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27. July 2012 12:17 from CrueTrue
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Downloads: 5837
Copyright: Cyanide
The 5th patch for Pro Cycling Manager 2012. This one also contains all the fixes of the previous patches.

- Major fix: Schedule/invitations for Cya World Tour races in season 2.
- Fix: a bug could prevent a limited number of very good riders from joining a new team during the off season, therefore finding themselves without a contract.
- Fix: crash which could occur on the Schedule page.
- Fix: problem on the world championships time-trial (bad team controlled).
- Fix: bug that prevented renewal of contracts for the next year (year + 1) when, in January of the current year, there were 30 riders under contract.
- Fix: some fixes in Update 4 ( from did not fully take into account the fix to U23 races (the correct race profiles were missing).
- Improvement: Cost of staff revised to avoid the financial imbalance which could be created with small and medium-sized teams.
- Improvement: sponsor goals

- Major feature: Collections
- Feature: Added the possibility to play friendly races with a custom database.
- Feature: Added the possibility to "sell" rider cards back to the server in exchange for Coins.
- Functionality: Added wear and tear of equipment (only taken into account in races for ladder games).
- Functionality: player rankings have been added showing progress of collections.
- Feature: In the list of games, information added about the type of friendly race: terrain, distance, cobblestones, database (Armada Official or Custom)
- Functionality: It is now possible to use a password to protect a friendly game.

- Fix: the "alternative" races are now playable in stage/tour/classic and career modes.
- Fix: various fixes to prevent possible crashes when starting the game and when accessing the "load game" page.
- Fix: final race winnings were not paid on the Paris-Nice.
- Functionality: It is now possible to use start lists (startlists) in Tour/Stage/Classic solo races.

- Fix: update of two profiles on the Tour of Belgium

- Adjustment: Some attributes tweaked

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jojo90 on 27-07-2012

I have already installed the pcm daily expansion pack db, will it give problems if i instal this patch now?

CrueTrue on 27-07-2012

The Expansion Pack is not compatible with this patch.

nedeport on 27-07-2012

The Expansion Pack is not compatible with this patch.
very nice, but not

jomaca on 27-07-2012

I have already installed the new patch by the PCM, and it appears: "Impossible to connect to the server. Try later". This message appears also to my friends. What's the problem?

Vinofan on 27-07-2012

Gamw wont work after installing the latest patch... ggrrr Angry

R0b1et on 27-07-2012

Thanks... much quicker download at work than home.

elpiratanegro on 27-07-2012

Hello, i have a probvem, is imposible conectin to server

zachbastian on 27-07-2012

server is down, donĀ“t worry, will work later!

titi21 on 27-07-2012

if i install this patch, i don`t need to install the previous patches??

Markak on 27-07-2012

The Expansion Pack is not compatible with this patch.

@Cruetrue, do you have any idea on when the PCM daily DB is adjusted so i can finally start a real career :lol:



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