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Betting Season 2016: We have a Winner!
Fantasy Betting

The PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting Season 2015 has come to an end after the last open bet just got paid out. It was a very exciting season with almost 250 bets and the continuous change of the look of the top 5, led by Lachi for a long time, who then got overtaken by last year's close second Strydz, runner-up of a very long head-to-head with our 2016 season winner, Ollfardh, who's then come out on top almost 3000 PCM$ clear of him.

So let's take a look at the best 5 betters of the season:

1. Ollfardh 29,000 PCM$
2. Strydz 26,015 PCM$
3. ember 17,550 PCM$
4. glforge 17,000 PCM$
5. Lachi 13,360 PCM$

It's therefore Ollfardh who takes the title, just like we anticipated! The former EPIC organisator and forum regular has gained the title by winning only 9 of his 40 attempted bets, but by winning big when it happened. Impressively, 6 of his 9 wins were bigger than 1000 PCM$, and 4 were over 4000 PCM$. Obviously, we wouldn't be celebrating him today wasn't it for his incredibly huge win betting on no less than the winner of GP Stad Zottegem: betting on Another Rider to win meant that he took home the incredible amount of 21000 PCM$! By then, he clearly was on a streak - he still wasn't first even after that win - as the jackpot was followed by 2 other really successful payouts, with 9250 PCM$ won thanks to his 2 World Championships bets on Tony Martin for the Men ITT and on Another Rider for the Women RR. Massive congratulations to you, Ollfardh!

It was a close battle between him and Strydz, close runner-up once again even if it wouldn't look like it. Our cycling forum regular showed his cycling knowledge by winning 29 of his 48 bets, which is an absolutely impressive number. Differently from our winner, he always bet relatively small amounts of money. His biggest payout came thanks to Ulissi's win in the 4th stage of the Giro: 5600 PCM$ by betting just 200. Worth mentioning certainly is his season-closing 7 wins streak, which equalled 14150 PCM$ won. An interesting statistic is him betting 33 times on 48 on Another Rider winning, which we can say definitely paid off in hindsight.

It's ember closing the podium. One of the longest running Management Game managers has achieved this by betting just 13 times and winning 6 of them, of which his Vuelta GC bet on Quintana is the biggest highlight, paying him 10750 PCM$. Remarkable is his potential 56000 PCM$ win had Luis Leon Sanchez won the 9th stage of the Vuelta. It was pretty close, however, since the Spaniard was 4th that day!

Wooden medal goes to glforge, who was won 50% of the bets he attempted. That is, the 2 bets he attempted! In fact, our 9 year old member got lucky with his huge attempt on Cancellara for the Olympic Games ITT, gaining him 16990 PCM$, and then lost his bet on Another Rider for the 10th stage of the Vuelta, then won by Quintana, after the break had taken the win 2 consecutive times and it looked like it was going to happen again.

Rounding off our top 5 is Lachi, early leaderboard leader with his 23380 PCM$ winnings on Nibali for Stage 4 of Oman and, most importantly Cancellara for Strade Bianche, paying him 20960 PCM$, and leading many people to think he had won the title single-handedly thanks to that. However, as we know the season is long, and he lost 9 of the 10 other races he bet on, where he always went with 1000 PCM$. Sadly enough for him, his only win of those 10 was on Sagan to win Stage 2 of the Tour, which also was on very low odds - 1.60. That meant that a lot of his potential payouts were absolutely massive, whose sum was 175500 PCM$ - yep, that's right.

You can take a look at the rest of the top 100 by going to this page. Thanks to all for taking part to the PCM.Daily Fantasy Betting Game 2016 even just once, and hopefully we will see you back in 2017 for the next, exciting season!

PCM.Daily Fantasy Cycling Season 2017
PCM.daily's Fantasy Cycling

The 2016 PCM.Daily Fantasy League is almost over and final rankings will come next week most likely. Seeing that a nice core of members took part we give all existing participants the chance to remain in the game for the 2017 PCM.Daily Fantasy League but we also look for new participants. 

In case you are interested to join the league next season, send me a PM. Please also send a PM if you were already in the 2016 League but want to continue!

For those that don`t know about the game yet you can read about the 2016 season here or in short the idea behind:

Game Idea

The idea behind the game is quite basic. After the manager selection process, we will organize a quick draft to create the teams. This will happen in a serpentine draft system to make it as fair as possible. Draftable are basically all riders of the CQ ranking. So lots of tactical decisions can be made in this part. Team sizes also depend on shown interest by members but it is planned to see team sizes of at least 20.
Afterwards the game stays quite simple for the rest of the year. All races no matter the category are going to count as long as they go into the CQ Ranking as those will be the base for the game ranking. The admin team is going to send out ranking updates throughout the year to keep a nice discussion in between the managers. 

Draft Rules

There will be some rules for the draft of course as this is the part of the game, where we want to create a good balance. This includes for example the cutting of the very best top riders to avoid some overpowered teams, that got lucky to get a top draft position.
The draft itself will be done via big boards. So all managers would send in a long list for a couple of draft rounds. We admins then quickly go through those and always pick the highest non-picked rider according to the draft order. Every couple of days we would ask for a new updated big board until we have finished the complete draft, which obviously has at least 20 rounds to get the needed team size.

What next?

We are looking for members (50+ posts), that want to take part in this game first. This process is expected to be quite quick. If interested, just send me a PM. Take care you will have enough time for the initial draft, that is supposed to happen within the November weeks to avoid the Christmas Days and before January, where the first races already take part.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here in the comments.

PCM Gamecenter Project
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

A new project, aiming to recreate the atmoshpere of the PCM Gamecenter we've had up until a few editions ago, has been launched by emmea90. It aims, through a Slack chat, to increase the interaction between the PCM Online players, as well as making it easier for organisers to gather an existing base of players in order for them not to miss out on the upcoming tournaments.

You can read more about it in this thread.

WT Variant Pack Released!
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

During the last few weeks, emmea90 has been busy converting a huge load of stages to make the mcompatible with PCM 16. He released them in the last few hours, and I'm talking about an entire pack containing all the WT variants of the seasons going from 2010 to 2015. You can find the download, as well as further information, here.

Note that you need to download a different pack for each season for now, but an entire pack containing all of them will be available roughly the next week.

UPDATE: It has now been updated! Game Patch Available
Pro Cycling Manager 2016

Yet another patch for PCM 16,, has been released just a few minutes ago. The replay function, which has been really requested by a few users, has been added back. The multiplayer navigation has been improved and so has the general stability. The full changelog really is just 3 lines long so I'll post it here:

  • Improved stability.
  • Added replay player at the end of a stage race.
  • Tweaked the multiplayer navigation.

Don't forget to open Steam to update the game.



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