCM series - to release a fix to a very important aspect of the multiplayer mode: the possibility to turn off random daily forms.

While this was possible in earlier editions, Cyanide confirmed this feature was taken out - but didn't really explain whether this was intentional or not. While it doesn't sound like a huge deal, it really is if we don't want the multiplayer mode to die all of a sudden. In fact, this could impede the organisation of major tournaments, such as our very own Daily online championships, or even more importantly, the PCM World Cup.

If you want these - and want to have fun in multiplayer mode as you used to - not to stop, it's highly advised to reply to the Italian modder's post, either with a simple sign of agreement, or a longer explanation as to why you don't like the change/want the bug to be fixed.

Expansion Pack 2016 V1.0.0 released

Those who paid attention can see that the Expansion Pack 2016 V1.0.0 has been released a few minutes ago. It adds many new features to your favorite cycling game and improves the realism of your gameplay.

You can download it from our Downloads section or you can choose to take a look at the features first.

If you're looking for a place to ask your questions, you can do that in the Support thread. Make sure to read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) before you do. That prevents the DB Team from having to answer the same questions over and over. Any reported bugs and their (temporary) solutions can be found in the Reported bugs thread.

Weekly News #205
Weekly News

are you sure you can go back into this insanity? - SSJ2Luigi (Café Pedro)

Sweet 16 Patch

Ok it's 1.6 not 16, but i needed some sort of fun headline. Primarily general crash fixes Patch dropped early in the week. To be honest it's not a revolutionary patch and is just an accumulation of small crash preventions and optimizations it does show Cyanide isn't quite finished with PCM16 yet. No official word but signs are there we may get a 1.7 (or at least a 1.6.2) patch before the harsh winters forces us all to the computer.

Ideas for 17

Think you know what will make PCM17 the definitive cycling manager game? Well Cyanide have actively asked us at PCM.Daily to gather together all the suggestions to try and give them extra help in developing next years edition. You'll lose a lot of ability to complain if you don't try and suggest differences. Just pop over to our Wishlist thread and try and follow the posting guideline. The quicker you can post the idea the longer Cyanide can work on it.

Not that this annoucement is all sunshine, as it comes with what some view as a heavy asterix that the main development focus will be on multiplayer. Make of that what you will, perhaps if enough of the community voices their concerns it won't happen.

Man-Game Madness

It's been a week for the ProContinental and Continental Tour teams. The PCT headlined by the Duo Differdange, and to put it politely the result was divisive. The put it less politely, you might as well have played the lottery instead. Not that Novotek will particularly care! Who'd have thought the cobbles would be the race to provide normality. Gent-Wevelgem being taken by Lierse in a thrilling and close fought classic that really was classic.

The CT headed first to Hungary, where Kraftwerk dominated and Podium Ambition faltered, in a fractured and confusing finale. From there teams headed to Bulgaria and a mixed race. Some stages going to plan, some to breaks and every team having some ups and downs. The highlight really being the surrounding sponsor talk the event generated before finishing earlier today.

Thread of the Week

I mean we're deep into the gritty center of the years final Grand Tour. So Thread of the Week wasn't really going to be anything but Vuelta á Espana 2016! Overall we've been dominated by the Cycling threads recently as the season ramps up towards the Worlds and it's overall conclusion not too far off now.

Patch announced
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Due to community feedback a new patch was released for PCM16 to fix couple bugs as also some other optimization. It possibly is not the final patch as they look forward for more feedback. 

For the full changelog, read more.



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