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PCM.daily Lite Pack for PCM 17 Released!

The PCM.daily Database Team is proud to announce that we've just released our first database for PCM 17: the Lite Pack, an expansion of the game that is meant to be enjoyed whilst we keep working hard on the 2017 Full Expansion Pack.

The Lite Pack is completely compatible with the Steam Workshop, and we suggest that you subscribe to it from there in order to stay up to date with potential fixes and small changes.

The Expansion Pack won't be compatible with the Steam Workshop, for the simple reason that us modders are not able to implement more than half of the total features with the limitations we're forced to work with. Equipment, tweaks to XMLs, realnames in Local.cdb, sponsorkits for races, race logos and several other additions we couldn't do without, are all not possible to add using Steam Workshop.

A full features list can be found here, as well as an extensive installation guide.

If you have any kind of problems, you can of course ask in the Support thread, where we'll do our best to find a solution to your issues.

You can download the PCM.daily's Light Pack in the download center. Enjoy!

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 released
Pro Cycling Manager 2017

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 has now been released. Thank you to everybody who has so far bought the game from Gamesplanet, your support will help us run the site you all love.

Our PCM 17 section of the forum is open, as are the Downloads and Screenshots sections. There already are some spicy downloads available, so why not take a look at them?

The game, just like last year is part of the Steam Workshop. So why not join the PCM.daily Steam group if you haven't done so yet? If you do join, please use the usernames thread there to say what your PCM.daily username is, if it is different from your Steam name.


Update for the 2017 DB released!

We've just released the first update for the PCM.daily 2017 DB, containing several bugfixes, additional features, and of course, stat updates!

We took our time to make sure every bug in the original database would be fixed, and also added some nifty features on top of it, such as 2000 new and updated cyclist photos, real track equipment, 2017 jerseys for about 10 more teams, and a lot more! Take a look at the features list to find out yourself.

You can download the PCM.daily 2017 Database in the download center.
Additionally, you can download the PCM.daily Variant DLC in the download center as well.

Pre-order PCM 2017 now and support PCM.Daily!
Pro Cycling Manager 2017

Pro Cycling Manager 2017 is now available to pre-order on GamesPlanet.com, at a 15% discount. All orders made through the referral links below will earn PCM.daily a commission, which is an important help to us in continuing to run the site.

Below is the link to order the game from the UK site for £29.74. With current exchange rates, it's not a bad idea to get it from the UK store. Plus this offer won't be around forever!

The purchase is in the form of a Steam key, so you will need to have Steam in order to play the game. Note that this price is cheaper than on the Steam store!


Remember that the GamesPlanet link is at the top of the site all year round, and any advertised game you buy through it will help to support the site. However, you may need to disable Adblock in order to see it.

Thank you for your support!

PCM.daily 2017 Database released!

We are proud to announce that we just released the PCM.daily 2017 Database: the most complete database for the 2017 season released so far!

The database contains just as many features as the 2016 Expansion Pack, as well as a lot of quality additions that will deeply enhance your experience while playing Pro Cycling Manager 2016. If you want to take a look at the features in more detail, click "read more".

The 2017 Database is a standalone database, which means you don't need to have the Expansion Pack installed. In fact, we recommend doing a clean install of PCM 2016, before installing the 2017 DB, in order to save a few GBs in your hard drive and potentially avoid bugs created by other databases. As you may imagine, we've been working really hard on this database for the past months, so we hope you'll enjoy it! A full features list can be found here, as well as an extensive installation guide.

If you have any kind of problems, make sure you check the FAQ and the reported bugs in the support thread, and if you don't find a solution, well, any questions can be asked in the same place!

You can download the PCM.daily 2017 Database in the download center.
Additionally, you can download the PCM.daily Variant DLC in the download center as well.



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