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New Banner Contest

We have had our celebratory 100,000 members banner for long enough now, so it is time for a new one. To find it we are launching a contest for one of our members to create it. The design is completely up to you, it does not necessarily need to follow the current format which combines PCM cover art and screenshots.

To enter simply PM your 1,024px × 110px entry to me. After a few weeks, to allow time for the entries to be created, we will launch a poll from which the new banner will be selected.

Good luck!

Weekly News #146
Weekly News

Off-Season Community Games

Just because the main cycling season is over doesn't mean there isn't fun to be had here at Daily. No the winter time signals the main period for community run games, and right now there are a few proving rather popular with you members.

SN continues his run as Host of I'm With Stupid 2014. Round 4 is currently still running and the battle for the overall victory is till tight between the Top5. As always you can join in answering the questions at any time, and the more people involved the better the game runs.

4 Truths 1 Lie came back to life recently with the return of The Hobbit. In the last week it's proved pretty popular garnering consistant interest if not high numbers of participants. The concept is simple and it's a great way to learn about some of the other members on the site.

And very recently (as in today) two more games have begun. Mre's Amazing Race has gottn underway, and even if you don't have an official place that doesn't mean you can't follow and still enjoy. Lastly Marsupilami's CTWWYPCM has kicked off it's Third Edition. The game has slowly improved over the year and this latest edition is the most complete yet.

Man-Game Madness

Let's begin as usual with the Pro Tour. La Vuelta rolls towards a thrilling conclusion were Tenorio, Santander, won Stage 19's MTT. Heading into the final 2 days Jose Alarcon, Simply Red Bull, holds a slim 29" lead over Alberto Contador, Aker-MOT. It could go either way as this GT has delivered constant action and surprise.

The PCT is in action in the Netherlands for the ZLM Tour. Despite the punchers best efforts Van Stayen, Venchi-Ferranti, holds the race lead and looks set to take yet another big result to continue his outstanding season.

The CT finished up in South Africa where Jose Mendes, Bank of Ireland, took the honors. Then in Barcelona Damion Drapac took a surprise win again for Bank of Ireland. The Irish team fell short in Guatemala where ONCE-Eroski and Jaroslav Kulhavy came away with a big win. Currently in Austria where Haas, Risa-Ergon, has the lead after a solo breakaway.

Story Game Summary

EPIC's season is well into the closing stages now. Beijing and Hainan kicked off in China and the autumn classics have delived some great racing. Only a handfull of stages remain to conclude the season but there is little at stake in terms of rankings beyond some changes in the minor placings. Alongside this applications are again open for new managers and riders.

The ICL is also warming up for it's second season! Renewals are just about to happen and the divisions and teams have been confirmed. It's sure to be a busy place in the coming weeks as the tension and transfers build up.

Thread of the Week

Another week of constant comment across the forum. As mentioned above the community games have proved ever popular. But it's a close call between two threads this week. Close but no cigar is the brand new Cafe Pedro 10: Mostly Harmless which came into being this week. No, thread of the week this week is Interviewing PCM.Daily Users. The new personalised questions and deeper interviews are decent and there was plenty of interest in the concept. Basically less spam than the Cafe.

Weekly News #145
Weekly News

The Next Big Site Game?

Over Winter 2012 and 2013 Mresuperstar brought us his version of the hit tv show Survivor. Both seasons were big hits amongst many members of the site with outstanding quality and organisation from the game host, as well as incredible dedication from the players. They were so popular we even had a Big Brother game earlier this year.

Now mre is back with PCM.Daily The Amazing Race. If you don't know the Amazing Race is a U.S. reality game show, much like Survivor, and has been running for 25 seasons. If you want to know how this game will work just pop into the thread. Sign-ups are currently underway and already there are only 8 team spots left.

Moar Stages

The past few weeks has seen more and more stages being created, specially as the 2015 routes are revealed. Margh Norway has made a very nice Tour de Suisse 2014 and will be moving onto the 2015 New Zealand Cycle Classic. Curretly there are some great Giro routes undercreation from Selwink and toto40. tsmoha is back with the Cadel Evans Great Ocean Classic. Just go looking around their respective threads to find download links to a whole bunch of great races.

Stories of the Month

PCM14 still seems to be lacking in stories but there are some interesting ones still around. zuff's The 1980's continues onwards hitting the 20 page mark and is still as unique and fun to read as ever.  jseadog's The Members Story, based on the Members DB, reaches page 10 and is certainly one of the more popular stories at the moment. Otherwise it's fairly quiet, come on community!

PCM13 is more active at the moment. tsmoha is back with a new season of his NRS story. Then there is a whole load of still active stories like baia's FDJ.r, Selwink's Projob-Odjfell, Cycleman123's Fabio Melani, JoeArmstrong13's Yates Brothers and last weeks thread of the week the_hoyle's In The Pursuit of Glory.

The site might have lost a couple of its story initiatives but the story writers are still out in force with great writing and great reading to be had.

Thread of the Week

Cafe Pedro could have won again this week if not for a lack of genuine conversation over spam and the usual circular comments. The off-season is making the normal cycling threads less active. In turn other sports like NFL and F1 increasing in discussion, with both of their threads having some interesting weeks. However thread of the week does go to a cycling thread News in November where some big news is happening and the discussion is always interesting.

Weekly News #144
Weekly News

It's been a fairly quiet week on Daily in terms of real news, so here's a quick round up of the usual stuff

Looking for DB Help

Earlier this week haasje33 put out a request for some members to help out with future PCM.Daily DB projects. The PCM14 Expansion pack has been downloaded by over 6000 people and the yearly DB's are one of the biggest things this site does and offers to the community. Without the incredible work of the DB team we cannot offer this to you guys. You can read the full post below.

Man-Game Madness

The Vuelta continues onwards where Jose Alarcon, Simply Red Bull, did infact get wiiings and fly into the race lead on Stage 11 with a devastating attack. The reduced sprint field contested Stage 12 with Azzeddine Lagab, Jaguar-Eritel, taking honors. Beyond that it's been a quiet week for the Pro Tour.

Lots more action below. The Eneco Tour concluded with Quickstep's Maxime Vantomme coming out dominant in a great sprinters tour. The Tour of Bulgaria slightly dissapointed with the AI but Andrei Kashechkin won't complain his GC win for Repsol-Cativen. Note local hero Petar Panayotov for local team Boeing-Bulgaria, in 6th place.

For the CT division they've had strong showings in Bulgaria and have gotten slowly underway for the Vuelta Guatemala. But a slightly slower week for them as well.

Also huge props to Tsmoha for reporting so very many many races this month!

Story Games Summary

EPIC gets ever closer to the season finale. The late season classics have been varied and exciting whilst the Tour of Britain proves unpredicatble and successful for the EPIC created riders. Also squads for the World Championships are being announced which will see several great races in Tuscany.

Thread of the Week

I'm With Stupid continues strongly, just finishing off Bikex's run as host. Brandles Hour Record sparked some more cycling related discussion as has the latest transfer, race and team news. Cafe Pedro is busy as always with various chat especially thanks to Halloween. But this weeks Thread of the Week is actually In the Pursuit of Glory by the_hoyle. Unusual to pick a story but the Giro has been a great read and for the last few weeks it's been the sites stand out story.

PCM.daily Database Team is looking for new members

(written by haasje33)

To continue creating databases with the quality and quantity that you’re used to, our database team needs some reinforcements. We are looking for at least 3 members with the following abilities:

Database worker

- About an hour of spare time each 2-3 days
- Knowledge of database editing (more than just tweaking stats)
- Motivation to work on an entire database project

Graphics designer

- About 3 hours of spare time a week
- Knowledge of usage of Photoshop (and possession of Photoshop)
- Knowledge of editing/creating jerseys and/or equipment
- Motivation to work on an entire database project

Stage creator

- Enough spare time to create about 2-3 stages a week (during projects)
- Knowledge of stage editing and creation from scratch
- Motivation to work on an entire database project

If you’re interested and you match the requirements stated above, you can send a PM with your motivation to “haasje33”. Mention your Skype-name too, because in case we (the DB team) have some further questions, Skype is the easiest way to communicate. The team also uses Skype as main communication device.

Weekly News #143
Weekly News

Another week and another round of news to catch you all up on! Who would have thought that the off-season would be this busy!!

PCM.Daily DB Stats Update

The long promised post-Vuelta stats update has finally arrived! First mentioned back in #138 Alakagom posted the new .cdb file on Wednesday. It includes a new database with fully updated rider stats up to and including this years Vuelta. So now you can play PCM14 with the most accurate stats yet!

You do need the PCM.Daily 2014 DB V1 installed to make it work, but let's be honest you've all got it already. Instructions are simple: 1) Extract the .cdb, 2) Place the .cdb file in Documents/Pro Cycling Manager 2014/Mod/Database, 3) Select it in-game on the options menu, 4) Enjoy!

There is planned to be a final update including post-WC stats to come this year, though an eta is still unknown. Download the latest update here!

PCM.Daily Stages Expansion Pack

Alongside the new stats update perhaps you want some new stages? Well here at PCM.Daily we are always aiming to please and have released a Variant DLC for you to enjoy. The stages pack includes 496 new stages to use in PCM14 for the WorldTour and World and National Championships. Grab the action here!

Members DB for PCM13

Those of you with PCM13 might be feeling a bit left out with all the new PCM14 updates, but don't fear! Jesleyh's Members DB has been converted to PCM13, thanks to Bikex. Unfortunately some of the new stages and races are non-compatible but an effort has been made to keep things different and fun. Otherwise the teams and riders are just the same as in the PCM14 version. Pick up the fun here!

Man-Game Madness

The weekly look at the Man-Game is here again. La Vuelta still dominates the PT news where Oscar Avelino of Prio-Porto won the latest stage, Stage 10. Local hero Justo Tenorio of Santander leads the race but legend Alberto Contador is right on his wheel as are several other pre-race favorites.

Some of the PCT's best climbers took a trip to France for the Tour des Pays de Savoie, where after 4 days Janez Brajkovic continues Heineken-Cal Giant's run of success with the GC victory. We also witnessed Chris Froome win his first classic of the season for QuickStep in the GP Onda-Boavista.

Whilst CT teams have been at the above races they recently had a big showdown of their own in the Transfagarasan GP, a mountainous classic. Peilun Wu of Siam Cement-Lenovo attacked early and rode smartly to outwit his breakaway companion on the line.

Lastly we had yet another PCT/CT rankings update to conclude the month of May. It's an exciting season full of surprise and thrill and you can read the latest here.

Thread of the Week

As always i finish off with Thread of the Week. With racing all but finished those threads are pretty quiet meaning off-topic discussion take the fore. I'm With Stupid continues to run strongly, and the Music thread has been active. But yet again it goes to Café Pedro 9: Nein, nein, nein! for continued general chat, and this week an actual amount of actual chat.

Weekly News #142
Weekly News

One fo the busiest weeks on Daily in a while meaning i've got some real news to give you all, which makes a nice change. But it also comes with the end of the European road sesaon, which is not a nice change...

Immortalising Users

As of today we have a new DB to use on PCM14, and it's fair to say it has been getting a lot of users rather excited. PCMDaily Members DB, created by Jesleyh, takes ordinary site users and turns them into the pro peloton. All the top members are included as are a selection of the newer and less active ones creating a rather familiar set of divisions. The database also comes with a selection of new stages and jerseys to sink into, overall making for a fun and unique PCM experience.

The DB has been added to our downloads section here, and a patch has already been added here in the official thread. Already proving very popular a number of video reviews are popping up on Youtube, my personal favorite being EwanWilson's. Jesleyh is known for his DB skills so this really comes with recomendations.

Man-Game Madness

This weeks round up of the Management Game will be a lot smaller than previously. The highlight being the start of the Vuelta a Espana which is again being reported by SportingNonsense, a true sign of dedication to the game. Currently still in the early stages winds, hills and AI are already shaking things up and it promises to be an enthralling three weeks.

The PCT teams have had much action, tackling the Sibiu Tour, Taihu and Czech Republic. The CT teams have being finishing off Juarez and heading to Madrid for a climbers showdown. Results have been spread around and if you want to find more head to the Discussion Threads.

Story Games Summary

Again i'll keep this fairly brief. EPIC concluded it's final GT of the season as Chris Froome won the Vuelta. In the end it was comfortable for Team Sky and a bit dissapointing for Movistar who dominated the opening week of action. Shout out to SSJ2Luigi for some great reports.

There has also been a whole host of other races such as Pologne, Plouay, USAPCC and Burgos amongst others. To find all the results and discussion check out the Season Part 3 thread. Finally in the world of EPIC the World Championships loom and pre-race busines is taking place here.

Thread of the Week

It's been a busy week. Jesleyhs members DB has been stupidly popular racking up over 20 pages already. News of another Astana positive galvanised the New in October thread with discussion, and the Transfers 14/15 thread has been active with all the latest news. But this week the award goes to Café Pedro 9: Nein, nein, nein! This week it had a lot of discussion and has also been lost and restored, certainly more action than a small Cafe should see in a week.



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