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Betting Season 2017: We have a Winner!
Fantasy Betting

The PCM.Daily 2017 Fantasy Betting Season has come to an end after the last open bet has just gotten paid out. It has been a very exciting season with about 250 bets being opened and the continuous change of the look of the top 5 made it an extremely thrilling competition right up until the end of the cycling season. This time around we've had the pleasure of witnessing what has essentially been a 3-horse race between Jarci, Vien - who tried to go all-in and lost all his earnings only 1 month ago - and wackojackohighcliffe for the majority of the season. Eventually, the latter came out on top with a very interesting tactic - but clearly a fruitful one!

So it's now time to take a look at the best 10 gamblers of the season:

1. wackojackohighcliffe 237300 PCM$
2. Jarci 171344 PCM$
3. Atlantius 40100 PCM$
4. Margh Norway 24000 PCM$
5. Croatia14 20861 PCM$
6. WimB 19600 PCM$
7. Yellow Jersey 15832 PCM$
8. Deksel 14480 PCM$
9. Selwink 13100 PCM$
10. Apen 11942 PCM$

It's therefore wackojackohighcliffe who gets the crown, just like we anticipated! Pendleton's manager in the Management Game and long time forum regular, wacko was able to find an unprecedented winning strategy, by exclusively relying on 'Another Rider' to win each of his 11 attempted bets. Luck was surely a factor in his overall win, but you can't deny that he certainly took some calculated risks, which is why he beat the bookie 9 of those times.

He had his largest pay-outs in 2 back-to-back occasions: he did in fact predict that an outsider would snatch both stage 7 and the general classification of the Tour of Britain, and he got 170k in PCM$ out of those 2 gambles alone. He was quick to follow those wins with another punt, this time on Tour du Doubs, a minor race in the long European calendar that yielded him some major earnings - 64k PCM$ to be exact. It's maybe worth noting that his earnings have been the absolute highest of the short history of Daily's fantasy betting, which just adds to its prestige! Congratulations wacko, enjoy your, uhm, bragging rights!

It was a close battle between him and Jarci, who just like this year's winner didn't bet a lot, but made his few attempts count. Jarci has had this year's largest overall pay out, thanks to his correct guess in a head to head between Kelderman and Oomen at the Vuelta, which added a crazy 171,244 PCM$ to his balance. That's got to count for something, surely, even if he didn't win the overall competition! Out of his 9 bets, Jarci won 7 of them, the last 3 of those being all-ins that made him 35, 100 and 171k respectively. Crazy to think that it still wasn't enough!

It's then Atlantius rounding out the podium. Valio's manager wasn't really in contention until one of the very last of his gambles. At 25:1, not many people saw Martin Toft Madsen as a potential winner of Chrono des Nations, but he believed in it enough to throw 1640 of his PCM$ at that slim chance. Other than that, he wasn't exactly lucky in the remainder of his punts, by only winning 3 other bets out of 13. At least it just goes to show that if luck hasn't been on your side you shouldn't give in!

You can take a look at the rest of the top 100 by having a glance over this page. More 2017 betting stats are available here.

Thanks to all of the community for taking part to the 2017 Fantasy Betting even just once, and hopefully we will see you back in 2018 for the next, exciting season!

..when Damiano Cunego completed his sixth Giro-victory?
Remember when...

Category: ManGame (Giro d'Italia 2014, ProTour)

Winning the Giro five times from 2007 to 2011, ManGame-legend Damiano Cunego (now 33 years old) wasn't exactly the very top-favorite when he entered Italy's Grand Tour after a two-year abscence (with Ricco and Phinney winning the previous editions). Anyway, 'Little Prince' had still something big left in his legs for 2014 Giro and slipped into pink with two consecutive stage-wins on day six and seven!

He would then never give his beloved Maglia Rosa away for the following two weeks, even though Team B&O's premium stage racer Aleksandr Pluchkin gave him a huge fight - eventually finishing 2nd behind Cunego by just 54 seconds: the smallest margin that Cunego had ever won his favorite race (his biggest came at 12 minutes on runner-up Pellizotti, when he crushed the 2010 Giro)..

Cunego ain't no longer a GT contender, but he's still racing - now at the Continental level. His record numbers at the Giro d'Italia are simply impressive: 6 overall victories, 20 stage-wins, 4 points and 3 KoM classifications (as well as two white jerseys). Will anyone be ever able to break those records?


Cunego 2014

..when Damiano Cunego took the first of his six Giro d'Italia overall victories?
Remember when...

Category: ManGame (Giro d'Italia 2007, ProTour)

Damiano Cunego and the Giro: that's a perfect and long lasting marriage (in the ManGame). A living legend, the 'Little Prince' wrote history by winning the maglia rosa five consecutive times from 2007 to 2011 (adding his sixth title in 2014). And for a short recap, of how it all began..

Spending the 2007 campaign with Lampre, Cunego had two big competitors in Danilo Di Luca/Astana and Gilberto Simoni/Caisse d'Epargne.. entering the third week as 2nd behind Di Luca, Cunego then slipped into pink with his first stage-win up the 'Tre Cime di Lavaredo' - eventually gaining more than a minute on Di Luca. A key moment for his way to glory.. just as 24h later, where he attacked the leading group on a less brutal stage, to finish the stage with another minutes-gap on the former race leader: "He knows he may have just won the Giro with today's move" (SportingNonsense, race-reporter).

Two stage-wins, adding the KoM-honours as the best young rider and - most important - defending pink until the end: Damiano Cunego set the first piece of his epic Giro history. One of the biggest legends in (now) more than nine years of ManGame madness.


Cunego 2007

Sign up for the new ICL season!
Story News

As the ICL, short for International Cycling League, heads into its 5th season, the most popular and quickest paced 'story game' of the forum is ready to welcome new players into its family!

If you've already heard about the PCM.daily Management Game, you might have an idea about what the ICL consists of: managers create a team from scratch, starting from the Continental Division in their first year, and have a choice to also sign up with a Development team, which has to be strictly composed of Under 23 riders.

If you'd like to read more, before you make a choice, you can take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions in this thread, where you'll also be able to find 2017's season most recent DB and other potentially interesting links.

If, however, you're convinced, well then you can go straight to the sign up thread! Good luck!

Jacky Durand's Sponsorkits Complete Pack Edition released!

We didn't think it would be possible to see the largest mod ever published for the Pro Cycling Manager saga expand even further. Yet, Jacky Durand has surpassed all of our - and his - expectations and wishes and did exactly that, by releasing what, according to the man himself, is the largest update he's ever released for his trademark sponsorkits.

The main advantage this new version of the Sponsorkits brings to the table, is the fact that it takes away the necessity of using the Sponsorkits switcher, in order for you to manually change the sponsorkits at the start of every new race, which had to be done in all the editions you were used to download for older PCM editions.

It may have gone under the radar a bit, but with 420 different and well-crafted sponsorkits, covering pretty much all the races included in the upcoming and past Expansion Packs, there's no reason for you not to at least try the absolutely staggering and complete graphics flavour that the Jacky Durand's sponsorkits, now more than ever, add to PCM. Unless, well, you are running out of hard drive space. In that case, we're sorry.

The JD Sponsorkits Complete Pack Edition is fully compatible with the 2016 Expansion Pack and 2017 DB for PCM 16, as well as the Lite Pack and the upcoming Expansion Pack for PCM 17, but of course you can try it out on other dbs, too, that may however not offer complete compatibility.

You can take a deeper look at the features of the sponsorkits by hopping in the official thread, or if you're too excited already, why not jump straight to the download page? We hope you'll thoroughly enjoy this, we sure have been!



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