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Plus Package (PCM.daily & PCM-Spain)
24. July 2008 09:40 from Dankan
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Downloads: 10396
Copyright: Dankan
Homepage: Link
A great update for the renowned RealName package for PCM08, built by Dankan. Includes everything you need in order to get the best possible experience, e.g. the correct names for everything, the correct jerseys and other graphic files, etc. plus the new improvements from this version: up top 200 real faces for the most famous riders, renewed stats according to the results from the Tour de France, correct champions and rosters, optimal graphic additions and, what's most important, around 1800 free agents within the rider-DB, which allow you to scout for the best talents and stars out of the original squads. A must-try!

Keep in mind that you need to download the Plus Package Patch Update to make this package completely compatible with patch

Installation: Overwrite your files in the PCM-directory with the contents on the .rar file.

Awesome! 100% 83% [60 Votes]
Very Good 10% 8% [6 Votes]
Good 5% 4% [3 Votes]
Average 1% 1% [1 Votes]
Poor 3% 2% [2 Votes]
brann on 24-07-2008

This is working with the patch?

Addy291 on 24-07-2008


digga on 25-07-2008

Is this the "Fusion"DB, or will this be made later? Frown

Addy291 on 25-07-2008

This is a much smaller version of the Fusion DBWink

Dani has taken some things from the Fusion db to make this, but this isn't the compete db. Fusion will have much moreWink

digga on 25-07-2008

Does anybody know, when "Fusion" will be released?
Is there any equal DB for 05, 06 or 07 with all UCI registered teams (177)?
Where are the other teams which will be in "Fusion" from?

Addy291 on 25-07-2008

1. Stop asking about release dates, you aint gonna get oneWink

2. I have no idea what you're asking...

3. THIS is the official team list released by Dani. However it could change depending on how adventurous Dani feels or how Cyanide feel on adding so many teamsWink

Addy291 on 25-07-2008

*or how Cyanide's database feels on adding so many teamsWink

digga on 25-07-2008

-> 1: Sad
-> 2: any database for pcm 05, pcm 06 or pcm 07 with the 177 pro teams under UCI registration??Frown
-> 3: where did dani get the additional 50 teams from??? olny 177 (or 175?) teams have a uci license for 2008...

Addy291 on 25-07-2008

PCM06 - PPDB Giant has all those teams plus about 300 more:lol:

PCM07 - the PCMSpain DB probably has them all, but it is a 2007 db, the PCMDaily db also probably has them all and is a 2008 db, but I prefer the PCMSpain one...

PCM05 - don't bother lookingWink

[3] He is insanely clued-up when it comes to cyclingWink There are much more teams than the ones who have a UCI liscence. Like exotic teams which are fun to play with (like Japanese teamsSmile)

brann on 25-07-2008

But i cant make this DB into the game beacuse when i have installed it, its still Dakkor and so on.
I exctract the files with the ones who are in the PCM08 map, but it still doesnt work..
Any tips?



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