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Weekly News #189
Weekly News

10,000 posts. It's finally happened. it took 4 years and 2 months but it happened! Shock - Baseballlover312 (Café Pedro)

Man-Game Madness

With the drama of the Tour behind us the ProTour moved onto Germany. Six of the Eight stages have been completed. Bauke Mollema, Project 1t4i, claimed the latest stage win. Alexy Lutsenko, Pendletons, currently leads the GC by just 4" over Riccardo Ricco. Certainly it should be a dramatic final few days.

The ProContinental teams hit up Portugal for one of the seasons longest races. Four stages down out of Eleven and it's Patrick Lane, Vontobel, leading the way by the smallest margin of 1" over Yevgeni Nepomnyachsniy. The Continental teams were in Colorado for the USAPCC. Jakub Novak, In-n-Out, took the GC win.

We also had some new rankings released for PCT and the CT. Certainly worth a look as we start to enter the final phases of the season. Title fights are closing together, Promotion battles are tight as anything and the struggles against Relegation still hang in the balance.

Other Games Summary

ICL has hit 2016. They've dived headlong into the Renewals/Transfers/Steals phase of the off-season. Plenty to be done for the managers and it will be interesting to see the moves various teams make as they strive to improve themselves. Season 3 could be the best one yet!

EPIC hasn't been as happy. It's been coming for a while now and Ollfardh finally called an end to the game. It had been very slow through the summer and had pretty much come to a halt, now it is finished. A great project and the news was greated with great thanks by its participants.

From the ashes of EPIC, Atlantius is starting up Professional Cycling Reborn. It looks like a very simple game with minimal manager influence. You'll see a few EPIC names popping up as well, whilst a number of managers are back with their EPIC teams. It should be good project.

CX:AND cracks on as usual. The Christmas Classic was a hard fought event with Sylvain Lipawsky winning a close race. Next up the circus heads to Japan for events around Fuji and Kitakyushu.

Finally in this summary of all Games Daily. The rFactor League hit Hungary for Race #4. TheManxMissile claimed victory by just 0.099seconds ahead of Paul23 after a thrilling and close race. You can watch all the action over on Twitch courtesy of baseballlover312.

Thread of the Week

This week i'll give it to the Other Races 2015 thread. Autumnal Classics providing daily action which of course is consistently reported and discussed in the thread as we start winding down for the end of the main road race season.

..when Tuco the Ugly wrote his last story?
Remember when...

Category: Member/Story (Colnago - CSF Inox by Tuco the Ugly, PCM11)

After writing three short-lived stories for PCM10, this skilled writer came up with one of the best written story in a prosperous PCM11 story-section. Tuco the Ugly does not only have the coolest name (and avatar) on the forum, he's also bequeathed us one of the coolest (and most realistic) tales of a Continental Team trying to make it's way up to the ProTour: the Colnago - CSF Inox team in 2011.

With Domenico Pozzovivo, Sascha Modolo and Marco Frapporti as the team's "draft horses", Tuco would compile a thrilling read with epic reports and nice screenshots - with a squad far from being overpowered and (rare) victories feeling like (real) victories. Like when Marco Frapporti missed quite a few wins very close, to then take out three autumn classics (Coppa Sabatini, GP Beghelli, Milano-Torino) within a few days.. also Pozzovivo's wildcard appearance at the Giro d'Italia turned out to be a great read: chanceless against a clear winning Ivan Basso, the little climber fought for a podium until the very end. The concluding flat timetrial would see him drop from 3rd to 5th in the GC though.

Tuco ain't active on the forum anymore (at least for quite a while now), but especially the younger members should really have a look into his legacy. Back in those days, where we had more than a handful of top-quality stories ongoing, Tuco the Ugly stood out with his exceptional writing (a shame, he never won an award).


Colnago 2013

Weekly News #188
Weekly News

Idiot. Leading out from 900. Rookie error. - weirdskyfan64 @ 21:22 (World Championships)

Brilliant. Leading out from 900- classy. - weirdskyfan64 @ 21:24 (World Championships)

Projects Galore

This has been a strong week for Database, Graphics and other project makers on Daily. Sali brings another historical DB, this time from 1990. TMM converts his WomensDB to PCM15 and kicks it back into action. I can't even list all the people who've made a new jersey this week, we seem to get something new every day in this sub-forum. Some great new stages from the likes of Tijn11 and Servus. Then a possible highlight in the Story section with tsmoha's NRS2016. Cycling season maybe beginning to wind down, but that doesn't slow down Daily.

Man-Game Madness

Well the Tour de France concluded. If you hvn't read the result by now, shame on you and you deserve to have it spoiled. Aleksandr Pluchkin took a clear win for Metinvest ahead of Taaramae and Amador. The Romanian also claimed the Point Jersey. Paolo Scarponi took the KoM, with Dombrowski in White. Pendleton's claimed the team competition.

It's been a super busy week in the lower divisions. LLS solo'd in San Sebastian. Cavendish sprinted in Melaka. Fiedler time trialled in Danmark. Rolland climbed in Slovenie. And currently Senni is leading in the USAPCC, and Brajkovic is leading in Austria. Busy busy in racing, and there's a growing number of HQ posts as some teams look to next season and others get deep into their rankings battles.

Thread of the Week

Capping a short news this week, like in so many weeks, it's a clear winner. UCI World Championships 2015 - Richmond, 20-27 Sept is the obvious winner having been a hub of big discussion all week long. Shocks and surprises and great racing captivated us all through the week.

Weekly News #187
Weekly News

Get a life Shonak. blaster-foren.de/styles/default/xenforo/smilies.blaster/lach.gif Frown - Shonak (Café Pedro)

How Well Do You Know Daily?

The week kicked off over on Skype but quickly the hot topic made it's way to rest of the community via Cafe Pedro. SportingNonsense updated the PCM.Daily Most Posts Ever sporcle quiz. If you don't know, this is quiz where you have to guess the names of the members with the most posts ever made on the site. The original version was quite outdated so now here's the updated one. Most people scoring in the 20's, can you do better?

But if that's not for you, why not try the Most Posts This Year quiz, also made by SN. A lot more up-to-date and current names in this quiz, although scores were mostly still in the 20's. Just a fun little thing to try out.

Real Cycling

World Championships week! Plenty of opportunities to bet, we've already had the Mens TTT done but pently still to come. Currently take part in our first ever Womens bet, for their ITT, but of course we'll be bringing bets for the Mens ITT and Road Race, the Womens Road Race and probably some of the U23 and Junior events as well. Then of course join in all the discussion in the UCI World Championships 2015 - Richmond, 20-27 Sept thread, discussing each and every event across the week.

Plus let's not forget other races or disciplines. It's getting colder here in Europe which means Cyclo-Cross Season 2015 - 2016 is here to be discussed if you like getting muddy in Belgium. And of course all the usual Transfer, News and Other Races chat and updates.

Man-Game Madness

Pro-Tour is still dominated by Le Tour. 18 Stage down and perhaps the biggest fight left could be for the Points Jersey, but not between the two riders you might expect. And of course the GC could still change shape in the concluding stages. I'm trying hard not to spoil things here, go and read for yourself.

The PCT has been highlighted by the Tour of Bulgaria. A dramatic final day saw Florentino Marquez steal the GC by just a meagre 3 seconds for BoI. After the climbing fest it's the sprinters up next in Denmark for the PCT. The CT hit the tw-day Tour of East Java where Julien Berard crushed things for Fablok-Dunlop, way ahead of his nearest competiton. The CT is currently now racing Slovenie.

Other Games Summary

ICL16 - Signup is still open! You can still sign-up for Bikex's Story Game. There's a huge number of players now and this is easily one of the biggest and best games on the site. Still going very strong heading towards it's 3rd season, huge congrats to Bikex for all the work and success of the game.

Controversy and technical issues marred the rFactor league. fjhoekie claimed victory in Bathurst but after two complete server resets and a race only 40% length of what was planned several people never made the grid. Still, a win is a win and the circus rolls on to Hungary.

Snow and Ice are dawning on CX:AND. Rasterhoff provided shocks and as the season hit's roughly mid-way there's a load more excitement and quality to come from everyone involved.

Thread of the Week

I'm not able to pick out just one thread this week, so i'm giving the accolade to the entire PCM15: Graphics section! Currently there is a plethora of great designers churningout high quality jerseys every single day. Just massive thanks to all of you who put in such hard work.

Weekly News #186
Weekly News

... and i still haven't unwilllingly toppled the EU! - cactus-jack (Café Pedro)

Gambling Addiction

The cycling season is getting closer to finishing, which means our Fantasy Betting is entering it's late stages. With the Worlds coming up followed by Lombardia, and maybe some of the bigger autumn classics, there's plenty of time to make your mark on the competition. Speaking of making a mark...

Elch made one of the biggest winning bets i've ever seen, netting himself $1,925! He nailed the Vuelta KoM as Another Rider and scored big enough to take the lead in the betting. He wasn't the only big Vuelta winner as depeche92 earned $892.50 on Fabio Aru winning overall, depeche is now up to 9th place. An $875 win for Strydz climbs him up to 4th place.

And we're still waiting for our season long bets to finish. There's the CQ Ranking leader after Lombardia and the Hour Record Holder bets to conclude. With just over $1,000 between the Top5 this is still very much an open fight, so get involved!

Online Championships

The 2015 PCM.Daily Online Championships kick-off today at 5pm BST with the opening rounds of the Keirin. 15 members signed-up to take part with Elimination and Road being the most popular events with 14 participants. Keep an eye on the PCM15: Online sub-forum for all the goings on.

Man-Game Madness

The headline is the Avenir sign-ups are now open! The Tour of the Future has well established itself in the MG world as a major event for the young riders. Big EXP boosts and great racing, as well as a rare chance for PT, PCT and CT teams to all compete at the same time. It's a fantastic race well worth watching.

The other headline being the Tour de France. Cyclings biggest race is probably the MG's biggest race. Already 11 stages in and we've had a huge variety of winners and much action throughout. I'm not going to spoil anything here but the competitions are not as predictible as you might think with plenty of surprise names near the top end of things.

The PCT headed to the Isle of Man for an ITT and then a hilly road race. Kai Reus, RBC, took the ITT win in the rain before Luis Leon Sanchez, Evonik, took the road race win in the sunshine. The CT headed to Africa for the Amissa Bongo race, where a dramatic final day shook things up. Lavoine, Fablok, won the race but it was Novatek making the most of things with 3-4-5 in the GC.

Thread of the Week

Not much competition, it's the La Vuelta a España 2015 - Week 3 1/2 thread that takes the crown. The end of the Vuelta threw up as much action and discussion as any other week or part of the race. We discussed it long and hard here on Daily as usual, and i bet the discussions will continue for antother few days as well.



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