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Weekly News #1

Welcome to the 1st edition of "Weekly News" at PCM.daily - your #1 English PCM-site!
Since it's the first edition, we'll have to introduce the small concept first. Basically, all sites have at some point though: "Is this "news-stuff" enough to make it to the frontpage?" - and in many cases, it's never posted. But most times, they're actually good news which to many are useful.
Therefore, we've made Weekly News which tells the news which normally wouldn't make it to the frontpage. These are usually posted as close to the end of the weekend as possible. So, let's get off with the first edition ;)

PCM Spain Pack released:
Normally, this pack would absolutely make it to the frontpage, but since the website opened a few hours after it was released it wasn't mentioned. So, now we do!

By many, it's called the best DB to date - and much, much better than the Atess DB. It doesn't have as many teams as Atess, but it does have 88 well-worked-through teams, plenty of new races (f. e. GP de Llodio, Tour of Georgia, Tour of UK), faces of a lot of riders which are true to reality - and of course, a lot of graphical stuff.
However, the most important thing, though, is the riders' skills and the realism of the results, and to most, this seems like the most realistic DB released to date.

The database can of course be found in our Downloads section. Also, please notice that a small fix for the database has been released. That can also be found in our Downloads section.

DB Nation goes into 2nd edition:
The pretty popular Nations DB which lets you play with the national teams has now gone into the 2nd edition. It now has more teams completed, more graphics and more realistic stats than before.

You can download it from our Downloads section or directly by clicking the following link: http://www.pcmdaily.com/downloads.php?cat_id=1&download_id=91

PCM.daily League gets going:
Slowly, the PCM.daily League has now started with most victories for Chuck who - at this point - leads the standings. If you want  to read more about the races you can check out Chuck's blog which describes the races ridden:

You can also participate yourself. Start by reading the rules, register for the league and search for players at the forum. Good luck!

Also notice that we're currently working on finding a prize for the guy who's leading the table at the end of January.

Cyanide Forum Awards has started:
The yearly awards at the official forum has started. These results will show who's been the best at making different kinds of updates for PCM, f. e. databaes, shirts, stages, etc. - and it'll also show who has the best humour, and who in general has been the best member of the community - the winner of the "Member of the Year"-award.

To read more, look here: http://www.cyanide-studio.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=50081

First poll ends - still trust in the world of cycling:
Our first poll has ended - you can find the exact results by clicking the "Poll Archieve"-link at the bottom of the current poll.

The first poll surprisingly showed that people still trust today's cyclists even after the Puerto case which is still to have a real outcome. 33 % answered that they thought that only between 6 and 20 percent of the cyclists are doped. The second highest vote-winner was "Between 81 and 99 %" - so it seems as if the Puerto Affair has splited the fans in two.
8 % voted that the thought all cyclists were doped.

General site updates:
- As mentioned earlier, we'll be down on Tuesday, but actually I also noticed that we had some down time during the night between the 1st and the 2nd - most weren't awake at that time, but I sat in a plane from USA to Denmark, so I didn't really have anything else to do ;)

- You can now view the latest 8 topics at the front page - on request from a member of the site, Thomas.

- The rules of the PCM.daily League has been updated a little to avoid confusion on some points. 

Jape's Save Game Editor
DownloadsToday, we added a new, interesting file to our Downloads-archieve - it's the Save Game Editor, made by Jape. People usually fiddled with all kinds of converters to f.e. change their riders' morale, the sponsor's confidence, etc., but with this new tool you can forget about converters.
It's very easy to use - as Jape says: "Even a chimp should be able to handle it."

The design of it is also very "understandable" and sensible. The screens are designed, so that everybody is able to understand what they are about to change.
The editor can be found in our downloads section. Click "Read more" to see screenshots of the program.
Scheduled downtime
NewsToday, I got an e-mail saying the following:

"Dear Mike,
Due to relocation of the webserver on which your site resides, your website will not be available for approx. 2-3 hours.

The relocation of your webserver is scheduled to happen somewhere between 18:00 and 05:00 Tuesday night (5th of December).

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause."

I know it's not the best way to start a website, but as you can see there's not really much I can do. As the e-mails says, we apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
Interview with Clément Pinget
Other GamesNot too long ago Cyanide announced that they would make a PSP (Playstation Portable) version of their most popular game, Pro Cycling Manager. After that, not much has been revealed - but now, Clément finally speaks. The PSP-version is  coming, and it will definately not just be a converted version of the PC-version.

To read the full exclusive interview with Clément, click the "Articles"-link in the right menu-bar.

Hello and welcome to the one and only English-speaking PCM-site,

After having worked on this site for a couple of months we're happy to finally launch the site which have what any PCM-fan is searching for. We've worked on having some exclusive features which you can't find anywhere else, and as soon as you start using the site you'll notice that these can become quite handful at some point :)

Story writing
For example, we've an entire section dedicated to story writing. Since we think that the user interaction, f.e. with stories, is very important we've set up a section in which you've the best possibilities to create a fantastic story. Try it out by clicking "Write your own story" in the menu and notice how many new useful tools you've. Enjoy!

Crazy screenshots
Sometimes you might end up experiencing something quite crazy - or funny - while playing PCM. Since these moments are worth remembering we've a Screenshots-section in which we save the funniest screenshots from PCM. If you want to participate, just click the "Submit screenshot"-link.

Online playing
Nothing is better than making your friend eat dust - and with our online league you can not only beat your friend, but also the rest of the users of this site. Also, we'll sometimes organize tournaments with special prizes to win.

Sponsored projects
Some projects are so good that they deserve extra attention. Therefore, we've a section with "sponsored projects". That means that we'll host their files on our server, and they get an entire page for themselves where they can keep you - the users - updated with the latest developments of their project.

Downloads Database
Most of you are probably tired of Megashare, Rapidshare, etc - and especially tired of the message: "This download has been removed". This won't happen here. We host the files ourselves, so they're always available for you. Also, we're having one of the largest download databases.

The traditionals
Besides all these features we also have the traditional stuff - we've the latest interviews with Cyanide - for example our interview with Clément Pinget on the upcoming PSP-version of Pro Cycling Manager - we've guides for PCM so you're able to get through it. And if you're tired of PCM, well, take a look at our "Non-PCM-related articles". Here, we store thoughts which have nothing to do with PCM. Later on, we hope to add interviews with professional cyclists.
We also have a forum which doesn't delete your posts after x amount of time.

We hope that you'll enjoy the site. If you've any comments, please use our forum or the contact form.



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