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Weekly News #200
Weekly News

I would not mind the hair of Sagan, but as you can see, that point where i could have longer hair is gone. - Avin Wargunnson

PCM World Cup 2016

The biggest online PCM competition is back for it's yearly running. Cycling Manager Italia are in charge and are running the event from the end of April through to early June. Alongside the usual Road and Track events they are adding ITT and TTT events and bringing back the National Teams events. There's a lot of promising changes being made by this year organisers, so 2016 could easily be the best World Cup yet!

For full details head over to Cycling Manager Italia

Cycling News

No, not the website unless you are reading some posts in the Race Routes Discussion thread. This week we've had posts and discussions in a massive amount of cycling threads. Womens Cycling 2016, more reaction to Paris-Roubaix 2016, Velogames, GOAT Climbers and Sprinters, Backgrounds, Your Cycling, Transfers primarily Sagan, News in April, Other Races and of course the Brabanste/AGR/FW Thread. We've got your cycling itch well and truly scratched!

Modding Central

Finding vanilla PCM15 a bit dull? Then why not go back in time. sali has given us another great historical project, DB 2004 - PCM 15. Or try his DB 1995 - PCM 15 which got an update as well. Fancy going even further back, then check out DB 1973 (Converted) courtesy of mehdi1993. Or if you are really desparate why not look at the new PCM Focus DB, and i mean really desparate.

Thread of the Week

I thought about picking Rider Progression (and you CAN control it) for being genuinely interesting. I also thought about the Stat Discussion thread. But my Thread of the Week is TRVALEZMATENY - shirts! Ok there was only one release this week, but i thought it was about time i drew some attention to one of my favorite, and one of the absolute best, jersey makers active.

Weekly News #199
Weekly News

:banana: - Various

Roubaix, We Love You!

Not a single doubt that Paris-Roubaix has been the dominating point of the week. Pais Vasco tried hard but The Hell of the North is unparallelled. And then it gave us that race! I'll get the discussion thread later, for now i want to talk about Betting. A huge 43% placed bets on Spartacus, how you feeling now guys? At 22.00 Boonen came within a wheel of a huge payout for 6 people, tough luck guys. As it was with Hayman only 4 people went for the Another Rider option. Stagefrenzy capitalizing the most to move into the Top10.

Man-Game, What Man-Game?

It hasn't escaped certain members attentions that the Man-Game has been, well, non-existant recently. Well i reached out to the man in charge to try and get an update on anything about the game. To para-phrase the response: Have some patience. It's not abandoned or dead. It will pick up again. Perhaps find another hobby in the meantime.

So have some #faith that we'll #makeMGgreatagain!

Games Galore

I'll speed through these, there's a lot going on:

Bjartne wins Season 2 of Where Am I?. It was pretty damn close at the top. A Season 3 won't be coming too soon, but these two were pretty good so keep an eye out and Google at the ready.

Hunt of the Mafia, and Assassin or Inoccent S2, are currently taking sign-ups for their games.

Soccer Manager has taken off with huge popularity! You can still join by claiming any of the unmanaged teams, contact sgdanny for details or just look at the thread.

Ian Butler clearly has too much time on his hands. CX:AND continues alongside The Secret Pro and High Risk. All have great concept and quality in good measure.

Big Brother is in HoH6 and still rolling along. Plenty of salty people in and around the house makes for some funny reading.

ICL16 is currently scouting for new talented riders, whilst Avenir keeps the U23's entertained and on the market.

Next Generation is trying to get going, it needs a few managers to get their asses in gear and send in FA bidding!

Thread of the Week

Do you want to discuss, or re-live, one of the best cycling races of the past decade or more? Then check out the Thread of the Week. Paris - Roubaix 2016 (114th Edition) is the obvious pick, having broken itself, and well worth a visit even now after the race has finished. Nothing comes close this week, and i said i'd get to the discussion thread.

April Fools!

We have to confess: the +1 Update for the 2016DB was an April Fools prank. We searched for the most downvoted and contradicted stat proposals and applied them to the database.

We absolutely loved to see the amount of +1 comments in the download section and we appreciate the fact that even the guys that did figure out it was a prank didn't reveal it. Thanks guys.

I'll take down the download in a bit.

PCM.daily 2016 Database update released

Today, PCM.daily's Database Team presents the first update for the 2016 Database. This update contains a few bugfixes, but it also contains a few new features that enhance your gameplay even further. We also created an update for the Variant DLC, fixing some bugs, as well as adding a lot of new variants.

Download PCM.daily's 2016 Database V1.1.0 here

Download PCM.daily's Variant DLC V1.1 here

Weekly News #198
Weekly News

+1 - Arberg27

Busy Busy Busy

The real world of Cycling keeps us plenty busy in these spring months. Milan - San Remo provided 16 pages of discussion, and that's with barely a passing glance at the Demare controversy. The Volta a Catalunya 2016 (March 21th - 27th) has gone live with the race beginning today and running to the end of the week, so plenty to discuss as we get the first real face-off between the big GC boys. Regular updates in the Womens Cycling 2016 thread and the Other Races 2016 keep you abreast of all the results and action, with News in March being for the news. So yeah, we've got your spring cycling covered!

Plenty of Games

It was a big weekend for some community projects. The Daily Song Contest's 5th Edition was won, some what surprisingly, by Somlia thanks to Kn'an - Wave Your Flag. He beat out a strong challenge from Norway in second and a joint-3rd for Australia and New Zealand. Swtizerland need to up their game having finished dead last. This was the biggest Contest yet and it was excellent, kudos to EwanWilson!

The rFactor League concluded it's season at Knockhill. Speedylu reigned victorious in the race whilst Paul23 took the Championship honors. A very successful season that was packed with high class racing. Already a second season is in the works, check out the thread for deatils. I can highly highly recommend taking part!

Finally i'll mention Next Generation, a new Story Game from Croatia14 and Trekbmc, which looks promising alongside the established ICL and a few other suttering games.

Thread of the Week

I'm not going with any of the cycling threads but going to give it to ICL16 - Race Discussion! The ICL
has been going as strong as ever again and the talk and action has been enthralling recently. Very much worth checking out!



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PCM.daily's 2009 DB : The Credits
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