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PCM.daily's 2013 DB | Public Beta to V1 Update
20. February 2013 07:06 from CrueTrue
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Downloads: 6304
License: External License
Copyright: PCM.daily
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Homepage: Link
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96 teams are waiting for you at the startline in this 2013 DB by PCM.daily. We've updated the well-known database to include lots of new stuff that really gets you ready to the new season.

This includes 28 new 2013 race routes - including the routes of the 3 Grand Tours: Tour de France, Giro d'Italia and Vuelta a EspaƱa.

You will also find lots of new and shiny equipment, photos of the riders in their new kits, an incredible amount of variants (changing race routes) among other features.

But that's just the surface. Read the feature list below, or check out these news articles for some explaining of the things we've been working with.

Teams and riders
- 96 teams. 59 of these are using 2013 graphics
- 3498 riders
- 1800 free agents
- Photos for 96 % of the riders - some of these are from 2013
- PCM.daily stats - completely revised stats.
- 104 track riders

- 63 new races
- 28 race routes have been updated to 2013 - including all three Grand Tours
- Lots of new variants (changing race routes). For GTs alone, there's now 29 different variants

- 186 selectable frames
- 105 selectable wheels
- 191 selectable helmets
- Possibility to easily add custom equipment
- Equipment pictures for all selectable equipment in the DB;
- Plenty of all-new 2013 equipment

- Several new race leader jerseys
- Specific sponsor kits for several WT stage races + monuments
- All secondary sponsors have its own unique set of graphics
- Updated race logos
- New race category icons
- New country flags
- "Cyanide News" replaced with "L'Equipe"

Other features
- More realistic names for generated young riders
- More scouting zones and more realism in terms of which countries that produce the best riders
- Better racing programs for AI teams
- Several new sound comments
- Realistic staff names (and more staff in general)
- More than 100 real journalists
- The Cya Top Tour renamed to UCI World Tour
- The Superprestige Ranking renamed to CQ Ranking
- Cyanide Trophy has been renamed to Velo d'Or
- 299 real-name secondary sponsors

Since this is an update, you will need several downloads before this package.

1. Download and install PCM.daily's Expansion Pack for Patch

2. Download and install PCM.daily's Expansion Pack for Patch

3. Download and install PCM.daily's 2013 DB Public Beta

4. Download and install this package your main PCM-folder.

If you're a Steam user, the folder is something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Pro Cycling Manager - Season 2012.

In other versions, it's C:\Program Files\Cyanide\Pro Cycling Manager - Season or Seizonen or Saison 2012 or similar

5. Open the game and choose PCMdaily2013DB.cdb in the Options -> Database menu.

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Poor 20% 16% [3 Votes]
CrueTrue on 20-02-2013

No support will be given in the comments (at least not officially). Please use the forum.

For bug reports, use this thread.
For comments and help, use this thread.

Aleakez on 20-02-2013

ah thank guys for uploading it before my work lol right home and test it, thanks Wink

JuuLiien on 20-02-2013


gmork on 20-02-2013


bandarra on 20-02-2013

Thanks a lot Grin

ChristopheMoreau on 20-02-2013

Thanks guys !!!

depeche92 on 20-02-2013

Thanks! Torrent link?

fcancellara on 20-02-2013

74 kbps...

That's gonna be a long wait Pfft

CaLaTrAbAs on 20-02-2013

You can put the link on torrent, is that the download is too slow

CaLaTrAbAs on 20-02-2013

Usando un gestor de descargas va mas rapido



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