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Weekly News #192
Weekly News

Wait, your name isn't Ian Butler? WAT? Shock - baseballlover312 (Café Pedro)

Wider Community News

This will be of particular interest to those of you that are French, and the rest should still find it useful to know. PCM France, creators of the FDB (which is not the Focus DB), has changed in a big way! They have merged themselves with a big general cycling forum in France, Le Gruppetto.

Le Gruppetto was founded by ex-Cyanide forumers and has grown into a real hub for cycling discussion in French. So if you are looking for PCM France you can now find them at Le Gruppetto, as well as a bucket load of general cycling chat and many other cool things. If you want a link, then here's one. Best of luck PCM France by Le Gruppetto. Thanks to Médé33 for letting the community know

Man-Game Madness

I was worried this issue would be 99% Man-Game, so thank you PCM France! We'll begin with the divisional news updates. We've finished the regular season now and in dramatic style across the board. Ponzi, Good Energy, might have won in Lombardia but that was overshadowed as Festina, managed by SotD, stormed to a late PT Title! In the PCT McCarthy, BoI, was victorius in Japan as Aegon held onto their lead to take the PCT crown. Finally in the CT De Maar, Carlsberg, shocked in Zurich as Novatek came from behind to win the CT division. Congrats to all thre champion teams.

I won't go through all the rankings in detail here, just visit: Final CT Rankings 2015, Final PCT Rankings 2015, Final PT Rankings 2015 yourselves for the details and discussion as we digest a fantastic and close fought season.

Now onto some more news. Want to join the Management Game? 2016 Season well now you can! Sign-ups are officially open so visit the thread for details. Come one, come all and join this amazing adventure we call the Management Game!

More news! Lots of Man-Game stuff this week. Give us your opinions on various topics about what you want for the 2016 season! Rider Form, Crash Frequency, Time Bonsues and General Ideas. Give us your thoughts on a wide range of subjects. Plus it's not too late to suggest New Riders either.

That's pretty much all the Man-Game news. Now it's time for the World Championships and National Championships! Post-Season means plenty of things are happening.

Story Games Summary

The ICL is on the verge of beginning it's new season. The Grand Tour routes were revealed recently and the final team planning stages are well underway. Precise kick-off time unknown but keep an eye out for he opening races certainly this side of Christmas.

The big game is CX: A New Dawn. The off-season is in full flow! New riders are appearing, saying hello and finding their teams. New teams are forming and old ones disbanding. The initial calendar is confirmed, just the minor details and dates to be confirmed. The Worlds rumors begin in ernest as well at this time of year. Plenty of action, and this is the time to sign-up and join one of the best initiatives this site has ever had, courtesy of Ian Butler.

Notes From Admin(s)

I apologise for a recent lack of Weekly News's. Not going to go into details but they will be back now and consistently posted on Sundays/Mondays as we run towards the end of the year. Now it's up to you lot to keep giving me things that are news worthy every week.

Finally, we've got a nice little extra announcement coming very soon that i'm certain you'll all enjoy. A real colaborative effort i think is pretty neat. #spoilers

Betting Season 2015: We have a Winner!
Fantasy Betting

The PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting Season 2015 has come to an end after the last open bet just got paid out. It was a very exciting season with more than 200 bets and a fight closer than ever. Actually the tension was very high until the end as the first three in the rankings were within 20 points. Everyone, who at least once played our Fantasy Betting knows, how quick you can lose those 20 PCM$!

The waiting for the last bet deadline though was more exciting than the outcome. All three podium candidates lost that bet and no other could close the gap to them. So here the top5 of the 2015 season.

 1. SportingNonsense 2391 PCM$
 2. Strydz 2388 PCM$
 3. Elch 2371 PCM$
 4. acac 1903 PCM$
 5. Ohmmermer 1334 PCM$

The winner of the 2015 Fantasy Betting is SportingNonsense. Our Super Administrator showed his knowledge of the sport but also showed how to win by betting only on a very small amount of bets in comparison to most others. 21 bets in total delivered him the title. Winning 1/3 of them was enough as he had a couple of big time wins. Most impressive surely the 80 PCM$ bet in the Tour de France Stage 12 on Rodriguez, which delivered him a win of 2000 PCM$. And while the odds were probably pretty well, only 4/54 had the money on him that day. With wins in the GP Wallonie and Paris-Tours he defended the lead late in the season. Congrats to SN for the Betting Title in 2015!

Runner up in 2015 is Strydz with just 3 PCM$ off. His biggest gains probably were during the Tour de France, where he had won important "Another Rider" bets on Stages 4, 11, 14, 16 & 17. Though he also gambled at times by spending 1000 PCM$ on a 1.10 odded Dowsett in the British ITT Nationals. Having lots of late season success since the Vuelta KoM and up to the last Autumn classics, he entered the podium and did defend it until the end. 

The last step on the podium and as mentioned only 20 PCM$ behind is Elch, who started with some small wins in Marseille, Murcia, Oman or the early cobbles already. The big money though was also earned in one bet. Spending 550 PCM$ on the Vuelta KoM delivered him almost 2000 PCM$ in the end. Since then though he only won 3/11 bets and couldn`t pass the other two. 

Last two mentions go to the next in the ranking. acac as 4th had some very high odd bets but lacked the success in most. Though he had one of the biggest wins of the season when he got 1444 PCM$ back when he had Valverde in Liege Bastogne Liege. Similar amount of PCM$ was won by Ohmmermer when he betted Contador as Giro winner and Greipel as winner on the Champs Elysses. But both were too far off in the end to attack the podium but also proved that missing the first part of the season can still move you very high in the end.

Thanks to all for participating in the PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting Game 2015 and hopefully we will see you back in 2016 for the next season. 

Weekly News #191
Weekly News

Wait guys what the fuck happened yesterday? Pfft - matt17br (Café Pedro 11: The Spammish Inquisition)

We Should Franchise

11! Eleven! Café Pedro enters a new chapter in it's life on PCM.Daily. We began back on the 9th April 2008. The opening page took eleven days to fill (there's that number again). Of the 20 posts only 5 are from still active members: CrueTruex2, Crommy, Levi4life and Wackojackohighcliffe. It's a strange thing to see now. Café Pedro is an institution of the site and is the hub for Off-Topic Everything Else discussion and every 100 pages we begin a new one.

Café Pedro 10 lasted just over 11 months (eleven again), a massive improvement on many of the previous incarnations. Café Pedro 11 is here and how long will it last? My bet is that it will break the year in length. A bumpy birth but only good things lie ahead for Café Pedro 11: The Spammish Inquisition.

Goodbye Jesleyh

All too frequently i seem to write that an Admin is stepping down. Jesleyh is the latest to join the list. To some members the news didn't come as a surprise. Jesleyh had taken a noticeble step back from the stie over the past few months, having previously left the DB team as well. Last night he came back, very briefly, to post an explanation and to confirm he's left his Admin position.

A huge part of the DB team, especially Stats, for a few years as well as just one of the most active and involved members of the site. Jesleyh was heavily involved in a lot of the site but life catches up with us all. He will be seriously missed by all. Read his full post here. Vaarwel mijn vriend!

Man-Game Madness

So much Man Game! Let's rattle through this at speed.

Avenir! Lachlan Morton took the GC victory! A close battle with Lecuisiner, who took the Points jersey, captivated the audiences coming right down the final stage. We also saw Zabel dominate the sprints and some great attacking action on the hilly stages. Cracking edition of the race.

The World Championships are incoming. The Route Vote closed and Paarl, South Africa, earned the honor of hosting cyclings premier event. It's going to be a tough race for the climbers and we can get an idea of who'll be in attendence as the Ride Nominations are currently open as well.

National Championships are a bit further away, but you can now vote for which route you think should be raced for each nation. Following in the wake of success last year we will be using the MGUCI Custom routes, but obviously every nation will be tackling a new one.

The ProTour has headed to Colombia. A climbers fest of an event it will captivate as they duel on some of the hardest, longest and highest mountain passes in the world. The ProContinental Tour tackles it's own GT in the Tour of America. A huge race for the Relegation fight with a lot on the line for tones of teams. A massive massive race for any team involved. The Continental Tour goes down under for the Herald Sun Tour where Kruopis is on the verge of victory, whilst Simon of OTP took victory in Greece.

Story Games Summary

I'll keep this brief. ICL16 is still deep in it's transfer period. New teams are taking shape and there is adecent amount of reshaping in the existing teams. Rattling through is the ICL, still one of the best organised intitiatives on the site thanks to Bikex and his excel skills.

CX:AND is closing in on the World Championships. Between now and then are a few more races and a lot of action and intrigue. Vague wants to seal his wins, Cornelis wants to show he is still the best, Bakari wants to show Africa can compete, and Listerijn wants to take Goldenberg to court. And much more!

New faces in rFactor. Comstar is all new and Tangofoxx is pretty new to the league (and the site). Tango has provided some great new graphics just in time for the Practice event at Interlagos tonight. The rFactor league more popular than ever and the Brazilian event could be the best yet.

Thread of the Week

You'd think it would be Pedro or CX:AND, but you'd be wrong! News In October takes the honor in the week we saw the Tour de France route announced. Just because the main season is now over doesn't mean there can't be news and discussion on real world cycling!

..when Theo Bos actually won two races?
Remember when...

Category: ManGame (Crits Series 2013, unofficial event)

When talking about the ManGame's Theo Bos, then we're talking about a living legend: it is incontestable that he's one of the fastest and most fascinating sprinters in the ManGame universe. Crommy's lover, Crommy's world beater. If Crommy wasn't his manager (Bouygues Telecom), this might be a little bit different. But it's just like that.

Flat 55, Hill 53, Backup stats <63... Sprint 85, Acceleration 85.. voilà: Theo Bos.

You can blame PCM for many things. You may even blame it for refusing Bos any major results in his entire career. But you should admit, that it just makes sense, he didn't win a thing. Wait.. not a single win? Well.. in the 2013 season, there was a Crits Series held for a few months. Short and mostly flat. That's when Theo Bos started to listen attentively.

He got the chance to ride the 'Profronden van Belgie' and the 'Nederlands Wielerdagen' (for a mixed team racing in Rabobank's colours). And he took his chance in style! In Belgium, he won his first ever (3D played) ManGame race and went for a tied overall victory in this 5-rounds Series. He then added another victory on home soil, when sprinting to line honours in Maastricht. Standing ovations from Crommy.



Weekly News #190
Weekly News

This topic has made me realise I've now been around for 3 years. Scary... - FroomeDog99 (Café Pedro)

Fantasy Betting, Now It's Serious

The PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting this year has been incredible. We've had some of the biggest ever wins and a cracking range including a lot of new style bets, and of course there was the '1 of 4' Competition during the Tour. Now the main Road season is coming to a close the Rankings have gotten super serious. SportingNonsense leads with $2,371. Elch is Second with $2,360. Strydz is Third with $2,358. Three members separated by just $13!

Currently there is just one Bet still running, Hour Record Holder @01/11/15. This Bet came online way back on the 18th January and, barring any madness in the next three weeks, Bradley Wiggins will be the winning rider. So which of our three contenders has picked the winner? Or could there be more drama as main betting admin Roturn has suggested he might throw down some final obstacles!

Man-Game Madness

A very unique event is upon us. The Tour de l'Avenir is one of the only races where ProTour can go toe-to-toe with the Continental Tour. Riders from all teams can take part in the 10 day event. The top U23 talent is there with riders like Morton, Lecuisiner, Zabel, Groenewegen, Zmorka, McCarthy, Lutsenko and many more in attendence.

The Primary PT race this week was the GP Moscow, a sprinters fest. Sam Bewley, Becherovka, dominated the finale. He keeps Becherovka's title hopes powering as they close up on Vesuvio. Yes we had a PT Rankings update this week as well.

The big PCT news was the conclusion of the Volta Portugal. Tiago Machado, Prio-Porto, took the GC win. Nepomnyachsniy was 2nd for the relegation battling Nemiroff, a huge result for them. The CT went to the USA for a cobbles battle where Van Wyk took a surprising breakaway win for Strava.

Story Games Summary

ICL16 continues with it's off-season. Early FA bidding and Transfer discussions as well as a lot of talk to decide on the new calendar changes. PCR continues with it's sign-up proccesses. CTL begun it's planning phases as well. So basically, it's Story Game off-season and there's plenty to keep abreast of.

CX:AND crowned a new champion. The NES finished up with drama in Kitakyushu as the young guns fought hard. Milan Listerijn claims the honor of first NES winner! Other attention shifted towards the Continental Championships in the coming days as well.

Thread of the Week

All this talk of the Road season coming towards it's end. But with the Tour Down Under less than 100days away, lets be honest the season never really ends. Certainly not if you read my thread of the week, Other Races 2015. Abu Dhabi, Emilla, Piemonte, Paris-Tours and more keep this thread as alive as it was in July or August.



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